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  1. My Valentine V1 has saved me plenty of times. It goes off with plenty of time to slow down, when they use KA or K band radar. only way Im screwed is if they use laser, in that case no detector is fast enough.
  2. You mean your LG g4 hasn't Boot looped yet? You're lucky. I had 2 die.
  3. I use the power source for the passenger seat belt sign in the over head console. Not sure what wire colors I used. I tested them with a volt meter and seen which wires had power with the key on.
  4. I load the custom pids for GM. You can see the map iat etc.
  5. Weird. Mine hasn't done it that much. Do you have a range AFM disabler or one of those things for insurance discounts plugged in?
  6. I could be imagining this but the last 2 times my 2014 did it was the exact same day that OnStar does it's monthly report for me. Hmmmmm.
  7. Not sure man. I know it's not G218 or G210. I made that how to video on YouTube to repair that ground so I know it's not that ground lol.
  8. My 2014 does this as well. It's not every time completely random. Very weird.
  9. Mine does the same thing. Annoying as hell. I think​ 12.5 is way to low myself.
  10. I had a upper a arm loose at the frame. Made a popping noise. Tightening it up fixed mine.
  11. Lol. I daily drive mine do I don't have to worry about that.
  12. I like mine better now that I have the range AFM disabler. When the AFM was still working it couldn't make up it's mind on what gear to be in.
  13. Mine does it when I pull out from my friends street. You can hear the inside tire scooting on the asphalt. I don't even worry about it.
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