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  1. Seems like this rattle is common. Ive also heard of people having the rattle coming from the AC plug in the little cuby by the cup holders. Ill have to give it another look. I appreciate the help!
  2. Do you mean on the actual vent that you remove? I put a piece of duct tape on each of those clip/tabs. Still have the rattle.
  3. I taped up my defrost vent clips which didn't solve it. Checked the sunglasses screws, nothing there. Tightened the knee bolster screws on the driver side, and checked the screws on in the glove box where they remove them to change the cabin filter. I still cannot figure out this rattle and it is driving me insane.
  4. I have the same problem, took the dash trim off where the heater vent is and nothing. Did the sunglass overhead solve it?
  5. Anyone ever figure this out? I removed the panel by the knee bolster, tightened one screw thinking it would help (it was very loose) ended up still having the rattle. Took the dash trim off closest to the windshield, where the heater vent is and couldn't find anything. Someone has got to have figured this out.
  6. Looks good! What was your cost for tires? Looking at getting the same size and tires but the average cost looks to be around $1,500.
  7. Looking for opinions, I'm running stock rims but looking at getting some bigger tires. I currently have BFG K02 A/T 275/55/20 tires and have a 2" level. I was curious as to if anyone has this setup or any input and where you guys buy your tires from. Its looking like for tires of that size and to get them mounted and balanced will be like $1,500 which sounds steep. I've looked around online but can't find anywhere to buy tires at a decent price.
  8. I was just curious if anyone had any recommendations or outlooks on leveling and bigger tires. I saw someone running a 2.5” level with 305/55/20 BF Goodrich KO2’s. Was thinking about heading down the same path. Hoping I can get a level with some 33’s with no trimming. Has anyone else done this setup or have any recommendations or pictures? Also how are the rides with a level? I have heard they get stiffer once leveled.
  9. There is probably already a thread for this but I could not find exactly what I was looking for. I am thinking about installing a 3.5"-4.5" Zone lift on my 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain. I was wondering if anyone else has done this already and has pictures or their setup so I can get an idea. Also a link of where you bought it. I saw a lot of people said a 33" tire looks small and to run a 35", any opinions?
  10. Hey everyone I am new to this whole "modifying" your truck thing. I bought a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 All-Terrain 5.3L. The only thing I have done is put a K&M CAI in and am currently looking at a leveling kit but want to upgrade to 33" or 35" (if possible) tires. I also want to hear everyone's opinions on modifications they have done to their truck that didn't break the bank and their favorite ones. Pictures would be beneficial too. Thank you in advance!
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