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  1. Shoutout to Northeast Detaling in Hookset New Hampshire. Did a premier job on Moose. Highly recommended. I have no affiliation or incentives, just trying to highlight a good business.
  2. Feature needed on My-GMC app. Should be able to turn on and view all those cameras from our cell phone app.
  3. I purchased a 2021 Sierra Denali 3500 Duramax in Nov. Availability was no better then than it is now, but my strategy was not to place an order with any one dealer. Rather, I searched every dealer within a distance I'd be willing to drive and kept on top of their inventory. As soon as what I wanted showed up "in transit" I contacted that dealer, drove out there, and bought the truck. Obv, negotiating power as the buyer is at a minimum when supply is tight, but I was able to get what I wanted within a month or so of starting my search, at a price that was considered "Good" by CarGurus data - which I take with a grain of salt. Good luck! Oh... and noting your location, I can recommend you add Banks Chevrolet in Concord NH to your dealerships of interest. Huge place, efficient and easy to deal with.
  4. One thing I wish for in the navigator system is an option to choose routes that are suitable for use with a trailer. I'm thinking along the lines of the Garmin RV 785. Input the combined GVW, trailer height, and length. Nav system will then route you in such a way that you do not encounter roads that don't allow trailers (e.g., parkways), low over passes, or bridges with weight restrictions that are too low. It would be nice to see this on future HD trucks, or, optimally, as an upgrade available for retro-programming on current trucks. I'm not aware of any other heavy duty pickup manufacturer offering this feature, and if GM were to be the first, it would in line with the engineering philosophy that resulted in the class leading towing electronics/camera/safety system now on offer.
  5. Hi all, What's the collective wisdom on the value of the extended warranty or vehicle protection plans offered by GM for the 3500 with Duramax engine? Normally I automatically turn down such offers b/c I think the company is smart enough to find a price point where it is likely they will earn more money on the plans than on the actual repairs. However, having just lost my '08 F350 diesel engine and spent stacks of $$s to replace, I'm wondering if maybe I should reconsider. I don't know about the Sierra design, but it also seemed that anytime there was something significant to do on the F350 turbo or motor, it was "cab off" which added ~$2k to each job. Ouch. What say you?
  6. Just took delivery of a 2021 Sierra 3500 HD. Looking at the brake rotors, they seem a little small for the intended duty. Anyone have experience to share and recommendations regarding the need or lack thereof for larger brakes? Is there an aftermarket kit that GMC folks go to? My max trailer weight probably 18k lbs but more typically will be towing 15k. I expect to tow through hills but not usually major mountain passes. thanks!
  7. Nav system also was not working due to SD card removed error. Turns out I somehow loosened it from its slot in the center console . Nav system back operational and HUD returned to normal function.
  8. Thanks, both! Yup. On same roads, it worked, then it didn't. One is a major interstate. I've only had the truck for a couple of days, so I'll give it another test drive and see if the problem persists. I thought maybe it might have had something to do with nav or HUD setting, but I didn't intentionally change anything. I'll fool with it a bit.
  9. HUD was functioning fine yesterday today tho it does not indicate the posted speed. Just dashes. what gives?
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