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  1. Keep in mind even if you get a kill switch they can tow it off... so many repo looking trucks running around it's easy to yank it around the corner and then disable whatever security system exists. If someone wants it bad enough they'll get it...I've had 5 vehicles stolen and only 1 recovered... one of the MANY reasons I enjoy being away from civilization.
  2. Pandemic day 5, we're stranded at home because dad detailed the vehicles and refuses to drive them in the snow.
  3. Yep, stock suspension with 275/60R20 BFG KO2s with no issues... looks great in my opinion.
  4. I will likely be putting these on my wife's Suburban in a few months, looking forward to comparing them to the BFG KO2s with 55k+ miles on them that are still doing well.
  5. The 3m chip guard film and Xpel film are essentially the same thing. They are a clear film that sticks on to the vehicle and protects the paint/clear from chipping, the newest stuff is pretty robust and should outlast 5-7 years I would think. I would do this anywhere that faces forward... installers can make specific recommendations based on their experience but painted bumpers and grilles, fronts of hoods, A pillars, mirror caps, and rocker panels are pretty typical... basically where ever your budget will take you. The ceramic coating is an extra step, once again where your budget will take you... this lasts 3-10 year depending on the installer's package, the prep work, and the number of coats. The product itself isn't terribly expensive but the application can be a challenge so the packages typically aren't cheap... They do typically include a decontamination and buff which on a new black truck will make it look amazing. It also wicks moisture away easily, I would just spray off my 2011 and unless it was extremely dirty all I needed to do was dry it... another note it I use a leaf blower to dry the truck so it doesn't get scratched by the drying towel. Here's a couple pics of the truck, the top one was about at it's worse on a 400 mile round trip down a gravel road... the ceramic coating doesn't let much stick to the truck. The second was a clean shot... black looks so good when it's clean!
  6. Just take it straight in and have Xpel or other chip protection put on it... the detail shop that does that *should* be able to address the scratch while it's in there and if you can swing it put on a ceramic coating. I had a black 2011 in the worst conditions imaginable here in Alaska and it looked amazing the day I sold it since I was proactive and protected it. If you don't put on paint protection film you WILL regret it... the new finishes are incredibly soft and will look like crap before too long.
  7. If thieves want something bad enough that won't slow them down, they'll show up with a wrecker and pull it away. Get good insurance, security cameras, and if you want it recovered toss in a GPS tracker tucked in a seat pocket or something.
  8. I find that strange, what offset are the 20s? On OEM wheels my 2016 Suburban with a lot of miles (suspension has definitely settled some) fit the 275/60R20s from my truck without issue. 275/50s would be too small, stock size for the 20 spec'd Suburbans was a 275/55R20. If you have aftermarket wheels the offset it likely your issue, either way get someone in the vehicle and turn the wheels both ways while you're outside to see where it's hitting. You may be able to trim/bend something out of the way or see if going up would help. Here is my 16 with 275/60R20 BFG All Terrains, completely stock suspension with no rubbing.
  9. No issues like that in my 2017... Still glad that 5-6 week cold spell finally broke, 19 feels balmy after over a month of negatives.
  10. I’m lucky... it’s so cold here they just throw sand and gravel. I hate the rock chips but better than the rusty alternative.
  11. Snapped a quick shot headed to the airport for work... -26 degrees out with a 4:00pm sunset! Gotta love January in interior Alaska...
  12. Since it's bumper to bumper I would say it is worth it, there is no guarantee you'll use it but for the random expensive module or other similar failure I would enjoy the piece of mind. The powertrain warranty doesn't cover all that much really... Another thing to factor in, I do all my own work so a warranty is rarely worth it... if I was going into a dealer for problems I would be inclined to get the best warranty I could afford, there's been several examples of rabbit holes that ended up being very expensive. I feel like the platform is very reliable in general, which is why I bought what I did, but relative to parts and labor costs I also feel like $1500 isn't a lot of money.
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