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  1. I would think that because they are plug and play there would not be an issue, especially if you unplug it before you go to the dealer. The ECM should not pick up on a plug and play devise.
  2. Copy that. I did 2 sets also in my 14 Crew and believe it or not only used them a couple of times. My son-in-law now has the truck and is using it as a truck and not a garage queen, LOL.
  3. Won't these bed lights be on all the time if you tied them into your taillights?
  4. 2014 Silverado LED Fog Light Bulbs

    Trouble is that when you put a bright light into the stock fog light housing it tends to blast out light and can blind oncoming drivers. I installed Morimotos in my 14 Silverado that I had. Costly but much more friendly to others.
  5. Can't answer that, wife doesn't keep one long enough to wear out a set of pads.
  6. My advise is make sure you look the bottom over good, since they are prone to longer a tougher winters than here in he states. As for the analog gauges they get switched out before they are sold here in the states. I know cause I was looking for an Avalanche and the dealer told be it was being prepped in Brighton for sale in the states. They swap out the gauges up there somewhere. Ended up buying one 10 miles from my house.
  7. Fog lights w/ headlights

    I understand what you are saying, but I believe it is not the fact that you are not seen but the fact that most of these people now-a-days are in to big of a darn hurry. There are a couple of trucks up my way that put the LED's in the fog lights and they just blast light out and are blinding. I spent the extra money for Morimotos just to be kind to others.
  8. Not a problem at all. Reach out to this guy "pgamboa" on this forum. He re-pins the door harness's so everything is plug and play, from DL8 to DL3 is a simple install.
  9. TPMS

    Yes, mine vary a couple pounds also. I have a better than average gauge than most people have. Not sure if it is the sensors because I have 2 sets of tires, one for summer and one for winter. The winter set which are newer and are closer in number that my summer set. Both sets are the same size just run Blizzaks in winter with the plastic style wheel covering.
  10. If you mod the seat backs to fold down when you flip up the seat bottoms, no they will fold down... They may not fall down and made need some help to fold forward but they shouldn't fall down, at least mine don't. Mine also catch on the outer edge of the plastic that covers the hinged area of the seat so you will hear a little noise from that area if you do the mod.
  11. I don't have the factory Bose system but have drove a truck with such... pretty good for sure. But I needed some more "thump" so I did a pair of Sound Ordinance 8" powered subs on the back wall of the cab and I got the thump... and I am retired, LOL.
  12. I went with Sound Ordinance power subs. Yes subs, 2 mounted on the back wall of the cab. I still have my under seat storage and can control both subs with 1 gain knob. More than enough thump for me.
  13. I would like to ask a question of others that are having this problem... Has anyone of you changed out you brake light bulbs say to LED's? Any mod to you brake light wiring or tail lights? Causes for this P0573 cruise control code may include: Cruise control/Brake switch defective Wiring issue (e.g. pinched on brake pedal, chafed, etc.) ECM (engine control module) issue (i.e. internal short, open, etc.) Debris/dirt mechanically hindering brake switch operation Brake switch not adjusted properly Brake switch out of it's mount Symptoms of a P0573 diagnostic code may include: Cruise control completely inoperative Erratic cruise control operation Certain functions not operating as they should (e.g. set,resume, accel., etc.) Cruise control turning on but not engaging No brake lights if the brake light switch is faulty
  14. Throttle Delay Eliminators

    So you are saying you would spin your tires on wet payment after such a mod? I would like more info if you disabled TC and this was the result... How about your tires? Brand? No weight in bed?
  15. Throttle Delay Eliminators

    Well, I need to clarify that I am NOT looking to spin my tires just looking for a more attentive animal. Most people have been in the position at least once or twice in their lifetime... you need to go and you need to go NOW. I just want a more responsive truck.

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