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  1. Dude, I'm sorry if I struck a nerve, but you might want to go see a doctor. On a happier note, what did the dealership say about your truck?
  2. If the battery was tested "correctly" then you could be 100 percent confident in it. Could have saved $200.00. Just sayin.
  3. 12.8 on the charger is not good enough. You need to charge the battery with at least a 10 amp charger, fully overnight at 13.3 to 13.6 and then pull off surface charge with the headlights for a few minutes. Let it rest a few more minutes, then test voltage. Might be a little low, say 12.4 to 12.5. Let it sit overnight while disconnected. Should be 12.6 or 12.7 . I pick up used batteries at work all the time. If they have been out there for a couple days and show 12.6, it's still good. You need at least a 10 amp charger.
  4. .KCAudio, Read the post directly above yours. Check the grounds
  5. Double check the time and date on the radio. I changed out a battery in the truck and missed the date setting and mine quit working. I set the date and all was fine.
  6. Can you tell me where the grounds are on the engine? Maybe a link to some pictures or a thread to read? I have already checked and corrected the grounds on the dash behind the speakers on both sides. left side I had to trim the plastic rubber to clear the nut. No improvement.
  7. I am not sure. I will check later today. If it is the original battery, can't I have it tested? A new battery would be an expensive test. I would not have a problem replacing if necessary.
  8. Looking for opinions on the problems I am having. Bought used 2014 Silverado LTZ at 57,000 miles, Now have 63,000. Installed a Diablosport I1000 from day 1 with 87 tune and AFM disabled. Then installed inTune i3 8245 Platinum with a Diablew Tune for 87 0ctane with better shift points and AFM disabled at around 1000/1500 miles in mid August. Installed an upgraded HMI Module and Radio Module Three weeks ago. Original had Nav, new one does not. Upgraded to Android Auto. I have gone into the settings in the dash many times trying to chase Gremlins. Gremlin 1 Auto folding mirrors folded correctly after shutting off the ignition maybe on three occasions in first 1000 miles. In the last month they have folded while backing out of my drive way three different times. Gremlin 2 The memory seats would move from 1 or 2 with a simple push and release of the button, three out of five times during first month. Now you have to hold button down till the seat has moved all the way into the memorized position. In the last week, the seat would move from first memorized position to second memorized position after unlocking door with the remote and opening door. This happened three times in two days. Gremlin 3 Driver window would open immediately after an automatic close. Just like it bounced off the top. It Did this 6 or 7 times on three separate occasions, in the last month. Had to manually close window by pushing button halfway. Gremlin 4 Intermittent since day 1. Door locks will sometimes lock with a single push of the button along with chime sound and lock after closing door. Sometimes you have to push twice because you get no chime. The doors lock. Sometimes you get a slightly delayed chime with a single push and it locks itself after closing door. Gremlin 5 In early November, the truck set a P050D code during cold remote start on one occasion on first cold morning of the year, was around 30 degrees. lasted for two days. I cleared code and it has not recurred. I put a can of injector cleaner in tank. Gremlin 6 Climate control doesn't work the same as I remember when using remote start. Kind of lengthy. Do I need to get the BCM reflashed?
  9. There is a five dollar screen under the oil pressure sender. You tube has several videos on how to change it. The screen is to filter the oil to the DOD lifters. It gets cruddy and soon drops the oil pressure. I took mine out and ran the engine for a second to flush the oil gallery before I put in the new screen.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am going the stock route. Just want to add AA.
  11. I have a 2014 Z71 LTZ Crew with Bose and Factory Nav. I have been watching the thread in 2014 mods and have read where you can upgrade the HMI and Radio module to get Android Auto to work. This can get expensive fast. I think I want to go aftermarket with a Non Nav Pioneer head unit and the associated aftermarket interface. To my knowlege, there is PAC, Maestro and Axxess to chose from as far as interface goes. Which interface has been working best for you guys and gals? I want Android Auto, I want to keep my factory backup camera, and as many of the steering wheel controls as possible. I want to be able to mirror my phone to the dash and have the touch screen of the dash unit work the phone so I can use Google Maps and Waze. I am not in need of a CD or DVD player. Do any of you have any favorites in the Pioneer line? Also which interface seems to be the best way to go?
  12. I have a co-worker that has a 2014 and he had to trim the front bracket on passenger the side to clear the DEF tank. He cut it with a porta band saw. Worked out fine. Fit like a glove. The dealer may be able to get the correct bracket for you if you don't want to cut it.
  13. I had that code pop up om my 2014. it was a loose spark plug wire on the coil end. Touched it and it fell off. Reconnected it till it clicked in place and all was good.
  14. Sounds like a spark plug wire is loose and the spark is jumping a gap. Check the wires at both ends.
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