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  1. It's a damn good reliable truck if you keep the upkeep on it. I could put some electrical tape on odometer and with a damn near perfectly complected interior the occupant would never believe the mileage. The reason I drive GM's is pretty simple cost of maintenance, parts procurement and longevity.
  2. Yeah...let me clean it first!
  3. I replaced factory fill at somewhere around 15k. Something just didn't feel right and have replaced with brand new fluid every 30k +/- a few k. The wire harness in trans that read Temp failed. I put new shocks all around probably around 30k with Bilsteins and actually think it's time to replace again but that was 4qty for under 400.00 and that ain't happening again....LOL probably more like 1k now because I want the all in ones with springs. This is the 8speed as stated in post and honestly it's finicky loves HIGH/TEMPS and high torque! Lug the trans and it will ride like ******! Smash the peddle and it's quick and smooth. It's 100% dependent on the intake and GM 8-pin MASS with humidity or any relative humidity in the air! Change anything on the 8L90 that effects temp and ECU readings and it shifts like ******! Trust me put in a different T-Stat to affect the time to operating temperature which you may never get to in higher latitude areas during winter driving even after 1hr+ driving? Everything is catalogued and documented on this fine,fine automobile. It likes to run HOT,HOT and that's just what it was engineered for I guess? I am going to change the starter in couple weeks because I am about closing in on 7K starts and I think it's about time. I also have a fine, fine report card @150K on used oil analysis and it's such a stud I think I am going to keep it for another 50-250K?
  4. It's been awhile since I posted and didn't really like the new style of forum posting as it seems more tuned to phones. I am not much into phones? Guess that makes me old...Oh.well! I just had a major, major mechanical fiasco the other day. The truck just wouldn't get up to temp so I watched "her" real close. Normally, I have AM radio cranked up and HOT COFFEE and paying attention to the other idiots on the road seems like a better idea than watching my dummy gauges. Long story short is $70.00 for a thermostat/all in one with housing about made me crap my pants because prices are going up but this is rather obscene don't ya think? I don't know what else to say really other than I am gunning for Cadillac Luke on mileage and keeping Grumps at bay from my mileage! As a reminder folks: AFM is enabled, and every other thing like the junk 8speed is all original and like grumps says, "It runs perfectly fine until it finally dies" It's great to be the luckiest GM owner on the planet because this thing is classic GM Body of Frame truck.....runs forever!
  5. Hardly? GM revised yet again on the LGX 60 High feature for the previous couple iterations and oil consumption.....Your oil will continue to disappear with your dirty rings that simple.
  6. Very Astute DUDEMAN! There is many on this forum unaware/ignorant etc. misinformed etc. Your 100% correct on that Cam! I already told everybody it was aggressive and the intake runners yup HUGE! All done on purpose from GM Engineers to obfuscate the obvious and they usually accomplish their goal as GM has some of the best engineers without question! I will preach it again! I don't care if your 3k-5k-10k guy you have to keep these buggers clean and it's more work no doubt but the LT'S are awesome engines imo.....
  7. I picked up a Cadillac Xt6 for SO and being it had the V6 something I pressed for because she does not care about the engine or trans etc. The serviceability of this engine is Extremely easy and so far so good. The 9speed now that I have the fluids in it I want is SLICK!
  8. That is ridiculous SON! My gosh mine is absolute snail compared to this FREAK!
  9. I just laugh at these new interiors....I have a 2016 GMC Coco Dune leather and after 5yrs of ownership the ONLY thing cheap in this interior is the covers on 110v, USB and 12V I just can't see these interiors mentioned above being able to handle 10yrs of truck abuse like the K2's they nailed it imo!
  10. Grumps where's yours at? Are you out of winter storage yet? These K2's love the Salt, the more the better! I am about to hit 135K and she is just barely holding it together!
  11. See that there folks! An honest opinion about the trucks...Very good! I would couple the fact that after "Hardcore Contractor Use" the difference 5yrs out becomes blatantly obvious glad you made a Strong Decision!
  12. They still make the F-150? Anyway what year because I can't tell the difference in their new one vs the current. I thought GM was the quintessential boring same ol, same ol, crease here, flare there?
  13. Yes, I noticed this and isn't the can going to be more robust too? The dual stage Oil pump might have been the killer of the PF63E
  14. Delayed engagement 8L90 has 3 seconds before GM deems out of spec? Lol...sounds like a relearn probably to fix yours
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