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  1. I do my oil every 10K? I have never heard of anybody doing Diff's @ 10K.......CRAY..CRAY
  2. Myself? None I don't need any data....GM has Zero installed on HD's GM will not put that into their HD's until it has many,many units and data on the 1500's 10speed durability. That is the reason for the 6speed in HD's and this pertains to the Gassers not the Diesels.
  3. I really,really like this L8T!~ It pretty much nails it in my opinion...GM took their tank 6.0 and upped the Game! GM has no data on 10speed in HD setup? They will wait couple years for data on 10spd's in 1500's Say what you will about that decision but that is what sets GM apart and their powertrain which is a cut above the competition.
  4. Pissed me off kinda? Been over it I guess....just seems kinda dumb? Like having somebody control your own crap....well TV's been on for 4hours...your done! Off it goes.....
  5. you know? I think this happened to me too now that you mentioned it.....Mine reset because I left either A or B going from driving off the lot to track MPG's... Weird
  6. Pistons

    Wow, Look at that CHIT! Might as well throw two trubos onto the setup too I think they could handle it...LOL
  7. Good bye ford

    Unfortunately, Son that will now be your last FERD and not going back after the CHEVY shows ya how it's done!
  8. Your screen is most likely partially clogged. I would change that out 1st. If it looks very good change the sensor too!
  9. Cold start noise

    Guys, use the correct Oil 0W-20 and filter the noise your hearing is valvetrain waiting for it's oil 100% normal. Yours should sound like a flutter of noises that dissipates in 1/3 of second nothing more.
  10. Good to hear guys! I am almost on 80K problem is.....it runs so God Dang good I think I am gonna see if 300K is in my future. I like the new ones and some things are kinda disappointing to see in other areas where they cut corners as in GM fashion they most definitely did not cut corners on Powertrain. As it stays the same, yet more refined. I just really like how the K2's are solid,quiet and efficient. Who knows give me 15K off a T1 and twist my finger.......but I really don't want to let this one go!
  11. Gm never intended the "Volt" to be anything other than a 1-2 model year run? They were clear on that even before the "Volt" 2.0 was built....
  12. Oil Fill Tube

    Agree, the tube seems like it's the cat's ass but I have to have it sealed extremely well at the valve cover from dust and dirt etc. I don't see why this would not work with proper cover and fittings not for me though.....
  13. My OLI went to Zero couple weeks ago and it was 7,700 on the miles. I changed this one @ 8600 miles but usually go 10K. Consumes 1/4-1/2 qt that is expected at that mileage. I have documented used oil analysis out to 12K with still appreciable TBN levels so 10K is fine with me.
  14. Me? No, I am not against Anti-Seize at all.... I am against that product being used in places where it should not be used?
  15. Understand and yes he should use BLUE 242.

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