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  1. TruXport rollup cover works very well for me. On my 13 Silverado I had a trifold and this roll up for my 19 LT crew cab is great at giving complete access to the bed when needed. It keeps the bed dry dry dry! I can’t comment on drive through car washes getting the bed wet though. Good luck!
  2. I take it that your camera issue wouldn’t be resolved with the “bigger hammer” ?theory ! I too experience an issue with the camera on my 19 LT in that at night the picture is super ‘white bright’ and hard to see anything! At times I think the ? and pry bar theory may be the option!
  3. So illuminating the bed work light will improve the night vision hmmm . If that works, it would be the best cheap fix going. I know on my Z71 it is almost useless at night WAY WAY to bright. I’ll give it a try and give an update.
  4. I have a 2019 w/ 5.3 Z71 package. 8500 mi to date and no issues with transmission. Only thing I see is there is no transmission dipstick to check the fluid. I was advised that that is a dealer only check....
  5. I have 19 LT Z71 crew cab and have complained to my dealer a couple times. They say no adjustment to the screen. It is horrible when backing up at night. It is too darn bright! I echo the issue to GM and ask that they do something to help us out.
  6. I think the column shifter should stay with the more open concept folding center seat. Allows for one more passenger when needed and the the main seating is the same as with a console and less room anyway... As to the push button start/stop, its taking a bit to get used to it therefore the jury is still out on it.
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