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  1. I was able to get a good test run in this weekend, went out to a old mining area a few hundred miles from my place and camped for a couple of days. On the highway coming down they were very quiet and MPG is definitely up 1.5-2 mpg over the KO2s. Going down the old mining road with pot holes, washboard sections, creek crossings, and jagged rocks sticking they held up well, didn't get into too much mud or thick stuff but they did very well. It rained the entire highway trip back and the grip was solid at highway speed. Overall I have to say I am impressed.
  2. I just got back from town riding 110 miles on the new Toyo AT3s... the E load range BFG All Terrain KO2s (installed in March of 2017) that they replaced had right at 65k miles, I could have kept them on but the last of the tread compound is stiff and had gotten incredibly loud, so my wife said hurry up and get them replaced First impressions are good, they had solid traction in the rain, soaked up the frost heaves and pot holes, and I was impressed with how quiet they are. It is strange going from the firm E load range BFGs to the softer P rated Toyos, they definitely give when cornering but it does make for a softer ride. The sidewalls have a rounder appearance which I am not a huge fan of but that's just me being picky. I think if it was my daily driver I would be a bit let down but I am confident my wife will be much happier, I'm curious to see if they hold up to 65k miles of Alaskan abuse as well as the KO2s. I will update fuel mileage in a few weeks, they are 10 lbs lighter each, so we're losing 40 pounds of unsprung weight, I could definitely feel the difference on the ride home. I set them up to 38 psi cold. Here's a couple of dirty pics with the new tires, turned over 110,000 miles on the burb today... still doing well! Here is the last camping trip with the KO2s... they got noisy but did well on an 800 mile weekend across Alaska.
  3. Just put a deposit down on P265/65R18 Toyo AT3s for the wife's Suburban... after 8+ years of BFG A/Ts (both KO and KO2s) on GM trucks and SUVs I'm curious to see what I think. I should have them installed by June 7... good ol' remote Alaska waiting
  4. I've done two sets from eBay with good luck, just check the seller's feedback and reputation, mine have all been in original Katzkin packaging and I've done the installs at home. Make sure it's a warm day, lay them out for a bit to loosen up... bring patience, a heat gun and plastic trim tools, and prepare to have sore fingers for a few days.
  5. I am another success story for the BFG KO2s... The ones on my wife's Suburban have over 60k on them and I'm just now looking to replace them. They do well in the harsh winters up here and her work is down a gravel road, they're not cut up. I run around 50 psi and rotate every other oil change. I have noticed they have gotten louder as they have worn, the ones on my truck only have 12k or so on them and are much quieter. That's hardly an issue for me, I care more about how they hold up in harsh conditions and winter driving. There is a ton of balance weight on both sets but they are heavy tires... makes since to me that they would need a lot of weight to balance properly.
  6. I'm not sure of the total history of the truck, I bought it fall of 2016 with a bad 4.8 engine for a steal. I took a weekend and replaced it with a $800 used 5.3 from a Tahoe and have had no issues since then. Parts are super cheap and they are incredibly easy to work on... the 99-06 is a great platform.
  7. I have a 2006 GMC Sierra with 284k on it, luckily it's in the lower 48 in an area that doesn't rust. I doubt I'll ever sell it, it does everything I need it to and I can find parts and fix anything that could break. It got rearended a couple of years ago and I was lucky it didn't total, it would be impossible to replace for what I would be paid for it. I wonder how long my 2017 will last, I'd like to think just as long but I have my doubts... certainly not as cheap to fix if/when something breaks.
  8. If you click on the banner/pic it works, took me to Borla's site. Went to Summit Racing to try and verify and did not see it active from their end... I'm not in the market but if I could get the 140550 for $520.99 I'd have a hard time staying away from it.
  9. Keep in mind even if you get a kill switch they can tow it off... so many repo looking trucks running around it's easy to yank it around the corner and then disable whatever security system exists. If someone wants it bad enough they'll get it...I've had 5 vehicles stolen and only 1 recovered... one of the MANY reasons I enjoy being away from civilization.
  10. Pandemic day 5, we're stranded at home because dad detailed the vehicles and refuses to drive them in the snow.
  11. Yep, stock suspension with 275/60R20 BFG KO2s with no issues... looks great in my opinion.
  12. I will likely be putting these on my wife's Suburban in a few months, looking forward to comparing them to the BFG KO2s with 55k+ miles on them that are still doing well.
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