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  1. Thank for taking the time to share this information!
  2. FYI regarding the main receiver; I was told by my service manager that the receiver for the trucks sensors is in the left rear upper cab pillar. I am having trouble with mine loosing communication with the right front sensor. They replaced the sensor with no improvement. They claim it is due to interference from my iPhone and other electronics i have plugged into the dash as well as it being the furthest from the receiver.. However it drops it with everything unplugged also.
  3. Just checking to see if anyone has found any information on a repeater for GM's system?
  4. I've posted these before. I know they are expensive but they are available .I have spoken to connector experts. We use them in our body shop all the time. I don't have the electrical knowledge to know how to wire it correctly so there is not an issue or I would have done so by now. If anyone is successful please post the instructions ! Andy
  5. My right front TPMS sensor looses signal resulting in a service tire pressure monitor message as well as the TPMS warning light coming on. My dealer has changed the right front sensor but the issue persists. The truck has gone over a thousand miles without this happening or it can happen after a few miles. It can stay on for over an hour. Looking for suggestions.
  6. They definitely will not have the correct readying when the trailer is first pugged in. This is another feature that the aftermarket system (TST) I previously used would do that GM's won't! I could pull up next to my trailer and check the tire pressures before a trip. Now I get a reading from when I last parked it. This means it is of no use before a trip.
  7. I think as many people as possible need to contact GM customer assistance and set up a case like I did. maybe if there is enough cases filed they will fix the issue! I work for a GMC dealership and keep checking for new information. I'm sure the fix is as simple as offering a repeater for the signal like the aftermarket systems use but I can't find anyone with GM that seems to care to help with the situation. I think the wires could be extended to the trailer and the antenna mounted there. That would be a big hassle and expense that is unnecessary in my opinion. It would also you to only
  8. The lower photo part number CE4003M is the female end. I verified this with connector experts through a phone call. Both ends are pinned and Have 8" of wire. I just have no electrical background and do not know how making up an extension harness would effect the operation. That is why I am hesitant to buy the connectors and run an extension wire to the trailer to mount the antenna there myself.
  9. Found this today when diving into this again after three weeks of conversations with GM going nowhere. I believe these are the male and female connectors needed from Connector Experts (866-330-6557). We use them all the time in our body shop. If anyone has been successful in extending their range please let me know.
  10. Thank You for the suggestion . I'll see if there is enough slack in the cable to move it to outside of the bumper
  11. Thank you for everyone's comments. Moving the antenna to the trailer sounds like an option. I really think a repeater would make more sense if someone would manufacture one that is compatible. I'm not electrically inclined. Does anyone know if Removing the factory plug and replacing it with a generic male and female plug so you could relocate the antenna close to the trailer axels would affect its performance? Andy
  12. I work for a GMC dealership. It has been a frustrating experience for me with no help from GM. If it is further than 23' to any of the tires on your trailer from your back bumper, I don't know if I would waste the money like I did having the sensors installed., They will work but keep dropping signal. When they drop signal you get an error message on the dash you have to keep dismissing. If someone comes up with a compatible repeater I'm sure it will solve this issue. My aftermarket TST system worked fine. I had a 2019 before the 2020 and one of the main reasons I stepped up to a 2020 was the
  13. Thank you very much for your time! I think I understand your process now. I have not asked this question for awhile. I will call and ask for Derrick and see if he can help me out. Did you also relocate your plug inside your truck bed? Thanks again Andy
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