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  1. Especially, with the V6! I think you will find the whole maintenance/tune up thing on this here Chevy Far easier and cheaper than your FERD. What do I know though...nice truck!
  2. apparently getting a AC delco engine filter for me has now been weeks? They sent me a fidget spinner and told me how much they care about me/order so here is something to bide your time with? I am not making this chit up either.....So to answer your question I guess the strike effected me too.......
  3. Data raw data! Like a juicy steak? Long, long legs? Yeah, I get down on data! Great Job Mate!
  4. [email protected] something! Hopefully she makes it to 100K! Cross your fingers.............
  5. Why you getting away from the diesels? Anyway, 1st you can't adjust idle parameters unless getting into ECU and reprogram etc. "TUNE" GM will not allow it to be done at Dealership. Their a couple TSB's like Motor mounts, updated parameters for janky idle etc. Problem is once HOT GM has it drop to 500rpm's in the name of economy. Coupled with a semi aggressive Factory CAM it's inherently rough when HOT/IDLE in DRIVE. Have a seasoned tuner bump up the mapping for hot idle 75rpms, 100rpms it will help immensely. Yes, it will consume slightly more fuel? Who cares you will still not get silky/smooth because of the CAM profile....oh,well it's a truck?
  6. The older you get the Less CHIT you will want the vehicle to have and things you never wanted before become necessities! I.E. knobs buttons, quiet so your not listening to engine/exhaust, low step in height! MPG's become very important why in the hell am I pissing away money on CRAP MPG'S.
  7. Probably more like 15-20.00! Sorry, the guy at Dealership taking the truck in for trade could give 2qty rats arse's about paint chips on front end.
  8. Coming up on 97K? Does it say 5.3L on engine never really looked or cared? Heck never even knew they offered other engines? V-8 is a V-8 is it not? Anyway, never put anything in other than 87 octane unleaded! What size engine is least of my worries. I am more worried about the ratio/blends of CRAP constantly going higher in concentrations on already CRAP Unleaded GAS..Oh well the catch can will catch all that crap and I will be driving the turd for 500K?
  9. Wouldn't say it's stupid? Having both available options would work? Probably 80% of people who buy 1/2 ton's never hook anything up to it. I could put my surplus Kilowatts generated from my Photovoltaic system into my truck battery instead of letting the power company pay me pennies and ultimately sell that juice for 3x the price they paid me? How good is your diesel in -25? Probably didn't start if it was sitting outside not plugged in? Batteries will be recycled most likely...maybe core charges too? @200K a motor can become if not taken care of properly something that is getting close to it's end of life cycle without major replacements/costs so slipping in a new or reconditioned battery is likely looking more plausible. I get the fact that Fleet's turn on @ 5:00am and don't stop until 6-7:00pm 6 days a week because I did it for a living and obviously a battery as the only source of mechanical movement/operation is probably not going to work. I do get that 400mile range on Crew Cab for somebody like me not towing or caring how big my tires are it will probably work just fine. I look forward to the advancements in propulsion systems no doubt!
  10. I believe the co-devolved 6speed GM was given the go ahead to unleash it in Malibu/Saturn in high volumes and FERD had to trickle it in...Then they did opposite for 10speeds. Which is why ZL1 was used.
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