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  1. Awesome info guys. Looking at the Zone 6.5 on 35s. I have a 5.3 but the regearing seems like a big chunk of change. As stated above I'm not racing anyone so that slower speed doesn't really affect me to much. So as for the people who didn't regear and are running 35s, you guys don't have any complaints?
  2. Anyone here running 35s in a 5.3 without regearing?
  3. Anyone here with a 5.3 running 35s without regearing?
  4. Anyone running a 6.5" Lift with 35's OR a 4.5" lift? Anyone have measurements? Wheel well, roof, front/rear bumper? I haven't seen many people discussing their overall heights.
  5. Hey man, love the ride! Whats your setup? Any problems? Rubbing? Trimming?
  6. Sweet looking ride man! Whats your setup?
  7. Awesome looking ride! So you run spacers on just the back? How have they been? You have any additional pics? Yeah I have 20 inch AllTerrain rims. I've seen two guys running the 4.5" Zone with 35's but they never said if they had rear spacers or not. Sweet ride man!
  8. Looking at getting the 4.5" zone lift. Going to run 34 or 35's. I was curious if anyone has any pictures or experience. Have done my fair share of research and read I will also need spacers on the rear.
  9. I have read that, they say it is noticeable if you don't add the read wheelpacers. Just wasn't curious as to what people are running for them or any problems with the combination of the lift and spacer
  10. Awesome guys. Yeah that's what I've read, just wasn't sure on spacers because I know it's a lot of wear and stress on a vehicle
  11. I was just curious as to whether people ran spacers after they did their lifts. I have read that you need a 1.5" spacer on the rear after adding a 4.5" lift to compensate for the front track width being wider.
  12. Are you guys having to run spacers in the back to compensate for the front track width being wider?
  13. Hey guys I know there are threads out there for it but I have looked and can't seem to narrow it down. I currently have a 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain leveled 2.5". I am looking at upgrading to a Zone 4.5" and running bigger tires on my stock 20" All Terrain wheels. The question I have though is about the shocks. I want to upgrade my shocks right now, looking at the bilsteins. But my question is if I bought the bilstein (5100's) would I be able to run those on the 2.5" level and the 4.5" lift? I appreciate any help and information! Pictures or experience with either setup or future setup is helpful as well!
  14. So I have a 2016 All Terrain with the 20" AT rims. Looking at going with the Zone 4.5" lift, and 35's, question is, is that all you guys needed? I read somewhere that someone needed 1.5" spacers on the back but I want to avoid that. So my question is would I be fine with just buying the lift and tires? And be able to pull it off, no trimming or rubbing? How do you guys like the ride or setup?
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