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  1. I apologize I was thinking DFM, I didn’t realize it has AFM.
  2. The 2.7 doesn’t shut off any cylinders. This is only a feature of the 8’s
  3. I set my tire pressure to 38 psi all around and replaced my rear shocks with Bilstein and the ride is great (to me)!
  4. So like I said, the dealer replaced my MAF about 6 months ago. I recently got another CEL (the reason for this post). I put the intake back to stock and the CEL is still there. The code says bad EVAP Purge Valve. Theres a YouTube video of a guy with a 2.7 replacing his and a few comments saying their 2.7 had this issue. Taking it to the dealer Tuesday since it’s under warranty. Sigh I don’t think it’s related to the AFE Intake but I’m going to stay stock to be sure after they replace the Purge Valve. Sucks because I liked the sound of the intake.
  5. I don’t have a reader, tomorrow (today) is Christmas I’m going to have to go to Autozone Sunday.
  6. Please don’t turn this into a discussion about CAI’s being worth it or not. I have the aFe installed on my truck. Had it for about 6 months and everything was fine then I got a CEL. Dealer replaced my MAF. Now another 6 months later or so I am getting AWFUL gas mileage and a CEL. Any thoughts? When I don’t have the CEL I like the CAI, it makes the truck sound a little more aggressive but I’m thinking it’s not worth the hassle.
  7. I think the “it’s a 4cyl” guys have been shut up. Sure we would all love the sound of a V8 but other than that, that’s about all we are missing over the 5.3.
  8. Replace with Bilsteins, you shouldn't even consider any other option. Did mine around 5k miles and couldn't live without them.
  9. Ok I’m not going to explain math to you. The average and best were many miles apart. My average dropped during 50+ miles of aggressive driving. I said that already. At one point prior to the pic I was averaging 29.2. It must suck to have a 4cyl be just as quick as your Hemi and with better mileage
  10. So what's your point? When I took the pic I was driving more aggressively and faster. But on the way up north I was averaging 29.2
  11. Drove 300 miles up north this weekend, averaged 29.2 on 87 octane.
  12. I have the Afe CIA it’s pretty awesome. I wouldn’t do a muffler… try the CAI alone first it makes the engine sound pretty badass and the turbo louder.
  13. Does anyone make these for the 2019+? Mine are getting chewed up pretty bad.
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