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  1. The last sentence says to lock in your MSRP. Legally when you put a deposit down on a vehicle you enter a binding contract say I will put this money down to get this product. Any changes have to be agreed upon by both parties.
  2. If you put a deposit down on a truck, the price is set. Tell your dealer they are lying and threaten to call GM corporate to complain and I’m sure they will change their tune quick. GM sent emails out to all customers with a reservation and specifically told them their price is set
  3. It's not first come first serve. Dealers get specific allocation each week that allows them to order. You may be the first in line at your dealership, but if GM says they can only order an AT4 or SLT, you will be skipped until they get allocation on a Denali. Also constraints play into that as well. You may have ordered a package or feature such as a specific engine or CarbonPro or something that that is on constraint, that is causing you to be skipped. I ordered on February 2nd and finally got my order accepted on Wednesday. Although I was the first person to place an order for an AT4 at my dealership, I ordered CarbonPro which I knew was on constraint. This caused me to be skipped in line multiple times for AT4 allocations because I did not want to change my mind on the CarbonPro. Your dealer can view your order and see specifically what is on constraint on your vehicle order that is holding up your order being accepted.
  4. Just got my order accepted by GM today. I ordered it on 2/3/22 and my dealer just called. No TPW yet. It's a 3.0L Duramax with a carbonpro bed in Titanium Rush Metallic
  5. The 3rd party supplier for carbonpro is right next to the plant in fort wayne
  6. Super cruise is also backed up. https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2022&butID=1&regionID=1&divisionID=2&vehicleID=22364&type=0# this website shows all the options and has little footnotes for everything that has late availability
  7. Its the carbonpro holding everything up. That why my AT4 hasn't been build. I was legit the 1st order at my dealership and multiple orders after me have been accepted and mine still hasn't. I personally feel like GMC shouldn't have made something a standard feature if it's in short supply. Im sure plenty of people would rather have their denali ultimate now without carbonpro rather than wait
  8. Yeah i know why they are doing it, I was just curious if anyone other than the people who got the denali ultimate have gotten a build accepted. Figured maybe for every 10 ultimates they might build 1 of something else
  9. Has anyone had their refresh order picked up with carbonpro? I ordered an AT4 back in January but the dealer is being told there is a material shortage. Still 1100. No word on if they are just taking like 1 or 2 carbonpro orders at a time or if they arent taking any
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