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  1. I wish I knew of some roads like that here in Ohio that I could wander around on in the Silverado...
  2. Couldn't have said it better! The problem is, these days people don''t understand that everything has a cost and somehow they think a modern car is an asset... It has always gone in the liability column for me all cars owned beyond their warranty terms are ticking time bombs... My 4 year old Silverado 1500 needs a new AC condenser to the tune of $7-800 with labor, I've already put 1 set of tires on and it needs a second set this winter, I've done drive train maintenance to the tune of $800, the shocks were shot at 40k miles and the front brake rotor warped so I tossed pads on while I was at it... If I had not DIY'd those last two items I'd have easily spent $5000 on maintenance and tires to date.. No mileage penalty for buying ? Yeah right, my truck as 83k miles on it and the damn thing isn't worth 1/2 of what I paid for it new in 2015 on a trade in... Many folks just don't fully understand money & unfortunately many dealers and their reps are in that group so there is a lot of bogus info out there on financing options... If I could have a 2 year 72k mile lease on a $50k truck for about $650-$700 a month, I'd sign up but, with my job leasing isn't an option for anymore... Although I can't complain my employer pays $475 per month plus $0.20 per mile so I pay about $90 a month above and beyond on that...
  3. Let's put it this way, I know people who can pay cash for a 1/2 million dollar house who think leasing a vehicle is a much better financial move because of the terrible depreciation on a car. For example my 2016 DBL cab that had a $50k sticker and a $40k purchase price now has 83k miles on it and is only worth about $20k to trade in and I've put a set of tires for $1000 plus about $3k of other maintenance.. Granted I'm a very high mileage driver but, the high miles probably only takes away about $2-3k of value and given that my employer basically covers 90% of my car payment I can't complain..
  4. It's pretty odd rationale but, hey whatever works man... I've never had a serious accident and if I did with a lease, at least it's not my problem to worry about the depreciated value etc.. It permits many people who know how to leverage their finances a different option to acquire a vehicle that depreciates like a sinking rock... Even if I had $100k cash in hand I wouldn't ever pay cash for a vehicle with the ultra low interest rates and the future value of money it's just good financial sense to keep your cash at hand and use others $$ to get your stuff... I'd still consider leasing one if the price was right...
  5. I've done both ways, the true pitfalls of leasing are: 1: Gotta stay within the miles, 2: You're on the time table of the lease, if you get a new one early you eat payments, if the deals aren't good when your lease is up you're scrambling. IMO the best value is: Buy a NEW car or truck and pay it off in 60 or 72 months, trade it in on another NEW vehicle once it's paid off and try to use the trade in value to shorten your next loan by a year or two and repeat.. After the first one your payments will be cheap like leasing and most cars are pretty solid for 5 or 6 yeas and 75k miles w/o major issues.. Equity at the end of a loan payoff? Add up all the tires, repairs and maintenance once that car is paid off and you're not left with as much as you might think... Leasing is agreed upon depreciation payments, buying is variable depreciation payments... Cars are lousy things to buy... I can't stay within the mileage limits due to my job I drive 30k miles a year so I stopped leasing, my last lease was $350 a month, sing and drive for 39 months and 39k miles on a 2016 LT Double Cab with a $50k sticker, that's probably close to half of the monthly payment of a buying it for 60 or 72 months... My wifes 2018 Equinox was a different story, bought it for around $450 a month for 72 months and the 36 month leases were roughly $400 a month for a $40k sticker Premier AWD 2.0T model, to me that lease was a lousy deal..
  6. Yeah I think your dead in the water with that upgrade unfortunately...
  7. Yeah the videos sure make it look that way.. I'm slammed at work right now and have a lot going on at home so if I can get GM to pick up some of the tab it might be worth it for me to just pay the dealer to do it but, I ain't gonna pay $1300 that's for sure, I'll take a PTO day from work before I do that but, for $500ish I'd be happy to pay someone else to do it..
  8. Thanks for the info... Only a few hot days left here it looks like so I may just DIY it and borrow the tools like you suggested at Autozone..
  9. 81k miles on my 2016 and the AC finally gave up today, it's been performing poorly for the last week or so.. Have an appt. with the Chevy dealer on Saturday for a diagnostic... Watched a youtube vid and it doesn't look terribly tough to DIY it but, what about the vacuum portion mentioned? What does that tool cost?
  10. Well I think the stock tire OD on most of these trucks are 33" ... Time to grab the ole tape measure... Measure your current tires width and height, then measure your available space... It will probably be a little tight..
  11. I'd kind of like to get one but, can't justify the cost, most of the time my bed is empty except for a few tie straps and trailer hitches...
  12. Yeah it's a known issue, my 2016 does it, my 2014 did it... There was a guy who posted how to wrap some part of the dash in dynomat and I think add some other insulation around one of the modules to help but, GM can't/won't do anything about it... Two options to fix it otherwise are: 1) Turn up the radio 2) trade the truck for a Ford or Ram... It used to bother me but, does not now however, even here in the snow belt I don't use anything but 2H most of the time anyways... It's been a known issue on these trucks since the K2 trucks came out in 2013..
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