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  1. Superlift 3.5 Pics and opinions

    I had my shop bring in Ridge Grapplers in both sizes: 35x11.50R20 and 295/60R20 and the 295's were about 0.25" wider and 0.125" shorter and about $50 more expensive per tire(also a few lbs lighter and heavier weight capacity). I went with the 35's due to all listed reasons and also the fact that the grips are a little deeper and more aggressive looking. I run 28 psi in mine and they ride decent. Love the tire in that it is quiet and performs well in the rain and is really quiet. It is still and E range and rides stiffer than your stockers. I would buy again! Sent via Morse code
  2. Call Spring Creek Ford in Colquitt, GA. They sell Raptors at MSRP. I don't know if they advertise them at that but I know several people who bought them at MSRP or lower. Raptors in SW GA are everywhere. Honestly before I bought my 17 I looked at one- I couldn't get over a $68K with a V6 so I passed; I was close though. Sent via Morse code
  3. Anyone who installs BDS can and would install Zone, I would think(they definitely would be able to as 90% of the install is identical with 75% or more identical parts). I have the Zone 4.5 and really like it! I didn't necessarily want a lift, but I wanted to be able to run a 35" Ridge Grapplers on stock wheels. I wanted it to ride better than a RC 2.5. I knew that the 2.5 RC caused concern over the stamped steel UCA and also rubbed UCA when lifted any over stock. I like that my setup is close enough to stock that people think it's similar to a leveling kit, and not quite a 6"-6.5". I like the ride of the Bilsteins as well. Sent via Morse code
  4. Here's mine with 35x11.50 RG on stock wheels. I know you asked about 33's and I show this pic because mine measure to approx. 33" running 28 psi in them. Sent via Morse code
  5. I have the Zone 4.5" and really like it. I changed my front and rear shocks out to Bilstein 5100's(5125 for rear technically, while the fronts are actually struts, and the fronts are at stock height). I didn't feel like putting several thousand $$ into coilovers that would need servicing and shipping them...not interested. I initially used the stock Rancho front struts and the rear Zone Nitro shocks. The first change was the rear Bilsteins and what a difference. I thought that the Nitros were too stiff, but they were actually too soft- they allowed too rapid of a cycle which caused a rough ride(GoPro cameras show quite alot). Changing the fronts to Bilsteins improved the ride as well. Not as much of an improvemwnt as the rear IMO. In hindsight I wouldn't change my mind about the Zone. The BDS is nice and comes with new front struts, but the same rear shocks that I trashed. The BDS does have high clearance front crossmembers and doesn't require cutting the rack and TRE's. The BDS does require more front diff clearance work as well. Sent via Morse code
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    Just installed the 5100's on the front of my 17 with a Zone 4.5. I set them to stock height. I changed the rears a few weeks back. I used the strut tower on top of them. This was a good upgrade, which is sad that a set of shocks with 5,500 miles in visibly good shape and rode that poorly. When I say poor ride I mean that Rancho has no decent uptravel control. The on pavement ride was ok, but the Bilsteins are better. This wasn't a night and day difference for me, but definitely worth the mod. Sent via Morse code
  7. Is there any possibility of swapping a 10 speed into our trucks? Sent via Morse code
  8. GM used to make the best transmissions period. I'm not saying they are the worst, but they can't be far from it. Sent via Morse code
  9. Disappointed with 2019

    My work truck is a 2014 Tundra Crew on Ridge Grappler 275/70R18's. I have driven it for 101,000 miles and I gotta say it's not too bad. The fuel economy is approx 15.5-16 hwy with mixed driving usually 12-13 mpg with the RG tires. On the stock tires it was about 1 mpg better both ways. We have a fleet of the Yo-Yos and have had overall good performance from them, with most problems being speed sensors and wheel bearings. I think we have 30 or so Tumdras with around 70 Silverados and 24 Ford 250s. The company put together a 4 year cost of ownership and somehow the Fords won(surprises me). Anyway my new work 250 will be here in a couple months. Tundra is a nice truck. Behind on tech and the rear end is horrible. I could go on for a while(we use them on a multi state large farm). Sent via Morse code
  10. I have since learned that running a 22 will allow a 12" wide tire in most cases with stamped. Still 11.5 actual(some running 12 listed) width Max on stamped with factory 20's. Sent via Morse code
  11. I made the comment that these seemed not ready for the mainstream market a week ago and caught some heat for it. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that GM dropped out of the running for truck offerings. That's hard for me as a die hard GM man to say or write. I can't believe no one has stated the obvious in that if you leave your hitch in the receiver from the weekend boat trip and then stop by Lowes on Monday...arms full and hit the tail gate down button on the key fob...now you have a scratched power fold gate if it double folded. Morons are in charge at GM. No more engine power is stupid, screw weight loss. Sent via Morse code
  12. Got in my 5100's for the front to match the 5125 that I installed in the rear. I have a 4.5" Zone lift and needed custom length rear shocks. I hope the front changes the ride as much as the rears did! Rancho rebound sucks bad. Not news here or to me, as I have owned nearly every year model Z71 since 2004, but since my work truck is a TRD Tundra with Bilsteins I'm reminded everyday how bad Ranchos ride. Curious who the person was who signed off on this garbage[emoji53] Sent via Morse code
  13. My 2017 LT Z71 Build

    Here's mine. I have since added the blackout American flag overlay to it. Looks awesome and works good too. Sent via Morse code
  14. Help with order

    Chevy really doesn't help the High Country's out in the wheel dept. I love that the HC gets black interior option now but those wheels are just mehhhh. Sent via Morse code
  15. 6.5" lift... down to 4.5?

    Post up some pics. I'm sure either myself or someone here can tell you what lift you have. I can tell you that you won't gain any real mpg going to a 33 though. You might pick up 1 mpg. Tire width and truck aerodynamics are working against you. Sent via Morse code

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