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  1. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/224628-20”-chevygmcsilveradosierrasnowflakeall-terrain-rims/
  2. Mint condition snowflake oem takeoffs. Wheels and center caps no tpms. Asking $1200 I can ship as well located in NC text or pm 860-480-8786
  3. I got the rims off my truck, text me 860-480-8786 I’ll send over some pictures.
  4. Setup recommendations

    https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/161228-post-your-2014-wheeltire-set-up/ https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153363-2014-leveling-kits/?page=1 Happy Reading
  5. I will have a set of oem ones for sale in the coming weeks, they are the grey and machined if you're interested. I'm located in NC
  6. WTB: Range AFM Disabler

    As the ad says looking for a Range AFM Disabler. Pm or text 860-480-8786
  7. Looking to buy a set of gloss black oem 5 spoke wheels from Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe. 20x9 https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-CHEVROLET-SILVERADO-TAHOE-1500-TRUCK-BLACK-WHEELS-RIMS-FACTORY-OEM-SET-5652/182511628244?fits=Model%3ASilverado+1500&hash=item2a7e8a6fd4:g:qBMAAOSwtspbpaW7 Message me on here or send a text 860-480-8786 Located in NC
  8. Ride quality - Help!!

    I put them on the highest setting and removed the level kit, truck sat about the same height. The difference Is very noticeable as the ranchos are junk in my opinion, I didn't like the ball joint angle either. Tires are also a key to a stiffer rid. The stock 265 car tires are smooth but makes the truck feel unstable plus the Goodyear's are trash as well haha I have 275/60/20 KO2s and I really don't have any complaints
  9. Ride quality - Help!!

    I took my level kit out and put all 4 bilstein 5100s and the truck rode better in my opinion
  10. Thanks for nothing, as I said the video didn't work and the thread just decided to post and tell me the video was too large after the fact. Every truck is different you say? then explain why almost everyone has the Chevy shake and junk rear leaf springs and list goes on. Go troll elsewhere if you don't have anything worthwhile to say. Unlike most people I work on all my vehicles, and going to the dealer is a pain in the ass to deal with a bunch of textbook and procedure mechanics. The point of this forum to help members and learn, not be a keyboard commentator. If I had the option to delete the thread I would have right after, unfortunately I don't.
  11. Annoying squeaky rattle which sounds like it's coming from behind the power outlet next to trays on the bottom dash. Haven't been to the dealer but like to have a better idea. Video I have to too large, so I apologize this post is useless haha
  12. Clunking in Rear

    Finally went to the dealer, they re-torqued everything and greased the pads, noise is gone but am sure it will return. I did leave with a nice squeaky rattle under the dash which sounds like its below the radio and its driving me nuts so if anyone has tips for this.
  13. Clunking in Rear

    Called the dealer and I am going in Friday. They said they have had customers with the same problem and replaced the springs so guess I will see what happens.
  14. 2016 Silverado 4x4 with Bilstein 5100s on all 4 corners. Been noticing that when I drive on different surfaces such as backing into my driveway or changing just the slightest elevation I keep hearing a clunking sound that's pretty evident from the back. Haven't taken it to the dealer yet but looking for everyone else's insight, I am leaning to the leaf springs but not 100% sure

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