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  1. They are slightly larger than the tire size you're asking about, so you should be fine. Can't say that I've tested them to full lock (I bought it this way), but I haven't noticed any interference and there are no tell-tale rub marks under the fenders. They are surprisingly quiet for an all terrain tire. They ride good to me, but I've only had it for a couple of weeks and 6-700 miles so far. I'm looking at the Rough Country speedometer calibrator though, because my speedo is about 3 mph slow. I don't know your expectations, but for me, these tires look good, ride good and appear to get fair mileage. Right now, I'm at 21.Xmpg for 50 and 400 mile avgs. I'm happy all the way around.
  2. OK, PSA: I found two of these units on FB marketplace. One was $70 and one was $100. The clue was a comment on one that said " Used but removed and unlocked ", so I did some investigation. The best information I have been able to find was on Amazon Questions: Looks like it will only work with one VIN. If the cost to buy a new license is the same as a new unit, then it won't be any good to buy a used one. *sigh*. Looks like I'm in this for $140 or nothing.
  3. While it's not the same size that you're asking about, I'm running 275/70/18 Cooper XLT's on a stock '18 4wd. I think it looks great. Here's a pic from the dealership website before I bought it.
  4. Who has a Rough Country Speedometer Calibrator that they would sell cheap or rent? I want to buy one, but for a single calibration, $140 seems steep. I'm thinking I could buy yours and half your cost AND mine. Anyone?
  5. Nice looking truck. Welcome back!
  6. Quick update: Dorman Products was quick to answer. They said that the older fob would not work with my truck and even more importantly, their 99352 wouldn't work with my truck. Their product literature explains that the remote start feature requires additional programming; that's probably why the Amazon reviews include success stories; those folks probably don't have remote start. Oh well.... Thanks for you help guys!
  7. Also, I have sent an email to the tech support contact at Dorman Products to ask if the older fob would work with the new trucks. We'll see. I expect that they'll say no, just to protect themselves, but I may have to try it just to find out. They also say that 2017 and newer trucks require an additional scan tool from the dealership or a locksmith, but if you look up Dorman 99352 on Amazon, there are two reviewers who specifically said that they were able to use it to program their 2018 Silverados, so I have hope. Thanks again!
  8. AWESOME, wforrest08; that's a great video! I have long since discovered the programming sequence for the older trucks, but the newer trucks won't work that way. However, this video proves that the new fobs work with the old trucks, and that, in turn suggests that the old fobs may work with the new trucks. Depending on the cost to have one programmed, I might try having the dealership program an old fob to see if it works out. Thank you so much for that video link!
  9. I thought of that myself. I have a buddy with a 3D printer; I'll bet it would be relatively simple. I may have to take the plunge and see if I can get that done. Thanks again, for that link.
  10. Thank you, flyingfool; that's really interesting. I wonder if he sells raised unlock and recessed lock buttons? I'll reach out to him and see....
  11. I did just that and all I saw was Google Maps. Nothing else, until I enter the GM apps that are pre-installed; Navigation, Radio, XM/Sirius, phone, text, etc. That's what prompted my initial question. Unless I'm missing something (and I'm assuming I am), then AA is a big nothing burger. Help a brother out....
  12. I don't care for the new key fob. The buttons are backwards from the way I'm used to using them (lock is raised and unlock is depressed now). Is it possible to program an older key fob style to the newer pickups? I'd like to program this fob to my 2018 Silverado; has anyone tried anything like that?
  13. Thank you, Dunn. I haven't tried, but can't I text through bluetooth? Verbally, of course...
  14. SO much technology to learn ... I have on-board navigation. I have long since paired my phone by bluletooth. What will Android Auto add that I don't have through those two options?
  15. Jm, thanks for your insight. I turned the truck off last night, but can't say whether I removed the key or not and I'm pretty sure I didn't open the door. Guess I just didn't go far enough. Fortunately, it has worked all day today, so maybe it was just a software glitch. I did manage to find one thread here (only with an outside search engine) where others report similar instances, but they seem to be intermittent and infrequent. As long as it's not a hardware issue, I should be OK. I'll come back and post if it does it again. Thank you again! Belch
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