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  1. New? Used? History? Which bulbs, which projector? Fogs Included? i have factory projectors on my High Country, will these be PnP for me?
  2. Chrome Delete

    2014-2018 tailgate emblem Here is is a picture of the aftermarket tailgate emblem for your 2019. Unfortunately this particular one is chrome, they do offer it in black. I like the domed letters a lot on that emblem.
  3. Chrome Delete

    Wiggums, please post pictures of the Spanish version emblems. I definitely agree that the older model emblems will look wrong with the older font.
  4. Duralast has upgraded(?) products again to a GT line that’s supposedly above the MAX line. I stopped in to pick up a set of the ones I pictured on warranty exchange and the salesman offered to upgrade them at no cost. The rotors are slotted, the pads haven’t arrived. When they do, I will post pictures. Does anyone one have any experience with this new GT line from DuraLast?
  5. LilDann, you ever think about putting the chrome version of the star (just the star) in your center caps? I think it might make the wheels pop, since you’ve got a bit of chrome here and there. I have the same wheels in their PVD chrome, I match painted my stars and the plastic rib pieces to my body color, deep ocean blue. I won’t post a pic here and derail your blackfest. But a bit of accent might look cool and they’re easy to change. Just my .02
  6. I’ve had pretty good luck with these. To my foot, they’re better than stock by a decent margin. I don’t remember what I paid for them, but it was not too expensive. Warranty-Three years on the rotors and lifetime on the pads. I’ve got about twelve thousand on them and they aren’t showing much wear at all. Plus- now they call me... NASCAR.
  7. Sierra Differentials

    Wait, so it went from the diff is “blown”. As in no 4WD - the front drive not functioning, to we had them change the fluid and drove it to a hometown dealer and now it’s fine?
  8. Searching them now. Looks like the Performance series is the best choice in 94R. The Extreme version is not offered in that configuration. that seems to be a very good battery. Anyone heard of Kinetik? I know they are big in the high end audio circle. But, I don’t see a 94R from them either. edit: what about NorthStar? Anyone with any experience with this one? I just read where Odyssey Extreme and NorthStar AGM are the best batteries made. NorthStar makes their high end one in 94R. That may decide for me. Chime in with your opinions.
  9. Door Trim - Dawn Enterprises

    Well priced for painted.
  10. Even this monstrosity with paint and a little well placed chrome, isn’t too horrific. Imagine that weight addition...
  11. I even like these. Given, the accessories on the front bumper are a bit much, but a plain version of it, match painted might work. The rear one is very nice as is.
  12. These aren’t too offensive.
  13. There are some smaller, low profile versions that don’t look like BIG, FAT, ABOMINATIONS to me. Especially when match painted to blend. I do agree that lifted trucks seem to carry the heavier bumpers better. i will look and see if I can find a non horrendous version...
  14. Rear Differential Fluid

    My front diff from the factory had a greenish creamy looking lube. I checked it when it was new. I was surprised and made the dealer show me the fluid from finger dip in another one that was up on the rack. It was the same. They said it was just how the synthetic lube in those diffs looks, from the factory. Paintor, you’re suggesting that because of its ease of rinse off, that it is inferior? Or that it will fail if any water is able to intrude?

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