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  1. So was I: That is why I did the smaller passenger side first. No way it is going to come loose in an accident unless the seat bottom flips all the way up. Do one side and check it out.
  2. I just did this mod 2 weeks ago on my 14 Crew cab. I cut 2.5" off of the 3 tabs that hold the seat backs in place. You simply flip up the seat bottoms and that moves the seat backs up and clears the retainers on the cab wall. You may get a rubbing on the outer seat trim when you fold the backs down but it is a bolt rubbing the edge of the plastic trim.
  3. Back lit door handles are a nice little addition, especially when you drive different vehicles as I use to. I have them in my 96 also and swapped out some LED's and it made them brighter. I say LED's in the interior are a must especially as one ages.
  4. I have been on the fence about a catch can so I am here to read and decide. I would also like some long term or a several thousand mile review, if possible.
  5. Good thing you weren't near a gay bar when that came over the sound system... Then it would be useful. OK, let the bashing begin.
  6. My last Ford had the 3 valve engine, back in 04. Loved the truck, a Lariat with all bells and whistles but the engine started to misfire. It was a off lease Certified purchase so I expected the warranty would cover it. The dealership that I purchased closed so to another I went, only to be told the engine was bad and needed replaced. They told me the injector was bad and it was not covered under warranty, which scored the cylinder wall. When I picked up the truck two of the COP's were unplugged and I thought it was gonna die. Took it to another dealership and in the long run it was a covered repair. I did business with them till they dumped an extra quart and a half of oil in the low mileage Ranger I bought for my daughter. A couple of weeks went by and the rear main started leaking. That did it no more Fords for me. When you can't trust your dealer it's time to move on. I agree that Ford does offer more "extras" on their trucks, but the Toledo dealer can't be trusted. If you ever figure out the FSierra 150 let me know, LOL.
  7. Sorry to loose you. Many are frustrated with our 6 speeds and some with their 8 speeds. Such a shame that GM can't design a trouble proof trans, but at least we are better than Dodge.
  8. Thanks for the reply. It looks as if the gasket is adhered to the light housing and appears that it is not meant to be replaced. Just a thin strip of rubber about the thickness of felt.
  9. Pair that one up with a brake light flasher and your good to go.
  10. I removed the third brake light housing and think I found the issue. the housing has water inside and I believe it is from one of the screw holes. On the inside of the light housing where the 2 screw holes are, one side has what appears to be 2 sided molding tape covering the hole. I must have knocked off the other side when I went to reinstall the light. I have molding tape (2 sided sticky) but first I need to rid the housing of the moisture.
  11. Don't remember a gasket on the housing. Going to double check in my barn.
  12. I looked on GMParts.com and did not see a gasket for the assembly. Did they just silicone the light fixture?
  13. I changed to an LED bulb in the 3rd brake light on my 14 Crew Cab an after a rain I find it is now leaking. I thought they had the issues resolved with leaks back there by now. Not sure what I could have done wrong... Anyone else have a leak back there in the new body style?
  14. Oh boy, I feel another mod coming on, LOL. OK, on to an LED bulb. What did you use? I think I will try and find something on Amazon so it all comes at the same time. Thanks
  15. OK, that won't work for me because it states it is for LED only. Thanks for the reply.
  16. Which one did you buy? I don't want a repetitive flasher but one like you describe sounds great.
  17. Thank you for sharing that info. I watched a video on a bull bar install and since I did not get extra bolts with mine I had to salvage the originals. Good to know that there is a difference between 14/15's and the 16's.
  18. Recall Status: INCOMPLETE. REMEDY NOT YET AVAILABLE Go to: https://my.gm.com/recalls enter vin...
  19. I had a set of LED's in my 14 for about a week. I kept getting flashed at night. Currently running Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs and I am no longer looking for anything better. Very happy.
  20. NO, you do NOT have to cut the bolt. I did this last month, with the help of a you tube video on installing a bull bar a guy showed 3 extra bolts that you undo and pry up on the top piece where the head of the bolt is. It is a bit of a job like the bolt on the passenger side but I did it without cutting and I am on social security.
  21. What r you guys using to attach the components to the rear of the cab? Adhesives?
  22. Whatever model you choose get one with a capacitor and not a battery backup. The battery's go bad after a year or two and also have been known to swell in hot surroundings. I have a G1 Black Box in both my truck and Vett, but those were my choices.
  23. It is a little more than pop out. Take off plastic cover over radiator and 4 bolts underneath and 2 bolts in each fender well.
  24. If you want some mind blowing backup lights try these: They are simply OUTSTANDING! JDM ASTAR 800 lumens Extremely Bright Error Free 921 912 PX Chipsets LED Bulbs For Backup Reverse Lights, Xenon White
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