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  1. I am digging for information on old hill climb trucks after stumbling across a photo of a specific truck multiple times. I think this truck is beautiful and it brings back memories of watching Pikes Peak Racing on ESPN when I was a kid. I vaguely remember there being both 2nd and 4wd classes but don’t have a clue what motors and mods they ran. I have been trying to determine what direction to go with my s-10 build and every time I see this photo I can’t help but smile. I haven’t been able to find details of this truck and would love to know more. I keep dreaming of a LS, manual trans, 4wd that’s slightly lowered on suspension that would work on the street and the auto-X course. Any help is appreciated.
  2. It has been a while since I have posted an update. In late May or early June I got a call from the shop the truck was running and they had a laundry list of items needed. I stopped by and it was indeed running but man did it sound rough. They had all the lights working, new battery, new wipers, new tires, and were chasing down vacuum leaks. I told them to completely replace the fuel tank, lines, and pump along with plugs and wires. I told the new shop foreman to replace anything needed. I stopped by again a couple days ago and no major progress has been made but I am completely OK with that. I am content knowing that it is better off sitting in the parking lot of a garage getting occasional love and attention instead of sitting in a field or in my driveway rotting away.
  3. This week was devastating! My truck has sat at a local shop for four months. I feel the shop owner (Rob) and I have become friends over the past 4 to 5 years that I have been doing business with him. I occasionally stop by to chat and he shows off his latest personal projects. I was shocked when a coworker stopped by my office to let me know that Rob died Wednesday night in a motorcycle crash. He was a genuine guy that loved his family and his work. He always talked cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles with anyone who would listen and was in love with his wife. Just a great fella that was a huge asset to the local automotive community. We had an agreement that he would get my old truck running and driving when his shop was slow and needed filler work. He knew I would not pester him regarding time or money. I hate that I will not get to pick up the truck from Rob and shake his hand or thank him for his work. I pray for his wife, daughters, and employees. In a few weeks I will check on the truck and determine my next move. I really want to get this old truck running and driving again but things are not looking up yet.
  4. Just curious but why? Do you like the look/function of the tailgates or plant to use it for one of the intended purposes? Did you damage your original tailgate and buy this as a replacement? I truly do not want to be disrespectful but use my trucks to tow frequently. When a salesman explained you cannot leave a drawbar in the receiver when you lower the center section I was confused... Plus the steps in the bumper corners are more practical given the ability to use the bedside as a handrail. Since then I have never even once seen a multi-pro tailgate used as advertised. I work on a site that has hundreds of contractor trucks in and out daily and have never seen anyone use these tailgates as a step or desk or bed extender. I genuinely wonder what the appeal is to you and others who desire the tailgate over the standard model. I was on the fence when shopping but the lack of ability to use the tailgate as a step without pulling the drawbar out every time and the choppy looking front fenders are what sold me on the trail boss over the AT4. Thank you for your thoughts and good luck with the install.
  5. Only you can be the judge but I would get it running and driving if I could afford to. A running vehicle will be worth more to anyone (including yourself). Flip a coin and make a decision then tell the story to your grand kids one day. you may be teaching them to drive in the truck if you keep it.
  6. I frequently have to push the stupid button 2 or 3 times to gent my tailgate to open in any weather condition. I hate it and wish the truck had a simple handle. Vehicle manufacturers love to sit around and figure out ways to replace simple mechanical devices with finicky, expensive, and impossible to repair without the dealer's computer gadgets. Give me a manual transmission and transfer case too while your at it.
  7. No thanks, I like driving not being chauffeured around. In the past 20 years I have used cruise control maybe 10 times. Those were mostly situations when my butt or leg went to sleep from being in one position for too long. I am still pissed that I cannot change my own gears or even spin the tires without turning off traction control. I would be glad to pay a few grand to trade autostop and cruise control for a 6 speed manual transmission and a tailgate with a real handle.
  8. The truck finally moved for the first time in close to 20 years. It was loaded onto a rollback and made the trip to a local mechanic to see if the motor has any life left in it. I remember coasting it down the hill from our shop into the field years ago thinking papaw would have it running in a week or so. The time never came and no one really gave it another thought. Over the years a handful of ambitious cheapskates knocked on the door to inquire about the ol pickup but they were promptly told to let it lie. I have big dreams of wasting enough money on this project to drive it again. After that who knows...
  9. Sounds like my parents bought this shiny new ride 3-31-1984. That’s almost exactly a year before I was born! I can’t figure out how to rotate the photos....
  10. The S-10 still has not moved! This has drug out for what feels like an eternity but I have not quit yet. Sadly my grandma passed away this year and we have spent the few months dealing with estate stuff. A couple months ago we sold my wife's 2019 Toyota 4Runner. The market is crazy high at the moment and we made a shocking amount of money on a vehicle we bought new and put nearly 40K miles on in two years. We spent the profit on a 2011 Land Rover LR4 that my wife enjoys more and honestly I do also. The 4runner was a soulless appliance that was great in every way but had no character. After buying the LR4 I took it to a local mechanic I trust. While there I mentioned the old S truck and he said he would grab it with a roll back and have his employees tinker with it while they are waiting on the parts trucks and such. I also have a great uncle (who has restored countless vehicles) offer to get it running if I deliver it to him. I am leaning towards the shop option. Thursday 12-9-21 The title was transferred into my name and grabbed a shiny new antique tag. Saturday 12-12-21 I cleaned the truck out. There were about 9 fence posts, a tractor fuel tank, and 400 lbs. of barbed wire in the bed along with other trash. I filled up a trash bag from the cab. There were a few sleeves of paper Coke cups a Lowes carpenter apron, plastic garbage bags, twine, nylon rope, and more all behind the seat. I did find some old documents in the glove box.
  11. I recently got an updatand now my phones will not connect via Bluetooth or USB. This happened a few times prior to the update too but it’s worse now. Frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I’ve spent too many years planning and I need to start acting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Well thanks to this thread I received another jet ski last night. Thanks for setting up the deal Jsdirt. It’s too dang cold to fool with it this week but I’ll see what I have soon enough. Now back to the truck.... looks like it has been postponed for another month or three. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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