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  1. I would like to see this as well.
  2. I usually run over it with the pressure washer before going to the local car wash. They pressure wash it again before it goes under the brushes. I think I get a little extra care from them because they can tell I’ve just come from the spray wash when I arrive. A couple of bucks to the spray guys goes a long ways too. Bottom line, living on a gravel road has a few maintenance requirements
  3. 6 inch or 4.5

    Six inch Fabtech lift with uniball UCAs, Dirt Logc 2.5 non resi coilovers. Out back one full length leaf added to the stack per Rocky Mountain Spring and Suspension on a five inch Fabtech block, Dirt Logic 2.25 non resi shocks. BFG TAKO2 34x12.5 R18 on 18x9 wheels with 4.5 BS. GM Factory well liners and mud flaps No hammering, cutting or distorting of the wheel wells done at all. I went down to 18 inch wheels for the increased side wall height. IMHO you need enough sidewall to absorb some of the bumps on a truck driven off road. Zero rubbing with complete extension/compression of the suspension, lock to lock Here is the best part: the truck rides better than stock, it performs flawlessly while being driven as a ranch truck on gravel roads,across the prairie chasing cattle, in the snow and as my primary vehicle that makes bi-annual cross country road trips. You may spend a few dollars, but you can easily make these trucks perform amazingly.
  4. I have been transformed

    Welcome🎟 to the Forum🎪 Such a sharp looking truck, Congratulations 🎉🎊 I look forward to seeing which direction you take with your new machine.
  5. Out Muddin’? Nope, just driving home... In Colorado we call it Mud Season for a reason.
  6. That is heartbreaking. People are capable of such terrible behavior. I’ve got a spare gold front one, if you want it for anything, I will send it to you. I’m saving up for a lighted one. When I get it, I will give you my black one (the dealer added it to my High Country). I wish i could do more. Let me know.
  7. What if you were to put the factory shocks and struts from a Z71 truck. I’m sure there are a ton of people that have new sets sitting in their garages. Mine wasnt lowered, but it did come with the 20 inch wheels. just a thought...

    Before you spend a dollar on new parts, please try this. Go to a muffler shop, have them cut the exhaust pipe in front of the muffler, then again just after the flapper. Remove the muffler and the flapper as one piece. Put back a straight piece of pipe in their place. Do NOTHING else. It it is almost free, it sounds great, you still have the resonators in place to keep it from being too loud or raspy. Give it a few days, you may be surprised at how well you like it. Put the stock muffler assembly in the basement Incase you ever want to change it back. If if you don’t like the sound and want to tinker, it is no big deal to have a shop put a muffler back in the same spot. -If you decide on buying a new chrome exhaust tip, have them trim the existing pipe back a few inches so that the new pretty tip doesn’t stick out too far and look dorky.
  9. 14-18 Chrome Door Handles

    High Country Crew Cab Take offs, I wanted body colored. They were removed within a week of the new truck arriving. Have been boxed up since. Perfect and pristine. $100 and I pay shipping from Colorado to your door. I will include a set of chrome mirror caps as well. The caps were on for about six months before I found a set of color matched ones. They have a couple broken tabs from removal, but will go back on easily. Reach out if you want them.
  10. Best Halogen Bulb Available?

    Well, one of the low beam GE NightHawk 9005 xenon NHX bulbs that I installed on 19Nov2016 has failed. It must have burned out today. These bulbs have performed well for just under two years. I drive on gravel and ranch roads a fair amount, so they have seen their share of vibrations. The high beam versions are still going strong. Has as anyone installed the newer OSRAM NightBreaker Laser HB3/9005 60watt bulbs? they claim to be 150% brighter than stock. If their claims are true, then they will be brighter than the NightHawks. This site has a 20% coupon that takes them down to $40.54 for the set. I think a few people have dealt with them I have not. If anyone has used these bulbs, chime in.
  11. If he is not, I am. To be sure, CCSB ? Post here and shoot me a PM
  12. I am very happy with my BFG TA KO2 tires. My situation is different than yours and I am a bit more demanding of my tires. I have had good luck with mine, they winter very well and are sure footed on the ice, mud and snow. 10 ply tires are heavy, sturdy tires.
  13. Light bars

    30inch Rough Country single row Black series. It is absolutely a perfect fit with brackets designed for our trucks. The length and curve are perfect. The “Black” series is made with blackened chrome reflectors so that it is discreet and mostly non reflective from behind the grille, even during the brightest day, it is kind of hidden. It comes with a complete harness and a decent lighted red/green switch. A bargain for around $249.00 I believe there are a lot of members that have this very product and I have never seen a thread complaining of issues with one. I am completely satisfied with mine.
  14. If you go down a tire size on those 24” wheels, you are not going to have any sidewalls. if you’ve got the money handy, then gears are great. If money is sparse at all, I would start with a tune. You might be happy. Especially is going down to 35’s. Lots of people are driving around with 3.42 or even 3.23 with 35” tires.

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