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  1. I use weather techs only during the winter to help keep the salt at bay and they scratch the snot out of the paint on the front. I’ll have to investigate the husky ones.
  2. I believe the new sensors need to be programmed to the vehicle. The tool you bought only allows relearning of tire location on the vehicle once the sensors are programmed to the vehicle. You need a more advanced tool to do the programming. Someone will advise if I’m incorrect.
  3. I’ve used the prestone premixed stuff in my 02 Sierra and 05 grand prix with no issues
  4. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    Yes it is speculation. Nothing else rattles like the console does
  5. "Chevy Shake" 2017

    Agreed. That’s what vibrates like crazy on mine. Nothing else does. it’s just the fold down console seems to hit its resonant frequency when driving at just the right speed. I’ll have to experiment and see if it does it when it is folded up or if there is a way to stiffen it.
  6. Pretty sure gm Is actually right here. That screen is meant to show mileage to empty not act as an actual fuel gauge. I don’t recall the level changing on mine either but I have a 2015
  7. Unfortunately, it will take people dying like with the ignition switch issue to escalate the concerns.
  8. Vacuum pump going out

    when the pump grenades it allows engine oil to contaminate the hose and booster hence the replacement recommendation. not sure why the master cylinder would need to be replaced.
  9. Clunking in Rear

    here is how I did mine: 1. Get you some bicycle inner tube or rubber sheet (HD sells in plumbing dept) 2. Raise truck from frame on driver side just in front of rear wheel. 3. Use jack stand for safety 4. Use large flat blade screwdriver or pry bar to separate leaves at front of spring 5. Insert rubber piece then remove pry tool. keep your digits out of harm's way 6. Repeat 4 & 5 at rear of spring 7. Repeat 2-6 on passenger side Just did this this morning and when I shake the bed side to side the only noise I hear now is a little axle play; spring clunk is gone. We'll see how long it lasts. Fluid film was getting me about a month before the noise returned.
  10. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/178873-2016-upfitter-manuals-online/
  11. Wouldn't a gm tech2 tool do both if you're willing to spend a few grand?
  12. +1 my WT front liner is still good after 2 years but the rear liner has curled up like a potato chip at the door sill edges. replaced the rear liner with husky xact and it's so much better than the WT
  13. I find it astonishing that GM can't engineer a leaf spring design that doesn't suck. I mean the basic design has only been around for what? 100 years?
  14. +3. OP has exact same symptoms I had. hosed down front and rear of springs near shackles with fluid film and it's noticeably better. make sure you get it between the leaves and have to reapply periodically.
  15. This was a common issue on the 99-02's and there was a recall for it. I can't remember the exact cause but I believe it was corrosion on the wheel speed sensors.

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