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  1. Would you mind sharing the info? Also would this work for the android users? How is the screen resolution after the mod and is it easily able to revert when going in for GM maintenance warrantee work? Chuck
  2. You can find a plethora of information on the GM up fitters web site, https://www.gmupfitter.com/pages/technical-bulletins On this very topic see the link here, they make a specific part kit, https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1467/UI Bulletin_152d WIP.pdf Chuck
  3. I did order from Pasternack. I contacted "Derek Burkett" I had him make up a 4 foot cable. Someone found this source for the cables but his was3 feet and really tight. and he recommended a 4 foot cable. My cost delivered was about $70.00. I took the bumper trailer plug assembly and moved it into the bed and took the bed trailer plug with the 4 way adapter and put that into the bumper location. It took a little while. I found a small problem but was able to resolve the issue. The relocated camera / trailer plug did not want to seat on the bed opening with the spring clip on the trailer plug assembly. I used a long screw driver and was able to open the spring clip and on the tail light side I used a 90* cotter pin tool and was able to open the clip. I did post several pics on the install. I also used a webbing to cover the new cable and help protect it under the bed. Chuck CONTACT Derek Burkett US & Canada: 866-727-8376 International: 949-261-1920 [email protected] www.pasternack.com
  4. Yes switch 5 is for the roof top beacon. After look and checking the Up fitters site, I found the roof top beacon is located in the roof switch panel. There is a black (ground) and a green with a black stripe (hot) for the roof beacon. I have traced the provided electrical diagrams with the circuit for switch 5. It is a 30 amp circuit and it appears to be a green with blue wire. I am going to try and intercept the wire at the connector X260 pin 8 or connector X256 pin 30. I will be ordering my up fitters kit 153 kit on Monday morning. I'll also get to see what the dealer mark up is. I would like to do this my self but I understand the knee bolster is hard to deal with. Other that the knee bolster I think this is a ok install. FYI: you can root thru the GM up fitters site at this URL https://www.gmupfitter.com/ Chuck
  5. Thanks a bunch!!! Guess on Monday I'll order my kit and the only thing I need to find out is how to remove the knee bolster panel I do think I can do the entire install? I'll be getting a quote from my local dealer too. Thanks Again Chuck
  6. So instead of playing counter top tag with the local parts department people chasing part numbers I decided to contact via email to GM "Out Fitters" as to the entire list and availability. This is the response I got from them. Requester, The Service Parts 9L7 retrofit kits are NOW available. Below is the kit P/Ns based on the vehicle’s interior color and whether it has push button (BTM) or keyed ignition start. The table below then provides the list of P/Ns that are included in the kit for your vehicle application. NOTE: dealer price for these kits is $126.92, if more pricing information is required dealers are recommended to contact the pricing center customer assistance and request pricing. 84942071 for use with Jet Black interior and keyed ignition (-BTM) 84942072 for use with Very Dark Atmosphere Interior and keyed ignition (-BTM) 84942073 for use with Jet Black interior and with push button ignition (+BTM) 84942074 for use with Very Dark Atmosphere interior and with push button ignition (+BTM) Kit # 84942071 84942072 84942073 84942074 Knee Bolster 84487351 84487352 84487354 84487355 Switch Bank 84688687 84688686 84688687 84688686 Fuse Kit 84669070 84669070 84669070 84669070 Fasteners 11589015 (2) 11589015 (2) 11589015 (2) 11589015 (2) Aux Fuse Block 84645397 84645397 84645397 84645397 Under Hood Wiring harness 84794790 84794790 84794790 84794790 Retainers 11589290 11589290 11589290 11589290 Installation information is available from UI Bulletin 153 (link below) https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI%20Bulletin%20153_wip.pdf Ok I can and have seen various photos of knee bolsters that are black. I would like to see anyone who has the "very dark atmosphere" knee bolster. I have a dark walnut interior with push button start. I I want to know it will it match??? Thanks Chuck
  7. I was reading earlier someone said there was a maximum distance from GM from the bumper to the most rear TMPS? does anyone really know the real allowed distance? If so where was the source of the given distance. Thanks Gecko
  8. Give Derek from Pasterneck, he can walk you thru a cable set up. Maybe repair your cable. They are in California so its west coast time. Good Luck Chuck
  9. If you did that you would loose the 4 pin trailer connector? I would think better to swap both sets of plugs.
  10. kf9r, I just ordered that tool from Amazon, I also ordered a Rhino booster due to my trailer length. I'lll see how it does and report back later. Chuck
  11. Took one of my trailer tires to Discount Tire. They installed the new TMPS valve into the rim. There is no problem at least on my rim. I took the entire 48 foot trailer with overall length of 75 feet (Yes its a bear in a restricted location). They removed and installed all TMPS stems. I made sure they tested all the TMPS before install on the rims. All was good. Fast forward they tried to program the TMPS for each location a total of 6 tires. It starts on the drivers sided forward working to the rear and swap to the passenger side back to front. The first 2 was quick, the last one was slow but did honk the horn. When he went to the passenger side he had a hard time syncing that rim. Then his manager came out and came to me saying their sync unit could only do 4 trailer tires! I called a friend and went to their shop and came across the sane problem. Last night I ordered a sync unit and at the same time I also ordered a Rhino signal booster as my 48 foot trailer may cause poor signals. I will update as time goes on. On a second note: I did order my camera for my trailer but Chevy Parts says it wont be until early September before it will be back in stock. They told me the camera division from Asia was affected by the virus to produce the cameras and that was the reason for the low supplies. He was suppose to get 250 units and the first goes to dealers and he said he should have left overs to fill all of his back orders including my order. So lets order a 3rd note: on my 2020 Denali dually, the rear view mirror has a switchable camera for the rear view. For some reason the camera view gives me a head ache. Even when the normal view is selected it messes with my vision? I also note that the rear view mirror is reduced in size from earlier years? I do like the camera view by why the vision headaches? Chuck
  12. I have a new 2020 3500 Denali Dually. I pull at trailer with 6 tires. The local Discound tires installed the TPMS valve stems. We started to sync the stems and on the 4th tire in the correct sequence, couldn't go any further as the TPMS hand held tool only does 4 trailer tires. The truck screen did recognize the first 3 TPMS but had a slow recognition of #4. So he gave up. Sent me elsewhere? I have seen some said they were able to set up tires with programmers. But which ones are able to do 6 tires? Thanks Chuck PAE
  13. I just used my bed camera to align my gooseneck hitch. It is parabolic in its view and very little help. I didn't try and zoom the screen. I try that tomorrow. One thing I did notice the tail gate camera remained as a half screen showing the ground. Which is no help Chuck PAE
  14. I just purchased a new 2020 GMC 3500 Denali dually from a local dealer. The odd had about 135 miles on it. The dealer said it was fresh from the factory? What has been the typical mileage on those new truck you purchased. Chuck PAE
  15. I was wondering, I have a 2020 3500 GMC denali. My trailer has 6 tires and they are rated for 110 psi. With the GM TPS transmitters, is or has anyone had problems that it wouldn't fit on the rims? Was it able to rectify the TPS by seals or other methods. Thanks Chuck PAE
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