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  1. That's bizarre but, it's a computer controlled mechanical item so unfortunately cars can be really infuriating these days. I am not surprised that the dealer isn't willing to work for free, they get paid for warranty work by GM it's not something they just provide to you... Sorry your having issues but, I think your expectations are a bit amiss about the dealer 'helping' you... I do find it disappointing that the wipers aren't working on such a new truck though and I hope you can find a quick cheap fix..
  2. I think if you put those miles on in 10 years or so yes.. Also depends on if you're in the part of the country where they have to salt the roads... My 2016 has almost 80k on the clock and I have only done routine maintenance plus some brakes, tires & shocks... The 5.3 is still running strong and the trans seems good... I did have all the drive line fluids changed at around 50k miles and plan to do so again at 100k... I'm only planning on keeping mine another year or two though so it maybe the next owners problem... I'm going to be about $2k upside down on the truck next year and I'm thinking it's going to be $1000 of tires and $500-$800 of maintenance (I know I could DIY it for less but, I'm just not comfortable with some of that stuff) and I might rather just use $2k to pay off the loan instead of putting it into the truck and buy a 2020 as I would prefer a crew cab anyways..
  3. Same situation with my X15 cover, I believe it is the bed that leaks, not the cover... I had a cover that was on top of the rail before and it was drier in the front corners (closest to cab) but, still leaked quite a bit at the tailgate... IMO the only waterproof covers will be the Undercover hinge open type... I think if you took silicone or something similar you could seal up the bed but, I haven't had the motivation to try yet..
  4. I pray for peace and wisdom... The wisdom tells me god made man but, only Sam Colt made them equal or can make one man equal against multiple attackers... I try to avoid overly dangerous places but, the only true 'safe' place is in my house with the doors locked and the alarm set and I live in one of the 'safest' areas in American... If you think there are places beyond your home that are 100% safe you're wrong.. I was 1 block away from the mass murder in Dayton 8 hours before it happened, that was a 'safe' part of town and Dayton sure ain't the south side of Chicago... Statistics are great for news paper stories but, when you become one and your wife has to put you in the ground it doesn't matter that it only happens to whatever tiny percentage of the population... Why do I carry? So I can get home to my wife every night and so my parents hopefully never have to bury their oldest son.. It harms no one for me to carry, it's concealed so no one sees it. It is no burden on me, I have a good belt and holster and I can make a 10 mile hike armed or a 10 hour day in the truck without discomfort.... It is almost a zero chance that I'll even need it but, you can say the same about my seat belts and the fire extinguishers I keep on hand.. Some say why, I say why the heck not?
  5. Sounds low to me.. Not sure all your specs but, most 2016 loaded LT crew cabs I've looked at in my area lately are at least $30-34k with 30-40k miles.. Been casually looking since I want to replace my double cab with a similar crew cab in the next year or two..
  6. It's totally insane that it took a "tech" 8 hours to figure that out, they raked him over the coals trying to get that much time paid for by the owner... As other have stated the 2018 owners manual doesn't specify LED as being an issue... I guess now it's your turn to man up and admit your oversight?
  7. I'd step up to an LT, GM really skimps out on some odd stuff on the custom trim line... You can't even get storage in the center arm rest..
  8. I'd say probably gonna be totaled with $19k + of damage...
  9. I am pretty pleased with the security level on my Truxedo Pro15x You could maybe get your arm in there thru the velcro but, you'll not get anything of substantial size out... After having folding covers for about 6 years, I just switched a month ago to the roll up and doubt I'll go away from a roll up anytime soon... I was considering the hard roll up from truxedo but, it was almost 2x the cost of the soft and only had a 3 yr warranty vs. the soft has a lifetime.
  10. LOL I don't think that I paint such a negative picture but, yeah if I was selling outright I would totally de-mod the truck and not let on that I had made any changes to it.. I'd be very hesitant to buy a modded truck...
  11. I'd say you're in the ballpark, don't be surprised if you need to drop down to $25-26k... Look at what dealers are listing similar trucks for... Not aware of all factors involved but, selling to save for another truck might not be your best bet, maybe just pay extra on your truck instead?
  12. I'd be willing to put a $100 bill down that we will still be burning dinosaur bones to run our cars in 10 years!!
  13. Even if you don't have excel just google loan amortization table and you can do the math.. It's often always been a wash between incentives and rebates so that the mfr makes about the same profit whether it's on the selling price or the interest rates... We had considered taking the incentives for financing with GMF and then re-financing the loan the next month when we got the paperwork but, we decided that it wasn't worth the hassle over the $1000 of incentives we gave up.. There is no prepayment penalty on GMF loans so anyone telling you that 6 months of payments need to be made is lying..
  14. Yes, check the 5.3L box on the option sheet, it's much cheaper than messing around with mods on the v6... Not sure what the up-charge is on the T1's but, the K2's it was only $800 BEFORE incentives.... I've had two K2 trucks, first one was a 4.3L Sierra, I looked at quite a few options for performance upgrades and eventually realized there just wasn't much out there for the 4.3 in the way of performance mods... If you think about it there is no logical reason to offer perf. upgrades for the engine when it's intended to be strictly a fuel economy mill... It's like asking about a CIA, headers & Exhaust for your Prius, there is no demand so there is no supply...
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