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  1. That would explain why on Sat I had a front end alignment after I changed the front Tie Rods the service advisor told me their was a safety recall on brakes for reprogramming? I was planning to replace the dang vacuum pump in couple months...hmmm...now it's reprogramming? I don't know probably will change it out and get the reprogramming....LOL It's gotten silly folks!
  2. Yup...You had the nickle size area on the felt from inside the filter with 1/2 dozen of metal flakes? Yup...that is about what they look like...Just change the fluid from this point on. The 8L90's while they have their quarks they are ROBUST and LOVE THE INPUT OF TORQUE the more the better..the hotter the better they love it and can handle it!
  3. Amazon for the filters...price? don't really remember as I have tried 1/2 dozen brands before finally finding the Gipper!
  4. I had no clue they even had branded "Amazon oil" I thought the OP meant Amsoil....LOL learn something everyday!
  5. Grumps....I like what I see? Please don't forget to first clean out the door seals,weatherstrips etc. and condition properly. Also, please do take my advice and use these......Premium Guard Pure Flow cabin filters p/n PC9958x I am not a believer or easy to please? These sir....meet my criteria!
  6. I know a guy looking for single cab and will pay cash! I think this one will fit the bill?
  7. Very Interesting? My compressor seized about year ago...Had dealer install brand new one. Just recently I noticed that my bolt the exact same one as yours had backed out too? Although mine was even further backed out? I took it back to Dealer who installed it and they did a investigation? I didn't make a scene or go after anybody etc. because I wanted to know why/how a bolt could back out 4 inches. The Dealer never gave me a hard time and took care of it 100% I was told all parts were taken out and compared with new hardware etc? GM database was scanned for any other known issues like this? The original Tech still can't believe it? They came up empty handed so I just took it as this must not have been fully torqued and only snugged up while other bolt was properly torqued and forgot to go back and finish torquing down etc. Maybe not? This might be prone to walking itself out? Maybe it needs threadlocker? I don't know seems really fishy now that you post this?
  8. The K2's are excellent to sit in! I would take more pills honestly!
  9. Well, 93K and I had component failure! Drivers side Tie Rod/Outer Bushing gone....I do have a Hellwig sway bar on the front so that probably aided in it's life expectancy even though I pump/condition the joints. I will take damage for having the Hellwig sway bar though. Looks like now will be first alignment job on Truck after I put the Tie Rod ends back on......on to 100K
  10. Yup, mine was from Texas in order to get it to the original dealership it was 200-300 miles. By the time it was trucked to my dealership and couple days to go over it from roof to road for delivery it was 367 miles. Was never even taken out for test spin on original dealers lot. Texas is freaking big man!
  11. It should be! The Silverado 2wd vs Sierra AT4? GM's the only one being forthright with MPG Stickers.
  12. I actually talked to the gal there about 2 weeks ago and asked seriously what is the ETA on it? She said, "Honestly 9 months" So I am looking too?
  13. Jeesh...Now that is somebody who follows the book! Nice, many miles too! That baby is getting pounded no doubt 2017 112K? Crap!
  14. Love to put that face on the rear-view mirror of a blue oval owner.....How you like me now? This is what a truck is.......................
  15. Ever wonder why kids 3yrs and under go into the biggest Meltdown ever when going through a Auto Car Wash or so called Touchless? Yeah...that's what is happening to the outside of your pearly Truck! Two bucket chump here always have and will be........
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