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  1. I have Toyo AT3's (265/65/18) and I love them. I like to switch it up when I need new tires but I will be getting them again when I need new ones sometime in 2023. They ride really good and are pretty darn quiet.
  2. If you don't tow and it's a daily driver the 2.7L is excellent. I average 25+ on long highway trips.
  3. No dedicated sub in the refreshed Bose system?? Really??
  4. I had the AFE kit and it was ok. Then I got the K&N one and it’s awesome but I kept getting a CEL and their support is awful. The 2.7L seems to like the extra air and I loved the sound of the K&N. S&B is working on one right now for the 2.7, should be out in the next few months. I’m waiting on that and running stock now.
  5. Good to know. I might do this at 35k. I’m at 32 now.
  6. Yeah we are talking about Chevy making OEM badges.
  7. I like it! Mine looks like a sticker in photos but it’s real thin metal.
  8. Me too. I think it’s weird the Sierra’s have a plaque on the side for Duramax, 5.3, 6.2 but if you have a 2.7 it’s just plain black. Like people would be embarrassed.
  9. Working from home I get bored and order stuff online. I got this little 2.7L badge on eBay. Kinda matches the Silverado font and goes with my black/chrome scheme. I’m proud of the little piece of engineering under my hood.
  10. So my drivers door was making a weird popping noise. So I tightened the bolt on the frame and the two bolts to the door. Tightened the two bolts on the door too hard and they snapped off. Where can I get a new hinge?
  11. Can you imagine a subscription plan to keep your higher power tune active? That’s the way the world is going especially how they are forcing Onstar now.
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