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  1. Absolutely! It works just as good in 115f too......
  2. Time to replace it's all in 1. Housing included 35-40.00 bucks
  3. Just ordered some EBC rotors they are about the only rotors I can smash on in the hills and not warp....priceless!
  4. Thanks! I recently had abhorrent sound after oil change and thought it was oil pump telling me it's going to grenade in future....
  5. hmmm...very interesting. After the oil change did this sound last briefly? Only at startup? or continually during operation? Thanks! Sorry, for your misfortune too!
  6. I do think your onto something with the EPA and GM using the TCC for added mpg's. I told my tunner "GUY" to off that crap too! He told me, "he could, but it's not advisable." He is extremely knowledgeable HP tunner guy and so I took his world the morning 1-2 will never go away it's to warm up the fluid.
  7. You will be fine with Amsoil ATF fluid. As for the other nonsense of adding inline filters and deleting this this that or the other thing is simply not necessary.
  8. Actually, Grumps the ratio is like 5qts or something is enough to bring the ratio inline with GM specs. I would as the previous poster replied only use GM specific fluid and machine. I use both consistently and my 8L90 rips off shifts just as tight as DAY NUMBER 1 This gearbox likes HEAT and lots of INPUT! It enjoys it and can handle it!
  9. Are you having any of the known fluid causing problems? If not you will be fine with 13 qts imo. The original TSB was written I believe with removing and replacing fluid twice. My services are done with 12qts using TransFlow.
  10. ummm...the difference in potential results in the current flow? I am currently reading Popular Mechanics circa 2011 when I am setting on the commode? Hope, this helps where I currently stand?
  11. Agree with many observations! The GM twins are now.....well looking quite radical from previous generation. Something everyone thought couldn't be done at GM and so they just called it ugly! The amount of money to radically change the previous F-150 to this current model couldn't be done because of their AL platform. Crease here/crease there that was a chance they took knowing it from get go A platform...GM realized it very early to get what they needed with Nozzle's/Tips/Machines etc. to place AL where it needs to be while keeping "Money" to radically change the Model from Skins to Frame and...…………………………………. Here is the kicker! They can utilize it all into the EV architecture. GM for all it's shortcomings can and does have the ability to dominate and your probably going to see more EV makers disappear than proliferate because of GM in next few years. GM will continue to increase market share on Full Size BOF's Trucks/Suvs using ICE and EV. and that share will come from Ford/Fiat or whatever they are called currently?
  12. She will be the 6 I bet...the 8speed although finicky is STOUT~
  13. Amsoil: Secret, Double Secret, under the table, Ultra Premium Black Diamond Platinum Super Limited Signature series...I think?
  14. About the only oil change I care about is the first one....1,000-2,000 miles get it out. After that do whatever you want.
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