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  1. I agree, we have a 1.5 Turbo in our Malibu and it misses the mark by a couple MPG if you get into the boost much... It sure beats the old 2.5L N/A for performance...
  2. I think that the 2.7 I4 is a dang joke.. If it got 30MPG Hwy OK maybe it'd be worth considering but. with a 2 mpg difference vs the V8 ? Same argument I have against the old 4.3, for the minor increase in MPG it's not worth giving up the power... Plus I'd be embarrassed to own a 4cyl full size pickup, at least the 6cyl models are respectable but, a 4 banger in a big ole truck like that just seems funny...
  3. No raptors less than 62k listed within 50 miles of my zipcode on cars.com, no crew cabs less than 68k.... For that kinda $$ I'd be buying a 2500 DMAX...
  4. Sirius seriously sucks... They just play the same ole songs over and over like FM radio...
  5. I will keep on driving, none of this self driving electric car bullshit.... F that... Give me a gas sucking 4x4 pickup truck till the day I die..
  6. I don't see it happening with a 1500 as others said find your slide in camper weight rating, payload is not a correct gauge of the camper capability... Unless you're really limited on space I would just get a small camper to tow behind your truck...
  7. Adding a CD player?

    You'd be money ahead to rip your CDs to your computer and then put those on an USB stick... Assuming you have a computer lol... I have a CD player in my 2016 and I don't think I've ever used it...
  8. Trailer Light Tester

    Yeah it's becoming pretty prevalent these days... As long as it doesn't affect reliability I guess I don't really care...
  9. Trailer Light Tester

    Yeah for 1 mpg I'd pass on the stop start if I could but, it won't keep me from buying a T1 when the time comes however, I'm probably 4 years out on a new truck so maybe by then there will be an even newer generation of trucks to consider..
  10. Trailer Light Tester

    I have autostop on my wife's Malibu - doesn't bother me a bit... I'm not an extreme environmentalist but, if it saves me some $$ on gas I'm good with it... HOWEVER, didn't the mpg remain the same vs the K2 trucks?
  11. That's why they call it an accident ya know: if not we'd all make plans to not get into a crash... Plus all these stupid distracted drivers on their phones tweeting and crap I think it's one of the most likely times in history that some dope might hit me...
  12. Leasing?

    EXACTLY... I wonder why anyone would put $$ down on a lease, it's not really a down payment, it's a prepayment... There are some really lousy leases out there, you have to be really careful / up on the market to not get taken for a ride, it's not as straight forward as buying a new car that's for sure.
  13. Leasing?

    Wow such great insight lol... Very deep and detailed advice I'll change my ways immediately based on your personal edict....
  14. Yeah, get a trailer - it's too much weight... I have hauled about 2k in my truck which is rated for 1700 and I blew out my rear shocks... U haul is a good option for trailers plus then you don't beat up your truck, often these firewood places will load that firewood in with a skid steer or front end loader and the last thing you need is them busting out your back window or denting your bedside by bumping into it.. You can buy a single axle HD trailer that will haul about 2500# or goto a dual rear axle and you can get up to about 6000# of hauling capacity.. Light duty (1500/ F150) type trucks can't really haul a whole lot of weight unfortunately... I have a 5x8 with a 3500# axle that is on a long term loan from my buddy who never uses it, he paid $600 for it used I think and it's pretty solid.. Plus I can easily take my mower to the shop for service or transport it as needed to cut land for friends / family & if some yahoo bumps into the trailer with their fork lift or skid steer. who cares it's a utility trailer not my 50k truck..
  15. 2015 1500 50k mile service

    Yeah that is the same as mine, severe service schedule suggests 45k miles.. Normal on the previous page has no recommendation for transmission fluid change at all.

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