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  1. RTP Black Exhaust Tip

    No I tried the tip when I got it and to my surprise I ordered one too small. Ieasured it and sure enough it is 3.5". Sent via Morse code
  2. RTP Black Exhaust Tip

    It is made by RTP. I contacted the company and they will make to suit, so yes they offer one for the 6.2L engine, which I am going to order once I sell this one. My wife forbade me to spend more money on my "stupid" truck u til this was out of her house, haha. I made the mistake when I ordered it of getting the one with a 3" input pipe. The have a website and sell on eBay and Amazon. I will look for the link and add it to the page. The tip is built well and looks good. I talked with a couple of guys that said that the 0.5" smaller pipe for 2" or so then opening to dual 4" pipes wouldn't restrict flow, but I don't feel like like welding this up and having my OCD bother me later. Sent via Morse code
  3. I'm a lifelong GM guy and these things couldn't be less buyer appealling in my opinion. Why? Well first,...same engine hp/tq. Then not having tow mirrors available at launch. Then not having all engines available at launch. Poor drivetrain customization...no Trail Boss with 6.2. The dash somehow looks worse than current model(which is good, but this should be better. Wheels are ugly. 4 low is a staple unless in a crossover. Gear ratio options are lame. I know several of you will call me a hater or negative, but these are my opinions and you are all entitled to your own. There are several enhancements and improvements here, but it seems like it was rushed to market with not enough time on the design table. With Ram and Turd offering so many innovative upgrades this truck will be eating dust by the time they are a year old. Sent via Morse code
  4. RTP Black Exhaust Tip

    It has dual 4" exhaust tips. It is stainless steel that has been powder coated black. Sent via Morse code
  5. RTP Black Exhaust Tip

    Here is an exhaust tip I bought for my truck that I need to sell. It looks awesome and I would install it, except I ordered one with a 3" inlet rather than the 3.5" inlet that the 6.2 has. It will fit any 5.3 as I understand they have a 2.75" tailpipe. It is still in the box with all the factory bubble wrap. I paid $125 plus shipping. I would like to get $100 for it with shipping included. My loss your gain. I have no idea what shipping is for this item but please only solid offers. Below is a truck from this forum with the tip installed. Looks sick! Sent via Morse code
  6. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

    Please mark this as sold. Thanks! Sent via Morse code
  7. Zone or BDS with stock 20's?

    Your 275's will clear easily. 295's will work as well no troubles. I ordered both 295/60R20's and 35x11.50x20's and went with the 35's because they were about 1/4" taller and 1/4" narrower as well as significantly cheaper. The new knuckles do push the wheel out and with stamped steel and my 11.50 width I have approx 1/4" from tire and UCA contact. The close contact isn't on the sides of the UCA however. The issue is at the little knub or rim on the outer edge of the UCA. I have seen different people grind that down to clear 12.50's, but I wouldn't trust that(and it is still very close after). I saw a Rocky Ridge Apex that was brand new with this mod done but I still wouldn't touch it. If your ball joint comes out bad things will happen. The tire brand that you choose will have a large impact on clearance as well. I have seen that different companies and different styles in the same company have sizes that may or may not be as advertised. For instance BFG seems to always run quite a bit smaller than their advertised size. Most Toyo seem to run true to size(A/T and R/T). Nitto seems to be close but a little on the short side. In my experience if they are shorter, then they are also more narrow(in relation to declared size). I'm assuming you are wanting to run a 12.50, and if you do you can consider a small 8 mm slide on spacer. I found a couple that were even hub centric. I personally don't want a spacer on my front wheels, but many say it's fine. Sent via Morse code
  8. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

    $300 shipped. Sent via Morse code
  9. Nice upgrade. Mind if I ask the cost? Sent via Morse code
  10. I have saw those but never really paid them much attention. They don't stiffen your ride when unloaded? Running 7 psi in the rear unloaded like regular bags? Sent via Morse code
  11. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

    I think I can ship it most anywhere in the lower 48 for approx. $35-40 Sent via Morse code
  12. Which rears did you go with? Part numbers too please sir. Sent via Morse code
  13. Wireless charging

    I did the same and got it from Tasca. Installed quick and works great. Sent via Morse code
  14. 2015+ Yukon Denali Grille

    Here is a better picture of the grille after I cleaned it up a bit. Sent via Morse code
  15. Sierra air dam removal

    I cut mine in half as well! I prefer it but both ways look good...that is off and halved, but not complete. Complete it looks like a ground effects kit Sent via Morse code

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