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  1. Have you always driven a truck?

    Always drove Heavy Duty's or larger for work couldn't stand to drive another truck home...the bouncing, the noise, the smell...etc. The K2's reminded me like the 800's but better all around especially LT engine and technology. I have driven the T1's and I will say they are even better as a daily driver which is great because I would like one with the 3.0 Duramax! Lost track of how many cars and probably don't care other than some old Bonneville's I had and really liked!
  2. That is true! You get 4qty Absolute garbage tires from the factory and what is underneath? Surprise a even Crappier tire!
  3. Got my letter....thanks! But no thanks...84K miles! I change my oil every 10K...Vacuum pump should have failed years ago? Wait maybe it's failing right now? What do I care? Not like I will have any Dealer install it charge me 1K and probably F' something else up....Or I will just drive it like I do with every other vehicle for another 30K before I actually do something about it?
  4. You should have "firm" shifts on warm up...after that it goes away? It should even be stated in your manual I believe has to do with warming the fluid up quicker and reducing wear on components....
  5. Check out the newest Generation 5.0L FERD with the sprayed in bore Liners...LOL! yeah baby, get you one!
  6. Serious Rig MAN! When is it coming?
  7. Rear diff cover?

    I have the G2....Works as intended which is adding more volume and ease of draining and filling etc. No leaks had it 3years!
  8. Bargain Beast - New V8 Camaro Costs Just $34,995

    Might be selling like hotcakes but the 5.0 is sucking oil like hotcakes too?
  9. Pump em up Son! Pump em up! That is all there is on K2's and none on T1's Can't stand the sealed ones myself.
  10. 0W-20 vs 5W-20

    My wear metals are through the ROOF on 0W-20! I am switching to 20W-50 so I can play in the 6K's all day.....and not worry?
  11. Bro? Take a power hose and shoot those brakes once and awhile? Put EBC rotors and pads on front and Back ASAP....Cost is 700.00 plus tax and you will have EXCELLENT BRAKES I Guarantee IT......
  12. Wow! Truck looks amazing at 90K! Nice, very nice.......
  13. Really, I go 10K on oil changes and consume no more than 1/2 qt? Such burners they are.................
  14. Checks out the new FERDS 5.0? sucking 1/2 to 1qt in 500 miles? You sir are just fine but don't believe everything your dealer service manger says? Usually, they drive Dodge or something and don't know there azz from a hole in the ground.......
  15. Yup, I didn't heed the advice like this^^^^ At least I got the front chrome bumper! the rest of my nose looks like it has been pepper sprayed. The water based paint is that easy to chip my friend.

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