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  1. 2016 Silverado 5.3 cc ive been putting a large can of charge in it every other day first I put the sniffer to it and nothing I ran dye through it and under Uv light I can’t find any leaks anywhere not even around the condenser , pulled vacum and it set at -20psi for 25mins put 40psi of charge in it and got 2 days before it was gone works great as long as the charge is above 25psi I have did this for a solid year now while I worked up north but now I’m transferred to Atlanta so I need my ac ive changed the valves out truck has 160,000 miles and 6,000 hours on it and I can’t give it up for few days to a shop becuase it’s my life line for work anyone had this same problem ?
  2. Is this a decent wear pattern? ive looked at tons of them on google but mine seems to remove a lot more yellow off like a full blade is hitting instead of a small contact patch backlash is at .09
  3. Got another question I ordered everything from Yukon and had shipped next day air and everything looks right but I’m seeing on my tracking sheet that the master install kit says it is for a 14bolt cover 12 bolt ring 31spline axle mine is a 12 bolt cover I believe as well as a 12 bolt gear but other then the gasket will all the pinion bearings and shims fit or is that a complete wrong kit? hopefully it doesn’t cost me the weekend sending back for the right kit smh
  4. Did you swap out the hole unit in the rear ? i don’t off road or abuse the truck any it’s a pavement princess lol im on the fence about buy a trutrak or somthing else or leave the oem locker alone since it’s functional still other then a chance of snow here in Wv it won’t be a must need I don’t think
  5. I been shopping around but I’m assuming the 2016 5.3 3.42 is a 12bolt 9.5” ?
  6. How do you like yours ? 6th is pointless in my truck at 70mph it’s 1500rpm and trans temp raises a few degrees so I leave it in 5th at 2000 and temps go down My truck has 35s with 10-11” of lift and it needs 37” tires bad lol
  7. That would be great if that’s the case If it was a older truck then I wouldn’t second guess it but these new trucks with stabilitrak and all the monitors and sensors I would be screwed if I pull my old diff and put new one in and it limp Modes lol i know the driveshaft will turn freely when truck is in park and turned off
  8. It has the auto option if that’s what you mean by autotrak
  9. 2016 5.3 6sp cc with 140k and 11” lift 3.42ratio i daily my truck on 35s and it’s all highway so I want to swap my diff gears from 3.42s to say a 4.56 or around that range for less transmission strain and to possibly go to a 37” tire eventually i cant down the truck for more then a weekend so what I want to know before I get to deep is if I do my rear first and my front a week later will any unknown sensors detect 2 different ratios and shut me down or will I be ok for 500miles in between as long as I’m NOT using 4x4?
  10. Yep I have a hypertech max 2.0 tuner already I’m gonna buy longer speed sensor leads and try that also my scan tool isn’t showing any codes to get any information
  11. yep thanks I’ve found tons of others with this problem but no solid solutions yet
  12. Anyone got a zeroed in reason behind the stabilitrak system acting up on lifts ? i leveled my truck with 33s and got the problems so I had it aligned and it was hardly noticeable went full 8” lift 35” and it’s back so I got another alignment (3 now) and no change tire calibration didn’t fix it either time so that’s out I checked grounds abs wires I live in the country and on switchbacks Or hairpins at 20mph is when it does it along with turning full turn into parking lots the brake pedal will change like abs is kicking in but it’s not coming up on screen as abs all abs wires are loose fitting although that’s my next purchase or new bcm I guess to try find a fix anyone that has had this problem and fixed it?
  13. Anyone ever get a good fix on this problem ? my truck sounds just like the original posters video and I had a torque converter installed and it came out of the local shop with a worse off leaking sound I changed the donut gaskets but still no fix it has to be the manifolds leaking it only does it on acceleration and cold start makes the rest of the exhaust sound like crap
  14. I like the 2019 but i really think the 2016-2018 trucks are the sexiest Silverado of all time I also love the interior of these models over the old After driving in a 2016 for 3yrs now I don’t think I could ever go back to a older model with no wifi or data monitoring i drove a friends 2007 Silverado that was loaded and I still felt bored lol
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