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  1. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Right On! Excellent write up and pictures too very good job! The GDI thing is something that acutely tuned "gearheads" and people with good ears pick out...Lucky for me I knew from other early GDI's that they were noisy and required extra attention....Your truck probably was normal and nothing wrong so to speak just somewhat louder than others....I am glad you got a good shot of the valves...now we need somebody to post a similar 6.2 or 5.3 roughly same milage with catch can.....I am one from previous GDI experience that Catch Can and addressing the top end with cleaners is an excellent route! Thanks appreciate the insight
  2. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    Lol, Exactly? I live in No salt, no rust capitol of the united states and there are probably 10 Chevy trucks to every 1 Ford..It's apparently obvious here because there is no corrosion whatsoever! What is left on the road is pure overall durability and maintenance and some luck......and they are simply not Ford trucks....
  3. I have yet to rip a oil pan off the ecotec3's do they have a internal magnet? Not sure hopefully I never have to replace mine........
  4. Use the AC DELCO rebate get the plugs for like 1.75$ after it's all said and done.....75K ish takes maybe 1hr if your lazy and it's 110f in the garage....Just watch out the plugs are really good quality although some honestly were off .100" from center on the +/- sides I just threw mine away? Though that was awfully goofy looking? What do I know the next vehicle I buy will be completely different and Learning Curve all over again...lol
  5. Actually, I use the Filter Mag brand 2piece set for Filters too......I just did apples to apples comparison on 5.3L Break in engine and 3.6L both GDI's and the amount of Paste stuck on the walls of the steel filter case after 1st oil change both @ 1000miles was very significant. So the particles are so small on break in which you are FAR PAST is really my concern and when it's needed the most. But the filters mag do work well too...........
  6. Yes, I use the Dimple plug magnetic.....only one to buy! It is 12x9.75 size don't quote me though can't remember.
  7. Nice.....I bet those plugs looked really nice too! GDI...Keep it clean son! Junk the plugs @70-80K keep the nozzles from building up use 44K. They do require somewhat more attention but the Ecotec3's are excellent!
  8. 6.2L Engine Tick

    This one you need to check too? A rattle or ticking sound may be heard coming from the back of the left valve cover on some 2014-2017 Corvette, Silverado, Sierra; 2015-2017 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Escalade; 2016-2017 CTS-V, and Camaro models equipped with the following engines: 6.2L (RPO LT4, LT1, L86); 5.3L (RPO L83); or 4.3L (RPO LV3) It may sound similar to a lifter ticking and may be louder inside the vehicle. Listen to the fuel line connection at the left side of the engine. The fuel feed line between the high pressure fuel pump and chassis fuel line may be allowing high pressure pulsation back to the low side of the fuel system. If the sound is heard, the line will need to be replaced. On some trucks and SUVs, a vibration also may be observed in the fuel line at the fuel tank.
  9. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Exhaust is tight from headers to cats and back? even the crap donut and clamp they use?
  10. Yeah....the new DFM is probably gonna be sweet as honey! It's the least of my worries....even the 900's I drove that ALL HAD AFM issues I never found 1qty? Yes, they sucked up oil 1qt to 1qt&1/2 every 5,000-6,000 miles but never had mechanical issues with those? So if the 900's all had lifters fail due to AFM than I guess the K-2's are fractionally better if you go by reading these forums? Hmmmmmm I bought an ECOTEC3 for simplicity sake folks and AFM is the least worry of mine
  11. I thought the same thing? 30K these days.....
  12. Agree....If your into Adding big tires...Exhaust....and all that.....than yeah AFM is not your friend. But you can get around it if your into all that...........good point!
  13. 62K on 2016 AFM in full force! No oil consumption that warrants any adding of oil even at 10,000 mile oil changes............it probably drops 1/4 of a qt but what engine wouldn't after that mileage? Anyway can you feel/hear it? Yup, if you pay attention enough...Do I enjoy 24MPG's on Hwy with AFM HECK YEAH! 4qty people and all the gear in the back too!
  14. Crew or Double Cab?

    I agree.....the confusion I guess comes with 2019's and beyond....because now the short bed is absurdly short and Standard or long becomes 5,8" wtf.......I remember when Trucks had 8ft beds? Where are those? LOL
  15. Yeah, I had similar experience they just hustled from other dealers to round it up and make it happen for me. Fast forward 2 years later....Dealer says, AC Delco does not make it anymore and the replacement is Mobil1 HP? Not sure about all that but they put in my Truck from the Dealer?

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