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  1. I can tell you that with 295/70R18 and 0 offset on mine, I get just about a 1/2” of tread protrusion. I would think with +12 offset you would be ok.
  2. A 1/4” spacer will yield around a 1/2” of lift and a 1/2” spacer will yield around 1” of lift. That’s based on my Boss Coilovers coming preset at 2” and the spacers as noted above to achieve the extra height.
  3. You should be fine with that offset. The offset on stock 20” wheels is +25. I run a zero offset and the tires stick out a little bit. Go to customoffsets.com and you can search a gallery of trucks with the wheel and tire size combination you want to see.
  4. I'm running 295/70R18 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 with Zero Offset on 2" Level and 1.5" Body Lift. The only rub I get is on the felt liner in reverse at full lock. No metal contact anywhere.
  5. I recently changed from the stock 20" wheels with LT Tires to 18" wheels with P Metric tires. The ride is much better..
  6. I have a set of BORA 1" Hub Centric spacers I had made from Custom Offsets that I paid ~$235 for the set of 4. I'd sell them for $150 + shipping.
  7. Only way to get there that I know of is to upgrade the radio and HMI modules which I did a year or so ago through MVI Auto Spa. I still have factory nav because it’s a feature I wanted to maintain but I don’t bother with paying for map updates anymore. I do use CarPlay if I’m navigating somewhere but if I’m just driving I just use the factory nav. there’s more options out now too where you can go to a 12" screen but I don’t have any experience with it.
  8. When I called Eibach, I was told the spring rate on their kit is 10% higher than stock. Although 10% doesn't sound like much it resulted in a stiff ride to the point of glancing off of bumps instead of soaking them up. After about a month of driving, they did soften up some but were still stiffer than I wanted. The coilovers are definitely worth the cost. The truck rides near stock smoothness. Going from 20" wheels with E rated tires to 18" wheels with P rated tires helped a lot too. I've still got the RC UCA's if you're interested in them.
  9. I can tell you that I tried Rough Country UCA's with stock 20" wheels and had contact issues with the wheel hitting the apex on the front of the arm. I later switched out to Cognito UCA's and they did not have any contact anywhere. With a 17" wheel, you may have trouble with any UCA without running a wheel spacer. (Not a lot of diameter to work with). The Eibach springs are pretty fat too which means you need to make sure what UCA's you go with will clear the springs on the down travel. I had the Eibach kit for a couple thousand miles and didn't like it. I'm on Halo Lifts Boss Coilovers now and the ride is very good.
  10. Full Set including Spare Wheel & Tire GMC Sierra OEM Polished Snowflake 20x9 Wheels with Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT285/60R20 Tires. The four main wheels have the TPMS Sensors, Center Caps, Lug Nuts and Rim Locks. The Spare wheel is a little marked up from being mounted under the truck but is fully functional. The tires are in very good condition. I'm located in Acworth, GA. Price is Firm.
  11. Check to make sure you have a good ground connection on the trailer itself. Like the person above said it could be a wire on the trailer that is either broken or intermittently shorting on the trailer frame. Ground connections have a tendency to rust so that would be my first inspection point. It could also be a loose wire in the trailer connector (trailer side).
  12. After updating my iPhone 11 to the latest update and using an “Apple” USB cable my connection problems seem to have been fixed. If you’re not using an Apple cable, you may want to try one to see if that helps.
  13. I've had the snowflake wheel as a spare with a LT285/60R20 tire and there's still plenty of room to spare (pardon the pun).. I recently changed to a new set of wheels and 295/70R18 tires with a spare to match but I haven't put the spare up there yet. I don't think I'll have any issues with it fitting.
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