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  1. 4-High On Dry Roads

    My truck is a 2017 5.3/6L80E/2 spd t-case/3.08 and my wife drives a 2016 5.3/6L80E/1 spd t-case/3.08. Everyone has an opinion... I have auto on my truck and my wife's burb and don't use it. I'm sure plenty of people do without issue but here's my take on it... 1. When it's in 4HI everything is already locked in place, less time to react to slippage on ice. 2 The other advantage in my opinion is when it's in AUTO the front diff is engaged and the transfer case cycles in and out as needed. I think the clutches in the transfer case will wear faster this way and need repair sooner than if I just run it in 4HI. If conditions allow me to run more than 55 or so then it's a safe bet I can just run it in 2WD but I've had it up 70+ passing in 4HI with my 2003 Z71/2011 Silvy/current vehicles all with autotracs without issues.
  2. 4-High On Dry Roads

    I leave mine in 4 HI most of the winter (Oct-May) and have it on wet/ice/snow/dry depending on the day. I wouldn't worry to much, it does bind when cornering in 4HI which I try to avoid but it happens... what you're describing isn't going to do any major harm.
  3. 19 Trail Boss with Accessory 22's

    Looks killer! I keep watching out for Trailboss take offs, hope they're reasonable whenever they show up.
  4. Drive it for as long as you can before signing the deal, check it out for obvious issues and then enjoy the piece of mind that there's a little bit of the power train warranty left. I'm about to turn over 85k on my wife's 2016 burb we bought used and I'm still happy with it, it's the most expensive vehicle I've bought by far in my lifetime and don't regret it.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Went from -40 last week to 37 over the weekend, had to get out to the lake during the heat wave!
  6. My 2016 Suburban LT was an Enterprise rental. Bought it in February of 2017 with just over 40k miles and currently have 83k and counting. I'm very happy with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I did and would recommend to buy within the powertrain warranty, that was comforting knowing I had another 20k in case the engine/trans was mysteriously abused and let go quick after purchase.
  7. We don't normally name cars but my 3 year old (at the time, now 5) kept calling it Boudus instead of Suburban and we thought it was funny and stuck with it.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I lived in Seattle 2010-2011 and took my 2003 Z71 up in the Snowqualmie area a bunch and had a bunch of fun on trials. Drive out I90 up past Issiquah... Tiger Mountain, Rattlesnake Mountain, and the area opposite I90 Keechelus Lake had a bunch of fun forestry roads that didn't beat my truck up too bad.
  9. No filter in a 6L80E? I did a service on my 2016 6 spd Suburban and dropped the pan to change the filter. It was definitely there, GM part number 24236933 for the filter/gasket kit.
  10. Polaris 570 lets me keep the Silverado clean when I can.
  11. Great write up, I too bought on price with my wife's Suburban and ended up with the lighter champagne silver which is about the last color I would have picked. It quickly grew on me and I love it now, it never shows dirt! I end up washing my dark colored truck twice as much as the burb and her's always looks better.
  12. Effect of Changing Tire Size

    Stock suspension, no lift/level. When I put the tires on I wondered why it wasn't spec'd this way, they fit perfect and fill out the wheel wells.
  13. Effect of Changing Tire Size

    I've had no issues with upsizing to 275/60R20 BFG All Terrains. I did loose 2-3 mpgs and you can definitely feel the weight of the tires but the truck still pulls fine and I love the way it looks. If you went with a lighter tire (mine are D load range and weigh 55 lbs) you might not see as much of a drop in mileage. I have no rubbing and I still load it up and tow with it regularly and I only have 3.08 gears. Clean shot: Loaded shot:
  14. BFG k02 tires

    Had KO2 on my last several vehicles (GM full size trucks and SUVs) and drove my current 2017 Silverado in freezing rain for 35 miles today on a set of 265/65R18 E load range All Terrain KO2s. I wouldn't be so quick to blame these tires but I will say Michelin is a great alternative if you don't like the added weight and noise but I doubt you'll notice much of any improvement in wet traction... anything is better than the stock SRAs... they made it a scary 111 miles on my truck last winter before I had an appointment to swap them out. What air pressure are you running? What were the temps? How long had it been raining? I think there must be more to the story than the KO2s just not being good in the rain, I have well over 100k miles on them combined and I deal with some of mother natures most intense offerings.
  15. 4.10 Gears

    It'll be a hot rod, 4.10s and a 4.03 first gear will get you going easy. The .67 sixth gear will pull it down fine with stock height tires, you should see 2100 rpms or so at 70 mph. The only thing is you might get tired of the exhaust on the highway it will likely drone with the higher RPMs.

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