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  1. Thanks for posting this I wanted a set of door badges when I purchased my truck but of course they could not sell them to me I now have a set on order.
  2. RPO Codes

    Thanks again Elcamino it is between the h and j codes but I wonder if it could be in the wrong place on the list and if you don't mind me asking how did you figure these out I looked all over the internet and could not find anything on these codes.
  3. RPO Codes

    Thanks so much Elcamino I now have all of them except the ITL I really should not be concerned about such things but curiosity got the best of me.
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone would have any idea what the following rpo codes might be for GEY,ITL,DNS,KRV,E2C,SLT. They are for my 2018 Silverado thanks for any insight that you might have.
  5. Thank you everybody this forum is much more knowledgeable then the dealer I did not know that you need the max trailer pack to get the 3.42 gears since I would be getting the z71 pack and you cannot get the max trailer pack in that trim I guess 3.23 it is.
  6. Hi everyone I am looking at ordering a new truck with the 6.2l and I was wondering what your thoughts where on gear ratios.The way the brochure reads I could get the 3.23 or the 3.42 ratio. I would be rarely pulling a trailer but where I live it seems like you are always bucking a wind of at least a 30 mph. I know with the older trucks I have had with 4 speed transmissions the lower gear ratio not only give better performance but with the windy conditions better fuel mileage so I thought I would see what you might recommend with these new transmissions.
  7. Hi DT I was just wondering if your truck has a 5.3 it just seems to me that those of us with this problem have the 5.3
  8. Hi KD5FPV I know exactly where you are coming from I have been fighting with GM for over a year now with this problem and I think they have no idea how to fix it so they just keep denying there is a issue and they hope you will go away or get fed up and trade it off.Last year when it filled up I kept on changing the oil to save the motor now after a year of this I am just driving it and letting it fill up with gas. After the last repair and a fresh oil change within 700 kilometers or about 400 miles it has gone more then a inch over full and finally turned on a check engine light the dealer had no time to look at it last week so I take it in on Monday to see what kind of excuse they will try to come up with this time .
  9. Yes I see a lot of black smoke on start up and when I let off gas for the first few minutes when it is well below freezing.
  10. sorry was not trying to shout I did not realize it ended up in that strange font
  11. Thank God I am not alone anymore I have been battling with GM for a year now. I have the exact same problem with my 2016. They have been thinking I am some kind of nut because I am the only one with this problem. Mine acts up when it is very cold outside like -15 degrees Celcius, or colder. The oil level will go up ¼ inch in a few days. They have put in 4 fuel pumps, and last time after I had an oil analysis because they keep telling me “no problem found”, lol… they also replaced injectors and this problem still persists. I am very thankful Foghorn17 that you posted this. It proves at least in a few trucks there is something going on. If you get this resolved, please post what was done to repair, and I will do the same if it ever gets fixed.
  12. I thought I saw this as I drove by the other day
  13. I was wondering if the pics are from the dealer in Regina
  14. I am not sure if this helps I contacted GM customer service about this update a few weeks ago and they told me that as long as I was still under the three year full warranty that I should not be charged for the update. So I went back to my local dealer and told them where I got this info after that they decided to do the update under the warranty. One other thing In just looked it up and the update number is 16-NA-042.
  15. I am not sure what you are getting for rims but if you are using the 17 inch chrome clad that is what I used I hunted around the auto wreckers until I found a set of center caps and the correct lug nuts for them and they cover up everything.I was told that the center caps for the older style chrome clad with the round holes would not work but I used them and I cannot see any problems with them.

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