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  1. Is it just in the cab corner or all Along the rockers? The photos look like a cab corner which could be repaired for way less than $7000
  2. No help for the current predicament but if you replace rockers, remove all of those plugs in the rockers , hose it out, let it dry, spray the snot out of the inside with fluid film, replace plugs. The area around the rear wheels is probably next to go.
  3. Been seeing these in photos of 2019 z71 1500s. I can’t make out the brand but maybe my eyes are bad.
  4. If a recall comes, you’d be reimbursed if you have receipts, I think. my point was that in a recall, Gm is paying for it, so the cost to them would be whatever the pump costs them plus an hour or two of the warranty labor rate, not the normal $125/hr or whatever their going rate is for service work. I don’t know, maybe $150 per vehicle for their cost. Still a ton of money over millions of trucks. Good thing trucks are their highest profit margin vehicles.
  5. Once the lawyers get involved, a recall is more likely to be issued if there has been property damage and/or personal injury as a result of the failures. My guess is that if it does turn into a recall, it will be an “inspection” and replace only if conditions a, b and c are met. I doubt it would $600 per vehicle. GM probably buys those pumps for maybe $50 a pop and maybe 2 hours of warranty labor rate.
  6. Driving with the severe misfire will destroy the cats in no time. I destroyed one driving about 20 minutes to my dealer with a severe misfire. I think it’s the unburned fuel that does them in.
  7. I’d go kit. Issue I’ve had before is you have all these nice stainless pieces and when the shop welds it up they use non stainless weld material and the welds rust.
  8. Belt or starter

    If one quick chirp, it’s probably the flapper valve in the exhaust
  9. chirping

    Had my 2015 looked at last week for the valve chirp but since I’m 6 months out of the 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty, they wouldn’t replace it no charge. It’s not covered under the 5 year power train warranty. I was quoted $800 for the new exhaust. Figured I’ll clamp it open or put the $800 towards a borla/Corsa exhaust.
  10. Cut a sheet of rubber from a tire inner tube and put it between the leaves at each end of the spring. This worked for me and others. If you do a search of my few posts I posted a procedure and some photos in one of the leaf spring threads.
  11. Now that I look again, the pinned post is for 2014; this one is for 2015 but appears to be the same software patch fix
  12. I’m blind. There’s a sticky for 2014. Please delete
  13. Didn’t see this posted anywhere else. Not sure why it’s 2015 only....

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