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  1. I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to... My RV that I would be towing does NOT have ABS brakes, but the truck would have (most likely, as I am currently without a truck). The question is... would the integrated TBC have any advantage over say an aftermarket TBC if the truck I purchased did not have it installed from the factory?
  2. following, as I may make an offer.
  3. Following, and glad your doing well pgamboa. Any luck yet?
  4. Welcome back; I also am a returning member and was a supporting member at one time when I had my 14 Silverado. What I am seeing is a mess of pop up ads and before I re-enlist and become a supporting member again I need to know if these pop up ads will go away. Anyone who knows please answer. OR if someone can send a link to admin I would appreciate it.
  5. I did a Black Bear tune to my 14 Crew cab... did it for the trans as I didn't like the shifts. I still have my S Cal but wsn't thinking of going that route... but not written in stone.
  6. 6 speed, but I am gonna pass on it. It was a great price, 40K on the clock for $25K
  7. Don't think I can due to it still being under warranty but I was thinking about exploring the cost of a swap to a 3.42.
  8. Looking at coming back to a 2 wheel drive crew 2018 Silverado, and need advice on what to look for. Dealer has one they originally sold, seller bought a new truck and it has the Preferred Equipment Group 1LT and All Start package, but concerned about the 3.08 axel ratio. I have a toy hauler that is 4600 lbs and once loaded could be 6 K. 1 Is the axel ratio going to be an issue? I was told it has the trailering package and was going to look at it this week, as nothing can really be done here in Michigan till the first of the month. 2. What else should I be looking at f
  9. Do you have the grid lines turned on? They have yellow, and red when you get closer to what the view is in the backup camera.
  10. I cant say for sure but there are many post in different forums about the fan speed control issue. The speed control is like a rheostat and what you are experiencing may be the same issue that others have posted about. The fix would be to replace the fan control panel. Do some searching and you may find others with same issue I can only speak for me and I had to replace mine in an 05 Avalanche.
  11. You think like I do. I start with the lowest costing repair first when the issue could be caused by a couple different things. Good luck and let up know what corrects the problem.
  12. That is strange, but now-a-days nothing really surprises me. All the electronics in these cars and trucks, its no wonder. I leave a "Range" device plugged in a lot and that has never been an issue. I have a dash cam direct wired into the system also with no issues.
  13. I would take a guess at thermostat. And on a side note that DexCool was advertised to last 100,000 miles but I will advise to flush it at least every 4 years. I have read a lot of that issue and DexCool is fine but needs to be changed regularly like the older Prestone.
  14. I agree with your statement. I did luv my 2014 Silverado Crew 4X4 (built in Mexico) but luv my 2013 Avalanche (also built in Mexico) better. We have been a GM family for many years since the wife is employed there. We felt loyalty to the brand but this is a slap in the face to ALL Union members, USA and Canadian born. 2017 Equinox (built in Canada), 2017 Cruze (built in Ohio) and 96 Corvette (built in Kentucky) all plated and insured here in Michigan. Thank you GM for your loyalty to your dedicated workers... NOT!
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