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  1. I am looking for an angled spare tire holder to put in the bed of my truck. It needs to lean from center (ish) bed towards the front, near the back window, accommodate a 34.5 inch tire on an 18x9 wheel and have a few plug studs, so that I can screw down a couple of lug locks on it for security. You’ve seen them, kind of Baja looking, fit pretty tight against the back widow, mounted to the bed floor a little way back from the front of the bed.I’ve had difficulty finding one that will do this. Any suggestions? Links? Thank you.
  2. Those are cool. Shoot me a pm. I’d like one for my tool box.
  3. It’s good to see longevity out of mod parts. Especially GM “backed” ones. Seeing the $300 quote made me cuss. Some dealerships just flabbergast me with their greed and shortsightedness.
  4. Body shop pics. The disassembly was not difficult.you can put in a Rough Country curved light bar and MoriMoto fog lights at the same time. I can heartily endorse both products.
  5. I appreciate your perspective and agree about the excess chrome. I went the opposite way and am pleased with the results. The second shot was during the install. I wanted to show how pleased I was with the color. It’s years in, now and has held up perfectly well. I’m a ranch truck type. So, it’s not perfect, lots of gravel road driving.
  6. Dani, if you print up the #4 stickers, I want one for my shop. Heck, I’ll by a couple. Too funny. Thanks for the laugh. I appreciate the Golden Knights reference as well. “Old Paratroopers, good to the last drop”
  7. Gentlemen. Respectfully, I believe you’re feeding a troll. My 2015 High Country has been the best truck I’ve owned. Period. I live rural and demand fair amount from my modded to suit me truck. Let that kid think/say whatever suits him. TxGreek, you’re solid, as always.
  8. I’m at 6000’ in Colorado as well. It’s not that different, certainly not enough to sell your truck. Unless you’re leaning that way already. The issue that I have is that 91 octane is premium here. 93 octane pumps are few and far between.
  9. Mike, I realize it’s the weekend. But, I’m in. I want one for my 2015 6.2l. I will call you on Monday, unless you respond and want me to reach out sooner. Thank you.
  10. It’s a sticker. A small sticker mounted on the surface of the plastic. Thanks for your contribution, though. Lund is pretty good about realizing that not everyone wants to advertise for them, so they make the ad relatively easy to remove.
  11. Anyone know offhand, the capacity in the front and and rear diffs (9.5 vs. 9.76 inch) Mine is 9.76. But, it would be nice to list both. Dark. I started out all motivated, cleaning for one hour each day. Doing little stuff around the house and trying to be somewhat productive. Taking things apart fixing and deep cleaning. Now, I’m coming to terms with my fat ass being lazy, depressed and just blah. What a drag. I kinda suck.
  12. If you use the coin spray wash, the pressure washer on soap will peel it right off.
  13. Years ago I had a RECON tailgate bar that got condensation inside which made a few LEDs fail. I emailed a complaint with a photo. They sent me out a replacement (newer model) without a squawk. I could not complain about that type of customer service.
  14. Post pics and describe your experience when done, please.
  15. I only had to drill one hole per side to install mine. There are two nuts welded to a piece of flat stock which holds them the appropriate distance apart for the install. I dropped it through a hole in the side of the frame rail and pulled it into place with a piece of wire. EasyPeasy. There are videos showing axle wrap on our trucks. I was surprised at how much wrap there was, the leaves really bend. I also had an additional full length leaf made, added it to the stack, just underneath the main (eye) leaf. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to strengthen the springs significantly.
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