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  1. I had my trans, diff and transfer cases serviced at the dealer at roughly 50k miles if I remember correctly. I now have roughly 72k miles on my 2016... I need to review my owners manual to see when I need to take care of any of that again I think I was behind on some of it at 50k miles... I have never put miles on a vehicle like this before, I always leased my vehicles or had beaters so this routine maintenance stuff is kinda new to me...
  2. Kinda pisses me off... I have two Chevy's in my Garage, the Equinox was made in Mexico my Silverado was made in Indiana... I like the vehicles but, I wish I could get a 100% made in USA vehicle... I am happy to buy imported products if they offer a unique value proposition but, I hate buying cheap imported stuff just because it's cheap... I also hate buying from countries that don't treat their workers well but, when you're paying a union guy 70k a year to build cars, I can't blame GM for what they're doing...
  3. Wax/Polish on plastic..

    Yeah that's what I remember too.. Try some detail spray after the eraser work is done...
  4. 2014-2018 5.3 fuel injectors

    How can you tell if they're going bad?
  5. Plugs in truck bed?

    Yep movable / extra tie downs, I had them in one of my trucks and didn't find them to be useful really...
  6. Worst day ever

    Worst day ever because you scratched a truck rim? I guess you're exaggerating? That kinda stuff is irritating but, it happens.. You'll probably do it again so I'd either learn to fix it DIY or learn to live with it... I like my 18's for this reason, it's almost impossible to curb the rims... I'm worried about the 19's on my Wifes equinox.
  7. Wax/Polish on plastic..

    Pencil erasers work quite well... The 'right' thing to do for future reference: Treat all the plastics first with the trim treatment of your choice, the pores will be full of plastic treatment and won't absorb the polish...
  8. Ol' Chevy will me missed...

    Nice truck, I think the new rams look really sharp...
  9. It seems the problem is that Mom doesn't typically take baby to day care / sitters on her way to work but, Dad can't today so she does so forgets she put Johnny in and then she just drives to work even though she has the kid in tow and then goes about her day to a tragic end for the baby.
  10. Leer 100XL Cap Trail Boss Installed

    That sucks about the wind noise, as soon as I saw a T1 with a cap I wondered if there would be issues with that. The only way I can see you 'fixing' that is to create a much tighter gap between the cab and the cap... Maybe some plastic or rubber gasket material?
  11. Maybe 1/2 MPG on the highway, should be no loss around town...
  12. I agree, it is sad though that people forget their kids in the back seat of their cars... It's a sad statement about his distracted our society has become... I don't have the feature on my '16 Silverado but, we do on the '18 Equinox and we just turned it off, no kids here just dogs so far and they never sleep in the back seat and they're so damn big when they stand up they obscure my view out the back of the car...
  13. Who Needs a Truck?

    The hard folding cover I have on now (tonnopro hardfold) hasn't held up very well and it's kinda of a PITA to remove it when I need the full bed... I'm kicking around a hard roll up from Truxedo but, the tool box is appealing to me too...
  14. Dude those look BADASS, I like the 17's and the beefy tires too! I have those boards saved in my amazon cart for 'later' I'm prob gonna just repaint my OEM ones black for now though cause I need a new tonneau cover more than I need new steps...
  15. RST 2 Tone

    AH i missed it, I thought the AT2 was the OEM high dollar off road package, that's the AT4...

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