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  1. My wife just hit a deer with her 2019 F150 and it has $6000 damage to front end. They told her that Ford is backed on parts and it will be 5 weeks until they arrive. All the manufacturers have these problems at times. Sucks, I know, but it isn't GM specific.
  2. LOL, I assure you I know how to tow a trailer. I have my Class "AFMZ" drivers license and have driven transport trucks for 18 years, and now drive aerial Fire Trucks. I'm 44 yrs old and have likely driven more kms with a trailer behind me then most have a car. That being said, I should have known how much this trailer weighed. The man I bought it from that day told me it was around 7-8000lbs and I knew that my truck could tow far more then that. I've known how to set trailer brake gain since I started driving 26 years ago. lol
  3. I have 12.50 tires on my 2019 and 2020 truck and did not need any spacers. They will work.
  4. I just confirmed that the trailer weighs 6700 lbs and my truck is a 2020 RST 4 door with 5.3 and lifted 6" with 35" tires on it. My truck didn't have any problems at all pulling it, it just squatted down far too much and I am looking to make it sit more level. I did not even know weight leveling hitches were available. I will certainly buy a good one if I can find where to get them.
  5. Hello everyone. I have a 2020 RST 1500 and the other day I had to pull home my camper trailer. I was told it weighs about 8000 lbs and to be honest I don't even now how much weight these trucks can pull, but I did notice the back end of my truck squat right down. I am hoping I can buy something to help keep it level so that in the summer I am not driving it around like that. In the past I have seen guys install air bags in rear suspension, but I have a 6" lift on my truck and do not know if that is an option after a lift. Can anyone point me in a direction to help remedy this?? Thanks again everyone.
  6. My 8 speed shifts like silk and is the smoothest transmission I've ever driven.
  7. That is strange because my 2019 had the exact same digital instrument cluster that my 2020 does, but my 2019 only had tow and sport mode, and now my 2020 has the added off road one. My 2 clusters are identical
  8. Sorry guys, I was at work. I only traded in my 19 because my friend works for GM and they offered me direct swap (I didnt pay a penny to change). I LOVED my 19 but why not get a 20 with zero kms on it and get rid of my 19 that had 20,000 kms on it. I still do have 2 speed transfer case and the seats feel the same to me, other than this one has leather. There were only small changes, but I liked all of them other then the two rear doors not having the unlock. I would have kept my 19 in a second and loved ever bit of it. I never had a single problem and it was built in feb of 2019. These are really good trucks and Ive had them all. I just wish they would update the interior a lot. The new Dodge inside is amazing inside, but I think the outside is ugly and I hated having coil suspension.
  9. I just traded in my 2019 RST (had it for 5 months) and got an identical 2020. For anyone wanting to know if any changes, the only thing I have noticed so far is: 1. battery gauge is different 2. "mode" dial on left side of dash has an additional mode now (before was sport and tow. Now it has sport, tow and off road) 3. I lost the outside unlock button on both back doors 4. stereo display seems quite a bit nicer (now displays more things like music album cover) I also opted for GPS and leather this time and am very happy with both of these upgrades as well. Maybe its just me, but this 20 does seem to drive softer. I'll report back later and maybe its just in my head.
  10. I am ordering a 2020 Silverado RST tomorrow and want to know what options are a "must have"? I am going to get a rear slider window, sunroof, leather with heated seats, Z71 package, and dual climate. Are their any other options available that would be nice to have?? I have to get the RST package because I want the color matched front end and I'm lifting it 6". Now I just need to decide what options to get. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!
  11. I have a 2019 RST with 5.3 and 8 speed tranny. I just went in to order a 2020 RST with 6.2 10 speed or 5.3 10 speed and they said they are not available in RST in Canada yet. I have to go with the RST because I lift truck 6" and they told me they can't lift up the High Country because of all the sensors. Has anyone in Canada seen an RST with a 6.2 yet? Has anyone lifted a High Country yet?
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