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  1. Belt or starter

    If one quick chirp, it’s probably the flapper valve in the exhaust
  2. chirping

    Had my 2015 looked at last week for the valve chirp but since I’m 6 months out of the 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty, they wouldn’t replace it no charge. It’s not covered under the 5 year power train warranty. I was quoted $800 for the new exhaust. Figured I’ll clamp it open or put the $800 towards a borla/Corsa exhaust.
  3. Cut a sheet of rubber from a tire inner tube and put it between the leaves at each end of the spring. This worked for me and others. If you do a search of my few posts I posted a procedure and some photos in one of the leaf spring threads.
  4. Now that I look again, the pinned post is for 2014; this one is for 2015 but appears to be the same software patch fix
  5. I’m blind. There’s a sticky for 2014. Please delete
  6. Didn’t see this posted anywhere else. Not sure why it’s 2015 only....
  7. As hokey as it is, the rubber inner tube between the leaves works to eliminate the noise. I 100% agree we should not have to do this crap. I mean Leaf springs have been around for what? 100+ years and they’re not complicated.
  8. Keep us updated on how these hold up. I usually use raybestos advanced technology but the RPT are half the price. You’d think the coated ones would be more expensive.
  9. Loud door chime defeated.

    A tech2 is just a bit more advanced than your run of the mill obd2 scan tool. You need bidirectional tool and I believe on 2014 and up, tech2 does not work.
  10. They’re basically a toggle bolt design where as you tighten it, the 2ears flatten out against the inside of the bed panel
  11. The odds of getting 2 bad replacement batteries in a row is slim (unless GM is now using Exide). As others have mentioned, look for parasitic draw. a lot of times the dealer will pull a battery that’s been sitting on a rack for months that’s charged enough to start the car a couple times then if u do a short drive home and let it sit for a week it never got fully charged. Go for a long drive before letting it sit to be sure it’s fully charged.
  12. I use weather techs only during the winter to help keep the salt at bay and they scratch the snot out of the paint on the front. I’ll have to investigate the husky ones.

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