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  1. 2 more observations, it appears that there is a hex type of crimp made, which is common for coax. I also see it appears the ferrule appears to be threaded as it has a grip type exterior to assist in tightening without slipping on the connector. But why is the inside of the boot a small round metal, what was the mating part, was that lost on the cable destruction? Chuck
  2. I am also curious what the main cable looks like. Under the corrugated tube and further back than the heat shrink tubing. I did a simple search and I could not find that part number. I also do not see any shielding as many has assumed? Is the white core a foam core found on many coax cables. Would you or could you take off the corrugated tube and heat shrink. That may also reveal the cable type with markings. How much damage was done to the truck side of the plug. If you do remove the covering please take a measurement on the diameter. Thanks Chuck
  3. Looks like the tar tape / heat shrink and the sleeve can be removed, there is also a possibility that the corrugated sleeve can also be removed. I see this is almost possible to pull thru a 1/2 EMT tubing with poly-water lubrication on my trailer. So not all hope is lost. Thank you very much for taking your time to get these photos. Chuck
  4. I was hoping the other end picture. At the camera end and lay it on a ruler so the OD can be determined. It also nice to see inside the camera part of it. That could make it very interesting, maybe the PC mother board has some info as to who made it etc. Usually tattle tale info is in the housing or the mobo. Thanks Chuck
  5. What is the OD of the cable connector in the camera housing? Can you post pictures of the camera open and especially the cable connector, Maybe next to a ruler to see the OD. Thanks Chuck
  6. I could only wish they would offer dual tanks. I stand corrected as you sir are correct. I guees the aftermarket tank builders get more sales. Chuck
  7. I love how everyone says, just add air bags. Maybe a compressor and lines also get higher rated tires. Well tell you what people, If you have a accident and the person who was hit / injured will be able to sue the pants off you. I say this if all these parts are added you are aware you exceeded the design weight limits of the truck. Just because you added bags and higher rated tires make you immediately guilty and the cause of the accident. No person / engineer can change the rated loads on the trucks AND recertify the weight limits. DOT WILL check the name plate and they WILL check the trailer and find you exceeded the rated weight limits. You may find your auto / truck insurance company drop you and not cover anything from that accident! Just plan ahead and get the correct weight designed truck, AND pay for THAT 1 ton. If you get a single rear wheel, you havn't drove in windy conditions and semi passing by at 75 OR had a blow out at 70 mph. Yea its a Bi$(h driving as a daily driver. Man up learn to drive. So we have to park further away from the front door shopping, maybe drop a few pound ( never happened to me). Chuck
  8. I am guessing that since your tires are dismounted you upgraded to a more reliable tire before some adverse happened. Yes the labor dispute has me wondering how long a delivery delay will occur. I placed the order towards the end of August and the dealer said the tentative build date was the middle of October. Allot of variables exist do to the strike. Good luck on our future purchase I agree the interior is a bit dated compared to other manufactures. I can deal with that just hoping it lives up to my expectations performance wise when I hook up to my fifth wheel. Well it appears as if GM has created a truck capable of hauling best in class payloads but didn't take into account trailers that carry those types of loads have tires that exceed 100 PSI, quite disappointing to say the least. 100 PSI is close to my tire rating of my trailer tires but 10 psi lost pressure on a hot day could be enough to cause a blow-out which is the whole point of the TPMS system. Perhaps with enough customer complaints they might push thru a software update to correct this shortcoming. Thanks Jack for taking the time to answer our concerns. Roadrunner, well I have had them on and mounted to my high pressure rim's. They are rated for G tires due to higher pressure. There is so much that GM does not realize on their truck products. I remember on my '16 so much fanfare on the cell phone charger. There is so much distraction trying to make it work. Yet they also have so much fanfare for the new dually trucks and yet to hold back. I have read the 2020 cameras are not available? Really advertise like crazy and non performer! So I am frustrated on product delays as well as incomplete research and development. Seems like they have little or no idea on product needs. Chuck
  9. Roadrunner I totally agree. Yet some times GM has let us down. I have a trailer that has 6 tires and they are "G Rated" tires. It runs at 110 PSI. I also understand a lot of ranch show horse / cattle trailers are encouraged to run G rated tires AND rims. You can see my tires / rims rated at 110 PSI. I was planning on a new Denali crew cab with a 8 foot bed and fully loaded. But it appears with the labor dispute and the intentional delayed sloooow Christmas release. Well since it will be so close to the '21 model I may just wait it out. New interior OR old style. See what price breaks will occur. Chuck
  10. sdelam, I know you showed those finger pulls molded into the camera plug. What is the diameter of that plug where your thumb finger is at? I could modify it by carefully removing those finger pulls to allow me to pull the cable in. This would make it a lot easier for me. This is without the finger pulls. Thank You Chuck
  11. Sdelam, so the trailer tires can be set up to 110 PSI? or is that a assumption during set up? Has anyone tired to make the setting up that high or higher? Chuck
  12. Silly Rabbit... goggle traffic / mapping is also a "App" on the Iphone. I am NOT a avid user of the Iphone and was issued one for work. I hated the Iphone map software and had the IT department load the Google App for maps. But I also found entering BOTH address into both phones. They had different methods of their madness. I found on Android phones the routs were shorter AND took traffic with accidents routing a lot better. Now that is my experiences. May not be yours. I would think that GM would HAVE to appeal to both types of phones. or have a app that allows the Iphones to operate. Silly rabbit..... LOL Chuck
  13. Ok I just went thru the GM ordering guide and looked for fuel tanks. There are "3" yes three tanks options available to order. CODE N2L is for 40 GALLON rear tank, Then there is CODE N2M IS FOR 23.5 GALLON AND THERE IS A CODE N2N FOR A DUAL TANK SET UP FRONT AND REAR TOTAL OF 63 GALLONS. So now that clears everything up. Don't everyone rush to the dealers and order dual tanks. I got this from the "GM RPO Codes" They are available for both the regular and crew cabs and per note "1-Equipment Group 1SA available on all models" https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2020&butID=1&regionID=1&divisionID=1&vehicleID=21694&type=0 Chuck
  14. Scott I am wondering on the TPP individual units. Who sets the pressures for the trailer tires. My trailer tires are 110 PSI for each tire? I know the truck tires are set per the factory pressures. I also hear there are dealers that will NOT reset the alarms for the truck tires lower to get a better ride. There were dealers for the '19 models that charges between 50 and 150 bucks to reset alarms. Also certain dealers say they can't get approval from GM to lower the alarms. Anyone know for sure? The tire pressure question is what concerns me. Chuck
  15. I understand there is interference from the trailer and truck tire sensors. This is a reason also I understand for a hard wire is the HD display. Chuck
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