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  1. I was very happy to let my 2017 Silverado Siren Red go earlier this year... every panel had rock chips on it. I also cracked the windshield before 10k... I know I'm in Alaska but my 2003 and 2011s were no where near this bad with the same conditions. It's sad to say even with MSRPs jumping sky high the new normal is to have paint protection film installed for another $2k+ to make sure you keep your paint attached.
  2. Mine seemed to be clear/color coat only, once the rock chips showed up it looked like primer/sealer underneath. Three Alaskan winters and I never saw any rust starting... not to say it wouldn't ever get there but I unloaded the truck before I had to worry too much. Good luck with the fix, hope it does well... When I drove a 2003 SIlverado from 2010-2012 I never even thought about paint chipping, rust, or any of that... now at 3 years old trucks look terrible.
  3. If you're worried about the chips impacting resale value I wouldn't worry. My 2017 Siren Red Silverado had a chip in almost every panel... especially the doors, rockers, and leading edges... I sold it for almost as much as I paid new 3 years ago this summer and it didn't even come up in conversation, crappy paint it par for the course on new trucks apparently. I couldn't stand it but no one else even noticed. Time to fix up my 2006 Sierra and keep adding to the 284k miles on it.
  4. I have on a previous generation truck. I put a Borla XR-1 3" welded in place of the stock muffler on a 5.3L Silverado and was very happy, deep tone, nice growl at WOT, no drone, and not obnoxiously loud. I can't speak from experience on the 2019+ trucks but if it was me I would swap the muffler and see how you like it. If it's still too quiet you can delete resonator down the road. Someone has to go first... right?
  5. I was amazed it didn't come up when I sold it... it's all I could see anymore but apparently people just look right past it.
  6. Well... almost three years, 11/18/17 to 7/10/20.... As a long time Chevy truck owner I figured I would give my review of my now gone 2017 Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 I purchased new in November of 2017. Prior to this I have purchased two new trucks off the lot, a 2006 GMC Sierra RCSB two wheel drive and a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado ECSB 4x4. I have also owned a plethora of GM trucks and SUVs, mostly 97-06. My wife currently drives a 2016 Suburban with 111k miles on it and I am now driving my back up 2006 GMC Sierra with 284k miles… it’s been an excellent truck but it’s only 2 wheel drive which doesn't work 7 months of the year in Alaska. I had the opportunity to sell/unload the truck for close to what I bought it for, the crunch on manufacturing and uptick in used values caught my attention. Combine that with some uncertainty on the job front and it was a good reason to free up cash from the truck. I am happy with the amount I got for it and the new owner will hopefully enjoy the effort I put in to keeping it looking decent despite EVERYTHING in Alaska trying to wear it out. The Good: The truck was mechanically flawless, I didn’t have any of the common complaints from this and other forums from my truck. It was incredibly quiet, cranked up every time despite some mornings at 50 below zero, and it provided great piece of mind getting my family and me around in a pretty hazardous environment. I also enjoyed the styling of the truck, I got comments regularly about how nice it looked. I enjoyed Apple Carplay, the seats were comfortable on long trips, and I was satisfied with the fuel economy overall. The Bad: Aside from my comments coming below on the ugly it was a great truck and very comfortable. The Ugly: This is my biggest issue with the truck and really why I was so ready to part with it… the paint on the truck was TERRIBLE!!! It was incredibly soft, despite only doing 3 bucket hand washes and applying sealant the paint was full of swirls. Random hazing and scratches showed up regularly and drove me crazy. The worst part was every single panel had chips, I can understand of the leading edge of the hood and maybe part of the rockers but there are chips all over the truck!!! The B pillar, every door edge, in front of the rear wheel wells… if I would have known it was going to be this bad I would never have bought the truck in the first place. I would have to wrap the entire thing in Xpel to even think the paint would stay on and I don’t even know if that would do it… this paint is garbage! I like the looks of the new generation Sierra and Silverado but if the paint is anywhere near as soft and delicate I can’t bring myself to get another new truck… I can’t handle paying $40k +/- for something that is going to look horrible in 5 years, I’ll just keep fixing up my 2006 and find something cheap four wheel drive to get me through the winters. Here's how it looked when I sold it, photographed well but when I got close to it all I could see was chips and swirls... Here's the cluster MPG for the life of the truck, not bad considering I put heavy load range KO2s on it and there's a lot of idle time in the winter here.
