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  1. 2016 Suburban K1500 LT - 5.3/6L80E/Single Speed T case/3.08s . We have 103k miles and counting on it and it's been dealing with -20 and colder temps since early December which is pretty normal for this time of year up here... between gravel roads, intense cold and snow, and hauling gear and people over mountain passes it does not live a pampered life. I have done all of the preventative maintenance myself and stay current on it, I change the oil every 5k which is usually 20% left on the OLM (cheap insurance, not up for a debate ). Aside from a couple of upgrades, tires, and maintenance I have not spent any money on it... it's been one of the best vehicles I've owned. My wife daily drives it and loves it, hoping we get another 100k out of it... they sure ain't cheap lol.
  2. I am, I think it looks great! No rubbing or clearance issues, been on the truck for 12k+ miles, completely stock. I load up with ATVs and firewood regularly and have no problems, you will notice the weight though... I lost a solid 3mpgs with the 20s and BFG KO2s.
  3. I had success in 2013 selling my 2011 Silverado on Autotrader. Took some time (3-4 months if I remember correctly), mine had low miles and I was a bit above market on my asking price. It definitely attracted a better market of buyers than eBay, CL, and FB.
  4. My 2016 Suburban LT has forward collision alert, it does not have lane keep assist or blind spot monitoring... Not sure what all the 2020s include in that package.
  5. Broadway Muffler in Maryville welded up my Corsa Touring pieced together system a couple years ago on my 2006 Sierra. They did good work, took my input, and didn't seem annoyed by having to make some cobbled together crap work System still looks/sounds good to me as well.
  6. Another happy Suburban owner (we're on number 4 as a family... 2003 Z71, 2004 3/4 ton, 2006 Denali XL, this 2016). So far 102k effortless miles and just did a 500 mile round trip across Alaska in extreme conditions without issue! Glad you're liking yours, we love ours and enjoy the peace of mind it brings to our remote life... here it is getting home to 10~ inches of snow after the Thanksgiving weekend away.
  7. I have a 2016 Burb with a 5.3 and 101k miles, it makes the same sound as the video posted. Worried me enough to pull the belt and run it, definitely internal since it remained but hard to say for sure...I like the high pressure pump idea better than my paranoid lifter tick diagnosis Time will tell, worst case it’ll be an excuse to upgrade the valvetrain down the road.
  8. Poor red truck had to sleep outside at -12 F... big brother needed some maintenance. Stolen parking spot.... it was tough to push inside on snow and below zero by myself!
  9. Closest GM Dealer is 110 miles and has SUV/Truck oil changes listed for $99.95 for reference. I have always done my own, good piece of mind and saves a couple bucks. I just did one a few weeks ago on the Silverado and it ran me $54.13. Breakdown of the recent oil change: 8 qts of Mobil 1 0w20 ($5.60/qt) and a PF63 filter ($9.33). Prices are likely higher due to being in Alaska... everything is marked up. I do them every 5k miles as an extra precaution given the harsh environment, I usually have 20-30% left on the cluster.
  10. This is all I can think of when I hear the name
  11. Your updates are right up my alley... debadge, tint, clean it up and make it look like nothing happened. I couldn't even tell those were 24s lol... thought they were 22, hard to tell on the T1s. The look is definitely working!
  12. I prefer the looks of the Sierra too but I'm a cheapskate... I found the same issue in 2017 when I bought my truck. I quoted a similarly equipped GMC at a competitive dealer before buying my Silverado and was going to be out over $5k more vs. the Silverado I bought. Rebates and deals are harder to come by with the GMCs for whatever reason, best bet is Laura GMC if you're dead set on a GMC... tons of good feedback on this forum and others.
  13. More details if you don't mind.... reps or take offs? 285/40s? Lowering shackles or stock suspension? 2x4 or 4x4? Truck looks amazing, best looking T1 I've seen so far. I'm trying NOT to go from my 17 to a 20 RST and you're not helping
  14. I agree 100% It drives me crazy GM went with s 265/65R18 when Ford and RAM run a 275/65R18... makes no sense, they probably saved .2 mpg on the EPA test or something ridiculous. Luckily I'm not committed to original sizes, I run a 275/60R20 in the summer with no rubbing and a 275/65R18 in winter with no issues. There are a TON of options for much less in the more common sizes. The Silverado and Suburban both cleared both upsizes with no rubbing or other issues on OEM wheels. As for Michelins vs Bridgestones, I see the benefits of both and agree the Michelins are a superior tire in regards to stopping distance and traction... with a $60k+ vehicle why skimp on the only thing that touches the ground, get what works best for the environment you drive in and don't skimp. Glad the OP saw a benefit/upgrade in their purchase of Michelins. I'm debating on the Defender LTX A/T, LTX A/T2, and Defender LTX M/S next summer since my wife is tired of the noise of the BFG KO2s... After 40k or so they are LOUD! On my truck I don't mind but they are very noticeable, much more so than the old original BFG A/Ts on our 2004 Z71 Burb with 80k on the only set of tires I put on that truck... we still have great traction but the hum drives her crazy and it's not something I can convince her to ignore lol.
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