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  1. Looks pretty good to me. Will consider it when my 2016 gets replaced..
  2. Almost 95k on my 4-1/2 year old Silverado and the spray in bed liner is still going strong. I don't take it easy on truck either, certainly not a contractor but, I've done some serious weekend projects and I see no signs of wear... The exposed metal on my tailgate has many scratches down to the primer, probably should address that to avoid rust... Hoping to get 250k out of this truck before I get a new one...
  3. Imcrazy


    Crazy stuff... Hoping after it's all said and done more people keep some more food and supplies in their homes, we bring back more manufacturing from china, especially our meds and medical supplies and we really move away from globalization... I'm all for sharing resources within the civilized world but, these shit holes like China need to get cut outta the equation...
  4. I ain't interactin' with anybody I don't have to for the next 8-10 weeks including car sales people.
  5. Brother that seems steep? I was quoted $900 at the local Chevy dealer. My local independent guy said $650. I realize I could DIY but, I just don't have the time or mostly the patience..
  6. The stock locker in Silverado's for many many years has always been an Eaton G80... Not sure who you'd work with to get that added, maybe a transmission shop? A locking rear end should be standard on ALL pickup trucks IMO... I've been very happy with mine.
  7. Trade in value plus a few bucks? If you leave it modded it will limit buyers, I wouldn't buy a modded truck might not even buy one that didn't have OEM wheels, not a fan of most aftermarket wheels as most look cheap to me compared to factory. Not apples to apples but, I'd think the most I'd get for my stock 2016 with 88k miles is maybe $20k...
  8. The G80 in my 2016 has been good for me at almost 87k miles...
  9. Have the Low Pro om my 2016, it leaks a bit by the tailgate... Last cover was an on top of the rails tri fold, it was a bit more water resistant but, the beds on these newer trucks just seem to leak... Had a Undercover Flex 5 or 6 years ago and that thing leaked like crazy...BAK products suck... Whatever you buy, try to get it from a local truck accessories shop as they will support you better than some website..
  10. I put 275/65/18's on my truck for $210 each installed + tax.. I didn't catch your tire size, I'm guessing 17" rims? Try your local shops, I paid about $50 less going to my Dad's regular mechanic guy and I avoided the crappy service the discount tire dealers all offer in my area.. I needed a tire leak fixed and they couldn't see me for over a week and it took 20 minutes just to get a live person on the phone... I don't have time for service like that.. Obviously your local discount tire maybe better...
  11. Good point, if you're regularly towing heavy or hauling heavy loads, it might be worth it to go up to LT tires... I rarely haul anything besides my fat @ss around so I stick with P metric.
  12. Ok good, I'd stick with the 4S over the LT, softer ride, better compound for all seasons and longer tread life..
  13. Doesn't work that way.. If you have the knob on the dash, you can't convert to the shift on the floor.. LS & WT trucks have manual shift on the floor, LT and up have the electronic knob on the dash...
  14. Will try to remember to shoot you an update. Check out tire rack , they did a full battery of tests on 4 tires, the Continentals the OP has, the Coopers I have, Bridgestone Revo's and one more I can't recall.. It helped me a lot with my decision...
  15. So far, so good... Only been about a week so far, no snow usage to report but, good in the rain & dry also quiet... Last two sets I had were Discoverer ATP's (discount tire exclusive) only got about 40k miles outta those and they were down to 4/32...
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