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  1. Neither, I'm 100% died in the wool gun toting bible clinging christian conservative republican... I just managed to grow up along the way somehow and I also understand physics... Clearly you've struggled to comprehend both..
  2. If you drive that fast on public roads, your an @ss hole. The speed limiter is there for people who lack the level of personal responsibility required to make good decisions on the road.. If you're going that fast you need to be on a private road or a race track... This country needs to start enacting 5 year license suspensions and $10k fines for people who drive that fast on public roads and put others lives in danger... Grow up...
  3. I see no Fords or Rams older than 15+ years old running around here in my area and everyone I know that has owned a Ford or Ram/Dodge/Fiat has had nothing but issues and repair bill after repair bill, my buddys father in law just sunk 8k into his 2010 F250 this year alone lol... There is a reason Ford is the best selling truck, they don't last as long as the longest running trucks on the road (Chevy) so Ford trucks need to be replaced more often thus more units sold year to year.. I'm not a fan boy at all, I was strictly a Japanese car buyer for many years because they were the the best bang for the buck...
  4. I guess interior styling is subjective... I prefer the interior in my 2016 to anything on the market... The Fiats & FERDS look out of place in a truck.. I like classic and subtle styling but, that's just me.. Also I could care less if the Fiat Ram has a 27" screen and baby cow skin with diamond accents, back massagers and a 46 speaker sound system, it's going to rust out before it's 10 years old and hits 250k miles.. I value reliability and ride comfort over a space age interior..
  5. Gm makes trucks that last and get the job done, can't say that about Ferd and Fiat...
  6. Purchase advice needed

    If you're only $2k upside down I'd run like hell from that F150... Ford trucks just seem to fall apart..
  7. Purchase advice needed

    Not knowing your financial situation or your vehicle needs I can't comment but, a few questions and thoughts.. 1) Do you need a fullsize pickup truck or could you goto a Sedan or Crossover? Trucks are awfully expensive and expensive to maintain, if you could get into a newer vehicle with less miles for the same money that is not a truck maybe you could get ahead. This 2011 Sierra will probably be better than a F150 (there is a reason Ford is the best selling truck and I think a big part of it is that they don't hold up so Ford guys have to buy new trucks more than others) but, with 113k miles on the clock you may have some repairs inline... 2) Can you afford a newer truck with less miles? Might be better to pay more up front and save on maintenance later. 3) Do you drive many miles? If not and you have at least decent credit look at leasing a new truck or SUV for a 36-39 months to give you some time to catch up without any repairs.. Last lease I did was a 2016 LT Silverado DBL Cab with a $49k sticker and for a 39k mile 39 month lease I paid $340 sign and drive... 4) Until you get a price on fixing the F150 and a trade in value vs. what you owe on it it's hard to say what your best bet is...
  8. I like painted wheels, I am not sure I like anything bigger than an 18" wheel on a pickup though... Do you have to be mindful of pot holes and driving over curbs or do you still have enough side wall to not worry about that?
  9. Can't fit much in a 6.5' bed, might as well get the 5.5' bed and be able to fit it easier in your garage... I have a 6.5' bed on my DBL cab and my next truck will be a crew with a 5.5' bed because a crew with a 6.5' won't fit in my garage and I'm not going to park a $50k machine outside lol.... If I need to haul bigger stuff I use a trailer... That's just my .02 if you don't park in many tight spaces and it will fit in your garage I guess you need to decide if the extra 12" of cargo space is important to you, if you don't haul a lot of large loads I'd get the short bed, it will be easier to sell probably.
  10. Same sound here, dunno what it is but, it's very random...
  11. No rubber laid in the Big ole SUV's but, plenty in every pickup I've ever rented lol... Plenty of people ride their leased cars hard and put 'em up wet too, it's a tough call..
  12. Tough call, I've left quite a bit of rubber on the road from the rentals I've had over the years... I think a premium SUV will be rented by someone who probably drives something similar and might get treated better than a Camaro rental... I'd want it to be under the 36k mile bumper to bumper warranty if it was me at least... I don't think I could personally buy a rental though but, I've abused some rental cars of the years though lol...
  13. My dash pops and cracks on my 2016 Silverado too... I have about 60k miles on my truck and I have replaced the rear shocks and front struts, front brakes, & of course tires... Beyond that I had the trans fluid drained and filter replaced, axle fluids and transfer case fluids changed... I can't think of anything else out of the ordinary.. Enjoy the new truck, lots of life in that truck at 62k miles it's probably not even 1/2 way spent... I am hoping to get 150-175k out of mine before I trade it in and I bet it will still be worth 10k...
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Hopkins-47297-INSIGHT-Brake-Control/dp/B00C5THYIK/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1546989492&sr=8-8&keywords=trailer+brake+controller I use one of these... I mounted the slider where the OEM controller would be... much cheaper and easier than trying to add the OEM controller.
  15. Maybe truck bed liner material?

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