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  1. I agree and your last sentance says it all. BUT Danka, you and Inhave seen many that were over their head. I mean a 1/2 or 3/2 ton truck or THAT 4X4 jacked up truck pulling a trailer that dropped the bumper a foot some times more. See them sway over 2 lanes and some how saved it. But someone tells them they are severly overweight, and a single axle. SMH.... they wonder why the mpg sucks at 8 mpg. How about smelling brakes.. then seeing smoke trailing, or shredded tires... But to each their own. I like and use my gagets to make me a better driver. Always error to the cautious side. Chuck
  2. Danka, I started pulling trailers 50 years ago! I also towed fighter jets tankers. I have used mirrors that were cracked, shattered and held with scotch tape. I also started using cameras as no matter how big a mirror is , was you STILL can't see the back of the trailer! Back in the day the term was a swamper... today a DW.... the one who whispers to scoot it over 2 feet! I have many miles in foward and a couple 2 to 3 in reverse. You can take ur mirrors and I'll take my cameras. I have about 16 inches clearance to park MY 48 foot trailer on each side. Once you start to swing it you loose ALL visual reference on BOTH sides. Yes there are walls AND a roof eve. So please don't make it that ur a ol timer. Get a 66 chevy 100 with NO power steering and power breaks. Also no trailer brakes. Those were the days. Oh yea 1 more thing hows about no AC in mojave desert in August!
  3. Ok Zane and Josh, I watched very close to the video. Regardless on the operator and his skills, I'm glad he knew his limits on trailer movements NOW my questions as I am planning on a 2020 Denali. 1) Do you have a video with a gooseneck trailer (I have a 48 footer). What or how does the camera view change? 2) is there extension cables for the cameras as I understand the cameras are approx 28 feet of cable? 3) I noted on other videos that the camera has a RCA jack / cable and was plugged into the back of the bumper? What side is it on? 4) The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION, when viewing on the center stack the rear trailer view, coming to a stop. You place the shift to reverse. WILL the center stack keep the rear trailer view OR will the rear tail gate camera activate causing additional distraction to reset your view out the back of the trailer each time you perform a pull up? 5) I noticed a view while rolling thru a serpentine movement, I noted the camera view shifts for a better trailer view. I heard clunks was that the trailer hitch assembly or was that audio from the stack video? Please respond to the above questions. Chuck
  4. Ok this is for the 2019 new towing camera system WITH optional trailer camera installed. My question is when your trailer is installed and the rear optional hard wired GM camera is installed. When your looking at the trailer camera and stop, you select reverse will the tail gate camera overide you display with a view of the front trailer / tail gate views, OR does the rear heard wired trailer view remain on the display screen? The reason I ask is when you have multiple pull up and reverse activity (yes with a 48 foot trailer GN it happens in traffic with 18 inches clearence on each side) the repeat push toggle screen buttons take up a lot of time for screen switching while in traffic! I have the GM 4 camera system in my '16 Denali. Installed by a GM dealer recommended approved camera dealer. Also is there extension RCA camera cables available? 28 feet just wont make it. Thanks Chuck
  5. If you look GMC has added many improvments. Many field people are somewhat upset on these "newer fangled" items. Well field workers, IF you look carefully you WILL see many retirees (silver hair) pullin, yanking 5th wheels, not to mention those pro cow persons. They all want top end trucks with new fangled items. Long hauls and long loads. Granted those workers with welding rigs dont have a bed and build one on. But to get the "Newer and elevated price increase" you have to market a) more HP, and or b) sorta video cameras for those 5th wheelers and cow trailers. Also those are the one who usually afford to buy new rigs and higher possibility they turn in and buy new every x years and don't hold on to them. Cheaper in long run to turn in before tires are worn, additional higher milage kick in. One more very important thing, don't price yourself (GM) out of the market. Early high price burns those early production sales to late sales or jump for 2 to 3 years to a brand "X" truck. Chuck
  6. I have a '16 Denali dually. I hope they (2020) model fixes before its maiden release. The charging cell phone arm rest to actually be stronger and allow phones with cases that FIT the opening. Also those camper mirrors to be about 2 inches wider when open and have defrost. Fix camera issues that when reversing and pulling foward you have to re-enter your camera set up (yes I have the same cameras from Rostra). the overhead view is good for only 32 feet trailer and NO goose neck or 5ther!!! REALLY! Most serious dually users are over 32 feet. Why have all that GVWR if ur under 32 feet! Better get that distances expanded. Also that overhead view add a zoom while backing for the last 12 feet of the rear of the trailer for close objects... gas pumps, mail boxes... walls etc. I am on their email list and I await some of these answers. Also why no radio on the drop tail gate for the dually, we also do go events that could use it. Chuck
  7. Shaun, you didn't say if you have a Apple or a android cell. I know on my '16 phone ee had problems lairing as well as getting text on a android cell. What may help is making sure your bluetooth is on before starting you truck. Also android phones has a mode called "enhanced text" cycle this off and try it then recycle it back on. Good Luck. Chuck PAE
  8. Bed mats for 2015 and up

    I put in a Bed Rug. My 2016 Denali HD had a spray in bed liner. I got the 3M packets from Bed Rug to attach the bed rug. I trimmed out the area for my pop up gooseneck ball and the U bolts. The rug was a tad short until you have a bed rug tail gate rug. Closes up good. Chuck PAE
  9. Turn on the "tow haul" mode the gauges will change and show trans temps.
  10. Personal Best MPG?

