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  1. I thought about that as well..When I called Denver they said they can custom make a leaf pack that is suitable for towing as well. I’m just not towing anything right now.
  2. 2020 GMC SIERRA 1500 4X4 CREW CAB 3.0 Duramax Front: FOX 2.5 Coilovers front (3.5” of lift) Rear: Deaver mini pack w/FOX 2.0 (1.5’-2” lift) Wheels: American Racing AX202 18x9 0mm/5.0” backSpacing Tires: BFG K02 35x12.50x18 Trimming required...good instructions adjust based on your needs...no rubbing now.
  3. Well...picked up some wheels and tires. 18x9 0 offset 5” BS BFG KO2 35/12.50/18 had to do some trimming but nothing rubs now. Really wanted 295/70R18 but the tire I wanted was not available...so they gave me a deal on these.
  4. Well...I got tired of waiting on BDS and went another direction. FOX just released some new 2.5" Coilovers that raise the front about 3.5". I was able to get my hands on a pair thanks to Dirt Kings in San Diego. I did not want that cali lean so I also added a Deaver mini pack to the rear for 1.5"-2" of rear lift. The new FOX 2.5" rears are not available yet so just installed the 2.0 ones for now. I will say this...the ride is amazing...sucks up the bumps for sure. I'm not a hard core off road guy...but this thing rides sweet! I thought the factory 20" wheels rode kinda rough...and that is gone now. I am debating on wheels and tires but will have those in the next week or so I hope. I would love to run a 35" but may go with a 34x11.50 to reduce the required trimming. Anyway...Hope this helps others
  5. Here is a picture of the inside...for some reason it would not load last time.
  6. We love ours as well...coming from a Rubicon we love All the power and amazing mpg.
  7. Picked mine up yesterday...came in pretty quick!...like just under three weeks. I also want to say anyone in So Cal definitely look up American Camper in Garden Grove. They beat everyone’s price in Temecula and San Diego by a lot!...and the customer service was awesome!
  8. Looks good!...do you have a close up picture? Where did you order that?
  9. I used fishing line as well...didn’t have a 3m remover. So I used Goo Gone and a thin wide Teflon putty knife so there would be no scratches. I took off the Elevation, Sierra and 4x4 badges. I want black GMC grill and tailgate logos...but the ones GM offers are black and chrome...and I want all black. I did get some black 4x4 logos off eBay though.
  10. $1681.12 after ROCK12 code...I would buy from here but have the 3.0 Diesel and waiting on BDS...hope this helps. https://www.rockridge4wd.com/i-24078066-bds-4-suspension-lift-kit-2019-20-chevy-gmc-1500-pickup-4wd-748h.html
  11. @Topgear1224 - Thank you...For the leather I ordered directly from Katzkin and they installed for $1395. My work car is a 2020 GMC Yukon with factory leather...the Katzkin is better quality leather for sure.
  12. I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Crew Cab Elevation with the 3.0 Diesel and really love this truck. So far I have added the Katzkin Leather and AMP Power steps.I really want to install a 6” BDS kit on this thing but sounds like that kit might not be available for a few more months. Looks like they need to redesign the front skid plate and add a Transmission line drop bracket...so I have been looking at other options. I have looked at the 3.5” UCA / Coil Over kits (CST, ICON,FABTECH & RC) but really leaning towards the 6” kit. What I like about these kits is not having the LARGE rear blocks and having coil overs right out the gate. I do plan to upgrade the 6” kit later on to coil overs...just not right away. O...I did speak to FOX and they will be releasing a 2.5 series front Coil Over that will allow 3.5” of lift in the front for this truck very soon...Just need to add new UCA and rear block or spring. As I’m writing this I’m wondering if this 3.5” systems is actually a better preforming kit? Anyway... Their are three company's that say the kit will work...does anyone have any experience with these lifts? CST: https://cstsuspension.com/shop/chevy/4wd/19-up-chevy-gmc-1500-4wd/csk-g22-1-2019-gm-1500-4wd-7-stage-1-suspension-system/ COGNITO: https://cognitomotorsports.com/i-30499432-cognito-4-6-front-suspension-lift-kit-gm.html#!submodel%3DTRUCK||model%3D1500||make%3DGM||year%3D2019 FABTECH: https://fabtechmotorsports.com/product/6-basic-system-w-rear-stealth-shocks-k1132m/ Or...just wait for the BDS kit because they really are that great of a kit?
  13. Thank you for this post...it sold me on LEER and I ordered my 100XQ today.
  14. Truck looks great! I was curious how you still like the setup, ride quality...etc.. How was CST customer support while you were working through your questions? Also it looks like new UCA were not required...any issues? I have a 2020 GMC Sierra Crew cab 4x4 3.0 diesel and thinking about going the same route. Wanted a 6” BDS Coil over kit, but it won’t be available for a few months. Local shop here in SoCal really pushing this CST kit...Anyway...thanks in advance!
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