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  1. The antenna is tuned by its length. Altering it a little wont make (IMHO) an audible difference for 99.9% of people. If you live way out in mountainous territory and are far from broadcast sources, then you may notice an occasional change in reception quality. Take a pair of wire cutters and trim a couple of inches off the top with one snip. Use a pair of pliers and pop the ball off the end. Superglue it back on. Done. Scared to do it to your “good” antenna, any junkyard will sell one for a couple of bucks. Stop at a body shop and ask for one off of their stripped cars. I believe every GM truck one is the same and the sedan ones may be as well. It’s a standard thread. Put a wrench on it and turn it counterclockwise to loosen. I take mine off at the car wash twice a week. Its a five minute fix. NitrousBird- Welfare Radio? That’s a new one on me. So, if you’re not paying for a subscription service, it’s welfare? I don’t listen to FM much anymore either, but I never thought of making it a derogatory thing. Are NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX broadcast Channels “Welfare TV”? Different strokes, I guess.
  2. (I searched the forum to no good answer) My 2015 CCSB 4WD Silverado 1500 L86 6.2L has about 65,000 miles on the clock. I’m considering replacing the spark plugs and wires during my next maintenance day. It is not missing, but the idle isn’t as smooth as it has been, it might have a tiny pause upon acceleration. I’m pretty conscientious regarding maintenance and have serviced the intake/fuel system regularly, so this seems like a logical progression in scheduled maintenance. No big engine mods done, intake and a muffler is about all. 1. Is it appropriate at this mileage and hours/age? 2. Which products have you used and why. 3. Costs and potential bargains. 4. Tips or Tricks to make the process easier or provide a better outcome. thanks for your input and sharing your experience. If you recommend parts, try and include parts numbers. Thank you, Dark.
  3. Ol' Chevy will me missed...

    What a sharp looking truck. I’m very impressed with its stance and nose. I see the StormTrooper in it as well. I hope it runs like a top and lasts forever. Good Luck on the DarkSide.
  4. 👆🏼This. Add a full size, full length leaf at a minimum, instead of an Add-A-Leaf. An add a leaf is not a good addition for your springs in the long run. It will create two new flex points on your springs where the shorter, thicker Add-A-Leaf ends. These new flex points will potentially cause the existing leaves to fail by concentrating too much weight on a section of the spring that was not designed to support it. That’s also why, in worst case situations, the existing leaf cracks at the end of the Add-A-Leaf, causing a catastrophic failure. Go to a real truck spring shop, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable their options for upgrades can be.
  5. Best muffler with headers

    I’ve got to run to town this evening, I will make one.
  6. You guys are cute. Good Luck.
  7. Nice try...

    👆🏼Worst Hacker Ever.
  8. Throttle Body Spacer

    Save your dollars, spacers don’t help in this application.
  9. Best muffler with headers

    He makes a 3.5 inch version for that. There is a five inch version as well for the diesel market. Post pictures of whatever you decide on. There are so many choices.
  10. Best muffler with headers

    https://aeroexhaust.com/ I like these products. The guy is a decent person, I went to his shop in Utah a few years ago. Two mufflers and two small resonators on a true dual system is very nice. I had it on my last truck with headers. Currently I’ve only done a muffler swap on the new 6.2 truck, to his 30x30 muffler. I hope to buy a set of stainless works headers and do another true dual on this truck, this coming summer.
  11. I got my 2015 High Country while the 2016s were sitting on the lot. Traded my 2005 with +/-186K on the clock plus $33,000 out the door for a truck that stickered just under $58 with a $3K allowance at 4WheelParts and the $800 gift card. I also used the GMAC deal and then paid that loan off before the first payment, so it didn’t accrue any interest. I forget how it was done, but using the GMAC made it cheaper out the door by like $2K-IIRC The salesman said said they had trouble moving my truck because, even though it was loaded, it did not have a sunroof. Needless to say, I was pretty happy. It’s been a great truck. I plan on keeping it for a while.
  12. I bought my 2015 through the Costco program. Exceptional deal and an $800 Costco gift card to boot. Great program.
  13. I think that most of these posters just want the JOBS back here on US soil, where IMHO they belong. It wasn’t foreign capital that bailed out GM when they were sucking air. I kind of feel that shipping the work outside of CONUS for cheaper labor is a betrayal. But what do I know...
  14. Extreme Road and Trail Dump Trailer

    That’s a beauty. Look at the next size up as well. Not too many people have ever said, “I wish I would’ve gotten a smaller trailer”. I’m jelly, post pictures when you decide.

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