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  1. The dealer also needs to submitted a refund request. If approved by GM, then GM will pay the dealership, then they write a check to you.
  2. My dealership was very reluctant to honor the price because they stated that GM has burned them before by not reimbursing them for the price increase. So they were not willing to take off the difference. That's why I had to proceed further.
  3. Nice truck Hickory. I am happy it all worked out for you.
  4. Shipping costs have also dramatically increased which may increase the final consumer price that is not under GMs control
  5. It also depends on the build date. The first increase was on or after 3/24/22
  6. It depends on if you had an early $100 reservation and when your order dates were placed and accepted and the build date.
  7. Wow bummer! Just read as of 6/13/22 production another constraint. No super cruise and no emergency braking.
  8. Call GM. Filed a complaint. The dealership also inquired with GM. GM approved and sent dealership a check for the price increase.
  9. Good news! GM refunded me the price increase over charge MSRP on my truck. Now I am totally satisfied with the overall purchase. I really thought it was going to be like pulling teeth to get this addressed and resolved. Love the truck!
  10. Credited me the $100.00 reserve fee and my deposit. I need to figure out who to call and how to receive a refund for the extra costs. It's going to be a hard road.
  11. Credited me the $100.00 reserve fee and my deposit
  12. Don't recall a 6 digit order number. They called me within an hour of being delivered. Picked it up 2 days later
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