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  1. Pull the wheel liners and taillights to hose everything down each spring. while you’re at it you can pull the plugs out of the wheel well and douche it down with fluid film or similar. Do the same to the rockers too.
  2. To the O.P., discount tire is good at matching competitors advertised prices.
  3. Good to know....I get 10 cents off per gallon when using my Meijer credit card.
  4. Stick your ear by the valve behind the muffler while you remote start. Mine makes a quick chirp and traced it to the valve.
  5. If you pull one of the existing ones out and look at the back, it should list the mfr model number. They are made by https://www.caplugs.com/plugs i think it’s their BP series in 13/16. I only needed one so I requested a sample on their website. If you need more, looks like minimum order qty is 200 for $40
  6. Might be trans cooler line. They’ve be an issue for years and years leaking where the rubber line connects to the hard line.
  7. CPO is a euphemism for used. It means nothing. Steve Lehto is a lemon law attorney in Michigan. Search his YouTube channel for CPO and you will be amazed what dealers claim regarding CPO.
  8. The million dollar question: is using off the shelf Mobil 1 or valvoline (that already contain a small amount of additive) going to ruin your G80? It seems tons of people have used the Mobil 1 or valvoline.
  9. I have a 2015 and the cap fits on the tube.
  10. Got my hands on a 2019+ fill tube. Based on the fitting, looks like it will be damn near vertical after installation; maybe tilted just a hair forward. Will update photos after install
  11. I think OP is referring to mfrs that have both direct injection and the older type injectors that wash the intake valves.
  12. Is the gasket available by itself or does one have to buy the whole light assembly?
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