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  1. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I would not buy a full size truck that did not have a V8.. I don't care how many HP's they can squeeze out of it on a DYNO, there is no replacement for displacement... If I am driving a full size truck and worried about getting 22 vs 24 mpg HWY I can't afford the truck to begin with... I think that the 2.7 Turbo is all about meeting CAFE standards... The 4.3 V6 may make less ponies than the 2.7 but, at least it's only missing 2 cylinders... I just bought a 2.0T Equinox for my wife and yeah it's quick but, it's no V6 when it comes to smoothness... I just don't like the small 4cyl turbos I like bigger motors with less technology... Sure we're squeezing a mpg or two here and there but, look at what these vehicles cost because of our odd obsession with fuel mileage..
  2. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    Thanks for the info, the lack of adjustable pedals kinda of disappoints me along with hearing that the telescoping wheel doesn't come out enough, this was one of my chief complaints on the 2017 Colorado I owned for 2 months and hated... I'm planning on keeping my 2016 for 2-3 more years so I am hoping they add that feature back to the mix at some point... Kind of odd that you don't have power passenger seat on that level of truck my LT has it, I can't remember the package but, it came with power passenger seat, power pedal adjust & power rear window... Rarely use the power passenger seat but, it's nice to have... RST is likely the trim I'd buy if I was buying today...
  3. I am not sure I can get past that front end...... At least you can't see it while you're driving... If I needed an HD truck I would be buying a GMC
  4. Sucks that you had to deal with that crap... Really nice looking truck!
  5. It is insane how much cars cost now! If I add up both my wife and my car payments we're paying almost as much as our mortgage!!
  6. Beware of Car Washes

    I either wash by hand or use touchless washes... I have a 'new' 2018 Equinox that was a courtesy car and the dealer def ran it thru their 'soft touch' wash and it's got some faint scratches that I bet are from the car wash... Nothing a little polishing won't hide but, I would rather have a car with some grime left from the touchless wash than a really clean car with a bunch of surface scratches.
  7. Yeah I realize its a crap shoot.. We didn't have any positive equity and didn't have a ton of cash down so our payment is steeper than were accustomed to after leasing for the last 10 years or so and I'm pretty sure we will take at least 60 months to pay this car off so I'd like to avoid a car payment and a major repair bill at the same time... If I could pay it off in 3 or 4 years I'd skip the extended warranty most likely.. Hoping I can do that on the next one...
  8. I agree, also I don't know how the fine print plays out on it but, they told me it covers replacement of struts which, if I can take advantage of should pay for a large portion of the warranty cost... My warranty is not GM, it's another company, I think Total Wrap is their name...
  9. For what it's worth we just bought a 2018 Equinox Premier AWD 2.0T and we went with the 7 year 100k mile warranty... Like others said, it's kinda like insurance, probably won't need it but, with all the electronics in cars theses days I think it's worth while to have the coverage... We paid $1950
  10. GM Financing - Early refinance

    Exactly, there are only two or three decent dealers in my area that are any good to deal with... Also regardless if I give a crap about a dealer I give a crap about my word, if I agree to wait 6 months I am going to wait 6 months because I honor my word and the agreements I make...
  11. Good to know! We wound up finding a deal on a 2.0T Premier AWD that was a service loaner for 10 months and 4500 miles at a local dealer and paid less than we would have for a 1.5T LT model.... I hear you on the stop/start system, we had it for the last 3 years on our 2016 Malibu that we turned in and it was odd at first but, you learn to adjust I guess... I am surprised how much the 2.0T scoots, kinda a fun little wagon to tool around in... Certainly isn't much of an SUV, feels more like a tall station wagon...
  12. GM Financing - Early refinance

    That would be okay except that you have to hold the loan for 6 months or the dealer loses out on their credit for the loan, I bought from a honest local dealer who gave me a great deal I wouldn't go back on our agreement to keep the loan for 6 months... I'm not looking to pull a fast one on a dealer and ruin my reputation over a measly $1000.00..
  13. Sorry to dig up a dead thread but, I have an odd issue on my 2018 Equinox Premier that is driving me nuts and I am hoping one of you guys can help? We just bought the Equinox and one of our keys is RKE #1 and the other is RKE #3, anybody know how to change #3 to be #2 so I can use the automatic settings associated with it? Thanks!
  14. GM Financing - Early refinance

    Wound up passing on the GMF rebate because we got a 3.99 rate from the credit union... Didn't want to deal with refinancing later and or taking my chances on the rates going up...
  15. GM Financing - Early refinance

    I appreciate it! Not trying to put you down!

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