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  1. This has been discussed at length on here before, here is the relevant information from the post below. I had a 2015 that made this noise, but my 2017 does not do it. May just have to push them some more to get them to look up the "B" version of the tech bulletin. Not sure on warranty coverage of this, but there is a fix anyway. #PIP5261B: Faint High Pitched Whine Noise In Auto 4 Wheel Drive - (Feb 9, 2017) Equipped with RPO NQH or NP0 Supersession Statement: This PI was superseded to provide repair direction. Please discard PIP5261A. The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI. Condition/Concern Some customers may comment on a high pitched whine noise from the vehicle noticed when driving in auto 4wd. The customer may comment that it is an intermittent noise and no noticeable pattern to when it can be heard. Recommendation/Instructions The transfer case control module on these vehicles is located next to the accelerator pedal and is not covered by any close out or hush panels. When the transfer case control module has to move the transfer case actuator motor the higher current passing through the module causes an "electronic buzz or whine" within some of the capacitors in the module that can be heard by some of our customers. The latest transfer case control module in service parts has provisions to eliminate this noise. Replace transfer case control module with current part number in the catalog. When programming the module ensure that the description for the calibration installed states the following "New software (Version 9.2) to address field issue of setting DTC C0398 while being driven in AUTO mode for 1 hour due to the IPS sensor drifting."
  2. This is the trim around the window on the door. Around the outside it is not really held in, the window weather stripping is what really holds it. I just peeled it back enough to put some rope caulking in there and it cannot rate against the door anymore.
  3. I had this issue on my '17. On the door there is plastic trim that goes up around the window. In previous generations this would have been left body color metal. There is a gasket on the cab that seals against this plastic trim piece. Since it is not held in well, it rattles against the metal of the door. I pealed my back and put some rope gasket behind it to fix the rattle.
  4. The 6 speed does an air purge on the first 2-3 shift which causes a slip and sometimes a flare. If you only see this on the first 2-3 shift it is normal.
  5. I have a 2017 LT, no LED reverse lights, and yes I have seen this as well. It is not every time, but occasionally it does this.
  6. Where are you on the height adjustment? I found that if the seat is all the way down it will rock front to back. If you lift it up a bit the rock goes away.
  7. My 17 started a squeak similar to a cricket. Found that I could stop it by pushing on the bottom of the B pillar. For now I have jammed a piece of wood in there, will have the dealer look at this soon. The B pillar does not seem too fun to get out of there.
  8. Where is it in the door? I had an issue with the plastic trim around the window rattling. It is not really fastened around the outside so their solution was to put rope caulking between the trim and the door.
  9. It is better than the '15 I had that would crank forever trying to build pressure before it starts.
  10. Return it through ebay. It was listed with buyer protection so ebay will force the seller to cover it. in My Ebay go to the order and select return item with the reason of wrong item sent.
  11. I have heard this as well and it is not the fuel pump. The timing of it seems to be tied to the backlight of the HMI, I hear it start when the screen lights up. The PWM of the backlight somehow gets into the radio, then the radio powers up enough to stop it. Good luck getting GM to fix it. All you will get is "Cannot duplicate customer concern".
  12. Apparently the surveys do have an effect on the dealers. Somehow their pay is linked to the completely satisfied option. When they scratched my steering wheel, and made me do 2 more trips to the dealer to fix it, I did not select completely satisfied. I did the same thing for the seat belt recall because it now rattles. Now, when I went to schedule an appointment for the airbag recall/reprogram, they would prefer I find another dealer. I guess you are just supposed to be happy you get a vehicle back at all. What I find strange when I stated I would not recommend Chevrolet at all on the survey, it received no reaction at all from GM.
  13. There is an updated calibration for the AC. I never had the controls not respond, but I did have it where the AC was slow to get cold. They updated the software and fixed the problem.
  14. There are a lot of service bulletins out there. The dealer will not check them unless you complain about something. They are listed on the NTHSA web site. For some reason they have a Silverado and a Silverado 1500 option and there are differences. Go to the Manufacturer Communications tab to look for service bulletins. Could take you quite a while to go through them all. For important ones I would ask about the radio and the AC system. My radio has had an updated calibration put on it several times, still not the greatest system. There is also a bulletin for the AC system where it will not cool correctly, it will blow warm air randomly. New calibration and good to go now. Also on the AC system, make sure they have blow down turned on. Mine was not originally and it still smells like mold. The recalls they have to do before selling it to you. Any other important TSBs they will have already done. The only one that comes to mind is a TSB on the U joint bolts. Silverado http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchResults;jsessionid=pvLmYRfXrMjRWgy7PGdcBd8DK1r8hg1XxFFn2GkH22QDLFTx6tWp!-1131025498?searchType=PROD&prodType=V&targetCategory=A&searchCriteria.model=SILVERADO&cmplCount=39&rclCount=1&invCount=0&tsbCount=199&activeTab=0&stats=1973546%2C7%2C0%2C61%2C45%2CSILVERADO&makeStats=&jsonBaseURL=%2Fdownloads%2Ffolders%2F&searchCriteria.model_yr=2015&searchCriteria.make=CHEVROLET&searchCriteria.prod_ids=1973546&submit=Go Silverado 1500 http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchResults?searchType=PROD&prodType=V&targetCategory=A&searchCriteria.model=SILVERADO+1500&cmplCount=61&rclCount=7&invCount=0&tsbCount=45&activeTab=0&stats=2004075%2C1%2C0%2C39%2C199%2CSILVERADO+1500&makeStats=&jsonBaseURL=%2Fdownloads%2Ffolders%2F&searchCriteria.model_yr=2015&searchCriteria.make=CHEVROLET&searchCriteria.prod_ids=2004075&submit=Go
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