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  1. Sounds like I really don't need Z71. I just thought the stiffer ride and more stability would aid me. I want the truck to ride stiff. The shock replacement sounds like a great Idea and opens me up to more trucks to consider. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your input. Glad I was enlightened about the chrome bumpers (and grill I presume?). Sorry, I forgot to include GMC in my search. I would be happy to find one of them. I am adament about Z71 because I will occasionally pull my trailer and feel that will add to my stability
  3. Wow. I can't believe how hard it is to find a used truck that has all the options you want. I have looked on line at hundreds of them. I have found some hundreds of miles away but nothing so far in Central Florida. Here's what I want: 2014-2018 Silverado 1500 V-8 5.3 Axle 3.42 4WD Double cab Standard box Cloth seats Z-71 and trailer equipped No exterior white, bright red, or black Prefer Graphite metallic with chrome bumpers and grille Not many out there. Am I asking too much??? Thanks
  4. Hello all members I just joined so I will be 1 up when I get my new Silverado or GMC. Still looking for a used 1500. I currently own a 1993 Ford F250 diesel. I still love the old girl but although she still runs super, the "bells and whistles" are becoming a problem. I don't pull 5th wheel hardly any more so I certainly don't need a diesel anymore. I love the looks of the Chevy. My problem is I am getting so much input, I am getting confused. I'm told to stick with 07-13 which I presume is the Vortec. I DO want a Z-71, 4WD and trailer package and I'm looking at everything from 2
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