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  1. Once I get home, I will try to illucidate it further for your review, Griz.
  2. Update? You’ve kept us in suspense long enough...
  3. Congratulations on your wheel choice. That is a very interesting wheel. Please post pictures once they are installed.
  4. That is a very poor, vague statement. 4WD changes handling characteristics, profoundly at times on surfaces with poor grip. Especially when contrasted with RWD vehicles.
  5. Interior swap

    Keep posting the steps. I’m hooked on this thread.
  6. Interior swap

    I was thinking about the the seats and all the big pieces. The leather looks like it could use some love. I didn’t realize you were just mocking up for now. I just thought it would be a lot easier to clean the pieces before installing them. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. It is an enormous upgrade that will really look phenomenal when done. I agree that you’re a glutton for punishment, as I’m certain that there is a lot of custom work required for it to fit even remotely correctly. But what a huge payoff when it’s done. Where did you get the complete interior?
  7. I spoke with Speed Engineering, they said NO ONE to their knowledge has installed a set of their headers with a pair of catalytic converters on one of our trucks. He had no frame of reference for using his y connect or true dual with cats. He thought, you could buy the headers and the true dual set, then cut them up to accommodate your needs with some additional piping. Im back to leaning toward a different set.
  8. Interior swap

    Shouldn’t you be cleaning it as you go along, rather than trying to do everything at the end? it looks like one heck of an upgrade.
  9. it Should look like the polished OEM exhaust tip. Your question should be. With or without the bow tie.
  10. I just emailed Speed Engineering for their thoughts and product recommendations on achieving long tubes with cats to a dual exhaust with exits behind the wheels and possibly adding two resonators after the axles.
  11. If it’s too loud now, you might try a carven muffler, I have an Aero muffler, from the manufacturer in Utah. Niether of them are very restrictive. I’m surprised that just the muffler delete is too loud.
  12. Tow Mirror Mods

    Morimoto LED 921 bulb. Should cost about $20 for a set, delivered
  13. That sounds like a heck of a deal. dual with a crossover or an X pipe? Can you take a few pictures of the underside? Would there have been room to weld in two cats? If there is a way to install these headers with a pair of cats in the pipes just aft it f the collectors and keep it dual to the back axle for the +/- 800 + cat converter prices, I may be sold on this brand. I spoke with Stainless Works, they are planning a 20% off sale for Black Friday. However they Do Not offer their Stainless Power “B” line for our trucks. So you are still looking at 1,600 ish for the headers and collector to cats X pipe. Damn, it’s a beautiful set up. But somewhat cost prohibitive.
  14. $240 sounds like the price for the BG injector service. They have “wiggle room” on that pricing. The dealer also should send out periodic coupons for $50 off of preventive services. There is also a deal from BG that says if you use their preventive services, they will pay for up to $2000 on a repair if you have a catastrophic failure. I don’t know any real details of that warranty. I am am a fan of BG products, I use a can of BG 44K in the fuel before each oil change. I also add their MOA to the oil each time. Probably overkill, but it’s my OCD process. I also ran a can of their EPR through the engine at the fifty K oil change, for what it’s worth. I had the BG injector service done for 199 and had their $50 dealer coupon to use at the cashier. So I didn’t feel that is was too outrageous. The flush was pretty comprehensive, they hooked the BG machine up to the truck and worked on it for quite a while. Edit- that service should be done and completed right before an oil change.

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