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  1. If you click on the picture below my response, the tires on my truck are LT285/60R20 currently. From a distance, they appear a little small. Use the Tire Size Comparison tool at http://www.tiresize.com to plug in different tire sizes to get an idea of tire dimensions. However, keep in mind that what you see is not what you get. My tires on the ground with the weight of the truck only measure 33" from the ground to the top of the tire. Not 33.5" like it says. That's another reason I'm considering the 295 later is another member said they actually measured 33.5 or so, not the 34.1.
  2. On mine, I was running 5100s at the stock setting with a Zone 2" Level Kit and a Zone 1.5" Body Lift. My tires are Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT285/60R20 and rub the sway bar at full lock. Not bad but enough that the paint is gone. I just replaced the Bilsteins with Eibach Pro Truck Lift System 2.5" and put a 2" Block in the back. I'm waiting on a set of 1" Bora Wheel Adapters. I'm running the stock GMC SLT snow flake wheels with +27 offset. The adapters should put my tires just at the edge of the wheel wells. I'm debating about tire size when I need to replace this set. 295/60R20 or 305/55R20. As much as I don't like the LT tires, I'll probably end up going the 295 size because it looks better for a 4" lift and it's not as wide.
  3. second thoughts

    I just changed from a Zone 2" Level with Bilstein 5100 shocks on the stock setting and a Zone 1.5" Body Lift to the Eibach Pro Truck Lift System 2.5" with a 2" Block in back for a 4" gain overall. The ride is better than it was with the 2" level spacer under the strut. I only have a few hundred miles on the setup and it's a little stiff but I think it will soften up with some miles. I'm also running LT285/60R20 tires which contribute to the stiffness. If you can keep a "P Metric tire size", you'll maintain a decent ride quality. I never got around to trying the Bilsteins on the highest setting which would have only netted 1.85". Some people have said it rides too stiff, others have not complained. I think it boils down to what kind of ride you expect and the tires you install.
  4. You would want the Pro Truck Sport edition 0-2" without the spring to maintain stock height. https://eibach.com/us/i-4765-pro-truck-sport-shock-ride-height-adjustable-single-front.html
  5. I just changed out my Bilstein 5100's at the lowest setting with a Zone 2" Level kit for the Eibach Pro Truck Lift 2.5" Kit this weekend. I was hoping the new kit would take away some of the harshness of the down bumps and it does although I will say the ride is firm. Not a bad firm though. I had 4 years on the Bilsteins and always thought the spacer on the bottom was adding to the harshness on bumps and dips. I figured I'd go with the Eibachs over the Rancho RS9000 series after reading mixed reviews about quality issues. The springs on the Eibachs are beefier than the stock. Not sure about the spring rate. I'm hoping they settle in a little bit with some miles but overall, I'm satisfied. I never tried the Bilsteins on the top setting so so I can't compare the ride to that. But you get 2.5" vs. 1.85" of lift.
  6. Android Auto retrofit

    I went the MVI route with my 2015 Sierra SLT with factory Nav. It's nice to have multiple choices without tying up the phone
  7. I'm not sure about the Chevy circuits. If your original headlight bulb is also your DRL, it makes me think that it runs at a lower voltage during the day which could be what's causing the relays to buzz. Good solid grounds are very important too. You can call The Retrofit Source (TRS) and explain whats happening and they may be able to help you troubleshoot. M My DRL's are the LEDs in the headlight assy, so they run off another circuit.
  8. I did the Blind Spot camera system from MVI which is a Linkswell Interface. But there are others such as Echo Master that GM installs. Another dealer is ADC Mobile. Look for them on the web and You Tube. The one advantage to the Linkswell Interface is you can install up to 6 cameras. I have two different wireless cameras (1 for my boat trailer, and 1 for my enclosed trailer). With the Echo Master, I think you can do a split view.
  9. 33s on stocks

    I contacted Shock Warehouse to inquire about my order and they said there is a slight back order from Eibach. They should ship directly from Eibach on 1/15.
  10. 33s on stocks

    The Pro-Truck Lift System with the springs starts at 2.5", 3.2, then it says see notes. You would need UCAs beyond 2.5". https://eibach.com/us/i-8809-pro-truck-lift-system-stage-1.html https://eibach.com/us/pdf/40191 I ordered mine from Shock Warehouse: https://www.shockwarehouse.com/site/product.cfm?id=2463422 but have not received them yet. As I mentioned earlier, at $527 for this kit, you're not too much more than the 5100's and you're not stacking anything. I did order a set of 2" blocks for the rear because my truck sits level currently with the 5100's, Zone 2" Level Kit, and Zone 1.5" Body Lift. My fenders are all at 40.5 all around, so when I install the new kit, it would probably be nose high without the new rear block. The rear block is only adding 3/4". Hope this helps you. You may want to reach out to Waterfowler41 as well since he did the install and write up. He seemed very pleased with the results.
  11. 33s on stocks

    You can. I've been running my 5100's on the lowest setting with a Zone 2" for about 3 years. Although I've got an Eibach Pro Truck Lift System on order that includes the springs and starts at 2.5". I was planning on removing the Zone kit and raising the 5100 up to the max setting to see how much difference the ride would be but decided I only want to do it one time and pay for an alignment once. Keep in mind that with a spacer you are limiting the suspension down travel which does affect ride quality. https://www.shocksurplus.com/pages/lifted-and-leveling-struts-vs-strut-spacers Either way, the 5100's ride much better than the Ranchos GM put on these trucks. I was considering the Rancho Quicklift System with the RS9000 shocks but I had read that there have been some quality issues. There was a thread on the same site above that basically said the RS9000XL were decent shocks but when compared to Bilstein the quality did not match. I chose the Eibach even though there's not a lot of coverage for them on this forum yet because they've been around forever and they produce suspension parts for many of the other manufactures out there. Waterfowler41 did an outstanding write up and video of his installation of the Eibach system. Might be a $150 - $200 more than what you were wanting to spend, but the ride would probably be a lot better.
  12. 33s on stocks

    Sounds like they are trying to get more money from you... You'd probably get a better ride from a quality lift with good shocks, but you'd be looking at spending $2500+ for the components and then installation cost. I installed my own body lift. It wasn't that difficult to do. There is some cutting on the front bumper brackets but nothing major.
  13. 33s on stocks

    I'd say it depends on what you want to do with the truck. I currently have a 2" level with a 1 1/2" body lift and have been on what I consider mild to medium trails with my truck through snow and mud and have yet to bottom out. I'm getting ready to install the Eibach Pro-Truck Lift which is 2.5 front with a 2" block in the back which will net around a 4" height increase over stock. My tires currently are Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT285/60R20 which are advertised as 33.7 Dia, but actually measure right at 33" on the truck.
  14. P Metric or LT?

    My original up-size of tire for my Sierra was a Toyo Open Country AT II P275/60R20 which helped fill the wheel wells and maybe dropped mileage 1-11/2 mpg. The ride was still comfortable and the tires were durable enough for any dirt/gravel roads I encountered. I currently have Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT285/60R20 E on there and they ride significantly harsher than the other tires. I've managed to pick up a couple screws in the tires which required a patch/plug repair. These tires are also ~10 lbs heavier than the others. If you can keep the tire weight down to 50lbs or less, you'll be happy with the ride and the mpgs. No tire is going to be completely hazard free.
  15. I can meet you half way at $250.

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