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  1. I tried this method as well but didn't help me, worth a shot though. I bought the truck used and I was just glad it wasn't a condenser.
  2. I just had one replaced in my 2014 by a local shop, I would probably take it somewhere and let them diagnose which one is bad. They just labeled mine as temp door actuator. This was located up high in the dash, between the glovebox and radio. A few years ago, I would have tackled this myself but I am not as young as I use to be.
  3. it's not hard at all. Just an extra step with removing the air bag. the newer buttons are well worth the time
  4. Didn't use the same method in the posted video, I completely removed the airbag
  5. 2014-2019 GM Front Floor Console Bracket 22776807 | GMPartsNow is this what you are looking for? Says in stock, but dang that's alot for something really not needed
  6. I will certainly try, Thanks for the tip. Do you have the dual zone temp or just the 1 knob? Mine is NOT dual zone
  7. As the title states, I am having temp door actuator problems on 2014. Good friend's family owns a local shop and he was able to verify cooling is not an issue. Condensor and compressor is working as it should, scan tool shows bad actuator. Anyone ever changed drivers side? Youtube shows a Sierra but not in a lot of detail. I see removing the glove box and going that route instead of the entire dash is doable but I just like to arm myself for battle before starting. My buddy feels like he can work around it and get it done, just looking for info to help him out and save my pocket. Thanks in advance
  8. Truck looks good!! I'm in South Carolina it was damn near 90 today
  9. I just did both in the same day and yes, very easy repair
  10. most can be retained with the proper wire harnesses. I think there is a gentleman on here that does alot of different harnesses to help. also can go over to crutchfield and check with an advisor, they can answer all your question
  11. Do you wanna keep the stock look or are you open to aftermarket? I think that's really where you need to start. I ripped every piece of stock sound system out as quick as I could but that's just the type a guy I am. Just turned 55 this year and I have never been a stock guy since I was 16 years old. There are so many options available these days
  12. It's really not necessary. Just did the swap myself and the console doesn't rattle without it
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