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  1. 4 Inch Fabtech

    Those angles seem steep to me. I would hesitate to go higher with that set up. You may run into shortened lifetime of your half shafts.
  2. Where were you when he needed you?
  3. Selling my Tri-Mode steps

    Working on the distance. I’ll call you tonight.
  4. I can’t imagine why you’re having to paint an OEM part to match the OEM interior. #23285090- gray is the part listed for 2014-2018 #23285089- shale is the part for the 2014-2018 High Country with the lighter interior. And... 1Slow1500 stop showing off - with your extensive knowledge, skills and abilities. Along with your generous supply of “better than mine” parts and accessories. You’re making it hard to be a scrub. BTW- your gauge pod looks killer.
  5. I need to replace my driver’s side 2015 Silverado High Country’s (non LED) tail light. I will be willing to purchase your set from other years as long as they will work without mods to my harness. Thanks, Dark.
  6. 2016-2018 Chevy/ GMC Tri-Steps For Sale

    Damnit. Colorado here.
  7. I was Today Years Old when I realized that I’m a Donkey Cart Driver.

    Please reach out to me, I would like to purchase the tail lights
  9. My liners deaden the sound from the road pretty well. I have noticed a little low frequency “ringing” from spray hitting them when driving through water. I think it would be louder without them. As far as I am concerned the liners are a great addition.
  10. $5 DIY Raptor Style Grille Lights

    Hey, hey, hey! I resemble that remark. PeePaw says “No butterscotch drops for you.” Hater, there are only 28 side marker bulbs.
  11. Gear ratio

    4.10 or 4.56 if you’re mostly highway go 4.10 if you split between highway and city 4.56. You’ll be amazed post swap. It will seem like a different truck. Please keep us posted.
  12. Damnit, Steve. I’m from Hialeah and need a set, but now I live in Colorado. I can’t catch a break.

    I’m going to need a tail light. I will find out on Monday if these are any different than the ones on my 2015 High Country. If they are the same. I will contact you. Thank you, Dark.

    Someone hit my truck and wrecked my passenger side Crew Cab chrome OEM step. I want to replace them both with your Tri Mode steps. Please reach out to me if you have a set you’re willing to part with. Thank you, Dark.
  15. Those wheels look sweet. You really did well. I also have to complement your choic3 to mount the tires ROWL. That white truck makes them pop. Great choices all around. A+

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