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  1. Can someone give me some insight on these rough country control arms for a 16 Silverado with 2.5” motofab level, would 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims rub on control arms?
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the rough country control arms for 16 silverados? Any rubbing issues? Wanting to run 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims
  3. Sharp looking truck by the way, love the blue debating replacing shocks with some sort of bilsteins while I’m in there putting the 2.5” level on, any input on that?
  4. Stock control arms? Did you do anything with front or rear shocks ?
  5. Have a question guys. 16 Silverado 1500 , planning to put on motofab 2.5 level, looking into ready lift control arms , anyone running 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims have rubbing issues? Also ready lift or motofab control arms? Motofab has been out of stock for a while though
  6. Bilstein 5100 shocks alone will raise our trucks 1.8” in the front?
  7. What is the spark plug torque for a 16 silverado 1500 5.3 ?
  8. I have a 2003 Silverado 2500hd 4x4 6.0, definitely needs a new upper steering shaft and bearing. Question though , rockauto has all these different options for different vehicle codes. How do I know which one I need exactly? I have picture of the rpo codes in the glovebox
  9. Replaced the starter in my 03 , no delay . Starts immediately. Before there was a delay. But also I’ve realized this same issue with these past Chevy , gmc trucks I’ve owned within the last couple years . Heard a silverado 03-06 at gas station start and had that same hesitation I noticed
  10. Let us know what the diagnosis was , I’d like to know too
  11. Bilstein 5100’s , buy them online , look around. Generally around $125-$145 an axle. Which is a great price for a very good brand new shock.
  12. So ...I found something out about chevys the other day. My current truck needed a starter, replaced it “fought me every bit of the way” , starts within a second now. I’ve had 4 different Silverado , sierras . And none of them started like this . Realized when I heard a couple other chevys start it seems they all have some what of a small delay or hesitation, they will still start. But since my truck Has a brand new starter . It’s night and day hearing mine, compared to another Chevy, factory starters are known to show signs like this before going. Just wondering if anyone else is aware of this. My other 4 trucks all had that slight delay , hesitation but always started! Never on a dime like this new starter in my truck
  13. 03 Silverado 2500 6.0, fully loaded. The radio buttons work on the steering wheel. But none of the buttons to be to trip or fuel range work on the steering wheel. Any suggestions? Thanks guys
  14. I have a crappy autel but it does some stuff . Not so sure about viewing each cylinder . Should probably figure that out though plan on taking the truck to shop and get a smoke test done on it . Also guys i have a p1516 electronic throttle body code truck makes a whistling noise seems to be coming from throttle body for whatever reason. Only happens randomly but more so In the morning and it’s never consistent , only some days. Idk lol. Truck runs and drives fine honestly imo , still tons of power and mpg is fine
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