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  1. Just a guess, does it have to do with the GMC having Onstar for 3 years? The Chevrolet doesn't have that kind of increase for their features. $475 for these Wireless Apple CarPlay/Wireless Android Auto capability for compatible phones OnStar® & Chevrolet Connected Services capable
  2. Do you know what this option is, for that price I would have thought it was linked to the new radio too.
  3. That is a good looking truck! I believe that style is coming back around again, I'm starting to see more trucks like this. Those wheels just make it!
  4. I have looked at every spot in the manual and all it says (where it should say the type) is contact the dealer....even searched the manual as a PDF and didn't see it listed. I have read where some people say the hotter LED's can melt the plastic lens on the headlights too, not sure if that is true or not....but I saw it a few places. I actually like that it's not LED, since they are so expensive to replace if it does burn out.....I will look at those Philips! Thanks for the compliment too, so glad the regular cab short bed is back again....the blue was the icing on the cake
  5. Does anyone know what headlight bulbs the new Silverado's take....the Custom front end with halogen lights. I'd like to get some halogens that are a little more white colored than the stock yellow and I am having no luck finding out the bulb numbers.....I looked in the manual over and over well as online and found nothing. Thanks for any help! On a side note, I did finally get my chrome letters put on the grill!
  6. Thanks! I had some All Terrain T/A's on my 2002 Avalanche before air pressure sensors were on all the cars, I noticed at a gas station the tire looked a little low.....got back on the interstate looking for a place to look at it. By the time we got to the place it had zero pressure and I had no idea, the truck drove the exact same as it did with 50lbs in it.....I was amazed....it still held up the truck and looked a little low....not flat! Those tires were amazing, they were 17's too....and it was a crack on a weld on the wheel nothing with the tire at all.
  7. I love these tires myself....the sidewall reminds me of the older BFG All Terrain T/A's that I liked before they got more aggressive with the tread. I bought them when my '16 needed more tires this spring and liked them so much I bought them for my new one too!
  8. I did the exact same thing last month, they have a really professional looking kit! If people didn't know you had added them, they would have no idea. Makes it a little tougher to get inside, but the driving position is so much better!
  9. I tell you what, when I clean the windshield or wash the roof I think lowering it some wouldn't be a bad thing....lol If they keep making these trucks taller they need to sell an accessory step ladder
  10. Glad to hear it, you have been very patient with them.
  11. Yeah it pretty much has no exhaust sound....I guess it could be worse, it could sound like a 1985 Toyota Corolla....lol
  12. You can count me in the anti-4 banger club too....lol....until I drove one Nothing like any 4cyl I ever drove before, granted I haven't bought one since the late 80's.....lol Amazingly like all the V8's I have always bought in Chevy Trucks through the years.
  13. Good memory! I ended up with a 4WD because that was all I could find with the Regular Cab in Glacier Blue.....not getting quite as good a MPG, but still 23-24....I'll take it! Weird you can't get any Fram or Mobil One extended life filters, it isn't like this engine is new....I guess it's the pandemic...seems to be the case with everything weird anymore. I will definitely check out your oil reports! I love that turbo whistle
  14. What oil filter is everyone using? I have a '22 refresh with the HO 2.7 version....not sure if that takes a different filter or not than the standard 2.7. It shows a ACDelco PF66 in the manual, but I can't find the FRAM Ultra Synthetic XG12447 or any Mobile One Extended Performance filter that shows it fitting. Thanks!
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