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  1. sorry to say this and I may start a whole new debate, but stock systems are inferior....especially Blose.
  2. Looks great man. In the future, I will be looking at a leather swap for my cloth seats. jscottl....The console came with 2 cigarette lighters and the twin USB, I had just removed it from the new before I took the photo. I have the 110v from the ashtray area that I will swap into the new console when I do the install. But I am not going to order the harness to connect to the GM stuff. I have an aftermarket Pioneer so I already have the Metra USB plug with dual USB, HDMI and aux that I will just run to the Pioneer. So I am going to just customize what I want in that area. Anybody looking for a jumpseat for a 2014 in black, let me know. Its actually in really good shape.
  3. Well, this little beauty came today. Bought it brand new from GMPartsNow.com for less than fools on EBay are asking for used consoles. Pretty excited to do some customizing and get it installed soon. website is still doing half off shipping if you spend over $299. Shipping cost me a whole $27 bucks. Console Trim Panel 84054362 1 $147.29 Side Trim 23467516 1 $28.19 Side Trim (Right Side) 22817347 1 $58.05 Console Assembly- PART NUMBER CHANGED TO 23466980 23359405 1 $383.64
  4. well, I ended up purchasing new as diesel1fan did. I was able to put the console together pretty reasonably at GMPartsNow.com. To my amazement, shipping started at $54.00 but they had a half off shipping coupon if spending over $299. So shipping ended up only being $27 bucks. I double checked this through email, hopefully nothing will pop up. Fingers crossed. I will update as the hunt goes on. Merry Christmas to all!
  5. I painted the calipers on my 03 CTS with the dupli-color kit. 2 layers and it kept really well. I have the same for my 14 Silverado but probably a spring time project.
  6. someone with some talents in that field, shouldn't be a problem
  7. I think doing the woodgrain would make it look too much like an 80's conversion van, too overpowering. Which they were cool in the day, but not nowadays. I like the black idea
  8. Well, I found a console online today that is pretty close to the house. They are going to text me photos tomorrow and if it looks good, I will go pick it up Friday and save on the ridiculous shipping charges. Plus, I want to be able to put my eyes on it before buying. Fingers crossed
  9. Good luck to you guys. I realized today that since I have the 2dr standard cab, the console would probably interfere with my powered Rockford subwoofer. Which sucks because I was looking forward to this upgrade. I had a few consoles near me that I was going to check out this week. Or is the new console sitting in the same position that the old console sitting? Meaning that the new console does NOT sit any further back than the jumpseat console. If anyone knows, could you let me know if you have done this?
  10. I started with swapping the thermostat in my 2014 because of the same issue. Didn't solve the issue, so after swapping the temp sensor...presto. Problem solved
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