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  1. $250 would be my budget. Not looking to invest a lot of time or money. Just get rid of the AFM and recalibrate the speedometer mainly.
  2. Hey all. Pretty much a lurker here but had a few questions. Put a set of larger tires in my 16 Sierra. Went from 275/55 to 275/60 20” and figured the speedometer will be off a bit. Thought about having it recalibrated but then I also thought I’d like to get rid of the cylinder deactivation. Then I figured I might as well try to get a little more power from it. not looking for a massive change. I don’t tow anything but just better than what I have now. thoughts?
  3. Can a new seat be bought from a dealer?
  4. Is it something that will look factory fresh? My truck is in excellent shape and kept very clean in and out. I live in suburban Philly. Any thoughts on a good place?
  5. Hey everyone a lurker here. Don’t post much but had a mishap today. A spotlight was put face down on my passenger seat while it was on. It melted an orange sized hole through the outer covering and about two inches deep into the yellow foam underneath. it is a 2016 Sierra SLE with cloth seats. It’s a heated seat but isn’t powered. The color is the standard charcoal gray/black. Is this something I can buy and install myself, can it be repaired? Thoughts?
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