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  1. Thank you, I sure love it. It is everything I hoped it would be! I got everything added and done today!
  2. The way people use trucks has definitely changed in the last 20 years, I like to think GM would want to make a truck that would appeal to everyone.
  3. If they are making it for all the other parts of the world they need to make it for the US.....that was always my main gripe. Hopefully more engines and trims will come back eventually.
  4. When I first heard they were bringing back the RCSB I was so happy, then I heard it was W/T only.....disappointed.....THEN I saw how many options you could get on the W/T.....I was impressed. Then I heard about no V8....disappointed....until I drove that 2.7 Turbo....it has all the go I need and so far I am getting 24-25 mpg....with a 4X4....I'll take it! Worked out perfect all the way around!
  5. One more just to show the blue in the sunshine....even though it is dirty here!
  6. For everyone that talked to me in this thread and gave me advice, I wanted y'all to let y'all know that I finally got the truck! Had to drive 3 hours to get it, but it was worth it! The Glacier Blue is everything I was hoping! Now for all the cover, bedrug, wheels and tires!
  7. After not getting my order accepted for 2 and 1/2 months I found just what I was looking for about 3 hours away and it was so worth the trip! The Glacier Blue is amazing, the truck is actually dirty in these pictures! So glad they are making the regular cab/short bed again!
  8. Doing these separate so y'all can see them in high quality....maybe I can sell a few regular cab/short beds...lol
  9. FINALLY! Such a terrific blue, glad I waited and didn't just jump on the first one I saw nearby that was black. I can't wait to get started with the cover, bedrug, tires and wheels!
  10. I agree the more pictures in this thread the better
  11. It looks really good, better than the pictures show....I have only seen a white one, but even it looked really good. Glad they got it loaded up, that was getting ridiculous. Good timing on both counts, mine was delivered to the dealer this afternoon! I will post a few pictures this week!
  12. I ordered a 2WD regular cab short bed in Glacier Blue....And I ordered just about every option they will let you order on the W/T (except the mulit-flex tailgate)....which is surprisingly a lot. I ended up finding just about the same truck just in 4WD....The only reason I was going with the 2WD was gas mileage....so I'm happy either way. I have seen a few around the country the same way and they sit on the lot for about 1 or 2 weeks tops...and they are gone....very very few not in white....couple in black....but the Glacier Blue is hard to find.
  13. It really surpassed what I was hoping for, the metallic is so good it honestly looks like blue chrome. I have only seen it twice and had to drive almost 2 hours to see it the first time, they need to get them out there for people to see!
  14. Thanks! Glacier Blue Metallic, I have wanted that color since I first got the email from Chevrolet last August for a naming contest. It reminds me of the old Bright Blue Metallic they had on IROCs in the 80's....always loved that blue!
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