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  1. I've read on a couple of internet posts that it will be Jan 19th. But you can't always trust what you read on the 'net...
  2. Not that I noticed, I drove it for a couple of weeks before I gave up and took it to the dealer, this is the fuse # they identified, and it works now. You would have thought based on the description that I would have noticed something else not working but everything worked as far as I could tell (taillights, backup lights, tailgate lock, etc).
  3. SOLVED: It's fuse #31, "Accessory/Run/Crank" in the left-hand side fuse panel in the cab.
  4. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500. Ok internet gurus, need your advice here. When I'm using my camper, I would disconnect my tailgate review camera and hook up the camper, on my last trip, I got careless and accidently left some slack in the camper wire harness and it landed on the muffler. Needless to say, I didn't notice any issues pulling out of my driveway but by the time I got to where I was going the wire insulation had melted through and stuck to the muffler. I'm assuming that it grounded out and then shorted something out. I disconnected it at camp and when I reconnected the tailgate camera the blue screen and service rear video displayed. I had hooked up the camper probably a couple dozen times since I owned the truck and also coincidently I broke off the little clip that hold the tailgate wire on this trip so didn't worry that it wasn't working at camp because it wasn't tight. I ordered a new tailgate camera and hooked it up, still didn't work. I ordered a new wiring harness for the camper and tried that, still didn't work. I read through all the threads on here I could find about this problem and it basically came down to three things. 1) Fuses, 2) The Video Control Module and 3) Some type of Program update from the dealer. I tried checking various fuses but didn't do the Dallas Diag Guy thing of replacing the whole fuse block. Not sure I hit on the right fuse but the taillight, reverse lights and tailgate lock all work. I have had the truck for 95K miles and I take it to the dealer for oil changes so I'm assuming I'm current on software updates but I guess that's a possibility but since this is my first issue with the rearview but I don't think that's it. So, now I'm looking at the Video Control Module as a possibility or should I keep hunting for fuses. Does anyone know if 84624987 is the correct # for my 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 if I go that route? Someone posted that # and someone else posted 84691752, so not sure if that matters. Also, does anyone know what fuse I should be checking? The scanner shows code B127B
  5. 2024 Chevy Silverado HD To Be Revealed Soon (gmauthority.com)
  6. Not to beat on a dead topic, but I took my truck in today (65K miles) for the tsb to be done. I don't mind paying for the transmission fluid to be changed because I almost see that as a wear and tear item, but what really pissed me off was paying for a software update from GM. You would think with all the know issues with this transmission GM would do what they can for free to fix it.
  7. Been wondering this too. Don't have one yet, but do have a camper so this is something I'm wondering about.
  8. I came into the forum to ask this question. I don't have an AT4 yet, but am considering it for my next truck. With the Ford Tremor 250 having an available factory warn winch and of course the Ram 2500 Power Wagon having a standard winch, I would have expected GM to offer it as an option. I really like my current 2017 GMC 1500 AT, and my prior truck was a 2014 GMC 1500 AT, but I'm really disappointed that GM doesn't offer a factory winch and I'm wanting to move up to the 2500's payload. I'm probably not in the market for a while yet so there's time for an aftermarket solution, but you would think with an off-road oriented truck, they would have benchmarked the competition better.
  9. I have seen that ad, and really like the concept of having a wide base and having it somewhat suitable for off-road use for that reason. However, the price is up there. I don't have space for a high lift jack and have been looking at this cheapo jack on Amazon. On the one hand, it's so much cheaper than the safejack I'm tempted to try it, but then again, I don't want it to fail in the field when I need it most...so there's that. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ULZGFU/?coliid=I2BJVXU0KLAU91&colid=3KNBG30GB8NWO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  10. If it matters. my 2017 has the same issue, slight up and one cable slightly different than the other.
  11. I used to have a 2014 GMC 1500 AT, I now have a 2017 GMC 1500 AT. On both trucks, the passenger side mirror would only power fold when it felt like it, about 1/3 of the time. Sometimes I could just hit the button a couple of times and then it worked. On the 2014, I took it back the dealer and because it was intermittent, he couldn't find anything wrong with it. So yeah, strange stuff.
  12. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? IF YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? (Quality/Price/Look/Reviews) IF NO: Why not? (No time/money, inexperience, no vehicle) - Yes, I accessorize my truck, and in order of priority, I choose based on 1) Quality, 2) Reviews (to judge quality), 3) Look and 4) price. However, if something is a 9/10 and is 25% of the cost of something that is a 10/10, I would probably go with the cheaper thing. But, if comparing a 5/10 vs a 9/10, I'm going with the 9/10 most of the time regardless of price. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? (YES or NO) No, price is not the main factor for something I'm keeping a long time, especially with negative reviews, as that would be wasting money. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No, I would not. For me, function come first, form second.
  13. Thanks for all your tips, I've been looking for one recently and have been considering the viair lines. I think I'm going to go with the slime, like the pressure gauge near the tire instead on the pump, hard case, etc. But lots of good info in this thread.
  14. Go to the first post in this thread. This whole thread is about what we are going to shown on March 26. So far, we have only seen the SLT and Denali trims. We haven't seen what a 2019 All Terrain or All Terrain X looks like, they haven't had their photos released. Just like we don't know what a 2019 SLE is yet, we don't know what a 2019 AT is yet. That's all I was saying. I'm interested to see what the AT package is going to look like in the next generation. As someone who is on his second AT, I'm fully aware that it's just a package on a SLT, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious what's on the 2019's.
  15. Yes and Yes, but that's referring to the 2018's, we haven't seen what they have in mind for 2019's yet.
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