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  1. 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 Images and Details

    YUP! This thing is the CHIT!
  2. 2016 SLT 75,000 AFM working with no intention of disabling it. AC compressor seized is only thing that has troubled me. 10K Oil Intervals.
  3. Let us know? I was initially sold on ceramic pads long time ago and had issues every time with glazing,warping etc. I have stayed far away from that combo. Also, I would be using AC Delco Silicone Brake lube on pins. I recently slapped on EBC rotors and pads front and back...and I will say they are dirtier but very impressed with the combo.....I don't fade away or Vibrate on the hills in 110f anymore. Hope your Rotor is not warped and situation ultimately happens again 3-5 months later all because of swelled bushings and crappy slide lube.
  4. For ReaL! Seriously? The best thing since sliced bread!
  5. Wow, quite the revelation here? 100K worked hard in few years little to no unexpected maintenance costs ...sounds like a CHEVY!
  6. I would agree for the guys/gals who rip the snot out of em and I know quite a few they are done with em @ 3yrs and on to the next truck. Usually it's justified, as it's their bread and butter maker. 3yrs is getting higher resale and the dealer usually let's em get away with murder on the price because they will be back very quickly.
  7. First brake job?

    I am not here to tell you what and what not to do. But....do only put silicone based grease/lubricant on brake componets and slide pins etc. You can and will swell all associated components,bushings, seals etc. 2qty things....Buy HIGH QUALITY JACK/STANDS...and NEVER CUT CORNERS ON BRAKES!
  8. You can checks out FERDS dash on every 2014 and later that are bubbled up? Not allowed to expand/contract? Intermittent Popping a few times a year is the least of my worries?
  9. It's the plastic bezel around the stereo is what is causing the popping! Hot-cold, Cold-Hot some guys have pulled it off and applied felt or something to the tabs that hold it in place and it seemed to work? Look for the thread.
  10. Which GMT-800 to buy

    1500HD with the 6.0 or a 2500HD The 1500HD with 6.0 was rock! Love those models....2500's too! They have their quarks and known cheap areas...engine and drivetrain not one of them.
  11. GM seems to be brutally more honest on SPECS than FERD....From MPG's to Payloads&Towing
  12. That is a GREAT PRICE! Slay it young Dragon Slayer...............
  13. First Chevy

    I do like! Last of the Steely's solid truck! I have a 16 and it's solid 75K miles absolute peach to drive! Enjoy.........
  14. Maybe roll up the window when doing the DB test? Just a thought......
  15. What about when that fluid warms and becomes liquid mostly water dribbling into your combustion chamber?

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