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  1. Are there air bag sensors the dealer needs to turn off or anything?
  2. I had the AFE kit and it was ok. Then I got the K&N one and it’s awesome but I kept getting a CEL and their support is awful. The 2.7L seems to like the extra air and I loved the sound of the K&N. S&B is working on one right now for the 2.7, should be out in the next few months. I’m waiting on that and running stock now.
  3. Good to know. I might do this at 35k. I’m at 32 now.
  4. Yeah we are talking about Chevy making OEM badges.
  5. I like it! Mine looks like a sticker in photos but it’s real thin metal.
  6. Me too. I think it’s weird the Sierra’s have a plaque on the side for Duramax, 5.3, 6.2 but if you have a 2.7 it’s just plain black. Like people would be embarrassed.
  7. Working from home I get bored and order stuff online. I got this little 2.7L badge on eBay. Kinda matches the Silverado font and goes with my black/chrome scheme. I’m proud of the little piece of engineering under my hood.
  8. So my drivers door was making a weird popping noise. So I tightened the bolt on the frame and the two bolts to the door. Tightened the two bolts on the door too hard and they snapped off. Where can I get a new hinge?
  9. Can you imagine a subscription plan to keep your higher power tune active? That’s the way the world is going especially how they are forcing Onstar now.
  10. Some will probably call BS on this. But a friend of a friend was/is an engineer on the engine. I talked to him a few weeks ago. He is confident the non-HO version can handle more boost without reliability taking a hit. The HO version was built so down the line they can offer it in many vehicles across the board and offer tiers (like the Colorado) and preparing for even higher performance versions. It’s entirely possible they will offer paid software updates/tunes to unlock more from the HO.
  11. I would take the 6.2 of those three. But the 2.7 over the 5.3. The updated 3.0 looks mighty nice too!
  12. No. I’ve done both but your bags of stone analogy doesn’t do anything other than help plant the rear end. I set my fronts at 1” so it’s almost level but a tad of rake still. There’s no doubt an improvement. My driveway is very narrow and turning out of it, it’s pretty impossible to not jump a wheel over the curb. The front would rock back and forth for seemingly forever. Now it just lands. The whole truck just feels more planted and I really like it. I’m not justifying my purchase. I’ll admit when I’ve wasted money, I’ve done it many times on cars. This upgrade… I think is around $350-ish total should be a must do for the T1 Silverado (non-trailboss). Again I have 18’s. Maybe the ride on 20’s would turn me off.
  13. And you lose bed space. I’m content with my $180 purchase and hour of my time.
  14. The ride is firmer but still comfortable on 18’s. It handles much better and feels more composed. The rear end hop is greatly improved. These are facts. I don’t know who is being misleading.
  15. People that don’t like it are old school. I’ll take it all day over the 5.3 in the Silverado.
  16. Just read you have a gladiator. Say no more
  17. Yes typo. 6.2. You are comparing engines in truck to truck to!!!! You haven’t even driven a Colorado with a 2.7. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
  18. How do you explain the GM 6.1 getting better fuel economy than a 5.7 Hemi genius?
  21. Do you understand the concept of more power using less gas than lower power using more gas to move weight?
  22. Do you understand the concept of more power using less gas than lower power using more gas to move weight?
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