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  1. God I hope this is good. I think there’s reliable power to be had here.
  2. Interesting. Any idea what the bulletin number is? I appreciate it!
  3. The other day I slammed my tailgate pretty hard and one of the clips that holds the “handle” assembly popped out. It snapped back in but I noticed this gap. I’m worried water will get in there. Anyone else have this gap?
  4. The front end is lighter not sure if it makes a difference. I noticed they settled down a bit. I love them. Wait a few weeks to get an alignment. I got one immediately and it got off the more initial miles I put in it.
  5. The engine is great in the truck but it’s still a truck, not a little rice rocket. Get a CAI, it sounds much cooler.
  6. so you can read the label if you looked at them straight on. Boot up.
  7. Thinking about doing it. You’re going to want the lowest OHM speakers you can find. I’m leaning toward Infinity. Not sure what to do with the dash speakers though.
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