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  1. I’ve never had aggressive tires before so that’s hard for me to answer. They definitely have a howl to them but it’s just my weekend ride so it doesn’t bother me.
  2. 2” Motofab level 305 55 20 Mickey Thompson MTZ 20x9 Ballistic Razorback No tire rub
  3. Looks like most of you are on board with my preference. Kincer - If I did end up doing anything it was going be something very similar to what you have. I like how they tuck close to the body and you can't see the brackets. I think I need to paint all those black plastic inserts in the rocker panels though because that doesn't quite look right with a white truck. They really stick out.
  4. So I have to wait 5 years (not to void warranty) to have good sounding duals. Geesh. That's no fun.
  5. Looking to put exhaust on my 2019 LD 5.3L. Have some questions. Top priority is to not void any warranties. Are there any exhaust setups that don't sound like crap with cylinder deactivation? I'm not interested in plugging in a tuner at this point. What should I make sure the shop does with the install? For example I've read comments here and there about flappers and resonators and etc. and don't know what any of that means. Also, what does removing these things do? Other than looks, is there any reason people dump the tips out the side/corners rather than going straight out the back? I've always took mine straight out the back and like that look better. If I'm mostly going for sound, do I just start at the muffler and go back? A lot of the kits I see include a pipe in front of the muffler and I'm not sure what that's for. For the muffler, 3" in and 2.5" dual out good?
  6. Not sure if same sound or not but after having my truck a month I had the bed sprayed Line-X and Krown Coating Undercarriage. Shortly after I noticed a "knock" in the rear. Had somebody bounce the back while I stuck my head in the fender well and it is the leaf springs on both sides. I haven't tried to diagnose further but I was assuming it had something to do with the extra weight (wouldn't think that would be a problem) or the Krown Coating with collects a lot of dust and gunk. I was going to pressure wash the leaf springs real good and see if that does anything but I'm not hopeful.
  7. What is your preference for visual/looks (not functionality)? I'm on the shorter side so the bars I had on my 2007 were nice for getting in and out but I think I like it naked for visual. Some of them are pretty ugly. This is a weekend ride so it's not a big deal to have to hop in and out once in awhile. I only have a 2" level on the front so it ain't that bad.
  8. All sounds good. The truck I traded in was actually the 2007 New Body but all aftermarket parts/accessories/etc websites had that option. With my truck now, most of them don't.
  9. I'm having a hard time getting concise info on this. I have the 2019 1500 LD. Is this essentially the same exact truck as the 2018? I'm finding that when trying to look for accessories online many of the sites direct a 2019 year immediately to the new body style without the option to choose old body. If I need an accessory, can I simply use the 2018 year or are there differences? Do any of you know what those differences are? Why would they change to the LD for 1/2 a year to turn around with a completely different design? I already have an issue where an under seat storage box was bought for me and it's incorrect because it is for the new body.
  10. Sounds good thanks. Will order today
  11. I did end up finding that site after posting this thread. That is a really cool gallery they have especially with all the details on what the truck has.
  12. I'm getting ready to order the Motofab ch-2lm leveling kit for my 2019 LD and thought I'd question the experts here if there are any NEGATIVES to this kit? I'm not interested in hearing about other kits because I've decided on this one unless I get some bad feedback here. Real world experience. Are you completely satisfied? Any negatives?
  13. 2019 LD. My state inspection disallows tread (not sidewall) to be outside of fender. I know I may have some rubbing with 305 55 20 (currently 275 55 20) even being leveled but my concern is now about passing inspection. I'm sure I could always find someone that will pass it but I'd rather use my guy. With a 20x9 +12 offset wheel, can anybody here tell me if the tread will be past the fender? It looks to me that I have about 1 1/2" to play with and from what I understand the wheel and tire will come out about 1 1/4". The 15mm change in offset is 0.6" and the tire is 1.2" wider (1/2 of that is 0.6"), so that gets me to 1 1/4". I think it should work but it's really hard to tell by looking at pictures of trucks on the computer. Any input here is appreciated.
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