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  1. I see some have ordered this.Any updates from guys who have ordered this?
  2. Well it happened again in my driveway ,900 miles on it.Heading to dealer tomorrow.strike two!!
  3. Took my Sierra in with 100 miles on it for strong exhaust smell in cabin,found bad weld on the back flow valve.They replaced the valve.
  4. Add me to the list to 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 3.0 ,100 miles on it.Stopped at hardware pushed start button and it just turned over for a couple of minutes without starting.Kept pushing start button to get it to stop but nothing would stop it,then it stopped.Pushed button again it started up.Took it to the dealer for exhaust leak in the cabin(incomplete weld around valve,below turbo)and to check the not starting problem.Replaced valve and said the no start problem did not leave a code and gm has no info on this lol.100 miles on it and two major problems.Gm’s quality control is disappointing.700 mi
  5. Wish I would have seen this sooner.I ordered a s&b intake over a week ago ,Same Deal as most people having.Tried email,phone,chat numerous times and nothing.If they get it from s&b it’s not in stock there.Ended up opening a PayPal case against them.Problem is they will have had my money for a month before this is taken care of.If they do this to a lot of people they can keep a constant cash flow with out selling anything.Its like taking a interest free loan..Not having customer service is a joke.
  6. Got to get me one,always can use another 50 hp lol.
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