  7. Last shot at work before it sold... I'll miss everything but the paint chipping ?
  8. I was able to get a good test run in this weekend, went out to a old mining area a few hundred miles from my place and camped for a couple of days. On the highway coming down they were very quiet and MPG is definitely up 1.5-2 mpg over the KO2s. Going down the old mining road with pot holes, washboard sections, creek crossings, and jagged rocks sticking they held up well, didn't get into too much mud or thick stuff but they did very well. It rained the entire highway trip back and the grip was solid at highway speed. Overall I have to say I am impressed.
  9. I just got back from town riding 110 miles on the new Toyo AT3s... the E load range BFG All Terrain KO2s (installed in March of 2017) that they replaced had right at 65k miles, I could have kept them on but the last of the tread compound is stiff and had gotten incredibly loud, so my wife said hurry up and get them replaced ? First impressions are good, they had solid traction in the rain, soaked up the frost heaves and pot holes, and I was impressed with how quiet they are. It is strange going from the firm E load range BFGs to the softer P rated Toyos, they definitely give when cornering but it does make for a softer ride. The sidewalls have a rounder appearance which I am not a huge fan of but that's just me being picky. I think if it was my daily driver I would be a bit let down but I am confident my wife will be much happier, I'm curious to see if they hold up to 65k miles of Alaskan abuse as well as the KO2s. I will update fuel mileage in a few weeks, they are 10 lbs lighter each, so we're losing 40 pounds of unsprung weight, I could definitely feel the difference on the ride home. I set them up to 38 psi cold. Here's a couple of dirty pics with the new tires, turned over 110,000 miles on the burb today... still doing well! Here is the last camping trip with the KO2s... they got noisy but did well on an 800 mile weekend across Alaska.
  10. Just put a deposit down on P265/65R18 Toyo AT3s for the wife's Suburban... after 8+ years of BFG A/Ts (both KO and KO2s) on GM trucks and SUVs I'm curious to see what I think. I should have them installed by June 7... good ol' remote Alaska waiting ?
  11. I've done two sets from eBay with good luck, just check the seller's feedback and reputation, mine have all been in original Katzkin packaging and I've done the installs at home. Make sure it's a warm day, lay them out for a bit to loosen up... bring patience, a heat gun and plastic trim tools, and prepare to have sore fingers for a few days.
  12. I am another success story for the BFG KO2s... The ones on my wife's Suburban have over 60k on them and I'm just now looking to replace them. They do well in the harsh winters up here and her work is down a gravel road, they're not cut up. I run around 50 psi and rotate every other oil change. I have noticed they have gotten louder as they have worn, the ones on my truck only have 12k or so on them and are much quieter. That's hardly an issue for me, I care more about how they hold up in harsh conditions and winter driving. There is a ton of balance weight on both sets but they are heavy tires... makes since to me that they would need a lot of weight to balance properly.
  13. I'm not sure of the total history of the truck, I bought it fall of 2016 with a bad 4.8 engine for a steal. I took a weekend and replaced it with a $800 used 5.3 from a Tahoe and have had no issues since then. Parts are super cheap and they are incredibly easy to work on... the 99-06 is a great platform.
  14. I have a 2006 GMC Sierra with 284k on it, luckily it's in the lower 48 in an area that doesn't rust. I doubt I'll ever sell it, it does everything I need it to and I can find parts and fix anything that could break. It got rearended a couple of years ago and I was lucky it didn't total, it would be impossible to replace for what I would be paid for it. I wonder how long my 2017 will last, I'd like to think just as long but I have my doubts... certainly not as cheap to fix if/when something breaks.
  15. If you click on the banner/pic it works, took me to Borla's site. Went to Summit Racing to try and verify and did not see it active from their end... I'm not in the market but if I could get the 140550 for $520.99 I'd have a hard time staying away from it.
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