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  1. so you can read the label if you looked at them straight on. Boot up.
  2. Thinking about doing it. You’re going to want the lowest OHM speakers you can find. I’m leaning toward Infinity. Not sure what to do with the dash speakers though.
  3. Do you think the OG 2.7 benefits from premium? I’m glad the HO is going to make this engine more popular, I’m a big fan of my 2020.
  4. Comparing my BIL's Ram to my 20 Silverado with Bilsteins in all 4 corners with 18's, very similar ride. Handling in the Silverado is quite a bit better.
  5. J&L Oil separator is looking for a truck with a 2.7L they can use to develop for. I’m sure you would at least get a free separator!
  6. If someone could invest a new cushion that goes under the OEM seat cover, they would make a killing
  7. How many truck drivers in the United States weigh 150lbs LOL
  8. My engine start button’s bezel around it doesn’t sit right, it’s wobbly if that makes sense. Not sure if it’s always been like that. Anyone know if the whole thing pops off and I can try re-seating it?
  9. How many idiot answers can one person post? It’s the users fault???? It’s 2022 people get in their cars and drive.
  10. Most people that buy a truck aren’t looking for competition stuff. AGAIN the kicker sub is easy, plug and play and looks stock. Kicker is a pretty decent OEM replacement regardless of what you say. But judging by your comments about the 2.7 you’re an ignorant redneck kid living in daddy’s shed.
  11. You’ll be happy with the 2.7. It suits my needs perfectly. Highway miles should easily be in the 25 area once it’s broken in. I have a heavy foot and city driving I get about 17 with lots of stop and go.
  12. Dude READ. I said something simple plug and play the kicker sub is decent. And LOUD isn’t the goal for everyone.
  13. That guy is a troll. He rarely knows what he's talking about. The Bose sounds pretty good for an OEM system. OP they make a kicker sub that is plug and play for our trucks, I'm sure it fits the 22 too. It allows the doors to play less bass and cleans them up.
  14. Oh and on long highway trips I usually see 28/29 MPG
  15. Do you have the 2022+ HO 2.7? I have the previous one and I never use 93 octane I don’t think it’s necessary. I use 87 and it’s great. as for the sound, that’s the only difference I felt when driving the 5.3 and 2.7 back to back. I put a CAI on it and while it probably doesn’t do much it did make the engine sound better. Not like a V8 of course but less raspy and more growly. I like it alone for the sound. sounds like your MPG are pretty darn good. I have a lead foot and I get crappy city gas mileage and great highway.
  16. Picked these up on FB Marketplace brand new with center caps still in bags for $775 shipped. I love them over the stock silver 18’s Part:84641199 Toyo AT3’s 265/65/18 Bilstein 5100 1” lift in front.
  17. Yes. It caused me all kinds of trouble. I needed a new MAF too. The K&N CAI has been flawless and makes the engine sound better than the AFE.
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