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  1. It'll look good... similar to the RD4 20" wheels and pretty timeless. Post up pics if he does it.
  2. I run 275/60R20 BFG All Terrians. I gave up 2+ mpg and they are noticeably heavier but for what I do and where I live they are totally worth it. Being from the southeast it would be hard to justify the added cost down there, I ran them when I lived in Tennessee but never used them to their potential. Its been raining a week straight, I drove home from work tonight at 55+ and had no traction issues. There's snow on the ground 7 months a year and I never have a worry about getting around. As for the OP's original question, for your need the Michelin A/Ts make a lot of sense if looks aren't an issue. They'll wear better and do extremely well in any conditions you run into. If you want the aggressive look the Wildpeak A/Ts, the cost benefit is well documented.
  3. Do you like your job/career

  4. Debadged truck pic request

    Thank you! It is 20%, it is almost a perfect match to the factory privacy glass and makes it much more enjoyable to drive and look at.
  5. Debadged truck pic request

    Here is a quick before, the first thing I always do it tint and debadge. Cleans it up and look a million times better. After debadge and tint, added the black front bowtie as well:
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Clean truck and sunny day, that combo doesn't happen often up here.
  7. I have 3.08s with 275/60R20 BFG D load range All Terrains. I definitely noticed going from the stock 18" wheels and fuel saver tires but it hasn't been anything too bad. I get 17.5 with mixed driving and still haul/tow a good bit without issue.
  8. OEM Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels...again.

    Bump for a great seller, I love mine!!!
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Had a chance to wash the truck finally... 11:30pm and the sun is just popping below the horizon up here.
  10. I have 73k on my 2016 Suburban... you'll be fine.
  11. So are ACE and Lowe's standing behind the Craftsman lifetime warranty? I have tons of tools from over the years and have never gotten grief from Sears about turning in a stripped ratchet or busted socket... I hope that is able to continue.
  12. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    RD4 Wheels with 275/60R20 D load range BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2. No lift or level, no rubbing at all.
  13. I don't have any pics but I have a two tiered rolling cart with a drawer. Buffing pads in zip locks in the drawer, buckets and gallons down low, smaller bottles and towels up top. Easy to take where I need and roll back after I'm done. Hoping to add hooks for the hose/spray nozzle soon.
  14. I still have the stock spare... IF something happens to the tire I'll make sure it's in 2wd and the spare is on the front. These tires are pretty robust, I haven't worried about a flat in years even driving the Denali Highway, a 55 mph limit gravel road. I hope you like them as much as I do, the mpg loss is worth the upgraded appearance and capability.
  15. Help me decide tire size

    Here is 275/60R20 on a stock suspension truck... I did notice the weight vs the P rated 18" wheels and tires but nothing I regret. 275/65 would look good with a level in my opinion, the 275/60 might be a little short.

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