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  1. Does anyone make these for the 2019+? Mine are getting chewed up pretty bad.
  2. What the F are you taking about??? They upgraded the block and crank so they could juice more power out of it. And they got quite a bit! WHAT about this implies that the current gen can’t handle the power it has stock? Or even a little more boost? Please explain that and stop talking in circles.
  3. They reenforced it to support more power. Common sense. Nothing indicates gen 1 can’t handle what it has. Accept that a 4 cyl is catching up to the 8 cyl old man.
  4. I find this hard to believe. I swapped just my rear at around 5,000 miles and the difference is definitely noticeable. My bed is almost always close to empty and that thing hopped around like mad. Now it doesn’t.
  5. From day one it drove me nuts that the passenger seat doesn’t go up and down in my truck. When I set my perfect seat adjustments, my wife or whoever generally felt really low to me. It really bugged my OCD. So I picked up these blocks from Amazon and did 1 inch in the rear and .5 in the front. Brought the seat even with me. Couldn’t be an easier mod! The kit doesn’t come with an adapter for the side trim like some so the track is higher than the trim so I just ticked it under. I don’t think it looks too bad and I don’t have to see it hardly ever! Ohio Diesel Parts Front Driver Seat
  6. Glad to hear someone say they dismissed the 2.7 then drove it and changed their mind! They are hard to come by right now due to manufacturing but when you can, replace the rear shocks with Bilsteins. It makes a huge difference in ride. That combined with the light engine, my RST handles pretty darn good for a truck!
  7. I love my 2.7L but you never hit 0-60 in 5 seconds.
  8. If you find one now that you like and can get a decent deal I would. This chip shortage might go through 2022 and who knows what kind of deals there will be then.
  9. I drove both back to back. They felt equal in the power department. The 5.3 sounds better obviously. I have no transmission lag and I think there’s plenty of passing power. Either way it sounds like you’ll be happy.
  10. I tried making a video. Not great using my iPhone. Windows up because of traffic. Stock exhaust and just an intake. Depends on what you listen to it on, it doesn’t do it justice. It isn’t as bassy as it sounds with speakers and not as raspy as it sounds on a phone. It sounds pretty good! You can’t really hear the sucking sound in the video. But the turbo and intake are a little louder especially with windows down. Afe Intake 2.7
  11. I have the AFE intake on my 2.7. It’s smoothed out acceleration from a stop and definitely added some sound. The turbo and (surprisingly) the little engine sound pretty decent under throttle now. From a stop… power is pretty much instant and there’s more response across the RPM band. I definitely think it’s worth it for the $350 or so.
  12. Did you ever get the intake? I have it installed. It’s a pretty decent upgrade. The engine sounds better, pulls harder and all around feels smoother.
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