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  1. Roadrunner I totally agree. Yet some times GM has let us down. I have a trailer that has 6 tires and they are "G Rated" tires. It runs at 110 PSI. I also understand a lot of ranch show horse / cattle trailers are encouraged to run G rated tires AND rims. You can see my tires / rims rated at 110 PSI. I was planning on a new Denali crew cab with a 8 foot bed and fully loaded. But it appears with the labor dispute and the intentional delayed sloooow Christmas release. Well since it will be so close to the '21 model I may just wait it out. New interior OR old style. See what price breaks will occur. Chuck
  2. sdelam, I know you showed those finger pulls molded into the camera plug. What is the diameter of that plug where your thumb finger is at? I could modify it by carefully removing those finger pulls to allow me to pull the cable in. This would make it a lot easier for me. This is without the finger pulls. Thank You Chuck
  3. Sdelam, so the trailer tires can be set up to 110 PSI? or is that a assumption during set up? Has anyone tired to make the setting up that high or higher? Chuck
  4. Silly Rabbit... goggle traffic / mapping is also a "App" on the Iphone. I am NOT a avid user of the Iphone and was issued one for work. I hated the Iphone map software and had the IT department load the Google App for maps. But I also found entering BOTH address into both phones. They had different methods of their madness. I found on Android phones the routs were shorter AND took traffic with accidents routing a lot better. Now that is my experiences. May not be yours. I would think that GM would HAVE to appeal to both types of phones. or have a app that allows the Iphones to operate. Silly rabbit..... LOL Chuck
  5. Ok I just went thru the GM ordering guide and looked for fuel tanks. There are "3" yes three tanks options available to order. CODE N2L is for 40 GALLON rear tank, Then there is CODE N2M IS FOR 23.5 GALLON AND THERE IS A CODE N2N FOR A DUAL TANK SET UP FRONT AND REAR TOTAL OF 63 GALLONS. So now that clears everything up. Don't everyone rush to the dealers and order dual tanks. I got this from the "GM RPO Codes" They are available for both the regular and crew cabs and per note "1-Equipment Group 1SA available on all models" https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2020&butID=1&regionID=1&divisionID=1&vehicleID=21694&type=0 Chuck
  6. Scott I am wondering on the TPP individual units. Who sets the pressures for the trailer tires. My trailer tires are 110 PSI for each tire? I know the truck tires are set per the factory pressures. I also hear there are dealers that will NOT reset the alarms for the truck tires lower to get a better ride. There were dealers for the '19 models that charges between 50 and 150 bucks to reset alarms. Also certain dealers say they can't get approval from GM to lower the alarms. Anyone know for sure? The tire pressure question is what concerns me. Chuck
  7. I understand there is interference from the trailer and truck tire sensors. This is a reason also I understand for a hard wire is the HD display. Chuck
  8. I have been watching all the camera issues everyone is having. I came across a HD coax cable at Amazon. Here is the link. This one is 50 feet. I am wondering if this would help a lot of people IF this would work. I know it has the power cable with it but that wouldn't be needed but the HD and made for security cameras. Maybe someone would chime in and take a chance on a 2020 camera utilizing this cable? SyncArrow Premium PRO-Grade 1080P HD Premade 2-In-1 Multi-Purpose Fire-Rated Double Shielded BNC Video Power Extension Cord CCTV Combo Coaxial Cable with BNC RCA (PRO-15M2W, 50 feet, White) Chuck
  9. I can not believe that the diesel tanks are 28 gallons for a long bed dually? wow why not the larger tank? I guess those aftermarket tank companies will be making some money.
  10. Could you please contact me. I have a 2016 GMC Denali dually. I have the ROSTRA / Echo Master cameras system. I have a wireless trailer camera, a front grill camera and 2 side view mirrors. My system also included a switch that allows my cell phone to be displayed on the 8 inch infotainment screen. My question is that I have a problem. When I back up the rear tail gate camera takes over the screen (I selected the wireless trailer camera) and displays the tailgate camera. It takes pushing several buttons to get the wireless camera to be displayed. Each time I pull up I have to be distracted with repeated buttons to switch screen back to the display I want. Is there any way to set the infotainment screen to hold the present display rather than automatically switching to the tail gate camera? Please contact me initially on my Email at [email protected] I would like to discuss it with you. When you email me I'll give you me cell number. I live in Las Vegas not to far from you.





