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  1. Well funny you should ask that...when I received my truck back after repair the work order had stated they replaced a Ring,Seal,and Slinger and all had part numbers. I asked What about the stub shaft that was back ordered for six months. The service manager told me we put that in the truck but we received it from a different supplier? So did they actually put a shaft in? I told you it's keeps getting better. Document everything I have 8 pages of documentation on everything that has happened with this truck in the last year. BBB did take my claim but said thay had to make 3 attempts to fix it .I think they tell you parts are on back order to avoid the attempts to fix it. Because they know they do not have the fix. A GM service advisor did tell me back in October they did not have a fix at that time.
  2. SU5 axle also, unreal. I have a 2019 RST SU 4 axle I purchased on 6/14/19 I had the axle noise at 400 miles. Also the no start issue.went through two dealerships and two GM advisors. GM Customer service advisors are unbelievably terrible. Wont even return calls. Ordered parts for axle in October 2019 after pip was updated several times. Dealer kept spinning me saying stub shaft on back order.finally April 2020 I filed with BBB with a claim and stated how can they make three attempts to repair when they don't provide parts. Two days later a stub shaft arrived at the dealer and GM is calling me everyday. Never would call be back before. I had the parts replaced on June 14 ,2020 1 year after purchase. I have 1000 miles on it in very hot temps and no noise as of yet but not confident it will remain quiet. I still am waiting on back ordered parts for my no start issue that is a whole other story. I am a diehard GM guy I have purchased 6 new silverado and 2 new impala in the last 20 years .GM treats you like garbage. Nobody should have to go through this.buying the wife a new SUV this summer no way in hell will I drive into a GM dealership to buy one. it appears with both SU 4 and SU 5 axles both making noise I will be not driving another new silverado in 2022 when I buy a new truck. Good luck to you I know what your going through.
  3. I filed a claim with the better buisness bureau today. This was recomended for the first step before a lawyer and lemon law.They called me within an hour with instructions and procedures. Just curious what the issue is for them to replace the control module. No start?
  4. That's the problem they don't know how to fix it. I started this thread last August and have a new truck that will be a year old in June and continues not to start..no engine light , no codes.just a little frustrated.
  5. I have a 2019 RST 8 speed. Two months ago my transmission did the very same thing it had 5000 miles on it at the time. It slammed so hard into gear it chirped the tires and lunged forward.it has only done this one time but this transmission has the hesitation after backing up and going forward and after this incident has seem to pickup a vibration and shutter. I had the dealer look at it and they said it has the new synthetic transmission fluid in it and they could not get it to duplicate anything issues. I do think it has something to do with the pump and fluid. I live in upper Michigan very cold winters and it seems this may attribute to my issues. I had a 2016 with a 6 speed and once the transmission went through the learning process it was a good transmission. This 8 speed has more strange behavioral issues the more miles it gets. I will never have another 8 speed.
  6. Ok thank you. Stub shaft,singer,seal have been ordered since October for my truck and stub shaft has not come in. My GM advisor has not contacted me since October.Gm advisor did tell me in October they did not have a fix for this. I guess my next step is a attorney. I have a log and all recepts of this whole mess. Truck will be a year old in June. Thanks again.
  7. Did GM purchase your truck back from you because they could not fix the differential noise or did your truck have other issues as well. Just wondering because my truck has the differential noise as well along with other issues.
  8. I'm with you...parts have been ordered for the axle issue since October. I have zero confidence the parts will fix the issue if and when they do come in. meanwhile I'm at 5000 miles and the junk transmission only seems to be getting worse. Bad vibration and shutter now, along with hesitation,surging, hard down shifting and slamming into gear. Dealerships says it has the new transmission fluid in it and they don't feel nothing? Whatever.... I have not heard from my GM advisor since October, they could careless. very poor customer service. Well at least the thing has been starting for me now it must have fixed itself because they could not find a cause for that issue.I have been GM truck owner my entire life. This is junk.
  9. I'm interested to know what the problem is. Keep us posted if you would.thanks.
  10. How do you set the radio so the volume does not go up and down when driving?
  11. My truck has not done this since my last posting. I have 5000 miles on it now and have been waiting to record it the next time it won't start. Dont know if it will help but will give me more evidence with my case.The dealership did check for codes and there was nothing. I'm wondering if it has something to fuel. The pump always turned on when I opened the door. Now I hardly ever hear it and the truck always starts. I will keep you updated if I have more issues or they figure something out. It has been two months since I've heard from my GM service advisor about this and my jingle jingle issues.
  12. I talked to my GM advisor yesterday. I told her I originally thought I should wait for the correct repair but that may never happen. So if I'm going to go the lemon law route I need to attempt a repair.so I requested to have all parts axle shaft,singer and differential replaced. I also requested to have the second dealership 60 miles away to compete the repair while supplying a loaner vehicle. I do think this is to much to ask. She did tell me engineers are currently working on a correct repair and my parts may be on back order especially with the GM strike.
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