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  1. No issues with obtaining the build sheet from the dealer.
  2. I talked to my GM advisor yesterday. I told her I originally thought I should wait for the correct repair but that may never happen. So if I'm going to go the lemon law route I need to attempt a repair.so I requested to have all parts axle shaft,singer and differential replaced. I also requested to have the second dealership 60 miles away to compete the repair while supplying a loaner vehicle. I do think this is to much to ask. She did tell me engineers are currently working on a correct repair and my parts may be on back order especially with the GM strike.
  3. Built at Fort Wayne Assembly 4/27/19. If you have a SU5 axle you should have no issues That is not your build sheet. Therefore it does not indicate what axle you have
  4. People are still driving them off the lots today having issues.most complaints are on the LT,LTZ,RST. only see one complain on the trailboss. Any model with the SU4 American Axle. The SU5 is a GM axle and does not have the Noise issue. There is a big thread on this forum under troubleshoot under "jingle,jingle" I have a RST build date 4/27/19 and started hearing noise at 400 miles. Build sheet will tell you what axle you have. Been to two dealers and have a GM advisor. Truck has other issues. Not happy with this Silverado or GM
  5. High sales of trucks.....that will mean alot more complaints for the front diffential noise that they don't know how to fix. Along with all of the other issues. Do not buy one with the SU4 American Axle unless you want to listen to a noisy front differential.
  6. Thanks for info. The noise has seemed to stop the last 300 miles.if it returns which I'm sure it will I will look at this area. Thanks again.
  7. I have a rattle around the A post area when I get to 40mph.sounds like door but could be the dash.could you tell me the area you mean when you say cluster?
  8. I had my truck to another dealership today. this was recomended by my GM advisor due to the incompetent service dept at the dealership I purchased the truck.service manager and I went for a drive and within 1 mile he heard the jingling. I said the other dealership tech said he could not hear any noise? The service manager stated he would not want to listen to this jingling noise either . I showed him copies of the service bulliten. I told him nobody has had any luck on the repairs for this. He agreed we should wait for a while and see if there is any progress made on the fix for this.very helpful service manager and staff at this dealership.they just gained a new customer for service and new purchases. 20 years buying 5 new trucks and 1 car at the other place...no more ...see ya!!. I will be in contact with my advisor to see if she can gain more knowledge on the progress of a proper repair for this issue.keep you posted
  9. I have a feeling we could have another "Chevy Shake" thing here. We may never get a fix for this.Very disappointing and hard to believe that with all of the General Motors engineering they can't figure out where a noise is coming from.Or maybe they don't want to know.
  10. Mine just did the same thing today and has done it before. just add it to the list of issues with this thing. I'm just happy when it starts up the first time I push the button.
  11. Service advisor from General Motors called me and has set me up with another dealership about 60 miles away. I talked with the service manager and he wants to address all of the issues with my truck. I informed about the bulliten for the axle noise and told him I have a issue when the truck will not start and then starts after a few minutes.also the drivers door noise that comes and goes. I take the truck in on Wednesday. The GM service advisor could not tell me if they have a actual fix for the axle noise.
  12. Two weeks ago I went to start my truck and it would just continue to turn over and would not start. I attempted to start it approximately six times and it would just turn over. I let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes and then it started. I told the service department about it because I was there for my front axle noise . They said well if it is starting now and the engine light is not on nothing we can do. Today I went to leave home and the same thing. Turn over no start. I called the dealership they said have it towed in. I get off the phone with them and it starts. They said nothing we can do and no other complaints like this. Today after 2 weeks I have finally got a hold of my GM service advisor for the differential noise and told her about this issue. She said she will call me back ? . This is my fifth new GM pickup since 2002 and Im beginning to wonder if my sixth will be a GM.
  13. I called GM Tuesday to inquire if they were making any progress on a actual fix for this axle issue. I was assigned a reference number and told a advisor would be calling me from GM on Thursday. I have not heard anything at this time and will call again on Monday if I do not hear from them. I will keep you posted.
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