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  1. I hear ya! My wife pretty much refuses to drive mine too? Probably would rake the whole side of from nose to tail putting it in garage so maybe I am glad she does not want to drive it? Donstar, the 2019's are even bigger! Wider too....but the driving actually is more SUV and feels even smaller than the K2's. You have been driving Trucks far longer than I and this one is like going from the Solid fronts to IFS of a few decades ago....it rides that GOOD! I still love my 95% STEEL K2 even though it rides PORTLY and bloated compared to a 2019....
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    No,No...Once you go topper you never go back!
  3. I already went and checked out the skins on the new 2019's Aluminum skins are great and all but flimsiness is extremely apparent....do me a favor? grab the handle what do you have Silverado? Grab that handle and yank and pull on it up and down and CHECK THAT FLEX in the stamped skin around the handle as you get more aggressive the thought of tearing it out becomes almost certain. Your lucky the Silvy's are way better than the Sierra's. Now go grab that K2 Handle on the steel skins and yank and pull? Your not gonna like the comparison? Remember Ford made a truck "BED" out this material..LOL Ever seen a "Real" construction truck f-150 Al body after a few years? Awful man ugly...Every F-150 on the road has the most beautiful ripple of Aluminum on every skin and look like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! But Hey what do I know?
  4. New 2022 Ram Dakota - Rumor or Real?

    They always will be Dodge to me and that is why I stay as far away as possible!
  5. You guys really think she is an idiot? Get a clue she is pretty dang sharp lady up in the attic! The T1's are specifically designed and engineered for mild assist electrification......
  6. New 2022 Ram Dakota - Rumor or Real?

    Rumor has it that it will outsell the Colorado too!
  7. Yup, I never really analyzed the coatings but peeked under a few FERD's and chuckled because that coating is extremely thin and flaked off up and down the rails.....Looked a Tundra parked next to it 2016 and that coating was far superior.........Powder coat would be great but you still need the CED coating first for best possible outcome....My NOXed GM stuff has never failed me so somebody knows why GM is still using it other than the MONEY reason.....
  8. Yup, Lots of candy to distract poor buyer away from the REAL MEAT OF TRUCK! Check out the impressive bolts sticking out on wheel wells of those brand new 2019's rams as they hold the splash guards up in fender wells? Ya...RAM at it's finest!
  9. just went and looked at some FERD'S in parking lot? Coating has flaked off in numerous areas of frame? No salt conditions here.......Pick your poison I guess?
  10. Mobil 1 Rebate

    Thanks, BOSS! Now I am happy as you clarified for me....Buying tomorrow!
  11. Mobil 1 Rebate

    Can't buy from Wal-Mart anymore? So no savings....
  12. Actually, your correct that large industrialized sewing Machine sound is what the trucks should sound like...put it up against a wall to hear it.
  13. 2018 Silverado High Country

    It's "Pleather" Don.....I have the whole house fitted out with cleans up real nice? LOL
  14. Single speed transfer case

    Yup, Just to have something that adds complexity, cost and future problems for something your not going to use? There are going to be a few no doubt....I agree hardly ever use it?
  15. Greasing Ball Joints

    I understand too. The one time I let the GM service dept do a free oil change I got...No grease, tires rotated back to positions I just changed and specifically told not to "rotate" oh..and they overfilled crankcase 3/4 qt telling me it's not a big deal............

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