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  1. Hi there I was wondering if they could help. My 2020 Silverado 2.7L RST was idling really rough and the transmission was quite jerky. I took it to my local dealership. They acknowledged there is an issue but will not give me much more info. They have had it a week and are saying they are trying to find another Silverado 2.7L with approx the same amount of miles (8,000) to compare the computer programming. It’s really hard to get ahold of them and I was hoping maybe GM Corp could help them out? After switching from FCA, I’m not super happy with GM yet Thanks!
  2. I have these too. They fit perfect and look completely stock.
  3. Mine seems to happen in relation to the engine. Doesn't really happen when idling then it happens a little gets worse around 1000-1500 RMP then goes away. But not always. It's very random but annoying!
  4. I felt the same about my 2020, I put Bilsteins on the rear around 500 miles, a few thousand miles in once the leafs broke in it's night and day. I love the way it drives now. Worthy $180 investment no doubt!
  5. I have what sounds similar to this but I have the 2.7L. Mine is more like a rattle or rough idle when accelerating around 1500-2000rpm.
  6. I inflate my stock size 18" tires to 36psi, I like it a little firmer. I always do it cold (haven't driven in 10+ hours). When I check the pressure in the center dash screen, it's always like 3-4psi higher after driving a little. Anyone else experience this? Does your dash match the pressure you put in?
  7. Looks good! I can’t wait for some snow to try them out (55 degrees in December in MI today!). Did you paint your calipers?
  8. God I hope they upgrade the seats and I will be SOLD on a 2023 most likely (give it a year for bugs)
  9. Glad you like them! Love mine. Stock 18’s.
  10. I have this EXACT same issue but I have the 2.7L. It's so annoying, makes the truck sound like a 30 year old pickup. I'm hesitant to take it in too, I'm sure they will say "that's normal".
  11. I didn't see your "side question"? Do you mean white or black text? I don't think mine have an option...
  12. Please come back and let me know what you think.
  13. Other than not having tried any heavy snow yet, I can't find any negative over the Ko2's yet. Other than the K02's might LOOK a LITTLE cooler lol. But the weight difference was worth it to me. They ride GREAT and are way quieter than the Ko2's
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