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  1. Well, the truck has been back to the dealer again. The smell is strong but this time it is a distinct fuel smell. It smells like there is fuel leaking outside the truck and that in turn gets in the cab. Only happens on cold start and is gone once the truck warms up. Dealer said it was faulty #6 cylinder injector. Replaced it and it still does it. Truck even seems to stumble and hesitate for the first few minutes of driving, almost like its loaded up from too much fuel and once cleaned out its fine. It also has a strong antifreeze smell coming from behind the right headlight- which of course shows no sign of leaks anywhere. Wondering if maybe I got a Monday or Friday build. Is anyone experiencing any of these problems? It’s got 2700 miles now and I’m about to pursue either a buyback or lemon law here in NY. This will be it’s 4th time back to the dealer for the same problem in the last 2 months.
  2. Update: Dealership smoke tested the exhaust and found leaks at both ends of the down pipe off the turbo. They removed it and found some “debris” causing the gaskets to not seal properly. New gaskets and it seems ok.
  3. Thanks for posting that repair order. My truck goes in Monday overnight for diagnosis. Hopefully this is the culprit.
  4. No, it’s definitely exhaust fumes, only at cold start up. I’ll get it back to the dealer and mention that others have seen it.
  5. Alright, thanks for the info. I’ll give it some more time and see what happens. Besides these two issues, it’s a great truck.
  6. I’ve got a ‘21 3.0 with 1700 miles on it. I had it to the dealership for a strong exhaust smell in the cab that I only seem to get when auto starting every morning. Also at the same time it smells heavily of diesel fuel around the gas tank area of the bed. No leaks were found, but the dealership didn’t it look at the truck when it was cold, only at operating temp. Anyone else experiencing this?
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