    1. Gecko50


      Raven Keeper I miss took your for the vender that was discussing the tail gate camera. Please disregard this message.



    2. Ravenkeeper


      No problem Chuck.




  11. I am furious on the delay of the 2020 long bed duallys. I found a site https://www.donlen.com/production-trucks-gm.html that shows a bit more info on truck production. Nothing is really given for a hard date. As I mentioned in earlier posting I feel that it can't be the truck with the only major changes are a long bed and the dually rear tires. Also consideration is the SAE increase of the weight allowances for Goose neck and 5th wheels. It can't be on emission regulations as the 1 ton SRW are in slow production as it is now. It is very slow as many are held up / delayed deliveries / shipments. I know GM has bragged out loud that they are renovating the production line to increase the production. So many bottle necks. I cannot figure out a big bang circus (cue the clowns and elephants with balloons) of the new truck AND the dually trucks BUT to delay a hugh profit items really makes me think they may have other problems? Also look, it "MIGHT BE" they over produced the '19 dually models AND they didn't anticipate the hugh push back on the competition trucks and a cellar price sale as well as the new up graded interior on the Dodge truck line, hence using the bean counters statement they "intentionally had a slow release"? They also got a ear full (key board warriors) about the poor looking carbon copy (hey IF we move the switch over the other side it a NEW dash) hasn't worked especially on the high end Chevrolet /GMC trucks as they want to further increase the prices. So they know they are behind the ball. Delay the '20 dually and hope to crash the '21 model early with up dated dashes etc. BUT they have already lost market share, how many buyers have or are looking to make THAT switch! Chuck
  12. I have been keeping a close watch on the camera cable issues. I did research and came across this on Amazon. see what you think SyncArrow Premium PRO-Grade 1080P HD Premade 2-In-1 Multi-Purpose Fire-Rated Double Shielded BNC Video Power Extension Cord CCTV Combo Coaxial Cable with BNC RCA (PRO-15M2W, 50 feet, White) It made for HD grade signal. Its cheap enough and the length appears to be in the right area. Chuck
  13. The BIG question is will it be up load able to the 2020 infotainment centers? If this can be done then its a home run in my book. But IF your not allowing 2020 over the air upgrades its a sales loss as customers will wait to buy vehicles till 2021! What say you GM!! Chuck
  14. I am wondering IF GM is trying to "off load" ALL the 2019 duallys still in inventory? To myself would be a reason to delay the 2020 dually lines. They made a mistake of bringing in the 2020 line early. Also there should be no other Federal or Cali regulatory reasons as the SRW are out in dealers. They are trying and poor recouping (saving face as its intentional) their supposedly slow / early "bean counter" release. They didn't anticipate the heavy competition from Dod$% and high negative feedback on higher end interiors for a NEW HIGHER PRICED / sticker shock. Chuck
  15. I have been trolling the forums to get as much info as I can re the trailer cameras. I got some photos on the cable and the ends where the plug in is at also the camera is at. Could you measure the entire length as some say its 56 feet some say its 65 feet. Also if you can determine IF the corrugated cable is hollow with the conductors inside is free floating or if it is molded in the entire length. I am curious as I want to fish it into a 1/2" EMT tube. It would require that I remove either the plug end or the camera end. Does the camera have screws on one side of the case to allow the case to be opened? If the cable can be spliced or some how opened to be worked on would be great info. Please take additional pictures please. Thanks Chuck
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