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  1. Gives you a spare for the front Looks GREAT on the white !
  2. You know I have never tried that since I learned to take off emblems before that technique was around, but I did try it on the rear bowtie this time and it really did work good....I did have to wear gloves though.....hard to hold that fishing line tight without them and if I"m not mistaken that line got HOT with all the sawing....lol
  3. Sounds like a great idea ! I think you only get the template with the new set they just released.
  4. I bet that will look sharp ! I didn't get that with mine, but hopefully that will make it easier to get it perfect.....I was worried I was going to stick it slightly off, so I tried every trick I could think of.
  5. It is a major pain the rear, I had some old adhesive remover from the 90's before they outlawed a lot of the good stuff. Still took me a good 45 minutes to get it all gone !
  6. Looks great, make sure you mark with some good painters (safe-easy release) masking tape where you old one was....that makes it alot easier to get the new one in exactly the right spot I use this and it works great and leaves nothing behind.
  7. I can't wait to see what you decide, they'll look great any way you go. It is amazing how DARK blue they are.....if I hadn't seen them in person with the bright sunshine (or flashlight) I'd think they were black !
  8. You're welcome, glad I could help. I honestly forgot about that pin needing trimmed until you asked.
  9. No problem ! I was surprised when I was installing mine because all the clip-in posts are identical, but the locator pin on the left side in this picture that looks like a T is in a different spot on the '16's....With a x-acto knife and wire cutters it was easy to cut it down a little shorter and it snaps in perfect now.
  10. They sure will, I have them on my '16. The front bowtie will need one of the small locator pins cut off, but everything else lines up perfect.
  11. Best news I have heard lately, glad to hear it ! I know you are going to love them on your truck !
  12. Forgot about this, the Centennial emblem is plastic and you'd have to be careful but I bet they'd work on a slight curvature too.....just be easy as you sticking it and if you hear any crackling stop.
  13. It said on the postcard that came with it that “You have purchased 6 Chevy Trucks or more so you are a real legend” or something along those lines. You can get them on eBay for not a lot of money at all, I saw some a few weeks ago for $9.99. Like he said above they are metal, but you could get them to go on a slight bend I’d think.
  14. Chevrolet ZR2 Bison Prototype Caught!

    Sure looks that way doesn't it.....I agree with you on all counts.
  15. I think there are only dark blue ones even though it does look black in the picture....if it's not taken in just the right lighting they would all look black....it is just a very dark blue and kind of a flat blue which makes the chrome pop, but also makes it look darker. This is the best look I can give you, these are mine inside and out

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