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  1. I like gasoline or diesel engines. Today's engines are not only durable, but also very dependable. If you use a truck for things that trucks are designed for, you will at some point either be waiting for many hours somewhere unplanned, sitting on the side of the road stranded, or forced to realize that your electric truck is unable to perform as needed. I see no need for electric trucks and I would be seriously surprised if they truly are greener, stem to stern with MFG costs, charging station infrastructure, and the fact that most of the electricity is co.inf from somewhere. Solar electricity isn't very sustainable in my opinion, at least in the Southeast, as they put up the solar farms in actual arable land/farms. The panels are taking food production away and polluting the land with heavy metals, concrete, and cables. Everything has a cost. Sent via Morse code
  2. The GM Embark Aluminum Max(Retrax) allows the use of the auto drop tailgate every time I have tried it on mine. Sent via Morse code
  3. I went with this cover because of the 20% discount plus free shipping and was also able to use my GM Rewards points also. The cover was ordered last Friday and came in on Tuesday(obviously the strike didn't effect the accessories). $365 discount was nice. It is warranted for 3 years by GM and guaranteed to fit. The assist handle for the MultiPro tailgate works and the auto-down tailgate still works. It was easy to install and works nicely. The color is matte black and it's powder coated all aluminum constructed. There are no T slots on my cover although there may be one on GMC's site. I like the retractable better than a trifold personally. This one is made by Tetrax and the email they/Retrax sent me said that it is the ProMX with another name for GM. Sent via Morse code
  4. I can confirm that the GM Embark Advantage Max cover, or as most know it...the Retrax Pro MX, allows the use of the assist handle that flips up in the bed. I installed tonight but the pics at night were poor, so tomorrow I will post some. Pretty easy install and the Realtrucks YouTube video made it even easier. Cover looks cool and functions well as far as closing and opening. Can't comment on water tightness, but more on those tests later this week. Sent via Morse code
  5. Very nice sir. Are they of the same quality as the Amps? They look identical. Curious about price difference. Sent via Morse code
  6. I too am curious of what value the task lighting adds. It would be cool if Pgamboa could build a harness that would activate these with whichever blinker that was activated. Mine has them and I had to play around to figure out how to turn them on. They are bright but they seem rather useless... Why not just aim your headlights at whatever you would use them for. Not sure, but I miss the blinker lights in the mirrors. Sent via Morse code
  7. I may be mistaken but I'm rather sure mine stays in Sport mode. I will check again but unless turning the knob sends it there initially I am thinking it stays where you leave it...not sure. Sent via Morse code
  8. I have read about others with the same issue. If you watch the Readylift vid on YouTube the guy mentions the exact same occurrence. Too much angle must pinch the boot. Sent via Morse code
  9. I too just was made aware of this with the purchase of a new 2019 Sierra in addition to my 2017 Sierra. The 17 has 5 years, the 19 has 3 months. Wow. I would sooner order the keypad to unlock the doors before I paid that price. I am curious if I even need it as the vehicle has the pushbutton start and will not lock the doors with the keys inside. Not sure of the value. Sent via Morse code
  10. Did you go with the LT or non LT version? Sent via Morse code
  11. I would be extremely hesitant about stacking a level on top of a level(essentially). The TB/AT4 already is 2" higher front and rear. The pics I have seen on the UCA/Ball joint angles look too extreme following the RC or other level lift. I think a leveling kit on a stock Z71-nonTB/AT4 would be fine, as you would be lifting from angles much less aggressive. I know this company and others sell and develop these kits but I would estimate that you will be replacing parts within 30k miles if not sooner. I watched the video. Not trying to be a downer but I thought someone needed to be the voice of reason in this post. Sent via Morse code
  12. I just ordered the Embark Advantage Aluminum Max from GM with 20% off promotion for Tailgate Month and I had $200 worth of GM Rewards points. I emailed Retrax concerning this and they promptly replied back and told me the Embark is their Retrax Pro MX that they manufacture for GM specifically. They said either version is of the same quality. They also said that the assist handle will work with this version of the cover where I have been told that the regular Retrax wouldn't allow this handle to fully extend. I assume there are some spacers or something. $1829 base price with $365 discount straight from GM(20%) and if you have rewards pts then you win again. The cover is warrantied by your dealer and GM approved. Pics to follow soon as I get it in and installed. Sent via Morse code
  13. I miss... Heavy hitters for me: Blinkers in mirrors Power pedals(wife really likes) Honorable mentions: Bilstein shocks from the factory Optional gear ratios(is 6.2/10spd) That's pretty much it for me. I would prefer that they not bring a vehicle to market knowing they plan to add features within a year and not offer upgrades to first year buyers.. Sent via Morse code
  14. I have a 17 6.2/8 speed crew AT and my wife has a 19 6.2/10speed crew AT4 and the 10 speed doesn't yet behave like my 8 speed does. The 10 speed is smoother and the shifts are precise and non-clunky thus far. It feels as quick as mine(pre-lift) and I was thinking maybe a touch quicker...not sure. Her old ride was a Yukon Denali 6.2/8 speed. What I can tell you is the throttle map on the Yukon with 6.2 is more aggressive than the trucks. I'm sure so.eone who has owned or driven both can chime in. Sent via Morse code
  15. How do you like this cover? Do you retain the use of the flip up grab handle with it? Sent via Morse code
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