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  1. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    Sent via Morse code
  2. 2015 UCA aluminum to steel

    I would guess that you will be in trouble. I couldn't run a 295 on my 2017 with snowflakes and SS arms. I wish you the best of luck sir. Sent via Morse code
  3. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    I live in GA. We take truck ownership seriously down here. Sent via Morse code
  4. I use it when the saw will be sitting up for a while. It doesnt varnish like gasoline. Sent via Morse code
  5. I've been running it and haven't noticed any difference in shelf life or performance differences. They still require the purchase of it at saw purchase to extend the warranty so they must have faith in it...currently. Sent via Morse code
  6. Track width

    I have a Zone 4.5" and I run 1.5" Boras. They are about 1/4" short of dead even by measurement, but they look perfect to me. I know some run 1.75" in the rears also, I just prefer the look of the 1.5". Sent via Morse code
  7. Thanks for the descriptive write-up! Love the look of your ride. So nice to see a well thought out and executed setup. The wheels look really nice along with the black truck and painted fender trim. I too spoke with Alex at Halo and also can attest that he is a thorough and patient guy. I believe they are a great company from what I have read in here as well as the Boss and Toytec reviews(same company). I ended up going with a 4" lift but if I had not I was going Halo. Glad to hear about the smooth ride. I love the GM 22's, but those 18's are slick! Sent via Morse code
  8. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    I'm hoping Ford drops a V8 back in the Raptor and if so that will likely be my next truck. Sent via Morse code
  9. T1 6.2 letdown?

    2 things here. 1. TFL are morons mostly. Watch their videos. These guys are trying, but have no clue. Mr. Truck, Roman, and Andre are dipsticks, not to forget Nathan. 2. GM truck team are morons for bringing a newly designed engine to market with exactly the same numbers. What a coincidence. Who cares about weight savings, more power. Sent via Morse code
  10. GM dropped the ball IMO as well. I at least found the review comical, but slightly biased. I have owned 17 Silverado/Sierra's and 7 Tahoe/Yukons, and only 1 Dodge(traded a guy a Yamaha Rhino for a 97 2500 Cmins); but I will look hard at others before buying one of these trucks. The interiors and exteriors as well as engine/trans configurations are just bad. I don't like Ford or Ram, but that doesn't mean that I have to like the current GM. Mary Barra should fire the entire development team and also likely herself for allowing this thing to make it to market. Sent via Morse code
  11. Superlift 3.5 Pics and opinions

    I had my shop bring in Ridge Grapplers in both sizes: 35x11.50R20 and 295/60R20 and the 295's were about 0.25" wider and 0.125" shorter and about $50 more expensive per tire(also a few lbs lighter and heavier weight capacity). I went with the 35's due to all listed reasons and also the fact that the grips are a little deeper and more aggressive looking. I run 28 psi in mine and they ride decent. Love the tire in that it is quiet and performs well in the rain and is really quiet. It is still and E range and rides stiffer than your stockers. I would buy again! Sent via Morse code
  12. Call Spring Creek Ford in Colquitt, GA. They sell Raptors at MSRP. I don't know if they advertise them at that but I know several people who bought them at MSRP or lower. Raptors in SW GA are everywhere. Honestly before I bought my 17 I looked at one- I couldn't get over a $68K with a V6 so I passed; I was close though. Sent via Morse code
  13. Anyone who installs BDS can and would install Zone, I would think(they definitely would be able to as 90% of the install is identical with 75% or more identical parts). I have the Zone 4.5 and really like it! I didn't necessarily want a lift, but I wanted to be able to run a 35" Ridge Grapplers on stock wheels. I wanted it to ride better than a RC 2.5. I knew that the 2.5 RC caused concern over the stamped steel UCA and also rubbed UCA when lifted any over stock. I like that my setup is close enough to stock that people think it's similar to a leveling kit, and not quite a 6"-6.5". I like the ride of the Bilsteins as well. Sent via Morse code
  14. Here's mine with 35x11.50 RG on stock wheels. I know you asked about 33's and I show this pic because mine measure to approx. 33" running 28 psi in them. Sent via Morse code
  15. I have the Zone 4.5" and really like it. I changed my front and rear shocks out to Bilstein 5100's(5125 for rear technically, while the fronts are actually struts, and the fronts are at stock height). I didn't feel like putting several thousand $$ into coilovers that would need servicing and shipping them...not interested. I initially used the stock Rancho front struts and the rear Zone Nitro shocks. The first change was the rear Bilsteins and what a difference. I thought that the Nitros were too stiff, but they were actually too soft- they allowed too rapid of a cycle which caused a rough ride(GoPro cameras show quite alot). Changing the fronts to Bilsteins improved the ride as well. Not as much of an improvemwnt as the rear IMO. In hindsight I wouldn't change my mind about the Zone. The BDS is nice and comes with new front struts, but the same rear shocks that I trashed. The BDS does have high clearance front crossmembers and doesn't require cutting the rack and TRE's. The BDS does require more front diff clearance work as well. Sent via Morse code

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