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  1. Anyone have a guess? it’s still covered under warranty also
  2. Can you guys help me out? This noise is horrible when cold, also makes noise it seems only in 1st and 2nd gear for a little till it warms up. Debating on taking it into the dealer . Any ideas on what it could be? Almost sounds like something is loose? Here’s a YouTube vid of it https://youtube.com/shorts/bJJP3UOgVpA?feature=share
  3. The 6.2 stock intake tube won’t fit ? Why’s that? I’m trying to figure that out what brand tune are you running?
  4. Mods if this is in the wrong section please move I had a couple questions for you guys who have done this swap. - is the foam under the intake still useable with the 6.2 intake manifold? - are the pcv / crankcase lines routed the same with the 6.2 air cleaner , wondering if my 5.3 lines would clip right on to a stock 6.2 air cleaner - is the 5.3 and 6.2 air box outlet the same diameter? - any issues with relearning? Could someone talk about the relearn procedure - did any of you guys run into any issues on the stock tune? I am planning on getting a tune soon. Aiming torwards Black Bear thanks guys!
  5. Anyone have any input on swapping to 2500 axles front and rear into a 16 Silverado 1500.
  6. Looking into some wheel spacers as I’m rubbing control arm after motofab level/ control arm install what brand wheel spacers do you guys use / trust?
  7. They were out of stock due to COVID for a while I’m sad to hear about these bushings now because I just installed these the other day. 16 Silverado 4wd stock 18’s with 275/70r18 and 2.5” level, rubs front of control arm , need to figure out if I can run different arms or not. Not a huge fan of spacers
  8. Can someone give me some insight on these rough country control arms for a 16 Silverado with 2.5” motofab level, would 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims rub on control arms?
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the rough country control arms for 16 silverados? Any rubbing issues? Wanting to run 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims
  10. Sharp looking truck by the way, love the blue debating replacing shocks with some sort of bilsteins while I’m in there putting the 2.5” level on, any input on that?
  11. Stock control arms? Did you do anything with front or rear shocks ?
  12. Have a question guys. 16 Silverado 1500 , planning to put on motofab 2.5 level, looking into ready lift control arms , anyone running 275/70r18 on stock 18” rims have rubbing issues? Also ready lift or motofab control arms? Motofab has been out of stock for a while though
  13. Bilstein 5100 shocks alone will raise our trucks 1.8” in the front?
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