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  1. I will offer $150 via Pay Pal and you pay the ride to 43506, with tracking
  2. This should do it... Thank you Grumpy Bear
  3. Well the trucks is getting the original pan dropped this week, filter change and I am having this pan with a drain plug installed. Hope the drain plug does not interfere with the filter. Anyone put the plug in this area? I have no idea how much clearance there is in this area
  4. Thank you Black02Silverado this is preciously what I was looking for. I was not sure how much space was in the pan once bolted in to the inner workings. This gives me the info I needed, Thank You
  5. Purchased used, first thing I had done was flush... now I want the pan dropped, filter changed and drain plug in pan installed
  6. Well, if I tell you I pulled a 58 in the lottery you may figure out my age... the second year of the lottery. Between slip disc, kidney stones and afib I am afraid if I start a project like this I may not get it finished, so I leave it up to the young in's, LOL I hope to make the transmission last as long as I need the truck which is less than most of this forum.
  7. I suppose I could use my E-Z-Vac but I do have a weak hand due to nerve damage. I purchased the pan and drain plug so when I go in to a shop and have them drop the pan and change the filter I can have the pan ready to install. I am sitting at 107K miles and want the filter changed. Can't do this myself as I am a senior.
  8. For those of you who have installed a drain plug in your Transmission pan I have questions… Is there a certain spot to avoid? Do I need to have this welded in place? I only have a wire welder so I will have to find someone who can weld it for me. I purchased a Derale-13010 TRANS Pan Drain Plug and have a new pan so it is ready to go in at the time I drop the original pan.
  9. I haven't been able to get a straight answer... These say for 2500 and I have a 1500. I think they should fit, just want to be sure... anyone? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AISV3SG/?coliid=I2NDI3UELBG0VS&colid=1Z97ZP7HFTAHP&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  10. Thank you for this, BUT I have 2 digits between what should be my build date. EC4J E is for May and J for 2018.
  11. Hey Grumpy Bear, I went to that web site (https://www.floridatorqueconverters.com/Torque-Converter-77-JMBXSD.html) and they don't show a 6 speed trans when I look for a convertor for my 18 Silvy. I haven't figured out how to find the build date on my 18 yet but it does have a 6 speed.
  12. This is what I want to do next to my 18. Not sure if I want to go single out or duel out. I just don't want any drone in the cab.
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