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  1. I appreciate everyone response. I guess everyone is different. I have repeatedly driven my brothers 21 Ram Rebel and anyone that says they feel any cheaper than the GM feels, just doesn't know what they are talking about. It out classes my interior and feel by FAR. That said, I do really like the driveability and exterior look of my truck. I know it sounds crazy, but I like new technology and I don't like the "basic" or "simple" look, especially not when it comes at the same price as the "newer", "more updated look and usability. I was asked "why I bought my truck then?", and it was because my friend owns a GM dealership and I get prices that just can't be touched. I have bought 3 new trucks and a new SUV in the last 2 years, and even at these better prices, I am still going to switch to Dodge for my 2022 if the interior issues aren't updated. I agree that Dodge has had some mechanical issues in the past, but lets keep it real, so has GM and Ford. Many of us buy a new truck every 2 years and aren't as worried about how it will run in 10 years. If I'm paying $1000 per month for a truck I sure as heck need to enjoy driving it and not be deflated every time I get inside it and feel like its 10 years old. To each their own I guess. Everyone has different tastes and I just like getting behind the wheel of something that offers me more than the last truck I was driving, or I just would have kept that one. These trucks are so expensive now and with this elevated pricing I would like to see more things. Its like everything else in our lives, our TV's are getting bigger and better picture, our cell phones are getting far more advanced, and even regular household products are all becoming wi-fi enabled. Nobody is going to spend money to upgrade things if the new product isn't much different than the one they already own.
  2. I completely understand that some of you feel that you enjoy the "classic" feel of the GM, but I still struggle with much of it. How can they charge the same for a truck that is so tech behind their competitors? I LOVE the look of my Silverado, just hate getting inside it and feeling like I stepped back 10 years compared to my brother Dodge. Its 2021 and I STILL have to plug my phone in to get text messaging? REALLY? Many use these trucks as work vehicles and can't be pulling over every 5 mins to read a text, and its illegal to have a hand held device here. My wife's GM SUV has more options than my High Country Silverado and my truck was $20,000 more. I know a TON of people that share my opinion, so clearly many people are hoping GM steps their game up a bit. All the manufacturers have their issues, but if I'm going to keep spending so much money every year on new trucks, I have to really enjoy getting into them and not left feeling deflated every time.
  3. Just my opinion that GM really needs to step their game up a bit. I have been a lifetime GM owner, have bought 5 new ones in the last 2 years, and currently own 3. I have a 2020 High Country 1500 with 6.2, and I just bought my wife a 2021 Traverse. While I do enjoy both vehicles, I REALLY think GM dropped the ball on a few things. 1. My Traverse has better options than my High Country has, despite being $20,000 less to buy 2. My truck has a VERY "dated" interior. Lacks many things my brothers Dodge Ram has, and looks 10 years older inside. 3. How is it even possible that you can't get text messaging on your radio in 2020 unless you are connected by a wire? (goes against wireless charging option I have) 4. ALL trucks available have the double sunroof option, except GM. It seems GM is still trying to figure out how to keep the back window from leaking. 5. Cargo lights in bed need a switch back there like all the other manufactures have. Why have to go inside truck to turn it on? 6. Have I mentioned how outdated the interior is? I honestly feel like I'm getting into a 10-15 yr old truck after I've been in my brothers Dodge. I remain with GM because I don't want coil suspension in my truck, but that is likely the ONLY thing keeping me from switching to a Dodge. Side by side, or driving them down the road back to back, the Dodge seems to win in every category. Please, please step your game up GM so I can stay a customer!!
  4. Sorry, that was a misprint by me. My first truck was a 2019 5.3 with 8 speed. My second truck was a 2020 5.3 with 10 speed, and now I have a 6.2 with 10 speed. I enjoyed all of the trucks, but had very hard shifting on the 8 speed. I did really like the 5.3 10 speed a lot, until I got the 6.2. I noticed the difference in power even just leaving the dealership. The truck took a week to come in and I actually never really thought about the 6.2 and when was pulling out of the dealership, I noticed the difference. Sure you don't need the extra power, and no I don't race it "light to light", but lets face it, more power is nicer. The same went for the Camaro and the Challenger I have. I could have bought them with 6 cylinder, but more power is more fun no matter how you twist it. I honestly didn't notice any power gains (seat of the pants is only measurement I used), and no increase in MPG with the 93, but I'll be honest and want to try again since others have said they noticed it. I definitely didn't buy this truck for "performance" (I have cars for that), but I just figured if I'm already spending this much money for a new HC, I may as well get one that puts the biggest smile on my face. I can certainly see the advantages of the 3.0 for other needs as well. It all really comes down to what you want your truck for I guess.
  5. Enormously better 1. My 6.2 with 10 speed shifts so smooth I can barely feel it. My 5.3 8 speed felt like I was getting rear ended many times it would shift gears. I think its enormously better to drive a truck that shifts well 2. My 6.2 has a ton more power. I think its enormously better with more power 3. My 6.2 feels simply more "fun" to drive. I think its enormously better when you spend this kind of money that you enjoy what you are driving. 4. I'm "old school" and still believe in the saying "there is no replacement for displacement". I don't use 93 octane because it is far more expensive where I live, and I did not feel any difference, nor see any MPG increase when I did use 93 octane. I prefer to not spend money unless I see a return.
