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  1. You have one of the earlier AFM engines with different piston Ring pack,Valve covers, PCV system. My recommendation is to utilize BG products and you will be good to go. BG clean the engine thourghly and change your screen for the last time. USE BG EPR product every time you get ready to dump oil @5K miles. Don't get confused with a darn good engine and crappy one when all you need to do is be a little proactive. They are good engines..good luck!
  2. I could give 2 flying facks about any exhaust the quieter the better. Though, I did run a guy down in a parking lot asking what exhaust he has because it purrs! CARVEN, he said. First time I ever heard one and was impressed.
  3. How is it junk? I got mine for 9.00 after rebate? This is the best bang for the buck oil period!
  4. Originally the 8speeds were factory filled with Dexron HP fluid not Dexron VI The 1-2 harsh shift everybody has in the morning or after cold soak is on purpose to heat the fluid! The faster the fluid warms up the better. The 8speeds are absolute torque monsters! They love the input the more the better and behave exceptionally well when HOT. The shifts are very quick and almost seamless. Driving around town with OLD MAN pedal input is the problem especially with the whole adaptive learning going on. Then add the 4cly/8cyl cutting in and out while OLD MAN driving. The overall robustness/integrity of the 8L90 is very solid.
  5. I am aware that was another posters quote as it being "bare minimum" which I completely disagree with.
  6. spin on a new AC Delco oil filter top off oil to correct amount. If the Pressure still reads the same you can drive it back home. Just be ready to turn off immediately if pressure drops!!! easier said than done depending on sitting in parking lot idling or traveling up/down grade in thick traffic!
  7. What are you talking about? Cardboard......man your so far in Left Field it's ridiculous!
  8. But it's a base engine for a reason, it's the bare minimum gm deemed sufficient to power the vehicle. Really, you think the 4.3L is just that? Please show me RAM,FERD N/A V-6 that will outdo the pretty much "USELESS GM 4.3 Ecotec" Folks....It's that good of an engine!
  9. I have too? Problem is all bets are 100% off first Diesel out of pocket expense after warranty due to Emissions. I know more guys walking away from diesels in last couple years than walking into Diesels.....I am first to admit I REALLY WANT THIS COMBO! I REALLY DON"T WANT EMISSIONS REPAIRS EITHER........
  10. Interested I am! You know legally it cannot be sold until after May 1st 2020 that is GF6A-B I know, I know yours is legit....lol
  11. Just popped my hood! Over 100K on the engine...no issues! Is it supposed to say 5.3 or 6.2? No, clue? guess it means little to me.....
  12. Course you add 1/4 extra...course you do! Just when I thought I had heard and seen it all?
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