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  1. @Pgamboa Is going to be the guy to talk to. I believe you will need a new harness. Let me know if you need a pair of DPN mirrors. I upgraded my '18 2500 from DPN to DQS and still have the takeoff DPN mirrors, only had them on for 50 miles.
  2. It's a little unclear in the video but the fog button on the switch never lights up green nor changes at all from the white whereas the off road switch flips between white when off and orange when on. Just wondering if there is a wire missing to enable the fog light switch to light up green when the button is pressed like the off-road lights up orange.
  3. Having one issue with the fog light button and the pgamboa harness. On my LT truck, the old switch fog light button doesn't light up. With the new harness the off road light lights up as expected but not the fog. Phil, Tinkering Fox, do I need to add another wire to the harness for the fog button light up? https://youtu.be/CRNs1QOPEXQ
  4. Just wanted to add another reference point. Installed my new headlight switch and pgamboa harness in my '18 2500HD. I don't have a light bar or anything hooked up yet but based on the lights on the dash everything is working as expected.
  5. Got mine too from Phil. Trying to find a decent quality bar for behind my 2500 grill.
  6. Hate to be a counterpoint here but I was in the same boat as you. I bought a '17 1500 5.3l thinking I wouldn't have any issues pulling our 7250lb GVWR Jayco trailer. I traded it in on a '18 2500 gasser. Was barely under the max payload on the 1500 but it worked too hard in my opinion on the mountain passes here in the Northwest and even with the trailer brakes and my WDH dialed I always felt on edge. With the 2500, I don't sweat how much I have in the bed of the truck or where exactly the load is in the trailer anymore. It probably is the placebo effect but I arrive more rested and less stressed. There are some issues with the 2500 though. I thankfully have a short commute but the gas mileage sucks, I get 12-13 mpg not towing and around 8 mpg with the trailer. Overall it all to me it came down to how much I was going to be towing the trailer, did I feel comfortable pushing the limits of my 1500 and how stressed after towing the trailer was I when I got to the place we were camping? I do not regret my decision. If we lived somewhere flatter I would have kept the 1500 I think though.
  7. Have a pair of DPN mirrors for sale if you aren't looking for power folding. Took them off my '18 2500 with < 100 miles.
  8. Have a 29' about the same weight and didn't like the tow experience with the 1500, tail was wagging the dog at that length. Upgraded to a 2500 gasser and night and day better towing experience.
  9. I had the Redarc in my Silverado 1500 LT. Worked great with my trailer and install wasn't too bad. I put it under the screen where the heated seats button would be in the higher trim trucks. Traded off the 1500 for a 2500 HD and didnt grab any picks of the install.
  10. Thanks again to Phil! I traded off my 1500 with tow mirrors Phil helped me with in on a 2500 and the new 2500 came with non-power folding mirrors. Phil worked with me to verify what was needed to upgrade to power-fold, with the 2500 with DPN mirrors it is a simple swap to DQS and a new power-fold switch, no harnesses needed. Phil is a great resource! Thanks again!
  11. Which cover are you entering to win? 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 5’ 8” Box Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? I currently have a soft cover for my bed and it occasionally leaks. I have been looking for a hard cover to keep my valuables safe as well as provide better weather protection. The nice looks are also a great plus. I pull a travel trailer and always worry with the soft cover protecting my cargo from thieves. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? Protection of bed contents, weather resistance to protect cargo and a nice sleek look. Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? Chevy OEM Soft Cover.cargo protection is the number one reason. What do you use your truck for? My truck is a daily driver. I use it for towing a 24' travel trailer on the weekend as well as various household projects.
  12. Has anyone had any luck with 22944268? I bought a complete console off of eBay and I have having the same trouble mentioned here with 22944268. Seller refunded my money from the console and told me to keep it, so I was looking to replace just the homelink module. Looks like 22944268 is about $30 cheaper than the new part 23341161.
  13. Any body try these in their mirrors? I am installing some tow mirrors in my 2017 Silverado and am going to try to tie these into the puddle lamp circuit.
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