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  1. Please explain how 18 inch wheel vs 20 inch will increase performance. I have 20s on a 4x4 with z71 package because amazingly that’s how the truck was built and equipped from the factory......
  2. So I’ve done lots of research using search button, so I take it that using a 33 or 34 inch tire on a 16-up 1500 will be problematic due to the different UCAs? I have 17 Sierra 4x4 with a 2” RC leveling kit and torn between 275/60/20 and 275/65/20. It appears I have plenty of room on my truck and have no problems with slight rub and trimming if need be. Looking at Ridge Grapplers but leaning towards Open Country AT3 since the have the mountain peak and so many have Ridge Grapplers in my area. Thanks in advance!
  3. Got the RC 2” leveling kit installed today. Looks so much better not having the joe dirt rake look.
  4. I found that out when I got this Ws6 after having other Camaros in the past. Feels like the Caprice I used to have in high school haha. The 02 SS I had came with the bilstein package from slp which was quite an improvement over the normal shocks. Also had a 99 SS with Strano KYB package and that was night and day as well even with a lower level shock.
  5. Haha, if I had the cash lying around I’d throw one in my current car! Blue one is unfortunately long gone.
  6. Here’s my 02 wS6 auto. All stock minus SLP loudmouth exhaust.
  7. Here’s my 01 base TA that’s on the vfn fiberglass website showing the 4 inch Ws6 cowl hood. Had Bogart bolted D10 wheels, heads, cam, 4.56 12 bolt, all bolt ons, suspension, weight reduction etc. Unfortunately the motor blew up and sent connecting rod out side of block and down through oil pan.
  8. I’ll get the ws6 uncovered and take some pics later today. I’ll try to dig up some photos of my other cars as well.
  9. Got it used and rescued from a local Ford dealership. Had 49k on it and now just past 50k. Carfax shows it was religiously serviced at the local Buick GMC dealer in town so happy it’s a local truck. I’m getting a RC 2” level put on tomorrow and looking to get some 60 series tires in the future. Minus 6.2, heavy tow package, navigation and moonroof, it’s basically optioned like a Denali. Was tired of the Iowa winters and decided I’d pull the trigger on this truck and not have to worry as much when the really bad winter blows in. Unsure how far mods will go but that’s usually how it starts haha.......
  10. New to this forum but have always been on some kind of vehicle specific forum throughout the years. Just got this truck a few weeks ago and loving it. Traded in my cough cough, Honda for this 17 Sierra SLT z71. Loving it and glad to be back in a GM vehicle. Will definitely go well with my 2002 WS6.
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