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  1. Jay, can you post a link or the bulletin?
  2. I went to a local spring shop and had them make one full length leaf with the correct rate and arc. They charged me less than a hundred bucks for the leaves, keepers and pins. I added it in the stack just under the eye leaf. My suspension rides perfectly and doesn’t hunker down like a lot of 1500s when under a decent load. I really do like the idea of a rear suspension without lift blocks. Maybe on the next truck.
  3. I will look at the brackets. Thank you. Power Stop is selling a reman set of their “performance” calipers for $160. That seems like a helluva lot for a red powdercoat job on a set of standard remans. do the brackets suffer other problems? Like being bent/warped? What else should I look for?
  4. I did an brake job about ten thousand miles ago. But, did not replace my calipers, they seemed fine, moved well, didn’t appear to have any galling. That has bit me in the ass. I have a front brake dragging on the inside of the LF disc. I will attend to it this coming weekend. Does anyone have recommendations for replacement calipers? I’m not looking to upgrade to a Big Brake Kit. Just replace the calipers with something OEM compatible. IIRC correctly, someone had posted about swapping to a Suburban’s brakes for larger/better performance. I’m curious about that as well. But for the moment, I need a source for “good, better, best” quality replacement calipers. Thanks, Dark
  5. Magnetic holsters, not exactly what you’re looking for. But, on the right track. I like this vendor’s products. https://jm4tactical.com/original-magnetic-quick-click-carry-holster-6-colors-available/
  6. Use your tape measure, add an inch and order a set online. Easy, Peasy. Once you’ve got the traction bars installed, you’ll wonder why they aren’t OEM on every one of these trucks. edited for format.
  7. Pic please. You didn’t have ANY clearance issues?
  8. Racer X, are you speaking from overall experience with life? Or, do you have specific items between these products that are different?
  9. Picture of the underside. Sorry, it’s all for us “old” truck guys. FWIW- I do like the looks of this one.
  10. BMC Extreme Customs. Part#: BMC-21026 Single Scoop Functional Ram Air Hood Fully Integrated Ram Air channel internal to hood - no extra bolt on channels to buy Fully Functional -interfaces through Open Path or Cold Air Intake Uses stock mounting hardware - no need for new brackets or special struts. Comes prebaked - which means less time for Prep. Comes ready for prep and paint Highest quality available and built in the USA Includes Fitment Guarantee 1 Year Warranty I have not seen this one in person. But, the pictures look decent.
  11. PML literally emailed me today and wrote; buy a pan from B&M ours is at least a year away. Nice of them to be straight. Also, I emailed TruCool and asked which cooler they recommended for my application. I literally described my truck, my needs , my driving habits and my goals. Their Customer Service Head (named Meghan) sent me a copy of their brochure with all 27 different random coolers they make. Zero recommendation for what type, size or model might best suit my needs. Just a picture of every one they make. Thanks for your customer service expertise TruCool. It’s not like you design and manufacture them.
  12. I’m searching and have found Tru-Cool. Auto correct got you, I think. I sent them an email. why don’t you like the “high” mount spin on filter?
  13. Agreed. I would like to have found the pml pan ready to go, as I’m approaching time for a pan drop. It would be convenient to add the new pan at that time. As it is, I have to decide if it’s worth the extra dollars to buy a B&M pan over buying a second OEM pan and adding a drain plug before the drop and filter exchange. my only problem with the addition of the Mishimoto cooler is that I’ve already installed a “behind the grille” light bar in that place. So, I’ve got to purchase it, then get hardware and material to fab mounts. Disassemble the rad support cover to get the grille. Take it apart and then adjust/fab mounts for one or the other to make it all fit. *such are the woes of modding. A couple of guys have modded a remote spin on filter with hard plumbing, onto the second battery tray. I wish there was a kit for that as well. Although, someone was concerned about pressure changes because of the remote filter and possible complications. That may or may not be a real concern. All I know for sure, is that things are much more complex in these modern machines. Ha.
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