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  1. I had it painted locally, just by giving the color code. I live abroad, so locally I get 95 octane.
  2. I had the K&N Cai and just reverted back to the system that comes with the procharger. It took 7 tune attempts to get my truck correctly working but the guys from Procharger are good. I guess they now have the correct parameters for future trucks. I do not have any CEL on. The MDI2 I bought from amazon (a bit expensive). There is a Chinese version but I decided to go with the original one. You actually do not need one if your dealer has a clue about things... (not my case). It is only for the truck to start the engine on the 1st push of the button instead of doing it 2 times each time. If you need more details I will be happy to help.
  3. The scoop is just because I like the way it looks. It may be removed anytime. It installs with a strong double sided tape the light bar is a must for these trucks. The original hi-low beam is very bad. I did install the switch on the right side, which I feel is much easier to reach while driving:
  4. No need to upgrade anything. No drilling required. the supercharger bolts on on existing places. It only adds 8psi which is low, but they claim +50% hp. I have not taken it to a Dyno. I did change the sparkplugs which are not included in the kit and you find out they are “highly recommended” after you are installing. They make the engine behave better (idle, etc)
  5. $8.5k PCM was sent to HP Tuners, they unlock it and send it back, then ProCharger sends the tune files and you load them through your pc. I shipped it on a Monday, arived to HP tuners on a Wednesday and they shipped it back on a Friday aternoon. Absolutely everything works. But the car will not start at the first press of the start engine (starts at the second press). You need to take if yo someone (dealer, mechanic, yourself) with an MDI2 tool and SPS suscription. I did it myself and I am not a mechanic. My local dealer sucks and was lost on what needed to be done.
  6. It does make a big difference but you do not end up with a sport car. Torque increases a lot. cost was around $8.5k through TREperformamce satisfied yes, but it did take 5 different tunes to get the car ready and I had to get an MDI2 to fix the imobilizer (both TRE and Procharger where lost about that).
  7. New to the forum, been reading for a long time. Here is my SuperCharged 5.3L 2020 Silverado, 1800 miles on it. Extras: Procharger Supercharger with Hp Tuners tune and NGK spark plugs 20 inch wheels Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires Led Bar Leather seats Blacked out emblems Tailgate Decal AirDesign hood scoop AMP Power steps Tonneau cover (3 fold) GM bigger performance brakes (front)and red calipers (rear) I am happy to answer any question regarding the extras installed
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