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  1. Yep I have a hypertech max 2.0 tuner already I’m gonna buy longer speed sensor leads and try that also my scan tool isn’t showing any codes to get any information
  2. yep thanks I’ve found tons of others with this problem but no solid solutions yet
  3. Anyone got a zeroed in reason behind the stabilitrak system acting up on lifts ? i leveled my truck with 33s and got the problems so I had it aligned and it was hardly noticeable went full 8” lift 35” and it’s back so I got another alignment (3 now) and no change tire calibration didn’t fix it either time so that’s out I checked grounds abs wires I live in the country and on switchbacks Or hairpins at 20mph is when it does it along with turning full turn into parking lots the brake pedal will change like abs is kicking in but it’s not coming up on screen as abs all abs wires are loose fitting although that’s my next purchase or new bcm I guess to try find a fix anyone that has had this problem and fixed it?
  4. Anyone ever get a good fix on this problem ? my truck sounds just like the original posters video and I had a torque converter installed and it came out of the local shop with a worse off leaking sound I changed the donut gaskets but still no fix it has to be the manifolds leaking it only does it on acceleration and cold start makes the rest of the exhaust sound like crap
  5. I like the 2019 but i really think the 2016-2018 trucks are the sexiest Silverado of all time I also love the interior of these models over the old After driving in a 2016 for 3yrs now I don’t think I could ever go back to a older model with no wifi or data monitoring i drove a friends 2007 Silverado that was loaded and I still felt bored lol
  6. Hey all I recently hit a deer in my 2016 cc Silverado and did some major bumper damage that rubbed the tire when I turned also busted the fog light lense cover After massaging out the damage till it’s not as noticeable I realized that the same side lights as the damage was significantly dimmer then the other side I went and bought a new ($100) Phillips 25w d5s bulb and new ($125) oem fog light complete housing and after install it changed nothing anyone else had similar problems and could it be as simple as a ground loose or cut ? i didn’t find anything obvious but I couldn’t really find anything about ground locations either thanks Matt
  7. Any fix to this yet ? i hit a deer in my 2016 and bought new headlight bulb and fog light complete housing and this side is maybe 20% dimmer still
  8. I’m having a simular problem now with my 2016 it seems it’s after setting a few hrs or overnight it throws a tighten gas cap code but nothing else and if I ignore it then it runs normal from what I can tell What worries me is in the first yr I owned it I was a notorious fill it to the neck guy at the pumps and I hope I didn’t ruin my evap system anyone else having this problem too?
  9. I think after a day of changing tune after tune I’ve figured out some of my problem looks like I need a new converter afterall few months back it was shuddering like a manual trans trying to stall when I lugged the truck from rolling stops like train track crossing etc etc and I did pan drop filter change and flushed few quarts of oil through it like the bulletin says and the shudder went away and it seemed to clear up. Well today I set the tcc slip to sport on the tuner and the truck was a huge difference power wise and responsive but the rpm hand was jumping up and down like the converter was trying to slip but couldn’t so I guess the past few weeks it’s been staying locked out more then slipping and causing me to keep my foot in it more I’ll do the converter change myself but would there be any gains on a daily truck by going to a 1200-1500 stall or anything ?? whats a good converter to try ? thanks all for the help !!!!!
  10. I’d just take it back to stock before I’d go that far Over some looks lol truck has 130k on it already and 4,500hrs but it’s been 96% highway miles to work so I’m not going to get too crazy I’ll be lucky if I just replace the trans before I pay it off
  11. I have a tuner but when I change the shift points and Tcc stuff it gets worse really I bumped all gears up 500rpm and on highway @70 mph it would constantly stay in 5th or jump back and forth from 5th 6th i honestly can’t tell anything on the tcc setting I have sport ,economy and stock only difference I have found is firmness and dod off that made a improvement so far and I’m running a 93octsne only fuel tune that didn’t net any mpg change
  12. I meant 33s getting 4-5mpg better if I’m getting what I’m getting with a 32” tire what will be the end result with 35s then? if it stays the same I’ll be perfectly content but I can’t see that happening and there’s a ton of 35s on this site with the same or a touch better then my mpg
  13. I have looked into this because the 190 threshold is hardly ever 190 for me like I said above mine was a constant 188 and now it runs at 194 and never hardly goes down to 190 while I’m rolling just sets st 194 and if I get on it a little it will climb even higher on highways the 2 hard lines under the truck 1 is always cold and the other hot so idk if it’s working or not back to mileage though I’m super good with mpg management with a 50mile best at 35mpg in my truck and right now the way it looks I will never see 20s ever agin with a 32” tire just seems odd when all these other 35” trucks riding around getting 4-5mpg better then me heavy rims or not
  14. I have a hypertech tuner (not the greatest) but with there 93tune and shift points bumped up and shift speed turned up I think it’s worse I eventually took it all back to stock but the firmness and dod off and I get better mpg I have a 14mile mountain I cross before o get to my house I used to be able to cost home from now I only go about 4 miles and the truck is stopped lol They are quite near double the weight of stock wheel combo but nearly identical height now that they are worn same as a new 265 tire I recently had some Tc lock up problems and I did a fluid change and it seemed ok but could the Tc be causing some of the poor temps and mpg as well I can’t imagine people pay $60k for rocky ridge trucks that get 16city 13hw and that’s with 35s on heavier rims if I go up 3” on tire size and lift the truck I’ll be close to 11 city 9 hw I would think
  15. Hey all I recently went to some 18x12 -24 moto metals with mt Baja Mtz tires and they are measuring out at around 32” from my stock wheels with 265s on my 2016 5.3 6sp cc 3.42gear Mpg went from 21 to 13 avg trans temp up from 188 to 194 constant on highway power feels like my old 4.8 now I got a hypertech 2.0 tuner but no help really I expected possibly a loss of 2-3mpg but this is a little much I had planned to go 6” with 35s but there’s no way now unless these Mickey Thompson’s are causing way to much rolling resistance has anyone else had this big of a lose with mud tires or offset rims ?

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