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  1. Black emblems, black/red Trail Boss decals and added Go Rhino RB20 steps.
  2. Not quite. Same family of engines and they do share some parts but they're not the same engine. On the exterior, the intake manifold is different so virtually none of the LT1/LT2 engine bling will fit on the L87.
  3. I didn't want to do a cat-back system so at first, I put a Flowmaster FlowFx on my truck. Sounded great most of the time but the drone was terrible. DFM was really noticeable as well. I decided to try the Flowmaster Super 50 part#53055. It sounds perfect now. Definitely louder than stock but completely tolerable at highway speeds. No drone. I left my resonators on but had the flapper removed. Very happy with it now. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/flo-53055?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjw3_KIBhA2EiwAaAAliuyrX8RlH5bSJ0VvQZe8MqCOCJaZbqF_F7h5F7qdj_sygqHqls_8ABoC3Y
  4. 2001 GMC Sierra X-Cab SLE 2WD 5.3 - Black 2003 GMC Sonoma X-Cab SLE 2WD Sport 4.3 - Pewter 2007 Avalanche LS 2WD 5.3 - Silver Birch 1994 C1500 Regular Cab Short Bed Cheyenne - 4.3 - White(my Grandfather's truck that I inherited) 2014 Silverado Crew Cab 1LT Texas Edition 2WD 5.3 - Blue Topaz 2015 Silverado Crew Cab 1LT Texas Edition 2WD 5.3 - Tungsten 2016 Colorado Crew Cab Z71 2WD 3.6 - Silver Ice 2017 Silverado Crew Cab LT Z71 5.3 - Black 2021 Silverado Crew Cab Custom Trail Boss 6.2 - Black
  5. I replaced my stock muffler with a Flowmaster FlowFX 71419. Sounded great most of the time but the drone on the highway was just too much for me. The DFM was really noticeable as well. So, I swapped that out for a Flowmaster Super 50 53055. Much better for me personally. Still louder than stock but no drone on the highway.
  6. This kit only fits 2015-2020 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL. It is custom made by kicker for those models. It will not fit in any of the trucks.
  7. FYI, these steps have already been discontinued by GM. At least for Chevrolet anyway. I ordered a 2021 Trail Boss for stock recently and was surprised to see that they had gone back to the original style off road step pictured below. I like the other one a lot more.
  8. I only run the NAPA Platinum 4100255 on my 6.2. Not a fan of the AC Delco e-core filters.
  9. GHR is now called Greenstone Metallic. This is likely the official name of the color for Silverado HD. Still not sure if this color will make it's way to Light Duty.
  10. One new regular production color for 2022 Chevrolet 2500/3500. Code GHR-Cannon Metallic. I don't know what it looks like yet but I'm guessing it will be gray. Fun fact, GHR was also the paint code for the yellow on Hummer back in 2010.
  11. This is not true at all. I have a Trail Boss sitting in Mexico with missing parts right now due to the chip shortage. There are pics on this forum showing trucks sitting at an overflow lot at Ft. Wayne assembly waiting on parts. Your sales guy is somewhat misinformed as well. Dealer do not have to order a pattern order truck. I ALWAYS build out my trucks how I want and not necessarily how the pattern orders are. GM has what's called "FOCUSED ORDERING CONFIGURATION" when ordering. That's an RPO code selected when you select everything GM wants you to. There is also RPO R6Y "O
  12. Now I wish I had gone with my gut and ordered Arrival Blue. I was really, really close to ordering it but my wife wasn't sold on the color. If I had seen these pictures, I would have done it anyway. Great looking truck!
  13. Yeah, I don't believe the rail car shortage at all. That has been an excuse for going on 7 years with GM. Production isn't even close to what it has been in the past yet there's still a rail car shortage? Not buying it.
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