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  1. mookdoc6


    The air exchange in a Open-Air baseball game is well...not a model to use for COVID-19 transmissibility. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is your go to unknown community spread in just about the best conditions for human-human spread. At its highest point, almost 1,200 sailors among the ship's crew of 4,865 tested positive for the virus, including one who died Remember ladies! You didn't sick on the airplane but most likely all the other places going to and from airport during your travels....the actual fuselage is probably safer than almost every other environment you stagnated in, traveled through or passed by. Also, Totally illegal to smoke a Cigar on state beaches all over the USA....Totally normal for your children to watch Adult grown men caress,fondle and grope each other on that same beach. Because it's been proven that children are more apt and instilled, impressionable at witnessing smoking from Adults as acceptable or OK. This is how your rights get fleeced right from your hands FOLKS! Everyday, Every year etc. you keep voting in Politicians that collude, shape and strip your insignificant, pheasant working lifestyle to....just that...more pheasant working lifestyle for their GAIN....... Yeah,,,,they looking out for you and your Family's well being......Yeah...keep thinking that.
  2. Totally agree! I just saw a 1/2 tonner go through a 4 way stop way to big a trailer, going to fast etc. probably little experience and lucky the 4 way was very well spread out in distance so others could readily see this JACK ARSE can't stop.
  3. mookdoc6


    There were some good inputs no doubt but as always turns into a chit-show! Keep it orderly folks!
  4. mookdoc6


    There will be no 2nd SHUTDOWN per TRUMP! Ya.........think? Won't be much of anything after the 1st!
  5. mookdoc6


    Lol...remove the thread big boy! I've got over 300 guys working in states, at local/state governments requests, that have been on lock down. I bring this up only to point out that NONE of us has gotten the Covid-19 in the last 60 or so days. So you can survive this. None that you know about of course because you have tested all 300 for antibodies? I guess we all get our "facts" out..............
  6. I have been using this stuff lately too and like what I am getting for my money. Little over 9.00 bucks for 5qts...LOL and burns off less than Mobil1 I will take it! I see they are selling more of it now and the price has come up.
  7. I posted 100k worth of UOA in a thread called "For Grumpy's eyes only" or something like that.
  8. I posted 100k worth of used oil analysis so you can check that out. GM's always have had HIGH copper readings in V8's gas/diesel and takes well over 100k and up to 200k dependent upon driving factors to normalize.
  9. All of this "stuff" your talking about is simply not good! Tongue weight? I would suggest understanding the tow ratings exceptionally well and make an informed, "SAFE" decision. Then go 70-75% Your so far out of 1/2 ton range it's UGLY!
  10. Wouldn't the MAX tow be associated with a 2wd Single Cab Long bed? You have what you have and safely designed for.....Towing something like your talking about would be a 2500 anyway. I mean if your moving it to Uncle John's house 10 miles away your fine.....but your not towing that daily? Be safe, be smart.....keep to the 70-75% rule of thumb!
  11. mookdoc6


    No.No...that is Don Lemon's job at CNN! lol
  12. mookdoc6


    Yup, you got it! 90% of everything this consumer economy is predicated on is PAY-AS-YOU-GO! Here we are for Sale signs are sprouting up I see and another month or two all the jobs needed to handle the overruns at grocery stores will be WACKED! But hey.....we need 30K ventilators in N.Y. and we will shut down until the SCIENCE tell us otherwise? LOL...100% idiots Mr. Pritzker? Where is your family? Florida? How many phase in's required in your state? Hawaii? You gonna keep the middle finger up to the Country and the World who travel until June 30th? Yeah...O.K. I am sure your Hawaiian residents who are 95% dependent upon travel APPROVE your message! Good luck bouncing back in 1-2 months. Thanks Govs!
  13. mookdoc6


    Meanwhile.....Pretty much every Hospital in the country is now laying off or furloughing workers. Great idea America put a couple more Liberal Professors Scary Talk out in the Media so we can keep the FEAR ALIVE! Like another poster said, "for a virus that effects 2,3 out of ten people to seek over the counter meds" 80% over 80years of age recover..........
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