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  1. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Yup! We all be coking!
  2. For Mark to post this on the forum tells how much of NOBLE COURAGEOUS person he truly is!
  3. That is what I am hearing too? The 5.3L although the same other than DFM is finally acting like the tough little Bastardz it is! Nice truck SON!
  4. I would check the FERD'S out too? I mean why not? Might as well shop all the Makers. Anywho...You will get suppar MPG's with the Ram and most likely you will need to stay away from the new 5.0's as the OIL CONSUMPTION is major issue....How they will fix AL block expanding away with .100" plasma arc welded cylinder wall attached is simply never going to happen those mfg'd blocks will never operate accordingly as to cast in place Cylinder liners. As for your RAM and their Magnificent JOB of Lipsticking a PIG that is your call? Buying a truck to pound the bed,frame suspension? Well leave that for GM and reliability I would leave that to GM too? Get the 6.2L GM accept the interior and have far more smiling on your face than the others.
  5. 1500 MPG highway

    It probably is/was!
  6. Dang, Gumps! I thought I would have caught you by now? I have 88K although I did loose a AC compressor? That has been all out of my pocket other than the usual.
  7. Sorry, pure garbage! Look at the MPG's
  8. Pretty much and every one will say the Chevy, GMC was 4-5K more....no shit maybe you will learn your lesson next time!
  9. So true....LOL
  10. Good write up as most general public just go ohhh...RAM..NICE! Anyway, just go to bed of truck and looks no farther which truck was built as a truck? Should take all but 2 minutes to understand which one is built to work and the other to play?
  11. The F-150 took what seemed like 9 months to regain it's dominance when they unveiled the AL Truck whenever that was? Let's face it Ram put the money on the inside. GM put the money everywhere else but the inside. This way the Full FRAME and CABS are NEW opposed to RAM's HD's. I have 88K on my 2016 and every electronic and button works the same as when I bought it. Talk to me in 5-6yrs about your RAM? I will still be driving a slow, outdated Government Motor's truck that just simply works everyday and costs very little to maintain comparably to RAM,FERD when they get long in the tooth.
  12. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Nice...I have 88K and lifetime 19.3? I am fine with that!
  13. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    Mine is bone stock and it was 278tq and 303hp? If I remember correctly?
  14. Low Oil Indicator

    Probably so? For whatever reason any manual that says i.e. 6,7.5,8,9.5qts etc.etc. After flushing motor thoroughly replace with OIL up to top of line most engines take 1/2 qt less than what it calls for to reach line. Always, underfill on capacity 1/2 qt take reading instead of just dumping what manual says 9/10 it will be over top line.

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