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  1. That’s the cadi but there is a merc and a linc hiding back there too
  2. Ck 156 22” with 305/45/22, 2” drop shackles with rear blocks pulled
  3. Belltech 6401 kit (0/3) installed with the 2.5” level removed on 305/45/22 nexens
  4. Not the same wheels but black oem 22. 305/45/22 nitto terra grapplers 2.75” level
  5. Been awhile since I updated this thread but pulled and sold the lift, wheels, & tires in order to make the truck a bit more drivable. Have been using it a lot more since and have really enjoyed driving the truck again. Also pulled the rear lift bags and they will be getting installed on the Sierra. The Chevy is heading to my father as he’s been bugging me to buy the truck for a while. Him and I both prefer reg cab short box GMs but I need the extra space with a baby due in the coming weeks so I finally gave in. With the limited miles on it (just under 7k) it’s hard to justify keeping a second truck around especially now that I’m working from home full time. Last pic lifted After the lift removal How it sits currently, 2.5” TGC level installed Will likely pull the level and rear blocks as well as convert to leather for my father to set it up properly for him to enjoy.
  6. 2018 Sierra All Terrain, 2.5” TGC level, 22” ck 162 wheels, 305/45/22 nitto terra grapplers, 1.5” wheel spacers. Minor rub at full lock.
  7. 2.5” TGC level, 33x12.50r20 Cooper Discoverer STT, OEM 20s, no rub 2.5” TGC level, 33x12.50r22 Toyo Open Country MT, Fuel Hostage 22x11 -25, slight run in reverse on wheel liner FTS 7-9” lift, 33x12.50r20 Cooper Discoverer STT, Weld Cheyenne 20x12 -51, no rub FTS 7-9” lift, 295/60/20 Nitto Trail Grappler, Weld Cheyenne 20x12 -51, rubs on wheel liner and plastic splash guard towards the rear inner wheelwell
  8. looks good! lots of blue rcsb k2xx rcsb trucks on this site
  9. Also bought a new Sierra to replace my Tahoe so I've recently been debating selling the Chevy as I hardly drive it enough to justify having two trucks (6000 miles on it in 4 years)
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