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  1. That may be a problem. Drove a good 110 miles the other day and never got above 144
  2. The best way to answer this is I get different readings... I must have checked 20 times... It is hard to read the stick as I did have the trans flushed and fluid is new. I was checking when trans was warmed, 120 degrees if I remember correctly. One side of the stick showed a different level so I am thinking it was getting wiped off as I was pulling out the stick. Just now happy with the reading I was getting. Then I added a pint or so and it seemed then over the full mark. Frustrating
  3. My issue was when I originally did the pill flip I lost some fluid, not much at that time so I didn't add any. Then I went ahead and installed the updated by-pass module because I live in Ohio and was concerned that the trans may not get up to proper operating temperature in the cold winter months. So then I did notice I needed some fluid, or so I thought... the dip stick is a pain and hard to get consistent reading for me. Original I overfilled and pulled some out with my Mity Vac but it just seems for me its hard to get consistent readings.
  4. I have tried to duplicate that "sweet spot" and that is the difficult part... I am not able to... but I understand what you are saying.
  5. Just replaced mine last week, with an LED bulb, and the cargo lights also. Also sealed it up with silicone
  6. I have to step into this thread and ask... AC Delco Dexron VI is a FULL synthetic which is what the dealer uses, but you can by Castrol brand Dexron VI that is a blend... does it hurt to mix these two? This doesn't make sense to me that Castrol would state this is for GM vehiecals.
  7. I installed the updated by-pass module on my 2018 Silverado 6 speed transmission. I haven't found a way to insert the dip stick without it binding in the tube and I end up twisting it and jamming it in. Is this normal? I got so frustrated with it I had to walk away, as I must have attempted a dozen stick checks and none seemed to be the same. I did add some fluid as I lost some switching the by-pass module out. Is it normal or do I have an issue?
  8. I traced the ground cable from the battery down to the frame, which is just behind the passengers right front wheel. I cleaned that contact and haven't had an issue since. I have read there are issues with both positive and negative cables but for now just cleaning that contact has worked for me.
  9. Thank you for that info. I will see what happens as only time will tell if I still have an issue.
  10. When you post "Bad battery cables" do you refer to both or just one of them?
  11. New battery was on charger all night, it did start today but it randomly will just click once with the turn of the key. Looks like my issue may not be solved yet. Any grounding issues I should consider looking at before I spend money on a starter?
  12. I put my battery charger on it, charging at 8 amps, dropped to 7 amps after 10 minutes. Maybe the new battery needs charged... manufactured dat 6-22
  13. My 2018 Silverado has sat in the barn for several days and I went out to start it and all I get is one click. Turn ignition off and try again, one click. Took battery to NAPA and they tested the battery, and tester said replace battery. New battery installed and same thing, one click when I turn the key... not sure where to look next. Don't think I need to reset anything... so ideas please.
  14. I was given a 90 day drivetrain warranty on the truck when I bought it. Had the trans flushed as soon as I got the truck. Did notice that I was a pint low on the fluid after the flush, but did the "pill flip" but because I live in Ohio I did purchase the upgraded by-pass valve. I will install it before cold weather sits in. I am thinking of dropping the pan later this year as it may tell me what is going on inside the trans.
  15. I have an 2018 Silverado, 5.3 which has the 6 speed trans. Purchased it used with 104K on the clock I had the trans flushed at a dealer and after driving it for a couple of months it seems to be OK, but I have given thought to just going ahead and replacing the torque convertor (most likely with an aftermarket one) just to be on the safe side. Looking for one's thoughts if it is worth it, maybe some have done this and are willing to share their results.
  16. Well I know about the garage service door idea... I had to kick mine in several years back to get into the house during a power outage. The idea of having a gas cap that locks is to deter thieves in a public place. My truck parks in a locked barn every night but when I am out at a Home Depot or eating at a restaurant I would hope the locking gas cap would deter a gas thieve looking for a quick couple of gallons. My thought is they wouldn't punch a hole in my tank in a public place during the daytime... as I am normally home when night falls. I could be wrong in my thoughts though.
  17. I wasted some money on a AC Delco locking gas cap from Amazon. It is plastic and can be popped right off. It is the AC Delco GM Original Equipment GT376 Fuel Tank Filler Locking Cap. Has anyone found a locking gas cap that fits the new style gas filler
  18. Completed the Pill Flip yesterday and I believe I lost a couple of tables spoons of fluid if that. I did check trans fluid and it seems low, with temp about 100 degrees and just having the transmission flushed at the dealer a month ago I would think it would at least be in the safe range... ended up just below it. I will check again and if the level remains below the safe range I may add a bit to bring it up.
  19. I was just looking at that yesterday and I am still trying to understand if I need new O rings when I do this. One video I seen said yes. What is your thoughts?
  20. I did a Black Bear tune on my 14, mostly for the transmission. I don't plan on doing any mods to the engine in my 18. I guess that is a sign of me getting old LOL, but looking more for longevity out of the truck. Concentrating on service and upkeep for the time being, but did find a set of Hollander 5330's for it. Luv the look of those accessories wheels.
  21. OK, my bad. I just read quantity on the printout and assume it meant quarts.
  22. I was told that GM only allows so much fluids per month but it is delivered in bulk. Doesn't make sense to me, but it is done and I couldn't craw under the truck and do it myself. Just hard to believe and harder to take on a fixed income.
  23. I couldn't believe the bill... had front & rear differential service along with transfer case on my 2018 Silverado at a dealer and the bill was $575 and change. All I can say is WOW, $288 labor for 2 hours... understandable, but $227 for parts? That's 6 quarts of gear oil and 3 quarts of tranny fluid. If I was able to do this myself I certainly would. Does this seem out of line to you?
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