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  1. Completed the Pill Flip yesterday and I believe I lost a couple of tables spoons of fluid if that. I did check trans fluid and it seems low, with temp about 100 degrees and just having the transmission flushed at the dealer a month ago I would think it would at least be in the safe range... ended up just below it. I will check again and if the level remains below the safe range I may add a bit to bring it up.
  2. I was just looking at that yesterday and I am still trying to understand if I need new O rings when I do this. One video I seen said yes. What is your thoughts?
  3. I did a Black Bear tune on my 14, mostly for the transmission. I don't plan on doing any mods to the engine in my 18. I guess that is a sign of me getting old LOL, but looking more for longevity out of the truck. Concentrating on service and upkeep for the time being, but did find a set of Hollander 5330's for it. Luv the look of those accessories wheels.
  4. OK, my bad. I just read quantity on the printout and assume it meant quarts.
  5. I was told that GM only allows so much fluids per month but it is delivered in bulk. Doesn't make sense to me, but it is done and I couldn't craw under the truck and do it myself. Just hard to believe and harder to take on a fixed income.
  6. I couldn't believe the bill... had front & rear differential service along with transfer case on my 2018 Silverado at a dealer and the bill was $575 and change. All I can say is WOW, $288 labor for 2 hours... understandable, but $227 for parts? That's 6 quarts of gear oil and 3 quarts of tranny fluid. If I was able to do this myself I certainly would. Does this seem out of line to you?
  7. I posted in some older threads and have not received any responses, so I will create a new thread on this: I am adding OEM Homelink to my 2018 LT and have the trim plate, rubber buttons and transmitter. My transmitter came with a short 4" harness and my 2 questions are as followed: 1. Do I still need to purchase a main harness for the overhead console or is the plug already in the existing harness. 2. I need the 2 screws and wonder if anyone knows the size so I am pick up some from a local hardware. I appreciate any help with this before I tear into the consol.
  8. I was going to do the work myself, so most likely buy from Rock Auto or AutoZone, NAPA etc.
  9. Going to change the pads on my 2018 Silverado this weekend and I am looking for suggestions on what your thoughts are on pads. Would like low dust and considering the look of my rotors I may just change the pads. Thoughts please
  10. I was thinking of adding the Perimeter Bed Lighting Kit 23295943 for 2016-2019 Silverado but would like to add a switch in the bed to activate the lights. I am not sure if the kit has this included or which light switch in the cab will activate them. My though is it may be the same switch for the rear cab lights.
  11. No, actually only on start up from a stop. I get a few hard down shifts from time to time and using L5, which keeps the engine in V8 mode, it seems much better. Only twice in L5 mode did I get the strange shutter at take off.
  12. I have it scheduled on Friday morning for diagnostics on the transmission. Will post back their findings.
  13. I need some clarification on this piece. I have a short 3" harness that came with my transmitter. Do I still need to purchase this main harness? I thought there would be a plug for this short harness I have already in the truck.
  14. Unfortunately I can't proceed without a credit card which I don't use credit cards online... only Pay Pal. Thanks for the link, maybe they will change
  15. I have a Homelink transmitter with a short 4" harness that came with it. Do I still need this main harness??? #23127742
  16. I have a Homelink transmitter with a short 4" harness that came with it. Do I still need this main harness??? #23127742
  17. I have searched and seen the part required for my 2018 Silverado was discontinued. I have been order parts to add to my existing overhead consol... Maybe someone can chime in... So as far as I know it all I need to install OEM Homelink in my 2018 Silverado LT is the following: Trim plate (84435116) Homelink Transmitter (84084118) Transmitter came with a short 4” long pigtail Transmitter buttons (22834550) Can anyone confirm my assumptions?
  18. ask your bud for the link to that site, please share it with us on this thread
  19. I want to clarify that when I say I want a quicker shift the ONLY reason I like the quicker shifts is that I believe the faster the shift the less wear and tear on transmission parts. Sure with a loud muffler it sounds [email protected]@l but my reasoning is to lenghten the life of the transmission. Am I correct in my assumption?
  20. I received the same message today, with a link to where I could purchase a build sheet for $50
  21. Started fine with key... Only thing I know is that I had twice tried to remote start and it didn't work and when I finally reset the 9% oil message at startup in the DIC it has worked since. My Car Fax showed oil change at the selling dealership and it looked clean so I am assuming the tech didn't reset the reminder. It must trigger a reminder at 10% and I think that is why my remote start didn't work... I am assuming this but haven't seen anyone verify that is what was happening.
  22. I had trouble with my 14 Silverado also... the trans would rev up between 2nd and 3rd gear shift. They replaced the 3,5,R clutch drum and it shifted much better. After that I went with a Black Bear tune for a bit more line pressure. All was good after that.
  23. I tried this out yesterday... Pulled into "L" and went up to 5th gear and in stayed in V8 mode. Once I went to 6th it would go into V4 mode. Drove 50 miles and it seemed to stay in V8 mode as long as I stayed in #5 gear. I have the 6 speed trans, so give it a try and let me know if yours does the same.
  24. I was afraid of this. I do have a 90 day warranty on the trans. I think I will make a visit to the dealer and see if the warranty is any good.
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