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  1. Not sure what section this should be in....looking for the p/n of the small black plugs that go in the rear wheel wells. They’re not visible unless you remove the rear wheel well liners and are maybe 1/2” diameter. Can’t find anything on gmpartsdirect.com
  2. Maybe a little and it’s certainly wayyyyy cheaper for GM to try this than replacing pumps. Read the last paragraph of this article. Check out this article from USA TODAY: GM issues recall of 3.4 million pickup trucks, SUVs to fix brake problem https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2019/09/11/gm-recall-chevrolet-gmc-cadillac-suvs-recalled-brake-issues/2284370001/
  3. No one wins in class action lawsuits except the lawyers. Best you could probably hope for is an extended warranty on the part to 100K miles then you get the ol’ “Oh, you’re already past 100K? So sorry.”
  4. What is this job costing people at the dealer — replacing all lifters on one bank when you’re out of warranty?
  5. Vacuum pump? Mine has some random ticking to it but not that loud, most noticeable on cold start but then goes away.
  6. Only vehicle I’ve seen that on is a mustang where the top of the window compresses a gasket. i.e. the door doesn’t have a frame all the way around the window. You might have got the wrong part...dorman is bottom of the barrel on most stuff they make.
  7. How much can you get out through the dipstick tube? 4 of the 13 quarts?
  8. I lied...kind of. I thought it was available through CHevy accessories but it’s an AC Delco part I got on amazon. P/n in the photo. only issue I have with it is it doesn’t have the tether so don’t forget to put it back on.
  9. Gm sells a locking gas cap for those that don’t have the cap less systems.
  10. I thought I saw the recall is for Canada. Those in the US get an extended warranty and a middle finger.
  11. i bought a transmission cooler line fitting and it came filled with what looks like a grease of some sort. Is this normal or does it need to be removed before installation?
  12. If the battery has been sitting on the shelf for months and months at wherever you bought it, it may not be fully charged — Particularly if the vendor doesn’t use FIFO, doesn’t periodically boost charge their inventory, etc. I would jump it then go for a long drive before calling it a bad battery.
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