    Well driving at 74 miles a hour and its had less than 1,000 miles. a 2016 Diesel Denali 4 x 4 Dually,it hit just over 21 MPG on that run. I continue to get surprised on the mileage compared to my '14 I traded for this one. Driving got busy so I couldn't take more pic's. Chuck PAE
  11. Could you go into better detail? I see your photo and like the look. How did you remove the components to get where you are at. What tools> etc. Thanks Chuck PAE
  12. Towing 5th Wheel

    Well we all know the truck we buy.partially for that kool factor. The big thing we buy what fits our pocket book and make those payments. Well we try and now fit our RV needs into our nice new pickups. Most RV trailer 5thers name plate are rare in truth. Take a brand new trailer and look at the weight tags on the trailer. Most are over the tag stated weights just sitting there from the factory. Now add your added pre-camping weights such as bedding, cooking utensils, odds and ends like canned food, NOW add the propane bottles, and at least 1 tank partially filled with clean water. Roll it over a scale. Make sure you also weigh you trucks axles and the camping axles. You WILL be surprised! That nice 1/2 OR 3/4 ton truck will NOT carry the weights! All of a sudden your brand new truck handles like a 15 year old bucking bronco. The truck jolts bangs and sways. You now have a death trap on YOUR hands. You bought the wrong truck. It can't handle the weight you attached to it. So you run down to the nearest RV / truck modification repair shop and they say add this new fangled suspension and your worries are over. its NOT over. Every DOT officer will look at the tag on your door and determine you are overweight. No matter how much added springs / air bags etc. IF you are unfortunate to have a accident your insurance company can if they want to decline coverage to you and the other persons involved. Today all insurance companies look for anything to cop out from paying the losses. Long story short take the nice trailer and run it over a truck scales BEFORE you buy it. Then think all that stuff the significant other wants to add for creature comfort. Now buy the real truck you need to have. Like Clint Eastwood would say... "Feel Lucky".... Chuck PAE
  13. I was thinking of the strength of the coil charging on our trucks. Now we all compare to those desk quick chargers that you can drop your cell phone on it and it charges it good. I tried on mu cell phone and it too needs to be centered to work. So the central placement is needed in both situations. The next thing was distance from the cell phone to the charging unit. I have a Samsung quick desk charger round in shape. I placed several items to get a estimated distance between the charger and the phone. Yes I can easily charge my cell phone with its case on. I can also add almost 1/4 inches of business cards and other plastic items and it still charges. Lets look at the situation on our truck wireless charging situation. This is a Escalade console but the Denali arm rest is the same. that little box under item 7 is the charging unit basicly in a plastic enclosed box so it can be placed during production into the armrest. So figure this is like your home charger sitting on your desk or table. BUT NOW add item #2 which has again plastic on the top armrest pad. The plastic in the recess section again adds material between your phone AND the charge. NOW MORE ADD in item 3 which is the cover that holds the rubber pad you see on the recess armrest. BUT THERE'S MORE! ADD THAT item 3 the rubber PAD!!! now we have enough distance and obstructions to barely make our chargers work due to diminished charging signals! Don't have to worry about your phone case, I don't think if you got it to fit into the recess area the charging would be dismal. This is why those customers that have their phone fit into the recess the phone cycles on charging and dropping charging. I bet its a combination of voltage from running the power systems and slight changes due to heat or road vibration while in operation.I think this is a reasonable reason it does not work. Now to see IF our GM engineers ever look at these forums, how about reducing the distance by removing materials and slight modification of placement of the charger unit. I can understand the module encased BUT how about making a opening in the armrest and reduction thickness of materials on the reces plastic and the rubber pad. Maybe even making another opening on the recessed plastic. Hey I'm sure GM could bench check my recommendations. Make a lot of customers happy. Also a refit of the cup and trim on the edges to allow phone to be placed with a small case. Chuck PAE
  14. Ok I visited a Cadillac and took several photos on the armrest they have. The escalade 2016 version is slightly tear drop shape and my SamsungS7 Edge with a slip on case fits snug.. Compared to a Denali where my phone with its case wont fit. This is the '16 esclade armrest. Here is the '16 Denali armrest Now to the charging I set my phone with its slip on plastic case wnd it did not charge. I took the case off and bam!.... it started to change. It dropped once and restarted charging immediately. My thought with any attached case on our phones it WILL NOT charge. the charging unit is too small and cannot cover the distance between the coils and the phone. I am planning on trying to pick up a '16 escalade armrest and try and mount a Samsung fast charger coils and see what happens. This armrest is preferred so it fits my entire phone with case. I may try and talk to a upholster to see if he could modify the Denali armrest to match a escalade. We will see and this will take time. Im in no hurry. I hope GM (I'm NOT holding my breath!) can find a fix or recall. NOT Chuck PAE

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