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  1. Yes i think you are correct probably it is oil from a vent but im not sure though
  2. No the hose looks stretched and i am afraid it may leak later because it pressed by the clamps whicb holds the reservoir... the reservoirs are not touching but there is a reall small space between it and the frame and im not sure if the shocks will move any other directions other than its vertical axis to absorb shocks if you know what i mean.
  3. Good Day, When i crawled under the my pickup I observed a big stain under the fuel tank which makes me wonder where it came from. Can you guys give me an idea what may be the problem if you have seen same thing before?
  4. Hi guys, I installed the 2.5 king oem coilovers and shocks last week. The installation steps were simple and straight forward but I'm having concern with my rear left shock reservoir hitting the chassis frame. All other shocks fit perfectly and installation was a breez. So if anyone have seen the same could you please assist on what to do to assure the reservoir wont be hitting the chassis frame when offorad my vehicle .. ? I tried to loosen the clamps of the reservoir and moved it furthest way i can. Now the reservoir hose looks like it will not last because it is pushed by the reservoir clamps .. Any ideas or opinions would be great, thanks
  5. I have a 2017 gmc sierra regular cab short bed 4x4 and my 2.5 oem king shocks is on the way. I am wondering if they will come already preloaded from king ? Another thing is i am trying to understand coilover spring load but i still could not find the answer for what i am looking for... I understand that the springs should have preload weight on them in order to work properly but i would like to know how to adjust the preload to what i like and how the spring will act if increased the preload on the spring (too much spring load) or what will it do if does not have enough spring load ? Does increasing the spring load adds ride height ? ... if im not mistaken it will affect spring softness too right ? your input for explaining the concerns above is highly appreciated, Thanks.
  6. if you guys see that there are any better ucas to go for instead of the cognitos please advise. I am trying to get a ball joint uca that could fit with oem wheels backspace if possible.
  7. Good day everyone, I decided to get the cogntio ucas for my 2017 gmc sierra 1500. But i am not willing to cut the metal sheet which is on the shock tower section ( as per their instuctions for installation to cut that section). Can i instal the uca without cutting that part Or is it becessary to do so ? If anyone had experience with my situation please chime in.
  8. Good day, I have a 2017 gmc sierra 1500 and i am interested to get aftermarket wheels. What i noticed is that most aftermaket wheels are 8.5 inches width with 0 offset (4.75 backspacing). Can you guys tell me the if the wheels will be flush with oem fenders or will it be out of the fenders ? If out of fenders how far out ? Here its illegal to have your wheels and tires out of the fender wells but if its very close to flush i can pass. If you guys share your experience and what you have seen as wheels width and offset and the distance between wheel and fender as a reference.
  9. Assuming that i will level my pickup with the extra 1.5 inches that the king coilovers will give me ... Still an uca will not make any difference in travel ? I dont have to touch the limiters too right ?
  10. Good Day, I live in middle east where it is extremely hot in summer and the weather is dusty almost all summer long. I just ordered king oem 2.5 shocks for my 2017 gmc sierra 1500 regular cab short bed. I would like to get the most travel i can get front and rear without pushing my wheels past the oem fenders. I would like to get your opinion on which brand or specific uca to get ? should i go with a uni ball or a ball joint ?? Moreover, can i get the max travel i want with the said parts and without cutting the uca limiters? or is the limiters a must ? Please enlighten me because i have no background on these stuff .. Thanks,
  11. Good Day, I would like to see if anyone has installed the bushwacker oe style fender flares or extend a fender flares. Please share whatever you have because i tried to find in the internet and there is no info with 2017 gmc 1500 sierra aftermarket fenders. and info or pictures would be highly appreciated, many thanks.
  12. Good Day, I am interested in getting 17 inch wheels with 305/ 65 r 17 tires for my 2017 gmc sierra 1500 (regular cab short bed) ... i need help finding out what is the wheel width and offset which which would be flush to fenders and not pass the fenders. I would like to get as close to flush as possible because tires or wheels which goes out of fender is illegal in my country (Kuwait) Seeking your assistance to provide me with those requirements. Many thanks.
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