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  1. Go save 2,000 dollars and get a RAM with the bling! Go work the piss out of it everyday and see what you got at 150K? Chevy trucks have never been made to look cool? Win a street race? Or sound loud? What they do is work harder and last longer than RAM,FERD. Chevy has it's faults no doubt but these LT engines and K2's T1's will go the distance. By all means go buy your fast, cool truck.............
  2. You have considerable more meat where it's needed! Typical GM fashion if you get the 5.3L and 8speed.....it can handle 300+ hp/tq all day everyday without a sweat............
  3. Spark Plug/Wires Replacement

    The OEM is 35.00 for all 8qty. the plugs get chucked on mine @ 80K the wires too since I am already there...I don't take plugs to 100K or wires until they look like shit. I also don't take my tires to the steel belts but I am not 20years old either with nothing but a pot to piss in?
  4. And everybody says the 5.3L sucks? Lol....I love that motor!
  5. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    ummm..New Truck under warranty? No repair items most likely should be able to drive 3+ years without putting nothing but gas into it? I average 20mpgs's and for the comfort, convenience and safety I only need 1qty reliable vehicle the gas consumption/money is not going to sway me to a death trap 2door for 30mpg's
  6. 2014. Keep it or sell...

    Nothing wrong with the Motor? Put a Transmission in it and run it past 200K....better to be out few grand than 30K
  7. Battery life

    The 2014+'s are battery HOGS! I am chucking exactly at 2years.......You can take your pro rated warranty and suck on it! It will most likely be 115F and for 100.00 bucks I can't deal with the aggravation or listening to my wife..why,why? I can't do it...I can't
  8. Bad Lifter

    Radio takes awhile to set back but it should do so automatically......As for the few that have faulty sourced lifters and or pushrods....it happens unfortunately and it's a small percent. Hopefully, it all works out for ya
  9. HC pearl

    Jesus man! That thing is NICE!
  10. Probably gonna be just under 70K on a 2016SLT............Unfortunately, the AC compressor seized & trans temp sensor failed? I am very impressed with the setup
  11. If it's infrequently driven etc. 5-10K change it every year..........even if you drove it 600 miles in 1yr you change it.
  12. Yup, I can barely keep from hitting something or avoiding somebody else on my journey into the city? Can't imagine what else you need other than mirrors, wheel, gas and brake?
  13. Wix 57045 vs 10255

    Not sure where the confusion is? GM has the higher spec bypass on the AC DELCO from the git go? The aftermarket is what GM's problem is....they say they are not up to spec.............CHEERS!
  14. That about sums it up....The Silverado actually has a LT motor and well if you think the LS's were "terrific" these are far superior my friend.
  15. High Mileage 2012 1500 ltz

    I have shy of 70K on a 2016? That is not high mileage my friend............

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