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  1. Yup, I would agree the whole driving dynamics is is extremely good on the T1's which I have drove. Then I get in my saddle and I am reminded by the soundness the easiest to use interior and durable quality materials thinking this is 4+ year old truck. PLUS and I mean PLUS the seats in my SLT are just pure comfort/cushion and I can't get any position comfortable in a T1? So the K2 just fits me like a glove I am scared to loose it! My only choice will be to drop L86 and 10speed in it when this one wears out....I guess that combo will do? LOL
  2. mookdoc6


    You don't have to look around? Typical American is only gonna see what narrative is spewed onto their ignorant, arrogant soles. The facts are: Reducing the Inoculum look at the ships? Those are perfect settings or what we like to call viral transmission experiments...NOT COMPUTER MODELS FOLKS! NOT EQUATIONS....REAL LIFE EXPERIMENTS...perfect testing parameters! The ships are diametrically opposed in Asymptomatic vs Symptomatic.....correlation is exactly to the "MASK" Most of Layman only do what they are told? There are a few "truck forum" guys/gals who are pretty sharp and things just are not jiving with their teachings and knowledge of germs,viruses etc. I can't wait until a few more months when this all goes quiet....the counting, the cases, the spread etc. All for what to "doff" the silly masks that help spread the Asymptomatic cases and perpetuate the FEAR right up to Election Day! Your best course of Action and everybody's was get the stupid bug get over it stop the perpetuating and singular wave sessions creating more Fear through the Feedback Loop! I know some of you "REAL" careful smart guys gonna play this cool and wait for your vaccine..LOL yeah..OK, let me know how that goes if it even works for you, her, him etc. LOL maybe 1/3 whatever it ends up being for 6-9 months? Take the mask off!!!!
  3. Not familiar with that p/n BG has excellent products I use them myself.
  4. Good to see Ol Grumps has come to see the light of BG products! Been recommending ya'all use those for years especially on GDI'S. Their new double size can for top end cleaning is the BEST there is and that is what you want. Many shops not familiar with it but it's taking the place of 3 part cleaner. Remember GDI'S brought me to BG not the other way around....live and learn.
  5. Ha,ha I left with a BLACK one few years ago myself. I was never going to buy "black" again and swore I my grandmother's grave! I told him no way you have couple model year left overs one "bare bones" other "fully loaded" not doing black I am out! I got another 1k off and a "Black" vehicle but seriously Money trumped it and I hated that color!
  6. As with all mfg's they put about 40.00 dollars worth of tires on new vehicles for high volume sellers. As for all comparable bottom tier OEM tires...Goodyears are just absolute junk!
  7. Great! You will use it everyday and find out just how valuable it is. Others will ask what is that noise?
  8. I will admit the sensors with the seat vibration are absolute must! I will make sure I always have that option. But that is me.
  9. I wouldn't even take a second look driving by with my cigarette dangling...…..
  10. Hope it works to your liking! I will be replacing fluid in mine couple more months from now. 120k currently need 200k minimum!
  11. Maybe on cars or sport cars being 180 treadwear? Even if I had a sports car it would be Michelin's.
  12. Very Nice Gents! I have exact same on my White 2016 SLT. I recently adorned the truck with it and hindsight tells me if I spent the 100.00 4+ years ago I probably could have saved a couple windshields and chip fills/fixing. I have gone through 5 and not kidding 5-8 chips per glass.
  13. Not even worth the comparison Bridgestone vs. Goodyear Goodyear's are straight garbage!!
  14. mookdoc6


    Amen Brother! Sorry, about grandma but the "Silent Majority" is not going to be silent we have seen quite enough of the AMERICAN DREAM DESTROYED!
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