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  1. A previous poster scoffed at me when I told him the 2019's are 450LBS lighter now I see weight is important to that person? Really, anywho......the Next Gens with the current 4.3L and that weight reduction yeah is more than enough for 90% of average truck buyer in 1/2 tons.....who knows it could be something I look at in 2020? I don't care for 3.08's though....3.42's are just right! I can't see GM dropping the 4.3L for 1/2 tons....
  2. Correct I commented on this subject a while back when I noticed it too! Not even close to being lined up the Positive and negative? Quality plugs when they are to spec....But I got mine for 1.75$ pr plug so I got what I paid for I guess?
  3. I just replaced my front Rotors and pads this weekend. 57K the drivers side were fine rotors and pads but I noticed the passenger side scored the Rotor after big chunk blew out from pad just ate/warped my passenger side after slamming on the brakes in traffic a few times in one week! They were EVOK driving style stops 80-0mph shit ur pants loose the pedal feel! Anyway, I went with EBC Never had but will see how they work out!
  4. Lucky nobody died! Thank the people before you standing up and fighting for Labor Laws and Safe/Clean workplaces etc! I am sure the facility had a culture of looking the other way and production/profit above everything. The owner/operator probably clueless about anything other than financial statements/sales etc. I know that person probably cares now? Yeah, OK whatever..........Folks if you work in unsafe environments etc. cultures of "I don't care I just work here" attitudes I recommend you go somewhere else. Note: If GM were to have been using this facility of sole source provider etc. I can assure you the reporting would have been, "Once again it's seems previous Bankrupt GM is back to it's old habits" Only have one supplier and potentially halting it's Silverado for month and half impacting Billions,billions of revenues.... just saying!
  5. You can probably swing a killer deal on a 6.2L 2018 as the new 2019's move onto the showroom! Jeesh, twist my finger 15K off Denali with a 6.2L.....ummm OK!
  6. I pull mine out every weekend to go 5.5 miles and pick up some milk,eggs and bread. I should have gotten the 6.2L honestly....
  7. I am the guy that drives with the AC on windows down in Summer or Heat on and Windows down in winter....Why because I can, I like it and I don't care what you think. I am proud of your POPS!
  8. There are properly rust inhibited prior to the Nox-Rust coating. I like the look of E-Coating too....But there are pros and cons to both no doubt. New 2016 F-150 setting outside I just looked E-coated! I looked at back wheel wells and Opps, many spots with nothing on at all couple square inch areas? I asked owner if he was working on it or something back there grinding/buffing etc. when installing the exhaust. Nope and he could care less about it anyways.....but living in Northeast in winter and that will not take long......I myself have never seen anything other than surface rust on GM frames which being FE it should have it.
  9. Ken's 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT

    This kinda what I am looking for? Maybe it will work for me I have the 8speed and I don't really want to loose HWY MPG's either and disable AFM...Either this or BlackBear Tune I am thinking?
  10. Ken's 2018 Sierra 1500 SLT

    Yo, Very nice truck! Do you have the 8peed? If you do what are your thoughts? How is the Pedal master/commander thing?
  11. The Aging Process Is Showing Up

    Exactly where I am at! I want Jail house FIRM...she wants Q-tip......just another thing we can't agree upon!
  12. Jeesh? Just add the 8% percent to the numbers GM we know the overhead is 20% on LT's anyway......How many broke or had problems? I bet it's .05% or less so probably the stoutest small blocks ever! BUMP up CHUCK! BUMP EM UP! By the way....my 5.3 is NICE but I could always use a little more?

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