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  1. Service advisor from General Motors called me and has set me up with another dealership about 60 miles away. I talked with the service manager and he wants to address all of the issues with my truck. I informed about the bulliten for the axle noise and told him I have a issue when the truck will not start and then starts after a few minutes.also the drivers door noise that comes and goes. I take the truck in on Wednesday. The GM service advisor could not tell me if they have a actual fix for the axle noise.
  2. Two weeks ago I went to start my truck and it would just continue to turn over and would not start. I attempted to start it approximately six times and it would just turn over. I let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes and then it started. I told the service department about it because I was there for my front axle noise . They said well if it is starting now and the engine light is not on nothing we can do. Today I went to leave home and the same thing. Turn over no start. I called the dealership they said have it towed in. I get off the phone with them and it starts. They said nothing we can do and no other complaints like this. Today after 2 weeks I have finally got a hold of my GM service advisor for the differential noise and told her about this issue. She said she will call me back ? . This is my fifth new GM pickup since 2002 and Im beginning to wonder if my sixth will be a GM.
  3. I called GM Tuesday to inquire if they were making any progress on a actual fix for this axle issue. I was assigned a reference number and told a advisor would be calling me from GM on Thursday. I have not heard anything at this time and will call again on Monday if I do not hear from them. I will keep you posted.
  4. Thank you. I drove 180 miles the other day and it did not make the Noise at all.it was not very windy out however and I'm not confident that it has just gone away and won't be back. I do believe it has to be inside the door. Thanks for keeping me posted.
  5. I get a wind noise on the drivers door. Seems like it is around the windshield post and where the door meets. It almost seems like it turns into something rattling.It does not do it all the time.yesterday I drove 60 miles and no noise. Today it's making the noise. I checked the mirror and door seals and been trying to figure it out for a week.this one has me puzzled. Maybe it is inside the door.Today I made an appointment to take it in.not very confident with shop as yesterday they said they could not hear my axle jingling away as we drove down the road.
  6. Please keep us updated on the fix. I brought my truck in today and they said they will replace the axle. I asked if this is the actual fix and they said they did know. I told them to hold off on the fix until I heard more about other people actually being satisfied with the new axle. They had no idea about this bulletin and said they had no other complaints like mine. 2019 Silverado RST Z71. Build date 4/27/19 Fort Wayne SU4 axle.
  7. Thanks for the info. I bring mine truck in next week so can listen to the Noise. I'm hoping they have a fix by the October im planning a 2500 trip and don't want to listen to this annoying jingle for the trip.
  8. 400 miles on my truck and the same issue is going on .taking it in to the dealer Tuesday. Already called the service manager and told him about the TSB. I would not be so dissapointed if the fix for this was actually fixing the problem.
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