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  1. I recently got an updatand now my phones will not connect via Bluetooth or USB. This happened a few times prior to the update too but it’s worse now. Frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’ve spent too many years planning and I need to start acting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well thanks to this thread I received another jet ski last night. Thanks for setting up the deal Jsdirt. It’s too dang cold to fool with it this week but I’ll see what I have soon enough. Now back to the truck.... looks like it has been postponed for another month or three. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I’m a fan of Gentleman Jack, Makers, Wild Turkey 101, and George Dickel #12 in that order through the winter. Through the summer it’s the banquet beer mostly. It always tastes better when someone else is buying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I went the redneck route on my 48” exmark walk behind. I have a 50” x 6” x 1/2” section of rubber matting sandwiched between two 1/2” x 4” boards that works incredibly well. The boards have eye bolts threaded in and a couple quick links to two holes that were predrilled in the frame between the deck and velke. It’s easy to remove if needed and was made from junk the previous owner left at my house so FREE. My mower is tucked away for winter or I would post pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Where are you located? I use Tapatalk and it doesn’t show locations in profiles. I have a guy that can pickup anywhere in the New England area. He travels the East cost regularly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Awesome! PM me fo my contact info if he wants to let it go. I’m always up for a road trip if it’s a fair deal. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I had a 4.3 in a 93 s-10 that ran great. I just figured that if I have to do a full swap I better go ahead and get the V8 sound and power that I know I’d want in the future. This old truck will just be a toy and not a daily driver. It will probably just be something I jump in once a week to run errands when I can have the windows down, radio up, and a jet ski or quad in the bed. On a side note this thing would be finished a year ago if I could break my stand up jet ski habit.... anyone have any for sale? Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I’ve done a little research and the junkyard 5.3s are surprisingly cheaper than the 350/5.7s (COOL). The LS swap on these trucks is a lot more difficult from my research. Especially if I want to stick with a manual trans and 4x4 (NOT SO COOL). I have looked here and elsewhere and haven’t found a similar build thread that was completed. I may eventually go this route but for now I just want it running, driving, and stopping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Quick update: Well as everyone knows 2020 was a hectic year for us all. My family has been very blessed this year and I understand many have faced the most difficult times in their lives. I was promoted and have been working from home and and going into the office periodically. My wife was also promoted and returned to work early after having our 2nd daughter. She worked most of the year from home and our oldest spent the majority of the school year at our dinning room table. the s10 still haven’t moved but once the COVID pandemic is pasT us I will get on it. A local shop replaced a 5.3 motor in my old 02 Silverado and did a great job in my opinion. I will probably load the truck up on my trailer and tell them to get it running, driving, and stopping on the cheap then do the interior myself since there is so little to do there. Next will be the body work. Can corners both have very minor rust. They are fairly cheap to replace and I know a few excellent welders that will be glad to help out. I really want to paint this sucker myself for some reason but that may also change. I have a couple paint schemes in mind. One is red with black accents to match my new trail boss and my father in laws C8. The other is a little more militaristic and would be more fitting with the slow 2.8. I would love to do a V8 swap but from my research it would be costly and challenging to have a 4x4 V8 s-10.
  11. In my last house I finished part of the basement garage. I insulated the walls very well and then placed pegboard on the garage side. I liked the fact that it was inexpensive, primed white. and very functional. My new garage is perfect for me. I have white 6"x6" ceramic tile from the floor up to about 4' then 5/8" drywall painted a light gray that matches the grout. The tile and epoxy floor make for a great place to wash cars in the winter if needed and are vary easy to clean sawdust, oil, water, and other garage gunk from. I cannot take credit for the idea as the tile was done when I bought the house but the previous owner knew what he was doing. I just wish the floor was slightly sloped to a trough drain near the driveway. Squeegees are not fun to use.
  12. My wife is just not interested in the truck. She does not mind me spending time and money into it. This would in no way be a financial burden on our family or anything. It would be a hobby and interest she would not share with me and typically our hobbies do align. She also doesn’t want an ugly vehicle sitting in the driveway at the house but I have shop space at the farm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I appreciate all of you verifying my initial instincts. I just hate watching the old truck rot away and I wish I could bring it back to life in some way. If it was a vehicle that was more desirable, valuable, etc. I would have started restomodding years ago.... buts it’s a dime-a-dozen (pun intended) truck. I do not usually get sentimentally attached to anything and I really am not at this point. I just hate to take an inherited gift and trash it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Back in 1985 (the year I was born) my dad bought a brand new 1984 S-10. The truck is a long bed 4x4 with a 2.8 L and a 4 speed manual and essentially a base model truck with vinyl floor and power nothing. Dad was ready to trade it in the mid 90's and the dealer offered him almost nothing so my papaw bought it to use as a farm truck. After a few years pulling farm truck duty it was replaced with a 1998 1500 and was retired to the field next to the shop due to a bad starter. Now approximately 20 years later it is still in the same spot. Every few years I have talked about getting it back on the road but airing the tires is as far as that has gone. When parked the truck had a fairly new motor (2.8), cheap repaint, and was in overall good condition other than the starter. I have many memories with the old truck like riding in the blue & white booster seat as a kid, hauling hay and tobacco, and learning to drive. Papaw passed away over a year ago and most of the memories I have of the truck include him. I know the old truck is absolutely worthless and putting money into it would be asinine but I am starting to loose sleep thinking about my options. I have 2 car payments, 2 kids, no free time, and my wife is definitely NOT on board. However I also currently have no other hobbies occupying my time and money or anything to daydream about or research while sitting in meetings at work and winding down in the evenings. I have little to no experience with mechanic work but I am not afraid to learn. So what would you do? 1. Forget about the old beater and sell it for scrap or parts. 2. Get it running on the cheap and enjoy it as a beater. 3. Build it up with a V8 swap (400sbc or LSX), lift, fresh paint, interior, etc. 4. Do something really stupid and build a long bed, V8, forced induction, AWD, syclone SS What would you do with a free old S truck that had a few family ties and memories?
  15. I have only driven my truck a couple times in the past 2 weeks. We had our 2nd baby and car seats are in the wife’s ride. Also she hasn’t been driving. I did use my truck today and no update alerts were noticed . I did have an update download about a month ago but haven’t noticed any real changes. I drove the truck today and missed 2 calls due to low volume. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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