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  1. Thanks bro, touch screen was the only think I wasn't sure about.
  2. It's cheaper to replace your AC condenser then using freon with leak stop added. If you are unable to fix it now, just drive your car with windows down until you are able to get the condenser replace.
  3. The easiest way to verify if your drain tube is working properly is to drive your car around with AC on max. After 15 to 20 min, stop and watch it drips out. A properly working drain tube will have a fast drips.. Sometime a clogged tube/slow drain will cause it to overflow inside your truck.
  4. The guage that came with the can will not give you an accurate reading. Use a better guage to measure both high and low to get an accurate reading. If your system is "full" then you don't have to worry about air being in your system because the pressure in your system is higher than the pressure outside, if anything you might loose some freon for using the fitting that came with the can. I haven't work on the silverado much since I just bought it recently. I'm just giving you some basic idea on what to look for. What you can do is check the fuse to make sure it gets pow
  5. Already checked them out. As a DIY type of person. I think they are overpriced.
  6. Use one of those plastic trim clip fastener. Make sure it's the correct size and it'll be alright.
  7. If you flush your AC system then yes add the correct amount of oil. Replacing of small parts is not enough to be a problem. What you can do is estimate how much oil you think is in the drier and add about the same to your new drier. Keep in mind sometime is just old freon left in the drier. If it's me, I wouldn't be concern over it.
  8. I bought a used silverado with the smaller 4.2 inch screen. I want to convert to the bigger 8 inch screen, possibly with navi. I have done some reading on here regarding this and got a pretty good idea on the steps involved. I'm going to gather all the parts needed myself, programming the new modules is not a problem. I have a few questions; Regarding the touch screen. Are they all interchangeable or does it have to be specific? I plan on getting HMI 2.5 with android and apple. Is there a website that I can use to purchase all the parts aside from ebay?
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