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  1. Ill try and take some pics of clearance this week and send
  2. Its the inside fender and pinch weld that is cut and then the bottom of the fender is bent up further back closer to lower fender bolt. You can not see any of the modifications there as the fender liner covers all of that. I didnt cut any of the felt liner at all . It re attaches just couple inches further back at the bottom. The only trim i cut was the black plastic fender trim which is easily replaceable if someone ever wanted to replace that peice. So far no one had even noticed what i cut unless i show them! i love the look of the bigger wheels and tires just didnt like the looks and being harder getting in and out of a 6 inch plus lift to clear tires!
  3. Anyone have any pics of a truxedo x15 on there truck? Been thinking of it or the lo pro
  4. The fender mod wasnt hard to do just first cut little nervous being a brand new truck with less than 300 miles!!!! there is a decent video of the mod when i searched tech tuesday norcal mod had a new red silverado video when google searched
  5. 3 inch motofab front strut spacer stock rear blocks supreme suspension upper control arms nor cal mod front fenders 33x12.50 22 on 22x12 hostile sprockets-44 offset toyo mt tires.
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