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  1. Is the gasket available by itself or does one have to buy the whole light assembly?
  2. 2002 didn’t burn a drop even after 160K miles 2015 with 40K miles burns 1/2 qt or less on 6 month/5K mile OCI.
  3. Yes, it’s the orange rubber sheet between the leaves. The leaves are tight enough that it won’t come out.
  4. It’s a known issue and the claimed fix is updated motor mounts. Helped mine considerably but didn’t completely eliminate it...was covered under power train warranty.
  5. If you want one to just act as a funnel adapter to get things vertical https://asttool.com/detail_page.php?from_search=y&tool_number=OFAAGM&offset=0&stype=advanced&manf=GM,GMC
  6. Dash temp gauge is likely not very accurate. separately, have you owned the vehicle for all 172k miles? I have not seen one that high yet.
  7. There’s got to be a way to “hack” this for infinite use.
  8. Isn’t the tech 2 for 2013 and older trucks and need GDS or whatever it’s called for 2014+? I’m sure you can read codes on the new trucks with tech 2 but if you want full bidirectional control you need the newer tool.
  9. I think it’s normal for pads to lightly drag on the rotors.
  10. There are updated motor mounts to reduce felt vibration. Mine were replaced under power train warranty. They helped considerably.
  11. They’ll do the reprogramming since that is a recall. If the vacuum pump is shot, you wouldn’t be covered unless you can get a goodwill repair. Personally, I think the reprogramming is a temp fix to get people in excess of the extended warranty timeframe — it looks like they’re doing something about it and it’s millions of dollars cheaper than replacing the pump.
  12. No, I’m after some little rubber plugs that fill 3 holes in the inner rear fender. I pulled them to spray fluid film and they walked away.
  13. Not sure what section this should be in....looking for the p/n of the small black plugs that go in the rear wheel wells. They’re not visible unless you remove the rear wheel well liners and are maybe 1/2” diameter. Can’t find anything on gmpartsdirect.com
  14. Maybe a little and it’s certainly wayyyyy cheaper for GM to try this than replacing pumps. Read the last paragraph of this article. Check out this article from USA TODAY: GM issues recall of 3.4 million pickup trucks, SUVs to fix brake problem https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/09/11/gm-recall-chevrolet-gmc-cadillac-suvs-recalled-brake-issues/2284370001/
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