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  1. I want to clarify that when I say I want a quicker shift the ONLY reason I like the quicker shifts is that I believe the faster the shift the less wear and tear on transmission parts. Sure with a loud muffler it sounds [email protected]@l but my reasoning is to lenghten the life of the transmission. Am I correct in my assumption?
  2. I received the same message today, with a link to where I could purchase a build sheet for $50
  3. Started fine with key... Only thing I know is that I had twice tried to remote start and it didn't work and when I finally reset the 9% oil message at startup in the DIC it has worked since. My Car Fax showed oil change at the selling dealership and it looked clean so I am assuming the tech didn't reset the reminder. It must trigger a reminder at 10% and I think that is why my remote start didn't work... I am assuming this but haven't seen anyone verify that is what was happening.
  4. I had trouble with my 14 Silverado also... the trans would rev up between 2nd and 3rd gear shift. They replaced the 3,5,R clutch drum and it shifted much better. After that I went with a Black Bear tune for a bit more line pressure. All was good after that.
  5. I tried this out yesterday... Pulled into "L" and went up to 5th gear and in stayed in V8 mode. Once I went to 6th it would go into V4 mode. Drove 50 miles and it seemed to stay in V8 mode as long as I stayed in #5 gear. I have the 6 speed trans, so give it a try and let me know if yours does the same.
  6. I was afraid of this. I do have a 90 day warranty on the trans. I think I will make a visit to the dealer and see if the warranty is any good.
  7. As stated above sometime when I pull from a stop it feels as if I am on the edge of the road with them little rumble strips. Doesn't last long, before I hit 10 mph its gone and only does it every now and then. Had trans flush last month at GM dealer. Was told there wasn't anything noticeable... ALSO noticed if I pull down into "L" and select gear #5 the engine stays in V8 mode... Didn't know that. Truck has 105K and I think shocks are worn but other than that it runs straight and no other issues that I have noticed. I am hoping its not trans or converter issue. Ideas?
  8. Thanks for that info. The auto up function does work both up and down on my drivers side but not up on the passengers front or both rear. I think its a safety thing for that not to work on the others and a PITA to get your drivers side window to stop partly open. Thanks for your responses
  9. Wow, can't believe I left that out... yes to the in channel. The truck had some tape on and I am removing them to install WT in channel. I have read a couple post about the rears falling off and did apply tape and installed the clips required for the rear as I had a pair that was given to me. I just received the front pair today and am thinking of adding the tape. You said you have installed them and not had an issue?
  10. My WeatherTech Vent Visors came today and there is NO double sided tape on the edge that goes into the door. I have seen a couple of comments about vent visors flying off the truck so I am reaching out to who ever has installed these... should I add some 2 sided tape?
  11. Forgot to reply... thanks for the info. It does not actually state a class but I can deduct from the weight it is a class 4 hitch, with 12K tow max weight.
  12. Strange, but at best I now know I am not the only one who has had this issue.
  13. Saturday I was installing a dash cam in my truck. I pulled the fuse for the radio as was hoping to use it as I thought it would power on and off the dash cam for me... well I was wrong. But the strange thing is the time and date had to be reset but my radio presets were still there. Now come the even stranger part... I went to use Android Auto the very next day as we were invited up to my brother-in-laws cottage and with both my Galaxy S10 and my wife's S10 were got a red page error on the phones with a statement about something needed updated. I ended up listening to my wifes verbal direction as she used Google maps on her phone to get there. NOW several hours later on our way home, I plugged in my phone for the heck of it and Android Auto started working again and had our home location and some prior address's still available, (I think their are on the phone not in the trucks memory). I do not have the wifi active on the truck and it was parked under a steel carport for most of the day. I tried it again today and it is still working... Strange things do happen. I have no idea what happened but I am glad as we have been using this app a lot lately.
  14. Thank you, yes I did see this. I tapped the power to that auxiliary power outlet and ran a line up to the dash cam. Couldn't believe the trouble I had. While I was in there I found a cabin filter that look horrible and made a trip for a new one. Half my day was spent on this install which included a rear cam that plugs into my B4K dash cam. Thanks for the info.
  15. I am trying to power a dash cam that will turn on with the key. I cannot find anything on the passenger’s side fuse box. I am looking at the driver’s side and not sure if there is a fuse there that will give me this option. Anyone know where I can jump a fuse for power on with key?
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