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  1. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    AH I assumed that you were going after a 6.2L... Keep in mind that not only the gearing but, the tire weight on the stiffer tires they put on the max tow trucks... I'm guessing they're using LT tires , not P metric? I can tell you that I get about 18mpg between hwy and city with my 5.3 with 3.42's but, I can get 22-24 if I keep it around 60 or less on a flat hwy stretch of about 100 miles... Normal hwy driving around here has some hills and speed limits of 65-70, if I run those around 70-75 mph I get about 20 mpg if I am lucky...
  2. New member 2018 wt nali Clone

    Nice trucks, the AT is more my style, that work truck is a little too low for my liking but, looks sharp none the less in black...
  3. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Interesting, I have never really seriously considered buying one so I've not gotten down to brass tacks... I know you can get much better MPG with a Dmax but, then you're paying $$$$$$ for diesel and extra for the mill to begin with..
  4. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Yeah I hear ya... I dunno much about the MPG on a 2500 6.0L plus you lose the autotrac transfer case which I really like... All I can tell you from pulling some 10-11k # trailers, which granted had skid steers or backhoes on POS equipment trailers form the rental place, is that at a certain point there is no substitute for sheer weight... The heavier trailers can really push your truck around.... I'd love to get a 2500 BUT, I drive so much (25-30k per year) that the fuel cost I think would be kinda foolish for the little bit that I tow...
  5. Good price on new ltz?

    Salesmen at new car dealers do not make deals, they just relay them. ONLY managers get to set pricing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Good price on new ltz?

    Goto the other dealer in town find an identically optioned truck and tell them that you have no trade and get a real price. You just proved earlier my point FYI lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Good price on new ltz?

    Lol I’m done buddy. You’re using dealer math to do your numbers. They’re not budging on the 56k because you put all your cards on the table too soon. I’m not being a dick I’m trying to help you understand the deal that was presented to you. Dealers don’t ever do anything for nothing and 10k off a 66k truck is a little better than an everyday of the year price. I got 10k off my 49k truck which is 20% you’re getting 15% off which is an OK deal don’t get me wrong but, they’d give you more off if they didn’t have to eat your $5000 of bad money on your trade. It’s simple. Dealer finds out what your trade is up front then they structure the deal knowing they have to eat your upside down trucks bad money on the back end. If you walked in off the street with not trade you’d pay less for the new truck because they didn’t have to eat the bad $$ on your old ride. It’s one of the most miss understood games that dealers play. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    I didn't think they were that bad? I thought it was more like 18 hwy 12 city
  9. NHT and 1/2 ton towables

    Why not a 2500 HD?
  10. I'd take the Camaro too, I disliked the Colorado I had so much that I traded it in after 2 months of ownership and too a $2000 loss on it to boot...
  11. Good price on new ltz?

    If I walked into the dealer with no trade they would sell me the truck for $51k, since they need to cover the 5k deficit in your trade in value they're selling you the truck for $56k to cover the negative equity on your trade... Would be you a crisp 100 dollar bill that this is the case hands down no doubt... Happened to me 2-3 x when I tried trading cars in that I was upside down on... Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's a bad deal for you, I've traded in cars I was under water on a few times because it made sense for my over all situation and it was a 'good deal for me'.. I'm just saying don't be fooled by the dealers double talk: we're giving you more for your trade than it's worth = we're discounting the new car you're buying less than we would if you weren't trading in your car.... I always tell people, LIE to the dealer up front, tell them you're probably going to keep your car, pass it off to your wife, g/f etc, get all your pricing negotiated on the new car to the point where they ask you to go to the financing office and hammer out payments then say: oh wow the payment is going to be that high? better look at trading in my old truck after all....
  12. Good price on new ltz?

    I hear you on the benefits of the 2500 but, you’re missing my point. They’re giving you 30 for your 1500 because they’re using some of their discount on the new truck to pay for your negative equity. If you walked in there without your trade you’d pay $5000 less for your new truck. I’ve been in sales for overa decade trust me, you’re still paying for your negative equity not the dealer. Also 14 mpg is crap on a 1500 unless you’re pulling a trailer. I get about 18 on average between city and hwy and can get as much as 24mpg hwy if I keep it under 65. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Good price on new ltz?

    I just can't see the upside to a diesel unless you're doing a ton of heavy hauling..
  14. Yeah vehicles aren't really designed to sit that much.. I know a few guys with low mileage older trucks and they always seem to be having odd problems...
  15. GM trucks last, Ford's & Dodges rot in the junk yard... You're lucky to see a 20 year old Ford on the road in this neck of the woods, I see 30 year old GM's all the time... Toyota's seem to hold up pretty damn good too... I put about 25k a year on my truck I'm planning to keep it until somewhere around 125-150k... At which point I'll buy another GM truck...

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