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  1. Hi all, trying to install a dash cam with lane keep assist and it says to connect 2 wires to the left and right turn signals. I am OK with diy, but can't read a wiring diagram very well. Does anyone know what color the wires are and where to find then in the cab of the truck? Thanks for any help anyone can give! Sorry, forgot to add - it's a 2022 LTZ 2500.
  2. Stock suspension, custom tune - 99% city driving and I average 13 to 14
  3. OK, so I finally got around to installing the door harness and re-pinning the BCM (early 2015 2500hd) that I ordered months ago. Everything works correctly on the driver's side, power fold - blinker - cargo/courtesy LED light - amber running light. On the passenger's side, everything works with the exception of the cargo/courtesy LED light. I am at work today, so can't pull the passenger side wiring apart until later, but if everything looks ok, is this a common issue (like, hey - you missed this step) or is it possible the LED light is bad. If it is a bad light, can those be changed? Thanks!
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