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  1. You know the relay doesn't engage. Test the relay. Maybe you got a bad relay.
  2. Could be the actuator for hvac clicking, trying to switch positions. Change to one position at a time to see if that stops the clicking. Could also be one of the module behind the screen. Behind the screen there are; radio module, cd player, wifi module, unplug one at a time to see if the ticking goes away.
  3. Install the kill switch like you normally do. Instead of a manual switch. Use something similar to the Pac tr7 to trigger the kill switch. 4 lock click deactivated kill switch so you can remote start. 1 lock click activate kill switch and lock the vehicle. Connect the tr7 to an actuator and the actuator will be the mechanical hand to physically turn on or off the switch.. Maybe I'm over thinking this PAC TR-7 Universal Trigger Output Module for Video Bypass https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002J22BO/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_K5HN988P0775P755QAHV InstallGe
  4. For something quick/on the go/portable, I uses the $20 scanner along with torque pro. It's hook up to my spare phone which is linked to my truck via Android Auto. I can scan for codes on my truck's 8 inch screen. I started a thread in the mod section if you're interested.
  5. That looks good for most DIY at home. I have the vcx nano for GM. It already paid for itself after one use. I bought my truck used with only 1 set of key yet the truck shows 2 set of keys being active. I used it to deactivated all key/fob, cut my own keys and reprogram 3 set of key/fob. Just imagine how much the stealership would charge just to cut and program. I have also use it to program other modules thru ACDelco SPS services, an additional $40 access for 2 years.
  6. Pull the fuse to see if that help. There's a thread on how to perform this.
  7. Depend on your needs. To best recommend a device, what are you looking to perform? 1. Something basic such as read and clear common code. 2. Able to perform more functions such as abs, brake bleed. Note alot of the basic reader does not have this function. 3. Access GM modules/program modules All depends on what you want to achieve. I have a $20 dollar code reader and it perform just as well as my $90 Bluedriver. Around $120, I can do things I wish I knew before purchasing the Bluedriver, it turns Bluedriver into a dust collector.
  8. Back on topic, front park assist, remove the word "SILVERADO" from both side and tailgate, it looks cleaner.
  9. So far I'm loving it! Just got my spare to recognize when power is cut off and on at charge port. When power cut off, phone will shutdown. When power is detected, phone will boot up, takes about 30 seconds to fully boot up.
  10. It's like getting a boob job done and one boob is under the arm pit.. no bueno.
  11. Yep get in touch with your insurance company. Repair was not done right.
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