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  1. Thank you! From my understanding of your comments this "Putco adapter" is all I need to tap into the brake light circuit once I find the tail light harness. I hate to get too off topic but I am trying to find a way to tap into the brake light circuit in order to run the 3rd brake light on the sport bar/ roll bar. The dealer gave me this bar when I bought the truck and I want to put it on for a while to see if I like it or hate it. No drilling is required other than the plastic bed rail covers since the metal is pre-drilled. The only thing stopping me is the wiring. Can you provide any additional advice on where to tap into the brake light circuit? My dealer is quoting $250 to disconnect the third brake light and wire up the one on the bar they "gave" me. I am wondering if this additional service sell was planned. I would rather figure it out and do it myself in case I choose to remove the bar later and reverse the lighting.
  2. How do these wire up? Do they plug into the trailer lighting or splice in elsewhere?
  3. Dolly the Dalmatian is definitely a guard dog. She is my second Dalmatian and the best dog we have had. We got her in Feb. 2019 as a 6 month old pup. in May she jumped out of the bed of my last truck when a neighbors dog got too aggressive when we stopped to visit. Dolly shattered her right rear leg when she landed but still got the best of the other dog (20 lbs. heavier mut). 7 screws, a 6' bone plate, and 40 stitches later she has almost made a full recovery. If it wasn't for my 5 year old daughter seeing the dog break her leg I would have but it down. She is a great family dog and wonderful with kids but she is a Dalmatian and very territorial. Any adult better not get too close to the house, truck, or boat it doesn't matter if she knows them or not. She loves the lake, farm and running so she fits in with our active family.
  4. I have listened to classic country music from the 70's through late 90's the majority of my life. Listening to The Kentucky Headhunters, Sawyer Brown, Joe Diffie, Chris LeDoux, Travis Tritt, John Anderson, Aaron Tippin Marty Stewart, Clint Black, Mark Chesnutt, The Tractors, Confederate Railroad, and so many others bring back memories of growing up on the farm. Currently I have been listing to music from artist that remind me of those "good ol days" like Creed Fisher, Frank Foster, Granger Smith, Cody Jinks, Chris Stapleton, etc. Most of these folks are not played on today's country radio but they are what I consider traditional or classic country music rather than the pop country snap track garbage the FM stations play. Maybe you folks will enjoy the links below in your trucks. I do listen to a lot of up and coming music out of Nashville plus a few other local folks. Growing up in Tennessee I have frequented my share of bon fires and honky tonks and had the privilege to see a handful of songs go from a local favorite to top 10 hits. Here is one from some local fellas that I feel may have potential. They put a lot into this video and seem to have a good time on stage.
  5. I could also use the wiring instructions or diagram if you have it available. I have the bar but haven’t installed it yet. A was excited to see the holes were pre-drilled in the bed rails. I have looked under the truck for a couple hours and can’t figure out where to start. I’m shocked at the amount of electronics under there.
  6. My father-in-law has been waiting impatiently for his. I have always been a vette fan and have mixed emotions about the 2020. These cars demand huge respect especially when MSRP is considered. I like the idea of the mid engine and wonder how long we will be waiting to see an AWD version. The lack of a manual clutch disappoints me and will reduce the fun factor in the roads. With modern electronics and driver aids the car should be pretty bland to drive anywhere except a track. It’s like a 2-stroke vs 4-strike PWC. The new tech is faster and better looking but the old school rides are more fulfilling, exciting, and fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I am afraid to put anything in this area since you can’t see it from the seats. And it’s about 4” deep. I’m sure it will be a great place to lose a phone, knife, or some sun glasses eventually.
  8. Hello all, I have a 2019 LT Trail Boss with the storage tray in the dash above the infotainment screen. It would be great to have some kind of cover over this area to shade items from the sun, hide whatever is there, and prevent windshield glair. Do any of the other trim levels offer a cover for this small storage area? I would like to make something out of this useless area and have thought about making something that would resemble a speaker cover. What are your thoughts? PS. Sorry for not including photos. I’m new at this stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you. All good points. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you for this post. I am trying to decide if I should mount the sport bar on mine or sell it. I think I like it but very few others seem to appreciate the look. I wish I could install it without drilling the bed rails but haven’t figured out how to fab a clamp that will look and function OK. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I bought mine yesterday and (like most adults) am not concerned about the opinions of others. My wife and I went to buy a silver trail boss and came home with a red one. I saved about $3K and got a free sport bar. My wife says the sport bar on the red truck will look a little childish but I haven’t made up my mind. The bar would not serve any purpose on mine since I don’t have enough garage clearance to install lights so I may sell it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I bought my red 2019 LT Trail Boss yesterday at Champion Chevy in Johnson City, TN MSRP: $56,050 Paid: $45,819 The dealer through in a sport bar to sweeten the deal but I haven’t decided if I will install it or not. If I install it I can’t mount lights due to garage clearance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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