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  1. That seems like an awesome trade amount. Where do you live? Most ive been offered for my truck has been 32k!
  2. Haha, thanks guys. I just drove one at lunch. Silver '16 2500 LT 4x4, new. They want 51xxx for it before tax, title and doc. Seems okay, but they are offering 32k for my truck, which hurts letting it go for that. Guess I'll have to sleep on it. Have to say, the diesel was super quiet, I could barely hear it from the cockpit with the windows up. I almost want to hear it more, lol.
  3. So I'm looking at trading my 1500 in for a 2500. I have possible plans to towing down the road, but in all honesty, I want a diesel because I love the power, gas mileage and sound. Yeah, I'm that guy. Anyway, obviously the big difference in the two is the motor, but is the 6 speed tranny any better in the 2500s? I hate the way this 1500 shifts with the 5.3 and the 6 speed, will this be the same feeling in the 2500? I'm hoping to pick up a leftover 16 here soon, so Ive got my fingers crossed. I just wanted opinions on anyone that's done this upgrade, and if they were happy with the decision (aside from the towing abilities, I know that's a big difference) Thanks, Tim
  4. I took my truck in to have a rear end squeaking noise looked at, and they somehow found a soft code and rooted the issue back to a clogged catalytic converter. They replaced the converter under warranty, but I have concern as to why this could happen in the first place. I Have run e85, 87, 89 and 91 in those 10k miles to determine the best gas to run, maybe that has something to do with it? Any ideas? I worry this could be the result of a bigger issue...
  5. Thanks! Yeah I wasn't digging all that plastic down low. I am seeing a slight difference in MPG, but it's negligible
  6. You guys are really getting too hung up on tow hooks! I did this for mainly a cosmetic mod, I don't do any kind of rock crawling. Service roads are about the roughest terrain I drive on. It's my daily driver in Phoenix AZ, lol. Not much snow or mud in my routes. Thank you for the concern though.
  7. This is true. But I'm rolling the dice on it. I mean I guess I could just put a tool pack together and keep in the truck with the hooks, so if I needed them that bad I could install them. It would take about 20 minutes total to remove the plate and mount the hooks back up.
  8. No, sorry, punctuation would have helped there. I meant the horseshoe mounts are useless. Recovery hooks would have been nice to hold onto. I would say yes, you could cut out spots for the hooks to come through, but honestly, if I need pulled out, I can hookup to the rear. I don't really do much that would get me into a situation where I need them.
  9. I had to remove the tow hooks, as well as chop the horseshoe mounts off the frame. No matter though, since those are useless once the vehicles frame is assembled. Yes, I plan to cleanup the bolts and the wheel wells.
  10. Got my skid plate installed today. I took it in chunks getting ready to put on. I had to remove some things to make it fit, but nothing I was too worried about. It came in a brushed aluminum finish, so I painted it black.
  11. So am I looking at where you cut that knuckle off flush from the bottom of that metal beam, or did you make a cut on the end of it? We may have to meet up when I get ready to install this skid plate, lol
  12. So can you put the tow hooks back on later it you wanted?
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