  6. I have now owned 3 of these trucks and want to chime in. I had a 2019 Silverado with 5.3 8 speed, a 2020 Silverado with 5.3 8 speed, and now have a 20 Silverado with 6.2 10 speed. My good friend has a 20 with the 3.0 and I drive it all the time. Without any doubt at all, I LOVE the 6.2 10 speed the most. I have never ever put premium in it (ever), and it is still enormously better then the 5.3 and I am getting almost the same fuel economy out of it when not pushing the petal hard. The 3.0 is great to drive, and I like "borrowing it", but when you drive it everyday, its simply just not as nice. I think any money you are saving on the fuel now, will just be spent on maintenance on this 3.0 later anyway and its just not as useful to own now. There is a big difference between borrowing a truck you like, and then owning it. My vote without any doubt is the 6.2 10 speed.
  7. lol, not exactly sure how this post turned into a "performance comparison" thread, and I agree that all manufacturers have their issues. I'm just VERY surprised that in 2020 GM still makes people plug their phones in with a wire in order to get text messages. Nobody even knows why they offered in in 2019 but then went away from it. I didn't buy my truck to race Rams. I've had many Rams and many Fords, and I buy my trucks to be trucks. I have cars for performance if I need that. Like my original post stated, I LOVE my Chevy, I just think they need to update these more and step up to where Dodge and Ford are. My 2016 Ram seems more technologically advanced then my 2020 High Country. I guess we all buy our trucks for different reasons. I bought mine because I need a truck and I am in and out of it all day long for work and certainly can't have it plugged in all the time to get or receive text messaging, so I have to pull over all the time or I lose work. Seems very "old school" to me, especially for such a high priced truck is all.
  8. Hey everyone. I just wanted to say one things about these trucks. I get a new one every year and have already had a 2019 RST, a full loaded 2020 RST and now have a 2020 High Country. I cannot get past what I feel is GM's major software flaws and don't think I will be buying another. Here are the 3 things I feel do not make any sense and could be VERY easy fixes if they wanted to: 1. Radio cannot receive or respond to text messages (it would on my 2019 but none after). We are in 2020 and hand's free operation is a MUST now because of all the new laws for distracted driving. I am in and out of my truck a lot for work and CAN NOT have my phone tethered to the truck with a wire. Ford and Dodge have full texting available on their trucks. 2. When I put the truck into "sport" mode, I have to engage this every single time I am in truck, and it really should just stay in the setting I chose all the time unless I change it back. The same goes for other options like engine shut off at lights as well. 3. When my trailer is hooked up and I am making a left or right turn, an entire view of the side of my truck comes up on my screen for safety. This ONLY happens with a trailer hooked up and really should be an option even when the trailer is not. My father has a lower model Honda Civic and even his car offers this. This would be a huge safety advantage for us and if it can be accessed with a trailer on, certainly it would be easy for GM to make this an option all the time. Everything else I enjoy about this truck (other then what I feel is a dated interior and we are only truck that doesn't offer the double sunroof option that is very nice and most would love to have. I bought these trucks because I LOVE the way they look and I love my 6.2 with 10 speed, but these software issues are really bothering me and its going to make me move to Dodge or Ford for my next one. Anyone else find these 3 things bothersome?
  9. My wife just hit a deer with her 2019 F150 and it has $6000 damage to front end. They told her that Ford is backed on parts and it will be 5 weeks until they arrive. All the manufacturers have these problems at times. Sucks, I know, but it isn't GM specific.
  10. LOL, I assure you I know how to tow a trailer. I have my Class "AFMZ" drivers license and have driven transport trucks for 18 years, and now drive aerial Fire Trucks. I'm 44 yrs old and have likely driven more kms with a trailer behind me then most have a car. That being said, I should have known how much this trailer weighed. The man I bought it from that day told me it was around 7-8000lbs and I knew that my truck could tow far more then that. I've known how to set trailer brake gain since I started driving 26 years ago. lol
  11. I have 12.50 tires on my 2019 and 2020 truck and did not need any spacers. They will work.
  12. I just confirmed that the trailer weighs 6700 lbs and my truck is a 2020 RST 4 door with 5.3 and lifted 6" with 35" tires on it. My truck didn't have any problems at all pulling it, it just squatted down far too much and I am looking to make it sit more level. I did not even know weight leveling hitches were available. I will certainly buy a good one if I can find where to get them.
  13. Hello everyone. I have a 2020 RST 1500 and the other day I had to pull home my camper trailer. I was told it weighs about 8000 lbs and to be honest I don't even now how much weight these trucks can pull, but I did notice the back end of my truck squat right down. I am hoping I can buy something to help keep it level so that in the summer I am not driving it around like that. In the past I have seen guys install air bags in rear suspension, but I have a 6" lift on my truck and do not know if that is an option after a lift. Can anyone point me in a direction to help remedy this?? Thanks again everyone.
  14. My 8 speed shifts like silk and is the smoothest transmission I've ever driven.
  15. That is strange because my 2019 had the exact same digital instrument cluster that my 2020 does, but my 2019 only had tow and sport mode, and now my 2020 has the added off road one. My 2 clusters are identical
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