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  1. Option 1 will leave you with steep CV angles. Also depends on what UCA you choose may or may not require Wheel Spacers with the stock wheels. I ran BORA 1" spacers with my setup when I first installed my Boss Coilovers with RC UCAs. I had vibration issues with the spacers. I even tried it with and without a Differential Drop Kit. The vibration was really bad when you hit the brakes. I tried to run it without the spacers and it did smooth out, but my stock wheels rubbed on the edge of the RC UCAs and limited my steering. I've since dropped the coilovers to 2" and installed a set of Cognito Ball Joint UCAs with no spacers. It rides better and no rubbing. I've also got a Zone 1.5" Body Lift so it is effectively 3.5" higher than stock. I think running that large of a top spacer and the Bilsteins at the first setting will result in a pretty stiff ride. I had the Bilsteins for 3.5 years on the stock setting with a Zone 2" level kit and the truck rode ok, but was a little harsh on bumps and dips. The coilovers made a huge difference in ride quality.
  2. No squeaks that I know of. For my application, the RC Arms were fine except the rubbing without a wheel spacer. I also think that because I dropped an inch by removing the spacers under the coilovers, it changed the geometry and put the wheel further out towards the fender allowing more room for it to turn. The Cognito arms are not as wide as the RC, and there's an angle on the RC arms made contact with the wheel. As far as build quality the Cognito have better bushings and I think the ball joint is better as well.
  3. Yes those are the same part number. They were easy to install. I previously cut the stops out when I installed the Rough Country arms. With the Boss Coilovers installed, I did not have to remove them. If you plan to do both at the same time, I would advise getting a paint marker to mark your current alignment positions so that when it goes back together your alignment should be close enough to drive to the shop to get it aligned.
  4. I just installed a set of Cognito Ball Joint arms a couple weeks ago. I also have Boss Coilovers and initially set them up with two spacers to get the 3" of lift with Rough Country contro arms. With the stock wheels I had to run 1" BORA spacers to keep the wheels from rubbing. The spacers caused vibration and when I took them off, the wheels hit the edge of the rim on an angle of the arms. I later took out the two spacers under the coilovers and installed the Cognito arms. Happy to report the ride is better and if there's any rubbing at all its minor and only at full lock. So far I haven't seen any evidence of rubbing on the control arms. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  5. 3.5 inch Rough Country Lift

    I don't have the RC lift. Mine has the Halo Lifts Boss Coilovers set at 2" and a Zone 1.5" Body Lift (Effectively 3.5") with LT285/60R20 Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires.
  6. Maybe this help the original poster: I had the Bilstein 5100's at the stock setting with a Zone 2" Level Kit for 3 1/2 years. When I decided to make a change, I went with the Eibach Pro Truck Lift which provides the Springs and Shock. (You use the hardware from the original strut). The ride was much stiffer than I expected at first. I called Eibach to inquire about the Spring Rate and was told they 820# (10% higher than the stock spring which puts it around 740#. I ordered and installed a set of Halo Lifts Boss Coilovers and the spring rate on them is 700#. The Eibach kit did soften up a little after 1000 miles or so but I had already ordered the Boss Coilovers. You can see how beefy the Eibach Spring is on the left vs. the Eibach Spring on the Boss Coilover. Even with the Coilovers installed with (2) spacers giving it a 3" lift rides better than the Bilstein or Eibach strut. I am going to remove the spacers and drop it back down to a 2" lift because at 3" it puts too much angle on the other components even with new UCAs. Theoretically it should also ride smoother at 2" instead of 3". .
  7. I have 1" BORA Spacers on mine and they fit the GMC Wheels with the pockets inside the wheels. I have a problem with vibration in the front. I put them on and the vibration started, so I took them off and it went away. I had to put them back on because the wheels are hitting the UCAs and the vibration returned. I even made sure to mark the spacers as they came off so they went back on in different positions and did all my tightening/torquing by hand so that I know they were centered. I trimmed off the nipple part of the studs to make sure there wasn't any chance of the stud touching the wheel once things are torqued. I figured that won't affect anything even with a different set of wheels which is probably my next step...
  8. 2017 Stock rim options

    Look up the GMC Sales Brochure for 2017 - https://www.gmcertified.com/PDFs/ModelLibrary/GMC/Sierra 1500/2017-GMC-Sierra.pdf The wheels are in the back...
  9. Center Console

    It looks like it has the slots for the cup holder to move forward just like my 2015 does.
  10. Factory aluminum 17 spare

    My 2015 Sierra SLT came with the Aluminum 17" wheel.
  11. I like the Halo Lift. I'm not going to say it's like riding on cloud but it's definitely improved. I'm sitting at 3" overall with the coilover set at 2", and two shims under that they provide to give it one more inch. Plus I have a Zone 1.5" Body Lift. I will say the ride with the Eibach kit was very stiff when I first installed it and toward the end it started becoming softer. Of course I'd already ordered my Halo Lift so at that point I was committed to it. The Eibach spring rate is 828# which is 10% higher than stock which puts the stock spring at around 745#. The Halo Lift is an Eibach spring also but the spring rate is only 700#. I'm not a suspension expert but I think when you start cranking down a coilover, you effectively change the spring rate or stored energy. The Pro Truck Lift spring is taller than the OEM spring and much beefier.
  12. I have a set with about a thousand miles on them already assembled I'd sell the set for $450 + shipping. You'd have to pay the shipping and it's a 70LB box from Zip 30102. It would probably end up close to the order price and less than what it would cost to have them broken down and reassembled. The Eibach is on the left, and in the middle.
  13. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I think you have to use the their shock on the lowest setting with the gm spring if you don’t want to raise the vehicle.
  14. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I'll drop this here instead of retyping everything:
  15. What differential drop do you have?

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