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  1. I went with the BFG KO2 but may be swapping them out for ridge grapplers. Nitto, Toyo, and BFG all offer 275/65/20. Those are about a 34 so they are plenty big. Yes, I only did the 2" level in the front and have no rub. I did have to zip tie the liners back on the rear of the front wheel wells but... no big deal. You could just trim a couple inches of the carpet if you prefer.
  2. The width of the tire will be the biggest issue. I put a 2" level on mine and fit 275/65/20. You can go taller than stock with the level but there was not a lot of room to go wider. I think the 305 would be out of the question and really... your just going wider than stock at that point. Wouldn't you want a taller profile tire?
  3. I have the 2" level and put 275/65/20 on with no rub issues whatsoever. I had to zip tie the rear of the front liners but that's no big deal. You will run into problems when you start trying to go wider with the Factory 20s.
  4. No problem. Also meant to add, I lost a couple mpg but I figure that's to be expected with bigger/heavier tires.
  5. Thanks! So far road noise has been minimal and the ride has been fairly smooth. It drives a bit more like a truck now but stock it drives like a Cadillac so no complaints. I had to take it back on the check the balance as I was getting vibration over 70. Guy said these tires need to be rebalanced sometimes... all good now.
  6. BFG KO2 275/65/20 - no rubbing issue with 2" RC level and zip tied liners.
  7. Just put them on yesterday. Seems like they are good to go. I had to zip tie the liners to make them fit but other than that, they fit with he 2" level. I'll be driving it a bit over the weekend so we'll so if there are any rubbing issues but so far I haven't noticed any. It seems that as long as you stick with the stock tire width you can go up to a 34 with the 2" level.
  8. Is there any chance in fitting a 275/65/20 with a 2" lift? I was leaning towards a 275/60/20 and saw a post on another site by a user who said he was able to fit the 275/65/20 with no rub. I just measured they clearance with my 275/55/20 and it seems I only have about 1-1.5" to work with. Anyone have first hand experience?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. It's so strange that some of these trucks have issues and some are completely fine. There really doesn't seem to be an X factor either. I feel the same way with the lift, I don't necessarily want that big of a truck. I may try the 2" RC level in the front and see how it goes... if I don't like it or if it give me issues than consider the Fox coilovers you mentioned of the 4" BDS. Do you have any pics of your truck when you had it lifted?
  10. That's the tire I've been considering... I'm wondering if the more narrow width would solver the problem with the rub
  11. I knew I like them... been between those and the toyo open country mts
  12. Do you think the BDS kit will improve ride quality? I notice it's a bit bouncy with the stock setup.
  13. That's exactly what I'm thinking of doing. My Sierra is a CC with the standard bed so it's already a big truck. I'm thinking the 2" level won't make much of an impact but the 4" will be about right. Anything more on the lift and I think the CC/standard bed combo will just be too much truck. Does anyone have pictures of a CC/standard bed with 4" lift?
  14. Yeah they do have the 4" I must have clicked the wrong thing.. I knew I saw it... That might be the bet for me Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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